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    Working around some writer’s block and I have wanted to revisit this for a while.


    Luke Skywalker was tired. There was no way that he was going be getting out of bed anytime soon. It didn’t help that it was freezing outside.

    He heard the door slide open and prayed to the Force that it was Wedge and not someone else.

    “Luke, if you don’t get out of bed we will be late for patrol.” Wedge Antilles told him from the doorway.

    Luke sighed and threw the covers back.

    Within a minute Luke was dressed and headed out with Wedge.

    “I can’t wait until we can leave this ice ball.” Luke grumbled.

    “I hear you.” Wedge said. “This is one of the most inhospitable planets in the galaxy.”

    “When I find out who voted to come here I am going to introduce them to my lightsaber.” Luke said as he shivered a bit.

    “I bet it was Mon Mothma.” Wedge said. “And you know how much you-know-who respects her.”

    Luke rolled his eyes as they made their way to the East Entrance. It was going to be another long day.


    Han Solo felt like swearing at the nearest person in multiple languages. This planet was the worst one he had been on in years! Once he found out who had decided that they go to Hoth he would hunt them down and feed them to something!

    He had places to be and beings to see. And he couldn’t do them here.


    Lieutenant Ryean Riggs didn’t look away from the screen as he heard two beings walk passed. He did hear that they were talking how the search was taking longer than they thought it would; maybe a little too long.

    Ryean thought that they might as well be chasing the fabled wind sprites of his home world. But the enemy was real. Finding them was the problem they were experiencing. Hopefully their enemy had fewer hiding spots then they thought and with all those probe droids searching as well the search should be much shorter.

    A noise suddenly shattered the silence on the Bridge. It sounded like someone was choking. Ryean resisted the urge to look to see who it was; something told him that it was the Admiral.

    Ryean didn’t even blink when then sound of a neck being crushed sounded through the Bridge followed by the body hitting the deck.

    This was the life of an officer in the Imperial Navy; especially of one that served with Death Squadron.


    “Something isn’t right; I hope that we get those sensors working soon.” Wedge said to Luke as they rode their Tauntaun mounts next to each other.

    “I do too Wedge, but until we do get the sensors in place and working we will be busting our butts.” Luke replied.

    “This is revenge for that accident that I was a part of last week.” Wedge said with conviction. “How was I supposed to know that sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid would basically explode and create a mess?”

    “Wedge, every Youngling that does science fair projects knows that sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid react like that.” Luke informed his friend.

    “Well if they want a real prank I will get ahold of several bottles Calo and Mathos and see how they like the mess that those cause.” Wedge declared.

    “Not if you want to be scrubbing down one of the supply ships.” Luke told the upset young man.

    Wedge looked at Luke in horror.

    “You wouldn’t!” he yelped.

    “We have had enough trouble from Wes and Hobbie in some respects. I mean Leia is still fuming at what those two did last month.” Luke said shortly.

    Luke felt a warning in the Force. He quickly pulled on his Tauntaun’s reins and searched the Force.

    Luke quickly dismounted his Tauntaun and yanked Wedge off of his.

    A few moments later something zoomed over their heads and hit the ground in a fiery explosion.

    The Tauntauns bolted in terror.

    “Metroid?” Wedge asked as the pair looked at the impact site.

    Luke reached for his macrobinoculars and examined the area. What he saw appeared to be twisted metal of some type of craft.

    “I don’t know.” Luke answered. “But it’s too hot to investigate for now.”


    Ryean was looking at the scans in an effort to make sense of what he was seeing. It was as if two images were over lapping.

    “What happened here?” a voice he vaguely recognized demanded.

    Ryean heard several audible gasps of horror and stood to see what was causing the ruckus.

    What he saw shocked him beyond belief.


    Terrence Brook sighed as he watched the cranes move fighters and shuttles around the hangars.

    He was looking forward to his shift ending so he could get back to writing that future best seller.

    The noise of a fighter’s engines had Terrence groaning. He had been so sure that the fighters wouldn’t be due back for another half hour.

    The door to the office opened admitting the next shift officer: Wyllys Lyns-Col.

    Terrence quickly filled Wyllys in on what was going on before he left the office.

    Terrence pondered on the best ways to introduce the main female lead and was having a hard time of coming up with a believable scenario.

    As he walked to the turbolift Terrence noticed that an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor was parked off to the side.

    Terrence paused to stare at it. He could have sworn that a fighter like that didn’t belong on the ship. But he guessed that it had to be some type of trophy that had been moved there with all the shuffling around that was happening.

    A loud scrapping sound filled the air.

    Terrence turned and froze at the sight of a fighter sliding across the hangar deck; heading for him.

    Terrence watched in frozen horror as the fighter skidded closer.

    The fighter suddenly stopped and a ground team raced towards the fighter; helping the terrified pilot out.

    “That fighter isn’t supposed to be there.” The pilot gasped.

    Terrence watched as Amariah Jaeger walked up to the fighter and opened the canopy. He watched as she rummaged around before turning away.

    “No one touch this.” She ordered as she headed for the bank of turbolifts.


    Rei Rollis sighed as she followed the medical droid that she was helping through the corridors of a medical facility. She had been randomly selected to work here for the next few standard months.

    Rei didn’t like the feeling of this area. It felt as if someone was in horrible pain; both physical and emotional.

    Rei suddenly turned from the droid and walked up to the left wall and slid her hand across it. A door opened and paneling along the wall slid up to reveal a nightmarish operating theater.

    Rei could smell burnt flesh and clothes making her gag.

    Her eyes roamed the room and fell on some medical supply crates; the type for holding organic tissue.

    “Oh dear,” the medical droid said. “This room isn’t on the blueprints.”

    Rei slowly opened the nearest crate and gasped at the sight of several bones that belonged to a humanoid; bones that had been removed surgically.

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    That's a nasty discovery. :eek: Nice job Misty!
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    Eep! [face_nail_biting]

    I really liked your interactions between Luke and Wedge. :)

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    That was a creepy discovery. Nicely written.
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    Thank you all for the reviews and the interest in this and I hope that you will stay interested.


