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    Dec 4, 2012
    Agent Bishop Knight
    SHIELD HQ, Triskelion, NY

    “Alright. I’ll give you a chance to make a difference. You will join The Vision’s and become a member of the SHIELD Vanguard he is creating. They could use someone with your expertise. I’ll have you re-assigned immediately. Take the rest of the day off and expect your new directive very soon.”

    Bishop considered the possibilities of what the Director had just said. He was basically becoming an Avenger. He looked down at his shirt, the Captain America shield emblazoned upon the front. He was going to walk in the footsteps of his favorite Avenger, his idol.

    “If there’s anything else you wish to discuss, now is the time. Otherwise, consider yourself dismissed.”

    He thought about it for the moment. Was there anything else? his mind was reeling after this pronouncement. He wondered if The Vision would let him test his abilities on him, to see how far he could really go?

    "No, Director Hill. I think I'm good."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Underground subway tunnels
    NYC, Midtown

    They jumped and ran through tracks, through dark, old abandoned platforms and long forgotten stations. Now and again, she looked back just to make sure he was still following. She had to admit, she was impressed. The new guy was keeping up quite well, which meant he was in good shape. He also was not distracted by the things he saw, the homeless shacks and cardboard settlements build by the forgotten people of the city.


    To survive, especially down here, one needed to stay focused, one needed a will of iron and a heart of stone.

    The pair was coming up on the multi-line and multi-level cross-section underneath Herald Square. Just like Time Square, this was a hub for many trains and their intersections. There was also a check point here, as well as several entrances and exits.

    Brihk jumped a series of old stairs, which were dimly lit. She had done it so many times, that the faded ‘Keep Out’ and ‘Danger’ signs were invisible to her. Track workers hardly ever came down through these parts ever since they worked out of mobile work-trains.

    “Watch yourself on this catwalk. It wobbles and the handrails are not very sturdy.”

    The warning came as soon as Brihk started to cross the 10 meter length of suspended metal. Shroud seemed to have good stamina. It was time to see about his balance.

    The catwalk led to a landing and another set of old stairs heading one level up. They would reach a check point in short order. Looking down, a series of cardboard hovels could be seen in the dim lighting. Several homeless drifters milled about, but something caused Brihk to slow down then stop.

    She held a hand up, signaling for Shroud to stop as well. Without a word, she hunched down, bidding her traveling companion to do the same. Brihk’s eyes narrowed in distaste. Silently, she pointed towards a man dressed in what looked like military gear. Back pack. Vest. Sidearm. Rifle. Radio. The works.He seemed to be talking to some of the gathered homeless. In his hand, he held a blinking device which he waved at them now and again.

    Brihk let out a low hiss. “Meta-Hunter.” She breathed out.

    “We can’t join the others yet. We need to deal with him first.”

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    New Jersey Docks
    Warehouse 39 SE

    He’d taken to the air once again, after unfurling his leathering wings. Immediately, Larry was nearly overcome by the euphoria he felt every time he flew. He’d nearly forgotten his ‘mission’, which was the reason he was here in the first place. With ease, the young metahuman flew way above the wire fence surrounding the warehouse.

    As far as anyone was concerned, he could have been any one of the large birds that constantly flew around the area.

    Gracefully, he landed near one of the many windows that were set on the upper portion of the warehouse. At the moment, no patrols could be seen below. A security camera mounted on a corner was facing away just now, but it wouldn’t remain that way indefinitely.

    For Larry, it would be hard to get a good view of what was inside. When he tried to open the window, he would find it locked. He would also notice a security strip running along the frame of the widow.

    Truth-be-told, the young metahuman did not have a lot of time to act. He could attempt to break the window, or use the lucky knife he had in his pocket. He could even attempt to try an find which windows were open, if any, though there were quite a number of them.

    Time was of the essence for Larry. He couldn’t know when a foot patrol would pass under him, or more importantly, when the security camera would turn his way.

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    Dugan's Tavern

    Alastor looked up at Moria from his drink, and the large floating ‘head’ of vanilla ice cream that sat on top of it. Sitting the glass down he picked up a napkin and cleaned a dab of the vanilla from his nose before clearing his throat. “Root Beer Float.” He sat the napkin down and let out a happy sigh, “Can’t get drunk, as you recall, so I enjoy the finer things in life… that fizz and have natural vanilla bean ice cream on top.”

    He could tell Moria was enjoying herself, though he could tell through certain more keen senses that the Good Doctor didn’t know he had that she was a bit conflicted on the reason why. He hid well that he was a bit saddened by this, because if it went the way he feared, she’d be sorely disappointed. This whole operation was going to probably end up disappointing her once it came to fruition. Part of the job Alastor hated. Sometimes you burned bridges, sometimes you carpet bombed them.

    “You seem to be enjoying your drink tho,” he watched as she took another sip, and then watched her eyes as she seemed to follow a group of four people through the establishment. If Moria was obvious in her observations, Alastor was not, but that came with the training. “People you know?” He asked finally, having seen that her attention was firmly on the group. “Other friends to share drinks with perhaps?”

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Lower Manhattan
    Near the Financial Center

    The tattooed youth in the black T-shirt looked at the two in front of him with a bit of a bemused expression on his face. He let out a chuckle and shook his head lightly.

    The one with the blue bandana had to check in with his ‘mommy’; and the one with the black face cowl was asking for ‘party favors’. What a strange pair these two were, but…this was the ‘Big Apple’ after all. Only in ‘New York’, as the saying went.

    “You want to score?” The young man with the crew cut said with some derision in his voice.

    “Starbucks. Church street. Ask for Candy. Tell her you want your Latte Macchiato ‘extra sweet’. That should help get your ‘party’ started.”

    “Hey, Garret. Is there problem?”

    The Morlock talking to the suits half-turned to ask.

