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Mara Jade Rules!

Discussion in 'Romania' started by mara_alexia, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. mara_alexia

    mara_alexia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    Asta este topicul pe care am vrut de fapt sa-l pregatesc pentru concurs, dar nu prea am avut timp la momentul respectiv?

    Luke Skywalker
    Noul Maestru Jedi al Galaxiei

    Mara Jade
    Fost asasin imperial

    Cel mai formidabil cuplu al

    Ha, ha! Ati observat ca Mara Jade are ochii verzi si sabie albastra, iar Luke are ochii albastri si sabie verde? Sa fie doar o coincidenta? Eu zic ca? da.

    TOP TEN:
    Ce ar fi trebuit sa spuna (sau sa faca) de fapt Mara Jade, in replica la comentariul Callistei din romanul ?Darksaber?, pagina 81 (pentru cei care nu stiu, Callista era la vremea respectiva iubita lui Luke).
    Callista a spus: "Am auzit zvonuri ca ai fost si tu interesata de Luke la un moment dat??

    Raspunsuri posibile:

    10. Vai, vai, nu prea esti sigura pe tine?
    9. Luke si cu mine? Ce te face sa crezi ca nu exista ceva intre noi?
    8. Callista, cred ca ar trebui sa-ti gasesti altceva de facut cat timp Luke e ocupat. In afara de faptul ca ma barfesti pe mine?
    7. Ce nu-i in regula cu tine? Nu te simti bine in noul tau corp?
    6. Ar vrea el!
    5. Mai curand as saruta un Wookiee! (da, stiu, dar e CLASICA!)
    4. Stii, lui Cray intotdeauna i-a stat mai bine blonda?
    3. Daca l-as fi vrut, tu nu ai fi stat acum aici.
    2. ?Been there, done him.?
    1. In cele din urma, Mara, evident plictisita de aceasta conversatie, ii arde Callistei un pumn intre ochi.

    TOP TEN:
    De ce Mara Jade e cea mai tare?

    10. Numele ei e cool, parul ei e cool, ochii ei sunt real cool!
    9. Are un trecut bogat, a facut o gramada de lucruri, de la dansatoare in palatul lui Jabba, asasin imperial, Mana Imparatului, curtezana la palatul imperial, chelnerita, contrabandista, comercianta ?oficiala?, etc., a ajuns in cele din urma Maestru Jedi.
    8. E o femeie Jedi, iar femeile Jedi RULE!
    7. Intotdeauna are o replica buna pregatita.
    6. Si-a riscat viata ca sa-l salveze pe Karrde din mainile imperialilor.
    5. A ucis clona Luuke
    4. Stie sa manuiasca si blasterul, si sabia laser.
    3. Ar fi putut sa-l ucida pe Luke Skywalker, dar nu a facut-o.
    2. Stie sa piloteze orice tip de nava, si o face foarte bine.
    1. Si-a creat singura renumele de eroina.

    Si un citat:

    "All she could do was pick herself up after the pieces of her life were scattered across the galaxy. Only fragmented memories remained, memories of a life wrenched away from her grasp...It was only through her work with Karrde that the pieces of her life had slowly returned to form a coherent shape. She was finally going somewhere.....?

    More to come?

  2. mara_alexia

    mara_alexia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    Si "cateva" citate uniquely Mara Jade, culese de prin carti:

    ?If only for that and you deserve to die."
    (to Luke Skywalker, Heir to the Empire)

    ?Ask me if I care."
    (Heir to the Empire)
    "There's your twice of nothing. Enjoy it."
    (Dark Force Rising, after killing someone)

    "You don't leave an enemy at your back. Not if you like living."
    (Dark Force Rising)

    "If there's anything I can do to repay you, anything in your wildest dreams..."
    "Keep talking like that, Calrissian, and I might just send this ship on autopilot into the sun."
    (Champions of the Force)

    ?Lando: I had enough of destroyind Death Stars.?
    "Mara: I prefer men who never settle for enough."
    (Champions of the Force)

    "Mara Jade!What did I do to deserve the honor of your presence?"
    "You don't deserve it, Skywalker, but I came anyway."

    "I'm never bored, Skywalker. It's my outlook on life."

    "The other reason I came in person is that occasionally--for some unknown reason--I almost look forward to seeing you, Skywalker. Not often...but there are times."
    ?So you want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable??
    (to Luke Skywalker, Specter of the Past)

    ?Are you in trouble again, Skywalker??
    ?Of course I am. Have you ever known me when I wasn?t??
    ?Offhand, I can?t think of a time.?
    (Specter of the Past)

    Luke: ?You left out where you wanted to kill me more then anything else in the galaxy,".....
    Mara: ?I was young then."
    (Vision of the Future)

    "I'm flattered. My fame just continues to spread."
    (Vision of the Future)

    "When have I ever made anything easy for you, Skywalker?"
    "Not very often."
    (Vision of the Future)

    Mara: "Stupid, stupid, stupid. A big fat diversion - the oldest trick on the list. And I fell for it like some dumb farm kid."
    Luke: "Watch your language."
    (Vision of the Future)

    "Cozy isn't it?" Very symbolic too. The great and powerful Jedi Master forced to rely of someone else for his survival."
    (Vision of the Future)

    ? - Mara? Will you marry me?
    - You mean, if we get out of here alive?
    - I mean regardless.
    Under other circumstances, she knew, she would probably heve considered herself honor-bound to make him sweat, just a little. But [?] there was no reason for old defensive patterns to come into play. Not now. Not with lim.
    - Yes, I will.?
    (Vision of the Future)

    Luke: ?I know why I love you and want to marry you. It?s just that it doesn?t seem like you?ll be gaining as much from this as I will?
    Mara: ? I could point you that marriage isn?t a game of profit and loss?
    (Vision of the Future)

    ?We complement each other perfectly, Luke, all the way down to the line. In many ways, we?re two halfs of a single being. [?] We do make a great team. Give us a few more years, and enemies of the New Republic will be running for cover like crazy.?
    (Vision of the Future)

    ?I?ve been inside your head and your heart. You can?t keep secrets from me anymore?
    (to Luke Skywalker, Vision of the Future)

    Mara: ?I am so glad I found you and didn?t kill you.?
    Luke: ?Both of these things thrill me, too.?
    (Dark Tide)

    ?You can take the boy out of Corellia, but you can?t take Corellia out of the boy.?
    (Edge of Victory)

    ?Darling, I love you, you are my life and my light. If you ever do this to me again, I will vape you where you stand.?
    (Talking to Luke about being pregnant (Edge of Victory)

    ?How long before we get to sleep through the night again??
    ?If this little one is anything like the Solo kids, I?d say at least another twenty years.?
    (Edge of Victory)

    ?Are they all that ugly??
    ?You?ll want to rephrase that after what I just went through. Think in the general direction of antonyms.?
    (Talking to Anakin Solo about baby Ben, Edge of Victory-Rebirth)

    ?If I wait until my son?s enemies are right in front of me before I kill them, I?ve already failed him.?
    (Rebel Dream)

    ?Luke: Hangover ?
    Lando: Stop shouting!
    Luke: I could wistle you up some caf?
    Lando: If you were to wistle, my head would explode and
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