Austin,TX March Meeting for Austin Fan Force 3/2/13

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    Jun 21, 2001
    Hey HEY hey!

    March meeting right around the corner, and with it, awesome weather!

    Alright, this month we've got upcoming conventions with All-Con (Dallas) in midMarch, Dallas Comic Con (Dallas) in May, Texas Comicon (San Antonio) in June. We may have a table at TxCC, that will be discussed.

    The 501st(Star Garrison) and Rebel Legion (Kessel Base) are having a FANBOYS screening at Alamo Drafthouse Village on Wednesday 3/6 at 7:30p for charity. Tickets limited but still available, $10 a pop

    Our friends in San Antonio have the Fiesta Night Parade coming up in April, we'll see if there's any interest in joining up with them for that (you'll need a costume and some glow sticks to participate, plus transport down there)

    Oh, also there is a Lightsaber Summit in Austin on April 6 (same day as our April meeting) at 6:30p in Butler Park (off Barton Prings road), all the lightsaber groups in the state are getting together. Should be fun.

    SO, hope to see lots of people come out for the meeting, and some of these other local events going on!

    May the Force be with y'al!