    “Naw, Face. All good here. Nothing to see.” the tattooed teen responded, which prompted the Morlock to return to ‘business’.

    “Alright, Bill and Ted. You two can run off on your excellent adventure, or whatever. We’re a bit busy here.”

    Garret jerked his head to one side, indicating the universal motion for ‘scram’.

    All the while, Aegis could hear the conversation between her friends -and that of the two suits and the Morlock.

    [ Suit: We just need a pair of extra eyes near the tub. Just in case. You know, extra insurance. That’s all.

    Morlock: We don’t do business with the private sector. You guys love to play ‘Dos Equis’. But, even if we did, that’s not my decision. Plus, what’s our take away?

    Suit: We hear you don’t deal in paper, so supplies. Lots and lots of supplies. Your pick.

    Morlock: Smells fishy.

    Suit: I see what you did there.

    *Three men laugh*

    Suit: Ok. Then get me someone who can make a decision.

    Morlock: Hold on, we got tourists. Hey, Garret…]

    For someone who couldn’t see what was happening or who the speakers were, things sure sounded quite interesting from her position.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Gami, En Route to Roadside Market, Maine
    Off the beaten path

    Gami's mind was ablaze, as she and Isaac moved through the woods, trying to stay under the thick canopy of trees, and remain hidden while also looking out for various traps and anything else which could be waiting for them. With the bandanna over her face, and the branch in hand, Gami kept heading south, towards the roadside market.

    But Isaac was able to figure out that some strange cloud was chasing them. Just like the last time, when he had found the kids that had been hiding. So she trusted his senses. And Kim had moved off to try and spring the trap waiting for them. And it sounded like cloud boy was not alone. Well, Kim had mentioned that Whorl was weak to wind. And then there was the bandannas covering their faces. What if Whorl attacked by getting inhaled? EWWWW!! Hopefully, her special skills would keep that from happening. It made her want to speed up. Gami looked over at Isaac. "Can you tell if anything is still following us?" she whispered softly, as she stayed close to his side, keeping a carefully watch around them as they moved. Gami hoped that Kim would be ok, and would find her way back to them quickly.

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    Approved Character Sheet:

    Name: Tobias Bach
    Codename: Maestro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 185
    Likes: Cigarettes, adrenaline, motorcycles, mixed martial arts, 80's music, money
    Dislikes: Politicians, media, superhero groupies, the Eagles, being bored, rogue metahumans.
    Personality: Confident, disciplined, overall not a bad guy but can be a bit distant at times.
    Metahuman Ability: Yes, will be revealed in game.
    Stance: Pro-Registration

    Bio: Tobias was raised in an upper middle class suburb of Minneapolis, only child of two loving parents. He was smart, good looking, popular, and a great athlete. He was the star quarterback on the high school team, they went to state his senior year and won the title.

    He kept a secret however, he was a metahuman. Nobody knew except his parents, his father was fearful of those who hated people like his son so they told nobody. Secretly however, Tobias practiced, at first only in his room. As he grew into his teen years he would drive to more isolated places and move heavier items, and over time he began to learn on his own how to manage his power and make it serve him.

    After school Tobias kept his secret to himself as he was recruited into an officer program at the USNA (U.S. Naval Academy), later went on to train in the BUD/S program and became a SEAL. During the 7 years that followed his service was exemplary, and each step of the way he learned a bit more control and expanded the range of his ability. Unbeknownst to him he was drawing attention from another agency. S.H.I.E.L.D. Little happens in the metahuman world without S.H.I.E.L.D. knowing about it, how they discovered his secret Tobias never found out.

    They recruited him only 6 months before the Latverian Cataclysm, what followed was extensive training and many low level operative missions. Now, after much hard work, he is finally being given an opportunity on his first high level assignment.
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Blueline & Casey
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ &Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Casey was silent, listening and she couldn't quite understand what they were saying. Two men were speaking, something about eyes, insurance, supplies and…fish. What was going on, and was Zephyr really asking for drugs. Her head was swimming trying to hold on to all that was said between the two men talking about a tub. She even pulled up a word processor to take down the key words to try and make sense of it all. As she was trying to do that she heard Garret speak

    "Naw, Face. All good here." He started, "Nothing to see. Alright, Bill and Ted. You two can run off on your excellent adventure, or whatever. We’re a bit busy here."

    Despite the seriousness of the scene, this line nearly made her crack up. She'd seen that movie just once and barely remembered any of it. However now all she could see was Zephyr as Ted and Blue as Bill. Casey could also see the time traveling phone booth behind them. She shook her head clearing the vison. She really didn't like this, not one bit. Her eyes return to the list of key words.



    ‘Dos Equis’

    Not my decision

    Paper, so supplies


    Casey was putting things together. Face, she was pretty sure that was one of the people speaking, the one talking about 'Dos Equis' and Fish. From what Blue told her earlier, there was a Morlock talking with two suited men. She had no idea if it was the suited man asking for insurance or the Morlock but, there was something going on, something involving protection of some kind. She waited for a bit, she knew Blue and Zephyr were talking with someone, Garret. Thought her head was swimming she was able to put enough of the pieces together. This was like a word based jigsaw puzzle, she was never very good at puzzles. Her mother loved them and would spend some of her spare time putting them together. Casey couldn't sit still of focus too long on them.

    This however was different, this was something more serious than a leisure activity. She closed her eyes thinking as hard as she could on the words trying to put more of the pieces in place. A picture was starting to form, and it was not good.

    Now she wanted to say something, say that whoever was talking they were making a deal, an illicit one. Something the two heroes might want to look into. She held her tongue, not wanting to give away anything to the man they were speaking with.

    Back on the street the bandanna hero did a double take at his partner. Was he really suggesting what he thought he was? A party, models, drugs, what kind of stuff had he been involved in? That didn't matter as the black shirted teen spoke.