    Slowly and cautiously Luke and Wedge approached the downed object. As they got closer a few pieces of twisted metal became visible in the crater.

    Finally Luke and Wedge were standing nearly on top of the mangled mess. Whatever the object had been it was too far gone to tell by just looking at it what it had been.

    Luke sighed and retrieved his commlink.

    “Skywalker to Ghost Base,” Luke said into the device.

    “Ghost Base here,” A female’s voice responded.

    “Something just crashed not too far from the East Entrance. It was made out of metal.”

    “Copy that, a team will be sent to your position to retrieve what is left.” The woman informed him.

    “One more thing; Wedge and I lost our Tauntauns when it crashed.” Luke said.

    “Understood, someone will come and get both of you. In the meantime stay together.” She told them.

    “Understood,” Luke replied before cutting the connection.

    “Luke,” Wedge asked as they looked at the wreckage. “Was that a Probe Droid?”

    Luke stared at the twisted metal. There was too much there to have been a Probe Droid; at least not one he was familiar with.

    Luke reached out and felt the terror of two life forms.

    “It was some kind of transport.” Luke said as he looked at what was left. “There were two beings on board.”

    Luke felt bile climb in his throat at what those two had felt in their final moments.

    A moment later Luke could Feel panic and terror from dozens of individuals as their Life Forces were extinguished.

    He closed his eyes against the images that assaulted him. Two heartbeats later Luke heard Wedge gasp.

    Luke opened his eyes and took several steps back when he was greeted at the sight of twisted wreckage everywhere. It was no longer an unblemished landscape but a battlefield.


    Han sighed as he walked casually up to his target and gently pulled her into a storage closet; planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

    “You are a welcome distraction Captain Solo.” She whispered after they broke the kiss.

    “Well we are counting down the days until they call me elsewhere and I might not see you again for who knows how long.” Han said before they kissed again.

    Han had decided years ago that this was bliss; to hold the woman that he loved so much in his arms.

    They had met on accident three years ago and had been seeing each other ever since. Her mother didn’t care for him but her father warmed up to the idea that his little girl was seeing someone. It helped that Han and her father shared a passion for ships.

    Han was planning on asking her to become his wife. They would get married and raise beautiful children that would inherit both their parents’ love for speed. He just needed to get enough time alone with her father to broach the subject. He was sure to say yes.

    “Is the door locked?” Han asked as they broke apart from another kiss.

    “Of course it’s locked. We wouldn’t want Luke or anyone else seeing us.” She replied.

    “The Kid is going to learn about us sooner or later.” Han reasoned.

    As they kissed Han felt his love shuddered.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked her; concerned.

    “A disturbance in the Force,” she answered. “I felt the Death Screams of many beings.”

    Han quickly pulled her close in an effort to comfort her. She was highly empathic and the suffering of others upset her.

    “Jedi Leia Skywalker, report to the command center as soon as possible.” A woman’s voice said over the Base’s internal PA system.

    “Duty calls.” Leia said mournfully as she opened the supply closet with the Force.

    “I’ll come with you.” Han stated. He was expecting an argument but was pleasantly surprised when she nodded.

    Han followed Leia to the command center.

    “Yes?” Leia asked.

    “Just a few minutes ago the area in front of the East Entrance went from a snowy plane to a bloody battlefield.” General Rieekan informed her.

    Han followed Leia over to the screens showing the East Entrance.

    “Call the Fleet.” Leia said flatly as she headed for a more private part of the command center.


    Amariah hurried down the corridors of the command ship. She had to inform her Master of what she had discovered in the Hangar. He would be highly interested in it.

    Amariah hurried onto the Bridge and froze at the sight of a man in uniform lying on the deck with a hand on his throat; dead.

    Amariah turned to her Master in confusion.

    “What happened?” she asked, her news momentarily forgotten.

    “We don’t know.” Her Master said from where he knelt beside the body. “He isn’t an officer on any of the ships in this group.”

    “Does he have an ID?” Amariah asked as she approached the body.

    “Not that I have found yet.” Her Master replied.

    Amariah turned to the officers on the Bridge.

    “Does anyone know anything?” she asked with authority, reaching out with the Force at the same time.

    “We heard the sound of someone choking but something in the back of my mind said that it was normal.” An officer, a lieutenant, answered and many others nodded in agreement.

    Amariah could feel the truth in the lieutenant’s words. Something told him not to be bothered by the noise.

    “His rank bars say that he’s an admiral. But I don’t remember seeing him anywhere before.” Her Master said as he stood.

    “Take him to Medical and see what they can find.” He ordered two droids that were in the corner.

    “Sir,” a communications officer called out. “We are receiving a transmission from Ghost Base.”

    “Put it through.” Her Master ordered as he headed for a more private part of the Bridge; Amariah followed after him.

    A moment later a hologram of Leia Skywalker sprang to into existence.

    “Father we experienced an Event. We have bodies and debris of transports. Scans of space reveal fragments of some ships as well.” Leia reported.

    “We might have experienced an Event as well.” Her Master said. “We have the dead body of an officer but he wasn’t part of this fleet.”

    “Master, you remember that Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor that you really loved but it was lost three years back?” Amariah said as she remembered what had brought her to the Bridge in the first place. “It’s in the Hangar Level Five.”

    There was silence for a few moments.

    “Admiral Rosc set course for the Hoth System and ready the collection transports. All eyes need to be on the scanners for potential a-” Anakin Skywalker started to say before he collapsed on the ground.

    “Master!” Amariah cried roughly at the same time as Leia cried out.

    Amariah dropped to her Master’s side as he gasped in pain for a few moments. Several of the Bridge’s personal started to come over to help but Amariah waved them off.

    A moment later Anakin Skywalker’s face smoothed out and he stood rather shakily on his feet.

    “I am fine.” He told everyone.

    “We should be at Hoth in less than three hours.” Anakin told Leia. “May the Force be with you.”

    “And with you as well Father.” Leia added before she ended the transmission.

