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Abq March Meeting

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by varza, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. varza

    varza Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 7, 2002
    okey dokey... here is a quick run down of the meeting for March 03.

    those who came: skyra, deb,leto, sithlordaaron, redjek, lor and meself.

    t-shirts/logo. We are most likely going with only 2 colours for the shirts now and will help us save some money-please see New Mos Alba webpage thread to view new logos for t-shirts. Once we finalize the decision on the logo we will get working on prices and what not. We also decieded to go with a basic brighter blue because it was felt that the color of the logo was too dark for a dark colored shirt.

    We are hoping to have the t-shirts done and ready by the next meeting. We can figure out money payments on another thread.

    Logo for flier the logo we will be using for the flier will be the same logo design but the colours will be closer to what was chosen-the purple, gray, yellow and black. with a fade to it. We will get working on the fliers asap so that we can have them to start posting up around town again by the next meeting.

    Please let us know how many shirts you would like and what sizes as soon as you can.

    Customizing the Board:We discussed customizing the board with a new border and colours. Trying to keep in the desert theme. SithLordAaron offered to take a pic of ABQ from the west side and we will go from there. Once the photo is taken and banner made we will submit it and the colours that we would like for the board. Thinking maybe light blues and tan.

    Web Page:Instead of going with a web site for now we are going to go for just a webpage... Lor offered to host it for us through his website-thank you again. If you have any suggestions please post them.

    RPG this was dicussed briefly. We will set up another day for those who are interested to meet up and start get going on the role playing. Era of play: most likely from the prequel era.

    Next MeetingWe set the next meeting for April 27th due to the fact that the 20th is easter. Will start a new thread to discuss that.

    I think that is it.

    I think that was it.
Thread Status:
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