    "Starbucks. Church street. Ask for Candy. Tell her you want your Latte Macchiato ‘extra sweet’. That should help get your ‘party’ started."

    He filed that location and name away in his mind. He might have to shut down whatever was going on with 'Candy' at this Starbucks. However the interrogation of the barista would have to wait until after this metamin problem was solved. Though he might be kidding himself on the interrogation part, he was not good at talking with others. Maybe follow her, find out who her supplier is.

    He nodded to the Morlock in front of him. Since the man behind them referred to him by name he was safe in assuming they were both part of the metahuman gang. If they knew about where to find drugs, maybe Casey was right about not getting involved with them. He let out a breath, he was too deep already, no time to pull back now.

    Something occurred to him, maybe he could drop Totenkoff's name. He said that they could maybe use his name to get an audience with the Morlocks. His heart rose into this throat and butterflies started flying around in his stomach. He couldn't stand it. His beating heart made his hands shake and a bit of sweat beaded on his forehead. His breaths were just as shaky as his hand. Was he really about to do this? Could he do it convincingly, what if the guy didn't really now this Totenkoff? He swallowed hard trying to get some breathing room around the pounding organ in this throat.

    "Thanks, I'm…" the hero stopped for a moment, "I'm sure Totenkoff would enjoy that." He turned to start walking away. Hoping that his words would spark something, and if he was wrong they still had a place to start.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Triskelion HQ, NY
    Danger Room Beta-Zed 021

    Agent Cameron was out on a covert assignment, so it fell to him to put together the much needed S.H.I.E.L.D. Vanguard. The project had become a priority for a great number of reasons.

    The Vision had been tasked with this assignment by the Acting Director herself and the synthezoid already set in motion the recruiting process. Many scouting operatives were in the field, charged with recruiting ‘free agents’.

    The Vision turned and regarded the monitor screens within the Danger Room’s control booth. The active roster for the Vanguard was now up to three members, and he summoned them here to expedite the process.

    Agent Knight, Agent Maestro and Agent Kwon would be arriving shortly. Knight was a cyber-ops specialist re-assigned by Director Hill herself. Vision was already made fully aware of the man’s situation and current status. Maestro, was a meta field agent with a good record who was overdue a more challenging assignment. The same could be said for the younger Kwon, who was a former pop star.

    In the front section of the Danger Room, the reception area was set. A refreshment cart was placed to one side should any be required.

    Moving with practiced expertise, the Vision entered the final calibrations into the scenario variability program.

    There was still much to do, in what he referred to as ‘the quiet’. As a side note, he was personally pleased to have come up with that particularly successful metaphor. To the point, his hope was to include the recently encountered Jane Foster, who had been dubbed Lady Thor for the time being. The team would need a ‘heavy hitter’, of that he had no doubts.

    It was still unclear how it all happened. The strange storm over the Nevada Desert. Dr. Foster’s not-so-coincidental appearance, as well as that of three super villains: Avalanche, Blob and Moonstone ( Who incidentally, are currently incarcerated inside ‘The Raft’). Reports of the incident were conflicting and substantive details had yet to surface. It is postulated that an encounter ensued, and somehow Dr. Jane Foster acquired Mjolnir, the god of thunder’s hammer. Equally mysterious is the fact that she seems capable of wielding the hammer and its power, transforming her into a female version of Thor.

    If that’s the case, then what has become of Thor himself?

    That was a question and an enigma best left for the agents in the Metaphysics Division.

    Dr. Foster still needed to go through a thorough debriefing before being considered eligible to join the Vanguard, at least by SHIELD standards- which was quite understandable.

    The Vision still felt a measure of surprise that Director Hill -despite of his own ‘trauma’- would still allow him into active duty, seeing how there were large gaps in his memory concerning the events surrounding the Latverian Cataclysm. Scraps and pieces of his inoperative body were found all over the globe, before they could be gathered and pieced together once again. But according to Security Protocols, he was not considered to be a security risk.

    A sequential beep indicated the designated Danger Room scenario was fully completed and ready. A faint smile of satisfaction graced the Vision’s usually stoic red face. He needed to see how these three agents worked together in a simulated situation, aside from gathering data on their individual capabilities. Of course, more would be revealed once the meeting started.

    [Vision. Agent Kwon will be arriving momentarily. The other two are not far behind.]

    “Thank you, Jocasta. All is ready and set.”

    The conference table was clear, visual monitors turned on and the chairs were in place. The Vision took one last look, just to make sure that everything was in place before the agents arrived into the reception area.

    The Vanguard could not be made active soon enough, especially in the absence of Avengers and earth’s mightiest heroes.

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Psion
    Lower Manhattan

    Even though his face and features were obscured by the hood and cowl, Psion did his very best to refrain from reacting to anything that was being said. He had to remain composed, especially since this was his first official outing in a group situation and his actions or reactions would directly affect his teammates.

    He could tell that there was much to learn if he was going to be any kind of worthwhile superhero. It was becoming obvious he may have missed more than perceived during the brief exchange with the tattooed youth. He was still a beginner and wasn’t in the habit of seeing the bigger picture.

    For starters, he had failed to notice the mouthy ‘look out’ or sidekick before being approached.
    Psion wasn’t thrilled with Garret’s derisive tone, the Bill and Ted joke was very much like some High School ribbing, not necessarily clever, but mostly annoying. However, there was no reason to take it personally, everyone here was ‘playing’ a part.

    It appeared that the Morlock whom Garret addressed as ‘Face’ was not only an official gang member; since he wore the ‘M’ symbol conspicuously, but also his immediate superior.
    Moreover, ‘Garret’ sounded like a normal name, most likely this guy was being initiated and had yet to earn his gang name and now he was trying to make a good impression by ‘handling’ the two nosey guys that got too close for comfort.

    Psion did feel like a total newbie at his inability to discern if Garret was dissembling or being equivocal about this Candy person over at the Church Street Starbucks. And how peculiar that a wanna-be Morlock would even know about a latte macchiato…unless it was a code word? This probably merited some investigation.