    Amariah felt a little uneasy. Her Master was rarely ill and he certainly had never collapsed like that before. It had been as if someone had suddenly cut off his legs.

    “Let’s go look at that Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor.” Her Master suddenly said as he turned from the place where just moments ago his daughter’s hologram had been.

    Amariah made a mental note to keep a close eye on her Master just in case he collapsed again. She would never forgive herself if she allowed something bad to happen to her Master.

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    Loved that scene in the closet. :D
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    Interesting developments here. I'm wondering where it's all going.
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    Han is thinking of getting Anakin's blessing for him to marry his daughter? He's braver than I thought. Nice update.
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    Interesting!! I like it! :)

    I'm with J_L, the thought of Han asking Anakin to marry Leia is very brave on Han's part.
    Good update!
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    The scene in the closet was my favorite too. hee hee hee!

    Han is a brave soul but Anakin knows that Han is a good man.

    Hey everyone!

    Good new! My mom has let me spend a little more time on the computer this evening so I could bring this to you.

    I know that some of you were hoping for maybe ‘The Chosen One’ or one of my other fics but I am brainstorming the next few moves for ‘The Chosen One’ ‘Who am I?’ and need to make a move on ‘Scavenger Hunt’. I want ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to have a good showdown but I guess I shouldn’t let that bother me and get to work.

    I do suffer from anxiety and depression and I take medication for them and that is being changed which is one reason why this has taken so long.


    Anakin Skywalker circled the Eta-2 Actis-Class Light Interceptor, looking for anything that would give him even a vague idea where it could have come from.

    He knew for sure that the Eta-2 hadn’t been on the Defender when they had left Coruscant and he was the only Jedi on the ship that liked how they handled.

    Using the Force Anakin lifted the canopy of the fighter and peered into the cockpit. The air smelled stale, as if the canopy hadn’t been opened in years.

    The controls and a few other things were set up in a way that he would have liked but he had never flown a fighter without first painting it yellow; unless he was borrowing it temporarily from another Jedi.

    “Any ideas how it go here Master?” Amariah asked him with curiosity.

    Anakin allowed his eyes to linger a little longer on the controls; listening to the Force.

    “It wasn’t here when we left Coruscant and the cockpit hasn’t been opened in years.” Anakin told her.

    Amariah leaned in and accessed the navicomputer. “According to this it’s last known destination was Mustafar. Whether or not it arrived is unknown.” She told him.

    Anakin knelt and ran his hands on the underside of the fighter; looking for any traces of ash that could have come from the volcanic world. He could feel something and lifted his hands and saw the telltale smudges of ash on his left hand and on the glove that covered his cybernetic right hand.

    “It arrived there alright but how did it get here?” Anakin asked as he stood.

    “The logs say that the pilot had left from Coruscant with an astromech but there isn’t one in the socket. The navicomputer shows no signs of being accessed any time after plotting the Mustafar Jump.” Amariah reported as she continued to search the navicomputer.

    Anakin peered into the astromech socket and noted that it was open. There had been an astromech in it at one point but wasn’t there anymore. Quickly running a hand along the inside of the socket revealed some ash.

    “If the pilot hadn’t brought an astromech the socket would have been closed but since it is open and has some ash in it I would say that there was one.” Anakin stated.

    Anakin looked up and spotted a lieutenant standing not too far away.

    “Lieutenant,” Anakin called out.

    “Yes sir?” the lieutenant asked as he hurried over.

    “I need you to have an inventory done on all astromechs on the Defender. I need to know which types and if any are missing or we have any extras.” Anakin informed the man.

    “Right away sir,” the lieutenant said as he hurried off.

    Anakin looked over the craft one last time. He had a feeling that he had flown it before but he couldn’t remember ever going to Mustafar in a fighter. In ships yes but never something for one person.

    Anakin leaned against the fighter and let his mind drift; allowing the Force to guide his thoughts.

    Nothing really came to him except the feeling that he had flown the fighter to Mustafar.


    The relief that was felt through Ghost Base was palpable when Anakin Skywalker’s group arrived. Nerves were on edge from the sudden influx of debris from an Event.

    Leia had been hoping that it would be labeled the work of pirates like so many others but the moment they found that enormous transport more or less still intact with bodies of soldiers that all changed.

    At the moment Leia was standing next to her father’s apprentice Amariah Jaeger watching as some heavy lifting droids moved the damaged transport towards the waiting drop shuttle.

    Leia liked Amariah well enough it just felt some days that Amariah was closer to her father then she was. It was a lie of course since Leia had had her father steps behind her her whole life while Amariah had only been part of his life for a few years when she became his Padawan.

    It was just lately Leia wasn’t feeling as close to her father as she had.

    The Jedi Council wouldn’t be pleased seeing that they still were still getting used to the idea that feeling emotions like other living beings wasn’t going to lead you to the Dark Side without fail.

    “Reminds me of AT-TEs but not.” Amariah commented.

    Leia nodded in agreement.

    “I also think that it was something to fear on the field of battle.” Leia added. “Something that when you saw it that you either ran in fear or surrendered to the enemy.”

    “I would face them head on.” Amariah said flatly. “They would have to have weaknesses being as tall as they are. Use an ascension cables to the main body use a lightsaber to cut a hole and then throw in a charge of some type and then let go.”

    Leia looked at Amariah in shock, amusement and awe.

    “Remind me never to be your enemy in battle.” Leia told the younger woman.

    Amariah just smiled under the cold weather gear; through the Force her amusement rolled off of her in waves.

    At that moment Anakin Skywalker joined them as the droids finished loading the massive thing in the transport.

    “Any thoughts on it girls?” he asked.

    “I wouldn’t want to face it in battle.” Leia answered truthfully.

    “I would rather not face it in battle but if I must then I can see ways to destroy it.” Amariah answered.

    “Someone used an ascension cables to get to the main body, they then used a lightsaber to make a hole and then by the looks of it through in a charge.” Anakin told them as the transport took off; heading back for the Defender.

    “Best way to destroy it too since the armor appears to be extra heavy so blasters wouldn’t do any damage to it.” He added.

