Marijuana a step closer to being decriminalized in Canada

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by wild_karrde, Jul 18, 2002.

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  1. wild_karrde Jedi Grand Master

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    Since I can't talk about this in the Senate ...

    From CBC.CA

    OTTAWA - Federal Justice Minister Martin Cauchon admitted to reporters on Tuesday that he smoked marijuana during his youth.

    Cauchon was asked about using marijuana the day after he mused about decriminalizing the drug.

    "I'm 39 years old .. and, yes, of course I tried it before, I mean obviously."

    Cauchon says that he no longer uses the drug.

    The justice minister says he's waiting for the results of two parliamentary committees before making a decision on decriminalization.

    Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says the debate has been going on for a long time. He says it's up to Cauchon to make recommendations.

    Chrétien said he's never used marijuana and can't comment on its value.

    On Monday Cauchon hinted he's considering decriminalizing marijuana.

    Canadians caught with small amounts of marijuana usually face fines of about $1,000, or six months in jail and a criminal record.

    Cauchon wants to change that. "If you look at the system we have in place, keeping it criminal is something that is not very efficient."

    Cauchon and others say the courts and the police are spending too much time and money on minor marijuana offences. In 2000, 30,000 Canadians were accused of possessing marijuana.

    Cauchon has promised to consult widely with Canadians on the issue. That will include consultation with Canada's police forces - which appear to be mostly against the idea.

    Marijuana "is the first drug kids see in school, not only secondary school, but elementary school, so there is a possibility for marijuana to be used as a stepping stone for other harder drugs," said Mike Niebudek, vice-president of the Canadian Police Association.

    But a Senate committee recently reported it could find no strong evidence that marijuana led to harder drugs. That committee and another from the House of Commons are scheduled to deliver reports on the issue this fall.

    Canada kicks ass :D
  2. deltron_zero Jedi Master

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    good for them. seriously, there is absolutely no reason for marijuana to be illegal. it kills no one. i mean compare it to alcohol, it's ridiculous that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not.
  3. Debo Jedi Grand Master

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    It's legal here in Holland.
  4. Missninfan Manager Emeritus

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    Bah. People don't get fined or arrested if they're caught with a little weed. At worst, the cop throws it down a sewer pipe and that's it. I hope it is decriminalized. I don't use it myself, but really, it's not a big deal.

    I think the only reason we haven't yet, is because our politicans are worried about what the big USA will think of us. Who cares? This is our country, stop being afraid and just do what you've been wanting to do for YEARS now.
  5. Silmarillion Manager Emerita/Ex RSA

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    I believe it's decriminalised in only one state here, but it'd be great for the whole country to follow suit.

    It's a step in the right direction, anyway.
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