    The encounter wasn’t an entire waste of time as Psion took a moment to commit the names and faces to memory. A superhero needed to keep a list of possible allies or enemies; it was part of the job.

    Garret ‘the lookout’ had dismissed them with a shake of his head, and Psion began to turn away slowly with some reluctance, as he imagined any ‘troublemaker’ would do.

    The sheen of perspiration upon Blue’s forehead caught his attention and he paused as he noticed a bit of hesitation in his teammate. What was the next move?

    "Thanks, I'm…" the blue bandana hero stopped for a moment, "I'm sure Totenkoff would enjoy that." Then proceeded to walk away.

    “Oh, we’re doing that part now…” The raven-haired meta thought with some surprise.
    To add to the moment, Psion looked at Garret and pulled his hood further over his head and looked away while shaking his head, as if the initiate had just messed up.

    After a step or two, he would turn to his teammate.
    “Hey Blue, let me see that a sec...” He would ask pointing at the wrist com. “I think I can get it to work closer to the way you want it.”

    Someone had to keep on top of mission specs and after dropping Totenkoff’s name anything could happen. Blue needed to get his device configured for silent commo and back on Aegis’ tracker app at Home base. They were headed towards terra incognita…or worse, and Psion wanted to make sure that they had every advantage possible to make it out safe and sound.

    Prepare when you can, improvise if you must. Hopefully things wouldn’t get beyond that point.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Lower Manhattan
    Near the Financial Center

    Totenkoff. Blue. Almost in the same breath. Coincidence? Unlikely.

    “Listen, let me get back to you on that, ok. Be seen ya.”

    Face smoothly wrapped up his unfinished dealings with the two suits, then turned to the retreating pair.

    “Alright. Which one of you is Blue?”

    The Morlock called after Blue and Psion.

    Face’s dark hair may have been a shaggy mess and his face just a bit scruffy, but he had an air of confidence about him and his eyes glinted with sharp intelligence behind them. His ‘neutral’ demeanor was something Garret had learned from him, except the young trainee could not keep it up indefinitely. Face was in no rush, as he lit a cigarette with leisurely ease and simply waited to see if one of the two passers-by would turn to answer.

    Meanwhile Aegis was having a time with the keywords she had gathered.

    Tub: container, barrel, cask, drum, keg, bath, jacuzzi, boat.

    Insurance: security, assurance, safeguard, provision, guarantee, protection.

    ‘Dos Equis’: Beer, too bad, very bad, double cross.

    Paper: note, journal, tabloid, document, certificate, money.

    Fish: cast, angle, look, hunt, search, solicit.

    The burgeoning team would soon find out that puzzles were a big part of the hero business.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Blueline & Casey
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ &Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Blue waited for just a moment feeling the tension rising in the air. Psion tried to hide his face even more, if he lowered his hood any further he'd become one with the hoodie. He shook his head like a teacher would at a student that made a mistake.

    "Hey Blue, let me see that a sec..." His partner asked pointing to the watch on the hero's wrist. "I think I can get it to work closer to the way you want it."

    Blue presented it, letting him look it over. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Face coming closer. As Psion was fiddling with the wrist com, Blue pulled his partner-in-heroing a little closer.

    "Keep close to me things might get a little crazy soon."

    "Alright. Which one of you is Blue?" Face said finally causally lighting up a cigarette. He was calmer than his partner, Garret seemed to be getting a little agitated. Face on the other hand was waiting patiently for an answer.

    "Well," Blue started turning to look on the Morlock. "Certain people call me that." He gestured to his garb, "For obvious reasons." For just a moment he thought of asking to bum a cigarette from the man. It would be an attempt to blend in, or to form some sort of rapport with him. However it would be awkward for him to smoke while wearing the bandanna. Also it might have been a long time since he had a cigarette and he might look a little foolish if he took a drag. Blue started to feel a little nervous, he was trying to act laid back but, he could feel the butterflies in his stomach.

    The hero put his hands into the pockets of his hoodie again feeling the water bottle in his right pocket. He also felt two stiches pop in the left one. He might need a new one after this little adventure. Again for just a moment he saw one of the Morlocks offering him one of their leather jackets. Just as quickly as he thought it he rejected it, black wasn't his color.

    Then his wrist com buzzed. A single thought burned through his mind.

    'What was that?'

    His eyes widened, slightly but, he tried to hide it.

    Casey was now looking over keywords again looking at synonyms. Not many of them were helpful. Given the context she could figure out the meaning of the words. The Suits, she thinks, since she knew Face's voice and that didn't seem like a name a man in a suit would like to be called. Doesn't matter the suits were asking Face to watch the "Tub" obviously code for something bad. They also asked for 'Insurance' meaning they already had someone or something to watch it. Face was worried about getting double crossed, ‘Dos Equis’ two X's or crosses depending, that or a beer. She has never been drinking but, she's pretty sure one doesn't play beers, unless that's some party thing her suburban upbringing shielded her from. As well Face doesn't accept cash, or the suits didn't think he did.

    The thing that bothered her was fish, or fishy. It was obviously a joke to them and it followed supplies…Wait were the suits offering to pay the Morlocks with fish? Would they even accept that sort of payment? She didn't have too much time to think about it before Blue reappeared on her screen. She let out a breath.

    "Thank god." She said audibly. She then quickly covered her mouth not knowing that her two friends had switched to a silent mode.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Lower Manhattan, NYC
    Near the Financial Center

    Face took a long drag from his cigarette, then blew some smoke rings. He looked at Blue for a moment, then his eyes rested on Blue’s partner. He ignored Garret for the moment, who seemed to be silently struggling with trying not to look as annoyed as he felt. He’d just told these two to scram and his ‘cool’ factor had been awkwardly dashed to pieces.