    “We have to find out what it going on.” Leia stated to no one particular.


    Han wasn’t sure whether the fact that he was heading back to Coruscant was a good thing or a bad thing.

    Yes it would give him more time to spend showing Lady Skywalker that he was worthy of her daughter since Master Anakin Skywalker needed little convincing.

    He was hoping that maybe, just maybe, there was more answers to their questions among the wreckage they found on Hoth today.


    See you at the next update! :)
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    Funny that Padmé would take more convincing than Anakin.
    That was a great update!
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    Thanks for this wonderful update despite all your sorrow and complications in RL.


    I like the Han in your story very much.
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    Good update!

    I hope all is well in RL! :)

    Tee hee hee.. :D
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    Hey, sorry that I have been gone for so long.

    I have changed a character’s name since I was very sure that someone else used either the same name or a similar one for the same character so I changed it.


    Padme Naberrie Skywalker watched as the large transport shuttle that contained her husband and their two children came in for a landing in a hangar of one of the many warehouses on Coruscant.

    Up until a few years ago the warehouses had either been abandoned or infrequently used. However as strange events started to occur all over the galaxy these warehouses became the best place to store the debris from ships, vehicles and other such pieces of machinery along with the occasional mangled piece of a body.

    Padme watched as Han Solo exited the shuttle with a few other officers maneuvering something that looked like a coffin.

    Padme swallowed as the group got a little closer revealing that it was one of those coffins for preserving a body for long periods of time.

    Her heart started to pound in her chest at the sight of such an ominous object.

    Padme watched as more officers exited the shuttle also leading coffins designed for preserving the body within.

    She could feel her fear for the safety of her husband and children climbing as the coffins were taken off to the side.

    There had been no reports of any kind of attack but maybe they found the bodies somehow. A part of her was hopeful that with, apparently, bigger body parts and more of them answers to these bizarre events would be answered. Another part of her mourned for the families out there that had to be wondering about their missing loved ones.

    A moment later Luke appeared at the top of the ramp and Padme could feel the tension leaving her body as her son led and a few other officers led yet another coffin out of the shuttle. A few moments later her husband, daughter and her husband’s apprentice exited the shuttle and headed for her.

    Padme could feel a smile forming on her face. Her family was alive and well.

    A moment later Anakin stumbled.

    Padme could feel her relieved smile flee her face as Leia and young Amariah Jaeger tried to brace Anakin but only succeeded in following Anakin to the floor of the hangar.

    Padme started to head to her husband’s side as he seemed to wither on the floor in horrible pain. She watched as Amariah and Leia knelt at Anakin’s side; trying to do something that only caused him to try and swipe at them with his right hand. She barely registered the presence of her son just a half a step behind her.

    Then Anakin went limp; lying motionless on the cold floor panels.

    Padme froze only a few steps from her husband; horrified by the lack of movement. She felt Luke getting ready to brace her in case she fell.

    Finally Anakin made a gasping noise and Padme dropped to his side; tears running down her cheeks.

    Luke seemed to be doing some quick scans via the Force and shook his head to indicate that he couldn’t find anything.

    Anakin’s eyes opened and found hers.

    Padme helped Anakin sit up since he seemed to be having problems getting his body to work properly.

    “What happened?” Anakin asked softy.

    “You collapsed father.” Leia said concern evident in her voice.

    A frown played across Anakin’s face; a frown Padme didn’t like.

    “I don’t remember.” He stated softly, a touch of fear in his voice.

    “I couldn’t find anything with the Force.” Luke stated.

    “Maybe Medical Scans will shed some light on why you collapsed.” Padme suggested.

    Slowly Anakin nodded.

    Swallowing her fears Padme stood carefully placing a mask on her face that would hide her fear from her face from everyone around her; she could not hide her fears from those that could touch the Force though.

    Once she was standing the twins helped their father to his feet; he was less steady on his feet then Padme would have liked and she could tell that no one in their little group liked it either.


    Obi-Wan Kenobi watched as different medical droids performed different scans on the man that he had led to Knighthood. Finally a Jedi Healer stepped forward and used the Force to perform a scan on Anakin. Obi-Wan watched her closely with both his outward senses and through the Force; searching for a hidden sign that she found something.

    “What did the three of you sense when he collapsed?” she asked as she lingered in the area above Anakin’s lungs.

    “A strange disturbance in the Force, it was as if someone or something had reached out to him and was projecting sensations on him.” Amariah informed the Healer.

    “It felt as if the inability to use his left arm and his legs along with the pain he was experiencing was something was very real and not being projected on him. It didn’t feel at all like a Force Disturbance.” Leia said slowly.

    “It seemed to come from deep in the Force.” Luke stated. “It was as if it was his own pain but at the same being projected onto him.”

    Obi-Wan didn’t like what he was hearing from the Skywalker Twins and young Amariah. They all had something different to say but in the end nothing made sense.

    “I collapsed before on the Bridge of the Defender.” Anakin spoke up. “I couldn’t move and I felt as if I was grievously injured. I couldn’t feel my lower legs or my left arm below the elbow but I was in agony from pain that seemed to come from everywhere. It even hurt to breathe. What happened in the warehouse was the same but somehow much worse than before.”

    The Healer paused and ordered the droids to scan Anakin’s limbs and run another scan of different parts of his brain.

    The Healer inhaled sharply as she looked at the results of the latest scans of Anakin’s brain.

    “What is it?” Padme asked, her voice showing her worry.

    “These deeper scans show that twice Master Skywalker suffered from intense pain and that the only parts of him that were free of pain were his legs at about the knee down and his left arm at the elbow down.

    “However nowhere else in his body shows any sign of any type of trauma.” The Healer told them.

    “What does this all mean?” Anakin asked; concern evident in his voice.

    “I am not completely sure but until we learn more I would like you to be in earshot of someone or a droid of some kind. Also you are not to pilot a speeder or a ship until I can find why this is happening.” The Healer stated.

    Anakin’s face betrayed the fact he didn’t like the thought of relinquishing the pilot’s seat to anyone but he nodded and his Force Presence showed his acceptance of the situation.


