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Discussion in 'LaGrange, GA' started by AllieFox, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. AllieFox Jedi Master

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    Greetings Tiger Squadron!

    The Macon Clones have completed their first fan film and would like to share it with the world (starting in Georgia). The film depicts a series of potential tv spots for the next (and final) Star Wars film.

    The file is pretty big at 30 megs and you'll need at least QuickTime 5 to view. It's well worth it though (I think, but I'm biased).

    We hope you enjoy!

    [link=]Are You Ready?[/link]


  2. Jedi_Drew Jedi Youngling

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    I thought it was pretty funny.
  4. Dark_Jedi_Power Jedi Youngling

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    "Your movie sucked"

    Wow, that was constructive. Let's see you do better. Geez.
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    To Jedi_Drew

    If you are offering a critique of a film, then do so. If you choose to downgrade a labor of love by other fanforce groups, then you need to post on another board and not ours. If necessary, I can have the MODS remove you. It's up to you!
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