    “You’re Blue, huh.” Face asserted with a nod and a pause, connecting the dots as it were. “I heard of you.”

    “Then who’s that?” he asked, pointing at Psion with his cigarette. “That your new partner? Word has it you’re a solo act.”

    Before an answer could be given, an eyebrow was suddenly raised under the shaggy mane.

    “Ah, you must be that guy who fixed Totenkoff. You must be some kind of Fixer, like a healer or something…. I see.”

    Face’s expression was that of someone who was half impressed by something.

    “Not a bad pairing if I say so myself, heh.”

    At that, Face addressed the disguised Zephyr, his eyes gauging the young would-be hero.

    “So, what do I call you? Blue Sidekick? That can’t be right. Color’s all wrong If you ask me.”

    Face smirked at his own cleverness and took another drag of his cigarette, but this time, he blew smoke to one side, then flicked the rest of it to the curb.

    “One good turn deserves another, that’s what I say. What can I do for you? I doubt you’ve hung around this long just for giggles.”

    Face gave the pair a charming and inviting smile, like the one you’d offer an old friend.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Liz Merrick, Bryan Dale (nrc), Dugan’s Tavern
    Location: International District, Triskellion

    The group took their seats, continuing to exchange pleasantries.

    “Nice lively shirt you got there, Bryan. Good choice.” Chesterfield commented.

    “Thank you, Sir.” Dale returned. “It’s a Magnum PI one, or at least it is mainly associated with the character.”

    “Liz, Mary, you both look radiant.” Arthur spread the love, both girls blushing at the compliment, almost in unison.

    Although pleased by Chesterfield’s comment, Agent Formal sat from inspecting the World War 2 photographs with a slight pang of disappointment.
    Naturally they all had an American theme, featuring theaters that their forces, famous units, and heroes had participated in or at.

    Mary was old enough, and feminine enough, to have “done her bit” for the Allies by sympathy-banging a very large number of Royal Air Force pilots, thanks to their shared excuses that they were likely to die on an operation the next day. Several international volunteers had come from overseas militaries to join the RAF numbers.

    Nobody she knew, or campaigns that they would have been involved in, were represented on those walls, as far as she knew; although..., she looked past a server as he returned and moved around the table, handing out laminated menus, and asking if anyone were ready to order drinks.

    Excuse me.” Mary piped up, drawing his attention.

    “Yes, Miss.”

    She pointed past him at the wall behind Chesterfield. “These photos; you got any for Operation Market Garden?” It had been part of a mission to capture several bridges in occupied Netherlands, focussing on the one at Arnhem, and had been immortalised in the film, A Bridge Too Far. The RAF had dropped British, American, and quite possibly Polish, paratroopers into the country. There was enough of a national overlap that, if 'Market Garden' were represented here, that would have appeased her.

    “Although it will have to wait until a quieter moment, I can check on that.”

    Mary smiled. “Well, I will probably be coming here again, so no hurry.

    The server returned her smile and asked again about drinks.

    The Arcateenian flipped the menu over to the drinks listing, and ran her gaze down the choices, while Liz, seated to her left, asked if Dugan’s took British currency as they had not yet had a chance to change any of their funds to dollars.

    “Sorry, we do not accept foreign currency, but we can open tabs for you to give you a chance to get that sorted.”

    Ooh, me too!” Mary blurted, thankful that her friend had raised the matter first.

    “No problem. If I can see your SHIELD IDs so that we can set up the tabs-”

    Formal caught Merrick putting two fingers of her left hand together, and waving it subtlely at the staff member. “You do not need to see our identifications.

    Mary flapped the menu under her own nose to hide the grin that suddenly wanted to appear. “These are not the droids that you are looking for.
    Oh God, that had made things worse! She realised inwardly, struggling to maintain composure as the server glanced curiously at her for a second, then back at Liz.

    “No actually, I do.”

    “Yeah, they do.” Bryan piped up. “That’s how I got my tab set up when I first got here. But don’t worry. He won’t need to take them away from the table, right?” He glanced up at the youthful waiter.

    Mary was already plucking both her’s and Liz’ cards from within her blouse pocket, and passed them to the server, who pulled a handheld device from the pocket of his black apron. He inserted the cards, one at a time, holding the device in one hand, tapping keys with the other, intent on his task.

    Warp core breach in three seconds, Agent! Blurted into Mary’s ear, making her stiffen her posture and tap a finger to her earpiece.

    Jocasta, what?” She retorted in whisper so as not to bother the others. She glanced around the room, trying to find what the batty computer was equating to such an emergency announcement, spying the attentions of the woman who had been sat at a table at the back, then spotting someone nearby that they had met earlier in the day. “Oh.

    Sorry, Agent. I did not detect his intentions until just now.

    “First drink is on the house.” Arthur announced. “The rest of the evening is on me.” He added that bit with a smile and a wink that Mary only spotted peripherally as she tracked her new boss’s approach to their table.

    “Oh!” Bryan piped up in a surprised tone. “Well, I was going to split off with Liz after the first drinks, but if you are paying, I will happily pool my funds with yours. We can even split the bill-”

    “Does that include me?” The new arrival asked, adopting an arch tone as he stood over Agent Chesterfield.

    Arthur looked up. “Doctor Redstone!

    “Nice read, Velma.” Bryan put in quietly, looking up at the man, in his stylish, yet casual, suit. It contrasted so badly against his Hawaiian shirt, that their owners seemed like different species!

    Mary eyed the chauffeur with a hint of envy. Seemed like he had as much a love of pop culture as her. She was beginning to regret Liz getting to him first.

    “The one and only.” The doc responded to Arthur. “Call me Sebastian. Well, am I too late?”

    “No, of course not. Please join us. I’m glad you could make it.”