    Leia was waiting for Han at Dex’s Diner, trying to hide the concern she had for her father. It bothered her deeply that she hadn’t been able to properly Feel and Sense her father’s affliction and how to stop it. It was only a small consolation that the Healer and Medical Droids couldn’t tell either but he was her father! She should be able to tell why he was in pain.

    The Feeling of Han’s Presence drawing closer was enough to jar her out of her dark musings and bring a genuine smile to her face.

    A few minutes later Han sat across from her and smiled warmly at her. Leia returned the smile and tried for the duration of their meal together to forget the mysteries that surrounded the Galaxy; it was easier said than done.

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    Misty! Hi! I've caught up. And I'm glad I had this update to catch up with [face_laugh] So I could get some of the answers, which have actually led to more questions =D= But at least there's a direction [face_thinking] Like the H/L and the entire Skywalker family dynamic here. :cool: Amariah -- very pretty name and I hope she'll eventually be for Luke? ;)
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    “A strange disturbance in the Force, it was as if someone or something had reached out to him and was projecting sensations on him.” Amariah informed the Healer.

    “It felt as if the inability to use his left arm and his legs along with the pain he was experiencing was something was very real and not being projected on him. It didn’t feel at all like a Force Disturbance.” Leia said slowly.

    “It seemed to come from deep in the Force.” Luke stated. “It was as if it was his own pain but at the same being projected onto him.”

    I sense dark clouds & more thrilling updates here! @};-
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    Very good update, Misty! Sorry I'm late.
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    Very interesting...I like that Anakin didnt fall in this fic and is withhisfamily.Obviously he is experiencing ghost pains from an alternate reality. The question is why? And how will that effect the current situation? More please=D=
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    @Nyota's Heart Better late than never. Amariah is the name of one of my older sister's friends and the older sister to one of my friends. And her and Luke might have something.

    @AzureAngel2 There are Dark clouds in the future. If they part is yet to be seen.

    @Hazel As I told Nyota: at least it's not forever.

    @obsessedwithSW Here's more!

    Whoa, been goneish for a bit but this was written in a few sittings: five or there about.

    Some of the content in this chapter, most of it, was fuel for this fic.


    Amariah Jaeger sighed as she looked once again at the recordings of her last few training exercises. She could see vast differences between the older ones and the newer ones; the problem was that for some reason her new recordings weren’t as good as the ones from five months ago.

    Amariah was messing up on basic lightsaber moves and that upset her. She had trained for hours to improve her technique and select her own form but her moves in the latest recording looked as if she only knew how to use a lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts; a youngling pretending to be one of the great Jedi Masters of the Order.

    Well it was a good thing that she and her Master were staying on Coruscant until further notice. It would give her the chance to get her lightsaber skills back up where they should be.

    She felt her Master approach and tried to push away her frustration and release the fear she felt into the Force.

    “Something bothering you?” Anakin Skywalker asked as he came to stand behind her.

    “My lightsaber skills aren’t where they should be.” Amariah told him. “It feels as if I am just trained how to block blaster bolts and I am pretending to be a great duelist.” Frustration filled her voice as she continued to explain what she was seeing and feeling to him.

    Amariah looked at her Master when she finished; waiting for him to respond.

    “Let me see your recordings.” He requested.

    Amariah quickly handed them over and watched with trepidation as Anakin Skywalker watched the different recordings.

    When the last image faded he looked at her.

    “Your skills with a lightsaber do show a regression in the recordings.” Anakin consented. “If you would like we can practice to see if maybe another opponent will help.”

    Amariah smiled and nodded her consent.

    She was truly blessed by the Force, or lucky, to have Anakin Skywalker as her Master. After his first Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, had turned her back on the Order and vanished into the Galaxy it was rumored that the Chosen One had vowed to never take on another apprentice.

    Master Anakin Skywalker had found her on a planet with people that feared her and what she could do but at least they hadn’t kill her or dump her on the streets of the planet. Amariah had never imagined though that she would become the Padawan to the Jedi that had brought her to the Temple though. It was probably a good thing that the Master didn’t choose their apprentice or others might say that he chose her because he found her.

    Anakin Skywalker was hard but fair to her; pushing her to reach her potential but taught her how to relax and have fun.

    Amariah watched as her Master selected a recording droid and led the way into the training room. They both selected training sabers designed for their preferred styles and then took their positions.

    They had only been dueling for a few minutes when Amariah noticed that her Master was holding back and she wasn’t able to match him no matter how hard she tried.

    Without warning her Master stopped and leaned against a nearby obstacle; gasping for air.

    “Are you alright Master?” Amariah asked as she deactivated the training blade.

    “Why is there a bright light in my face?” her Master asked softly between gasps; he sounded as if he was in pain.

    Amariah quickly delved into the Force; searching for the reason behind her Master’s predicament. At the same time she begged that this wasn’t going to be a repeat of the incidents from three weeks ago.

    Through her Bond to her Master she could Feel pain from him and it was climbing in intensity.

    “Master?” she asked, concern bordering on fear evident in her voice.

    Slowly Anakin Skywalker slid down the pillar obstacle muttering things that didn’t make sense.

    Amariah could Feel her Master slipping into unconsciousness and raced to his side as she pulled her commlink from the pouch she kept it in.

    “Medical Emergency in Training Room Ice Flower, Master Skywalker has collapsed.” she said into it.

    “A healer is on the way.” Someone on the other end reported.

    Amariah then knelt by her Master’s side. She knew she needed to calm him since he was moving even in his state of unawareness.

    Enter his mind young one, keep him calm through this. Bring happy memories to light so he will stay still; make sure that they are happy ones. A strange voice whispered in the depths on her mind. Amariah shivered at the sound of it but she somehow knew what she needed to do and entered her Master’s mind and searched for memories that fit the criteria of the voice.

    She didn’t stop when the healer arrived and followed the healer to the Halls of Healing without stopping her task.


    The news that Anakin had collapsed again brought the Skywalker Clan, Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi straight to the Halls of Healing.

