Mark Hamill on Stephanie Miller show day after Lucasfilm sale

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by JediDotNet, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Oct 31, 2012
    FYI: On todays Stephanie Miller show Mark Hamill will be a guest.

    He was scheduled before the news of the Lucasfilm sale to talk about the Presidential Election, but certainly with the sale that will come up as well.

    You can watch on Current TV or on local liberal leaning radio stations in addition to
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    JediDotNet, can you let us know what he says?

    I'm really hoping Episode VII centres on him, but I doubt he'll say anything today.

    If Lucas' treatment is already done, then it must be decided which, if any, of the original characters will be involved. I'm curious to know if Lucas has approached Hamill about it.
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    He says he can't comment on it because he has no information.