    Mary narrowed her eyes as she regarded the pair, the liaison agent and the good doctor. If they had arranged this between them, and the A.I. had not twigged the latter’s intentions, then she was not infallible and omnipotent after all.

    That held...possibilities.

    The server glanced up at Redstone. “I will get you a seat in a moment, sir. Let me just give Agents Formal and Merrick their cards back. Miss?”

    Mary took the proffered cards. “Thank you. Tabs all set up?

    “Already done. You two were flagged as DUI.”

    Mary frowned up at the boy, knowing that the acronym meant the same as what was called ‘drink driving’ in Britain. “Buuut....we are not driving.

    “No Miss, for Dugan’s purposes, it means Darth Elu Intervention. Mr Elu has already arranged to have tabs opened for the both of you.” He nodded to their host. “Mr Chesterfield is not the only liaison officer. Right, I will get a chair for Doctor Redstone, then take your orders if you are ready.”

    A chair was brought for the good doctor, and drinks were ordered, with Mary ordering a Peroni Nastro Azzurro, politely ignoring the waiter’s subtle hinting that they carried American beers.

    To her left, Bryan wanted a pint of Guinness.

    Liz just asked for a Pepsi Max with ice and a lemon slice. “I’m watching my figure.” She explained, her leathers squeaking across the seat of her chair as she leaned coquettishly towards Bryan, and cupped her chin in her hands.

    Half the room is watching your figure,” Formal quipped, returning her attention to the woman at the back of the room that had been watching them earlier.
    The female was a studious-looking type with a bouffant of shoulder-length reddish-brown hair and the lighting glinted off her rectangular-framed glasses; whilst, in the dim light back there, her brown-haired companion looked like a contestant in a gurning competition. Not a champion by any means, he wasn’t that bad.

    Looked like a tight little powerhouse that had her wistfully thinking of the warrant officer with Australian special forces that she had a brief dalliance with.

    Mary flicking her gaze away from him, locking eyes with the woman, who was already drinking something from a straw.

    Service around here seemed to be pretty good, an observation that was supported by the arrival of their drinks, Arthur and Redstone having ordered a Martini and a Manhattan, respectively.

    “So, to what should we toast?” Arthur asked of the table, drawing the Arcan’s attention back to her companions for the evening.

    “Good company.” Bryan suggested, which Mary felt was a little trite.

    E-Branch, S.H.I.E.L.D. and U.N.C.L.E., working together to save the world.” Liz suggested, raising her fizzing glass.

    Well, that is out in the open, sooner than I would have liked. Formal cringed inwardly, but bravely, she lifted her tall glass with the Peroni logo etched down the side, and beamed round the table. “I’ll drink to that.

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  14. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Isaac Angakkuq IC:
    ~Offroading, Maine~

    They continued to move along towards the market, hoping Kim would be all right and that this whole endeavor would not end up in vain in any way. Isaac's face was grim and unhappy at having left the watcher behind to spring the trap. It was something that wouldn't sit well with him for quite some time unless she ended up all right. Even then it would be a while before he forgave himself.

    Moving as stealthily as possible and keeping his senses on full alert, not to mention the relief of having Firefly always with them, he couldn't help but be a little caught off guard by Gami's question. His mind was too focused on his senses and irritation about Kim.

    Wetting his lips for a moment due to dryness, he answered quietly. "Can't tell right at this moment, but let me listen."

    So he extended his perception out again, figuring his spirit companion was doing her thing by giving him the power for its use.

    <Stay focused and do not let your emotions overcome you, Inuksuk.>

    <…I know.>

    Her sympathy and understand were well felt and he was grateful for it as he sensed about, branch still in hand.

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    Gemini IC:
    ~Midtown Underground, New York City~

    Traversing through these underground paths, forgotten by most, there were things one would see. And if focused on overtly, possibly never un-see again. However, Shroud knew all about it already. He'd be lying if he said he had never been down these paths before a number of times in the past.

    Perhaps not this exact area. But the underbelly of the beast that was New York? Definitely. And plenty of other undergrounds as well. The Parisian Catacombs actually creeped him out far more than NYC's version. Though it was 'tougher' and grittier here in a much different fashion.

    Brihk continued to lead the way, her familiarity and comfort of the surroundings as clear as day. Which was a funny analogy for the setting. He followed along without issue. The hours he put working out his physical and mental health, both on and off the field, was considerable. You had to in his position. In fact, you'd be a fool not to.

    Plus he had a number of people to look up to in SHIELD that he needed to match, to prove he was as worthy of his station as any other. The skrull invasion did much in that endeavor. It was the main reason it was why he was where he was at and he knew it.

    Still there were so many names and he had researched as much as he could on their workout regimens. Not to fully emulate, but to get an idea for his own. Captain America, Falcon, Spider-Man, Thor, Nick Fury even to list the big names. But there were others as well, Agents of SHIELD that went mostly unknown to the public but known to those who had been around the block and had access in the organization. Maria Hill, acting Director, had a regimen that most didn't realize…though he suspected it had been largely disrupted as of late. Even the deceased, but nigh-legendary Alastor Zingari whose file he had scrutinized a number of times just to get a feel for the feats accomplished by the man.

    Such names were ones to remember and helped him dedicate himself to his cause. He liked to think it showed as he jumped a series of old stairs right behind the woman. Pausing as they came to a catwalk.

    "Watch yourself on this catwalk. It wobbles and the handrails are not very sturdy."

    "Got it," he responded and watched as she moved first. Soon enough he was following along again after analyzing the terrain long enough to get a feel for it.

    However they stopped again sooner than expected, but this time it was obvious it wasn't initially intended. Brihk's hand went up and crouched down, motioning for him to do the same. He did so, following her gaze.

    Military gear with full getup and the telling piece of technology in his hand. This man was checking over the homeless in the region in a sporadic search that happened on occasion.

    "Meta-Hunter. We can't join the others yet. We need to deal with him first."