    Obi-Wan listened as the healers there talked about how it appeared that Anakin and young Amariah Jaeger had been sparring when Anakin collapsed. When Obi-Wan had asked why they couldn’t ask Amariah about it they reported that the girl was in the depths of her Master’s mind replaying memories of happy times to him, apparently in an effort to keep him relaxed.

    Obi-Wan knew that the young Human woman hadn’t received the training for this particular technique so to say he was surprised that she not only was doing it but doing it well would be an understatement.

    “Master Kenobi?” one of the Healers spoke softly to him.

    He turned to acknowledge her and could tell by her Force Presence that something was wrong.

    “We are getting strange readings from Master Skywalker; both through the Force and medical scans. We need know what is causing them; we would like you to enter his mind and see if you can find what is causing it.”

    Obi-Wan nodded.

    Slowly he walked to where Padme, Luke, Leia and Han Solo sat; waiting for news.

    “The last two times it wasn’t this long.” Leia whispered softly.

    They all looked up when he came closer.

    “The Healers want me to see if I can find the source of this. If the Force is willing I will find it and it will be over soon.” He told them.

    Padme nodded almost numbly; her face had so much pain and grief on it that Obi-Wan knew that only seeing Anakin awake would chase it away.

    With that Obi-Wan followed the Healer into the room. He took in the sight of medical droids moving around with two other Jedi Healers doing different things around the room.

    Amariah Jaeger was standing so that Anakin was laid out before her. Her hands were gently touching Anakin’s head. She was so still that a non Force Sensitive might mistake her for either a colored hologram or a life like piece of art.

    Obi-Wan mentally shook himself before he went to stand next to Anakin’s left cheek. Slowly he touched it and with a steading breath he lowered his mental shields then he slipped into Anakin’s mind.

    The first thing he noticed was the nearly crushing physical pain with guilt concern, anger, hatred and rage mixed in.

    Obi-Wan nearly pulled out as the Dark emotions swirled around him. For the life of him he couldn’t think of a single reason for Anakin to be experiencing them.

    Dismissing the emotions for now Obi-Wan ventured deeper into Anakin’s mind. He hadn’t gone too much deeper when suddenly Anakin attacked him.

    Obi-Wan fought to free himself from Anakin’s enraged mental grip but Anakin was preventing him from breaking free.

    Obi-Wan fought to free himself as he Felt Anakin moving deeper into his mind and trying to tear his mind apart.

    Obi-Wan could Feel fear rising in him at the depth of Anakin’s hatred; hatred that was directed at him.

    Then without warning Anakin pulled out of Obi-Wan’s mind but the deep rage directed at him still simmered.

    Obi-Wan pulled himself out of Anakin’s mind gasping.

    The Healers turned to look at him.

    “He attacked me.” Obi-Wan explained; shocked confusion in his voice.

    The Healers looked shocked and Obi-Wan hazarded a glance at Amariah but she hadn’t moved as far as he could tell.


    Use only the emotions of the memories not the images or some of the sensations. The voice whispered to Amariah and she complied.

    She wasn’t sure how long sure how long she had been doing or how much longer she would be able to keep doing it.

    Continue it until I order you to stop. The voice ordered

    Amariah felt a spike of emotions from the man before her and worked on calming him before he hurt himself.


    Marama Koi, Jedi Healer, frowned as she sensed the Bond that Anakin Skywalker shared with his wife open slightly and things slowly started to slip through.

    Eir, didn’t we securely block the Bond between Master Skywalker and his wife? Marama asked.

    We did Marama. Eir responded.

    It’s been opened subtly and sensations are leaking through. Marama informed the other Healer.

    Marama turned to Master Kenobi, thankful that he had stayed despite the fact he couldn’t do much.

    “Go to Lady Skywalker and block her Bond with Master Skywalker. Warn the Skywalker Twins to check their Bonds to him as well.” She ordered the Council Member.

    Obi-Wan nodded and left the room.


    Han Solo felt a little useless as he sat next to Leia Skywalker; waiting for news of her father’s condition. Obi-Wan Kenobi had left what felt like hours ago to help but it had really only been thirty minutes or so.

    “Master Obi-Wan is returning.” Luke informed the gathering softly.

    Han watched as the older Jedi appeared. As the Jedi Master got closer Padme stood; her face showing her worry.

    It was frustrating to wait but Han was guessing that the old fossil wasn’t coming to tell them that Anakin was awake and asking for them.

    Han could tell that Leia was keeping herself calm but he wasn’t sure how much more Leia could take not Feeling anything from her father.

    “Anakin wasn’t responding well to me.” Obi-Wan explained. “They also discovered that some of what Anakin is Feeling is bleeding into Padme.”

    Han silently cursed who or what was doing this to the Skywalkers; they sure didn’t deserve all this grief.

    “Maybe he will respond better to me.” Leia commented.

    Obi-Wan nodded absently at Leia; something had to be realy wrong Han thought.

    “Padme I need to enter your mind to block your Bond with Anakin.” Han heard Obi-Wan say.

    Leia stood and Han stood as well before he followed her to the room where Anakin was.


    Hopefully I will be updating more often and get to work on my other fics.

    In the meantime I did post a new fic “Mysteries”. It really is the second half of “Can’t Die” but I posted it alone.

    And just an FYI in three weeks I am going to Idaho with my mom to visit my sister RED and her husband to help with the soon to be nephew. He’s due on Christmas Eve. But our mom is hoping that he will come shortly after we arrive so she can help longer and only one of my brother’s was late; the other two brothers were three weeks early.

    Also today I am taking my laptop to a repair shop so they can give it a clean bill of health and to get the disk drive – Blu-Ray – looked at since sometimes it doesn’t want to work right with movies.
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    :eek: [face_nail_biting] Looks like the AU thingy is taking over. :( Like being sucked into a vortex. [face_worried]
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    Oh boy.... Here we go...
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    Obi-Wan mentally shook himself before he went to stand next to Anakin’s left cheek. Slowly he touched it and with a steading breath he lowered his mental shields then he slipped into Anakin’s mind.