    Closing his eyes, 'Shroud' just nodded. Not surprising she'd say that, especially given the situation. Reopening his eyes, he focused them on their new target with resolve.

    Gemini wouldn't move on the man of course. But Shroud was another story.

    "Just get his attention for a single moment. And once you do, make it look like you're about to do some kind of power or something." He whispered with no hesitation whatsoever.

    He allowed his eyes to just briefly glance back at her before re-shifting to the Hunter again.

    "But don't. I'll handle this piece of trash in an instant," a pause, "Trust me."

    Multiple angles were at play here. The man needed to be neutralized. But he needed to be the one to do it for the Hunter's own sake otherwise he'd end up a red stain in the depths of NYC. He also needed his perception from his crucial piece of tech to match with visuals, forcing him to make a snap judgment that would prove his undoing when it otherwise would have alerted him.

    "Consider it our first trust exercise," he smirked.

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  15. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    IC: Larry Stone
    New jersey docks,
    Larry had no time. What was he to do? He snapped out of his thought bubble, pulled out his lucky knife and sliced the wire connecting the alarm system on the window from the main security system, he tried to slice a circle in the glass like he had seen on TV shows, but he ended up breaking it instead. He slid into the warehouse and flew onto one of the many beams that lurked close to the top of the ceiling. He looked at his surroundings. Workers and guards all strolling up and down the many rows of crates and boxes. Larry pulled out the crumpled map. He had deduced that the briefcase could be in the office, and it was very likely. He shoved the map back into his pocket and flew over to the door. He opened it. If it was locked, he would break it open, it may well be alarmed. He jumped inside the room and slammed the door. He turned around, looking for the briefcase.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    New Jersey Docks
    Warehouse 39 SE

    It is said that experience is the best teacher. Well, some experiences are easier than others, and some students learn quicker than others- while some, not at all.

    Larry’s lucky pocket knife was indeed sharp, as it sliced through the alarm wire. The young meta-human also tried to cut the glass, but to no avail. He did end up breaking it instead, and created a racket as glass fell from the now broken window near the top of the warehouse.

    As he slid inside, Larry failed to notice the mounted security camera was already trained on him. For a moment, nothing unusual seemed to happen. The winged meta-human flew along the ceiling and perched himself on one of the cross beams. Peering below, Larry would notice a few workers who seemed to wonder which window the glass came from, even as they looked-up along the walls. The guards however, continued to patrol the warehouse, making their way through the rows of crates and loaded shipping pallets. Flying birds crashing into the windows had been a problem in the past. The newer windows were shatter proof, but there seemed to be a few which had not been changed.

    As fate would have it, Larry was going over his map, when a siren began to blare, red lights started flashing and guards began to mobilize.


    Near the entrance of the warehouse, internal spotlights began to come on, one by one. They swiveled back an forth, illuminating the walls, the many rows of containers, and the ceiling. Below, armed guards drew their weapons. Some began to search the perimeter at ground level, while others looked up, following the sequence of spotlights. Conversely, the workers began to follow their well practiced evacuation drill, as they got into an orderly line and proceeded to their exit check points.

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  17. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Agent Tobias Bach aka: Maestro
    Triskelion HQ, NY: Danger Room Beta-Zed 021

    The rumble of a Harley Davidson Fatboy announced his arrival at the Triskelion, well in advance of the scheduled meeting, tardiness was not excusable. Especially when being invited to SHIELD headquarters under such circumstances, he was being put on a newly formed team, it was everything he had hoped for and worked towards these many years.

    Pulling into the parking ramp he kicked his stand down switched the bike off, even as he got off the bike he couldn't help but smile a bit. Finally, he'd made it. Sure he knew that his career was going to get a lot more complicated from this point forward, but it was a challenge he was prepared to accept.

    His father, a good but nervous man, had always impressed upon him the importance of service. Not just to country, but to society in general. His powers gave him a great level of responsibility, some metahumans chose to squander them for selfish gain but he was driven to do something greater.

    When the world was hit with the Latverian Cataclysm finally understood exactly what he needed to do, unregistered metahumans posed a danger greater than any nuclear threat. At any given moment innocent people were at the mercy of so called "superhumans", even one unhinged person with enough power could devastate entire nations and kill thousands.

    He couldn't sit back and do nothing. When the invitation had come to join S.H.I.E.L.D.s Vanguard he leapt at the chance, finally he was going to be on the front line and help to enforce the Superhuman Registration Act, an Act he believed would truly help all of humanity.

    All these thoughts and more passed through his mind as he made his way through various security checkpoints, he had been directed to DR021 though he wasn't yet sure who would greet him he was excited to find out. Finally finding the room he pushed open the door, to his great amazement the first face he saw was that of one of the most well known Avengers.

    The Vision.

    Nervous, he forced out a greeting. "Hello, sir."

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Agent Bishop Knight
    Danger Room Beta-Zed 021 Triskelion HQ, NY

    Bishop was nervous. He and ADAM were on their way to meet with The Vision and this Vanguard Team he was putting together.

    He never expected to actually end up in the field, let alone doing the stuff The Avengers ere famous for. At least, he assumed that was what he and the other Vanguard members would be doing. Director Hill had pretty much made that insinuation of not outright saying it.

    he was happy to be able to use ADAM and put him to the test, but it was iffy still, if ADAM would do as he was supposed to do. ​

    "Sir, you seem to be slightly distressed. you pulse faster and your vitals have raised slightly. Is something wrong?" ADAM asked.​

    "No, ADAM. I'm fine, just nervous. You'll be meeting The Vision for the first time, you and he have a lot in common, yet are very different. I'm also worried about your first mission."​

    "Nervous." ADAM searched the databases he was connected to digitally. It was how he learned, much the same way that Ultron had learned, except that Bishop had been very careful to rite each line of code into the AI and then once ADAM was completely formed as an AI, spent time talking and teaching him.