    The first thing he noticed was the nearly crushing physical pain with guilt concern, anger, hatred and rage mixed in.

    Obi-Wan nearly pulled out as the Dark emotions swirled around him. For the life of him he couldn’t think of a single reason for Anakin to be experiencing them.

    Dismissing the emotions for now Obi-Wan ventured deeper into Anakin’s mind. He hadn’t gone too much deeper when suddenly Anakin attacked him.

    Obi-Wan fought to free himself from Anakin’s enraged mental grip but Anakin was preventing him from breaking free.

    Obi-Wan fought to free himself as he Felt Anakin moving deeper into his mind and trying to tear his mind apart.

    Obi-Wan could Feel fear rising in him at the depth of Anakin’s hatred; hatred that was directed at him.

    Then without warning Anakin pulled out of Obi-Wan’s mind but the deep rage directed at him still simmered.

    Obi-Wan pulled himself out of Anakin’s mind gasping.

    That was really, really intense! A real fight of wills or better so say will powers clashing here! Very well written. I wonder where this is heading for everybody. [face_nail_biting]
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    @Nyota's Heart a vortex might be a good analogy (is that the word I want?

    @Hazel Yes, here we go

    @AzureAngel2 You will see soon where all of this is going.

    Sorry, my Muse was cranking out stuff for my Animorphs fic.

    My nephew was born a week ago and he’s so cute! You may or may not see a picture of him it depends on my sister and other things.

    He’s even trying to roll over.

    And why am I typing this at one am MST?


    Leia paused as she entered the room where her father was. Nothing could have prepared her for the sight of her father just lying on the med couch barely moving. Even standing straight with folded arms Anakin Skywalker wasn’t still; he would be tilting his head at different angles or moving his hands in the sleeves of his cloak.

    “How is your Bond with your father?” Healer Koi asked.

    “Blocked,” Leia answered without hesitation as she continued to stare at her father.

    “Since your father knows you he should allow you into his mind but he could attack you like he did Master Kenobi.” Healer Koi informed her.

    Leia swallowed.

    “I understand.” She whispered.

    Leia walked with purpose to her father’s side.

    She took a few steadying breaths and slipped into his mind.

    Leia could Feel her father’s agony and instinctively knew it was because he had been severely burned. She found a stray image of a blurry but familiar figure walking away, leaving Anakin to be consumed by the fire that burned him.

    Leia became furious that this figure that she couldn’t identify was leaving her father to suffer. How could anyone leave man burning alive?

    She could see him remembering lying on a hard table as medical droids tore into him. He wasn’t sure if he was screaming or not. He couldn’t hear anything and his throat was damaged from the breathing in volcanic fumes and the smoke from the fire.

    He remembered how the droids weren’t gentle and he almost wished to die but he had to know if Padme was safe.

    Without warning the memories changed and her father was no longer in pain or angry. He seemed calm

    Leia could Feel Amariah attempting to keep Anakin calm but it was working against Leia’s attempts to learn why her father was like this.

    Leia plunged deeper into her father’s mind. She could see flashes of memories that made no sense. She could see a man in a military uniform clutching his throat as invisible hands crushed his throat. A frightened young man failing to escape a killing blow from a lightsaber flashed next. A planet being hit with a large laser and shattering into pieces; she could Hear the Death Cry of every living thing on it.

    What upset her was the images seemed like memories but the colors were falsely colored. It was almost as if her father had viewed the scenes by looking at a HUD or some other sort of viewing device. But he had somehow seen these events because he could Feel the fear of the officer and young man.

    After a moment Leia Felt her father brush against her mind; checking her out. She prepared herself for the possibility of an attack but he barely acknowledged her.

    Leia was hurt that he didn’t seem to know her but she pushed it aside and started to sift through his memories.

    Leia smiled as she found a memory of her father teaching her how to fix the speeder bike she had found in a scrape pile when she was seven. She smiled but the memory suddenly was replaced with the strange distorted HUD vision and what looked like a design for a fighter.

    Leia felt fear settling in as she continued to move through her father’s memories. So many of them were from the viewpoint of the being wearing the strange HUD and people she didn’t recognize.

    “I was told by Lord Sidious that you have important information for me. Information that could prove useful destroying a certain crime lord.” A distorted feminine spoke.

    “I know many useful pieces information about different crime lords.” Another distorted voice spoke; this one was masculine though, an artificial deep bass. For a moment Leia saw the young woman that spoke; the girl reminded her of Amariah but something wasn’t right about her.

    Leia moved away and searched for something deeper only to find herself loosing contact with her father’s mind.


    Han Solo quickly caught Leia as she fell to the ground. He barely noticed as a Healer touched her gently.

    “She just fainted.” The Healer said before returning to Anakin’s side.

    Han waited for Leia to open her eyes but she remained unconscious.

    Han turned away as

    “He was burned alive and left for dead.” Leia’s voice muttered. “Medical Droids worked on him, ignoring his pain. His memories are a tangled mess.”

    “He is waking up.” One of the Medical Droids announced gently.

    Han attempted to stop Leia from standing and rushing to her father’s side but he mind as well have tried to prevent Coruscant from rotating and orbiting around Korusca.

    “L-leia?” Han heard Anakin rasp.

    “Yes daddy?” Leia whispered tears evident in her voice.

    “Is it really you?” Anakin asked; his voice was rough and weak.

    “Yes it’s me.” Leia answered.

    Han watched as Anakin smiled and closed his eyes again.

    “He is resting now.” The other Medical Droid reported.


    Padme cried when she saw her daughter, Amariah and Han Solo returning with a Healer. She took some comfort that they didn’t look too worried.

    “Dad woke up but fell asleep.” Leia reported.

    “Did you learn anything Leia?” Obi-Wan asked.

    “He was burned and left to die before someone found him.” Leia spoke softly, swallowing. “Medical Droids were working on him and he was in so much pain.

    “He didn’t seem to know me while I was in his mind but when he woke up he said my name and asked if it was really me.”

    Padme sighed softly. She hoped there would be better news.

    “You can go and sit next to him.” The Healer told her. “It might help him wake up again to have you near.”

    Padme nodded.

    “Luke, take your sister and Amariah back to the apartment for some rest. I’m sure they are exhausted.” Padme told her only son.

    “Actually Padme the Council is going to want to speak to both Leia and Amariah in a few hours so it would be better for them to sleep in their quarters in the Jedi Temple.” Obi-Wan informed her.

    Padme sighed; she felt like the galaxy was collapsing around her. She wanted her family and those closest to them safe at home. But it would be better if Leia and Amariah stayed in the Temple if the Council wanted to see them in a few hours.

    Padme finally nodded.

    Han Solo cleared his throat. “I volunteered to help Firmus Piett catalogue some of the smaller pieces of junk we have found.” The part time pilot informed them. “He’s expecting me and if I don’t show up it’s just going to be him and sort is no less than a two being job.” Han explained.

    “We understand Han.” Leia told Han with an understanding smile.

    Padme didn’t really approve of a relationship between Han and her daughter. Han Solo had grown up with traders and smugglers; knowing little how to act among politicians or other such things. He could be rude to people in authority, politicians for the most part, and question protocol.

    But Anakin had spent nine years of his life surrounded by criminals and gangsters of every kind. He could be a little sarcastic to those in authority and sometimes he questioned protocol. And ever since he had learned just how deep Palpatine’s betrayal ran he had been distrustful of many political figures.

    Padme could see why her husband liked the younger man.

    Padme had to admit that Han was a good man and as far as she could tell loved her daughter. She did take comfort in the knowledge that if Han ever did hurt Leia that he might not live long afterwards.

    Padme followed Obi-Wan to Anakin’s room. She could hear her children bid Han farewell as the distance between the two groups grew.

    Finally they reached a door; Padme watched as Obi-Wan palmed the door open.

    “I will leave the two of you alone.” Obi-Wan informed her. “I don’t know how he will react to me if he senses me in the same room.”

    Padme nodded solemnly.

    With confidence she didn’t truly feel Padme walked into the room and sat in a chair next to her husband’s medical couch. She was grateful that she had sat on his left side so she could hold his flesh hand unimpeded.

    After a moment she could hear Anakin mumble things that she didn’t understand.

    The door opened and she heard R2 give a gentle, sad whistle before coming further in.

    At first Padme didn’t acknowledge the faithful droid when he arrived at her side but when he gently bumped her and whistled again she looked at the loyal droid. She smiled at the sight of R2 holding a bag from Dex’s Diner in his pincher.

    “Thanks R2,” Padme told the faithful droid as she relieved him of the takeout bag.

    “. . . ship . . . asteroid . . . clear . . . .” Anakin whispered but with authority. Padme nearly dropped the bag; shocked at hearing him speak several words clearly.

    “R2, can you record what he says?” Padme asked and received an affirmative beep.

    Padme slowly pulled a tuber wedge from the bag and started to chew on it. She ignored the specialty slider; it was for Anakin.

    Anakin continued to mutter different things that didn’t make sense and Padme stopped munching on the tuber wedges brush her fingers against her forehead.

    It was crushing her to see Anakin like this. He was always full of life and sometimes you could feel the Force swirl around him. Now he seemed almost dead and something seemed off about him.

    “No, I am your . . . .” Anakin spoke softly.

    Padme removed her hand from her husband’s forehead and went to hold his flesh hand again; only to feel cool metal.

    She looked down to see a cybernetic hand that didn’t look too different from his right hand but looked different; more advanced but less natural.


    Luke sighed as he escorted his sister and Amariah to a place where they could get some rest.

    Everything was bothering him. He just wished that he could snap his fingers and his father would be awake and able to tell them what happened.

    As they left the main corridor for an off branching one Luke Felt a Shift in the Force; a Dark Shift.

    Any thoughts Luke had fled his mind as he reached for his lightsaber along with Leia and Amariah. They quickly gathered together in the middle of the corridor searching visually and through the Force to discover what they were Feeling.

    Without warning Amariah shot into the air flailing around in blind panic.

    Luke searched for the being responsible but it was as if they were there but at the same time not.

    He watched helplessly as Amariah was then thrown via the Force down the corridor but hit an invisible barrier about ten feet from where she had been. Amariah seemed to huddle on the floor in terror.

    “I’m sorry my Lord! I didn’t understand at first!” Amariah cried in fear. “I promise to do better. I owe you my life! I would be nothing if you had not discovered me for what I was on Kosh.” She almost whimpered.

    “I will prove my worth to you by making sure that Admiral Groes does not go unpunished for his treachery to you and your second.” Amariah seemed to almost beg.

    Luke watched with Leia in frightened confusion as Amariah nodded her head.

    “I will make sure it is known that he had attempted to destabilize the Empire by killing its heir and many loyal high ranking officers. All those that aided him will either die or be arrested for their parts in the planned coup.” Amariah stated as she stood. “Is there anyone specific you want alive for questioning?”

    “I will bring you the head of Groes’s second my Lord. The corrupt in the Empire will rue the day they chose to abuse their authority.” Amariah spoke with a fervor Luke had only heard those use that either feared those they served or blindly loyal.

    Before Luke could think too much on it though a sharp pain sliced through his right arm at about his wrist. He watched in shocked confusion as his lightsaber slipped from now unresponsive fingers of his right hand to the tiled floor.

    A strange fog seemed to fill his mind; he could hear and feel wind.

    Then like a cable snapping after being stretched beyond its limits Luke found himself back in the corridor shaken to his core.


    The scene with Amariah in the corridor was one of the ideas that encouraged me into rewriting this. No time line was really followed in the strange scenes but some events fit together.

    Tuesday my mom and I will be flying back home to Maine and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my own covers and pillow and not on an air mattress.

    Good Night; hopefully.
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    Misty, wow!!! It's like the timelines are flowing into each other and spreading. :eek: Before Anakin would have altered consciousness moments but now Luke and Amariah are [face_thinking] And eventually they could get longer and more like reality than the 'real' world. Having R2 keep a record is a great idea.
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    That's got to be confusing for those involved...
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