    "There is no need to be nervous, Sir. I predict that there is no need to be nervous."

    ADAM was highly advanced, and had seen the atrocities of the world, including what Ultron had done. He had decided to be better than that, and to do good. Because even though humans had done a great deal of evil, men were still capable of good deeds. Bishop had chosen Captain America as his hero, and ADAM had taken to thinking of the Captain as the ideal being to be modeled after.

    "ADAM, you never cease to amaze me." Bishop chuckled as they entered the reception area where The Vision was waiting.

    Someone else was already there, as well.

    "Hey there, guys." Bishop said, his nerves evident.

    "Hello. I am ADAM. I am pleased to meet you."​

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  19. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Blueline & Casey
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ &Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Blue took a step back regarding Face with a relaxed expression. His brow quirked up a little watching the smoke rings fade out of existence. As the Morlock's eyes sifted over to Psion the hero didn't flinch watching face looking for any signs of danger. Over his shoulder part of him could sense Garrett's annoyance. He just told these to punks to beat it and they remained talking with his friend. Underneath his bandanna a slight smirk pulled at the corner of Blue's mouth. It was amusing to him on a level he didn't think possible. Being entertained by someone else's discomfort.

    He didn't usually feel this way but, Garrett had been so forceful with his demands to see it fail was a strangely humorous.

    "You’re Blue, huh." Blue returned the nod eyes hardening a little. It wasn't often he got any name recognition. "I heard of you." Blue opened his mouth to reply but, was cut off. "Then who’s that?" Face asked, rudely gesturing with his cigarette towards Psion. "That your new partner? Word has it you’re a solo act." Again Blue tried to speak but was interrupted again. The smile was now gone, replaced with a stiffened jaw and slightly grinding teeth.

    He waited somewhat patiently removing his hands from his pockets and crossing his arms. As he did he noticed the watch had some words on it.

    "Thank God."

    A look of confusion passed over his face the rest of the words exchanged. Was this Casey talking to him. He took a moment to consider then perked up when Face mentioned asking for a favor.

    Right then his watch buzzed again.

    "No Blue, don't say anything." Casey said from the relative safety of the Sanctum. "I think the Morlocks are the ones pushing this stuff." Her words were forceful, and somewhat worried. She didn't care if others around her could hear this needed to be said, she needed to warn her friends about what she thought before they crossed a line they couldn't come back from. "They're the ones behind the metamin. They had a place on the East side, now they're hanging out on the west. That just doesn't feel right. I don't know what's going to happen if you ask them about it. Stop, don't say another word."

    Now it was her turn to wait, to sit in silence while she hoped Blue listened to her that he heard what she said and was heeding her guidance. She was back here for a reason she was to keep them informed to keep them safe with the knowledge she gained. If they rejected it of what use was she? Why did she stay behind if they weren't going to listen to her?

    The moments that pass felt like hours, each one felt like it took days off her life. Her heart was pounding her knuckles white from how hard she was clenching her fist. Sweat began to bead on her forehead as she watched the little dot the represented Blue. Her foot started tapping and her stomach was turned into knots.

    'Come on Blue,' she thought 'for once will you just consider not throwing yourself in harm's way?'

    "Are you even listening…" She started but, was cut off by Blue's voice

    "I'm just going to come out and ask. Do you know anything about this Metamin stuff going around? It's dangerous, killing people."

    At first Casey was stunned, shocked that he would just disregard her like that. Her mind went blank then responded with hurt and pain.

    "What…I just told you that I thought they were involved. And what do you do you tell them, you idiot. Do you ever think about what you're going to do before you do it. You selfish, unthinking moron, do you think about anything other than your need to be a hero. Did you even hear what I said? You…You ≠☼◊≥∆±#^&@*%" Her words were not just angry but, pained and tinged with misguided rage. She hated this situation, hated her place in all this mess, she just wanted to help, to be of more use than just a voice on the other end of the phone line now she was silenced. The emotions she'd been keeping contained over the past few moments, maybe even days was bubbling to the surface. Her friend was throwing himself into danger without even second thought, without even listening to her.

    A message popped up on her screen. Her throat was raw and chest heaving as she came down from her rage filled tirade. Blue started speaking again.

    "Excuse me, new watch, not sure the settings on it."

    "Blue if you turn me off one more time I swear…"

    "There," A message appeared on Casey's screen quieting her.

    'Trust Me'

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  20. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Psion
    Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Psion had to give props to the young Morlock, he seemed to be very keen of mind despite his relaxed demeanor.
    He couldn’t help but to be impressed at the leather clad point man’s assessment.

    “Ah, you must be that guy who fixed Totenkoff. You must be some kind of Fixer, like a healer or something…. I see.”

    Beneath his hood and cowl Psion suppressed a small smile as he realized that his good deed might have been recounted favorably. At the same time he made mental notes of any terminologies being used and anything that might prove useful in treating with the gang of metahumans.

    “Not a bad pairing if I say so myself, heh.”

    Psion did smirk a little as if confirming what the Morlock said, not that the details were important but rather to subtly acknowledge that this was a meeting of metahumans , perhaps a sense of kinship could be forged.

    “So, what do I call you? Blue Sidekick? That can’t be right. Color’s all wrong if you ask me.”

    "Psion…I go by Psion". The would-be-hero said simply and without fanfare.

    Before he could ask the leader Morlock’s name, the wrist com device vibrated silently and Psion put his hands in his pockets seeing how Blueline took a look at his device. All bets pointed at the Morlock figuring out that simultaneous activity on the part of the newcomers’ shiny devices was more than just passing coincidence.

    The offer to help- as a debt repayment by the young Morlock, was met with Blue basically putting some critical cards on the table.
    "I'm just going to come out and ask. Do you know anything about this Metamin stuff going around? It's dangerous, killing people."

    Luckily, Psion’s arch eyebrow could not be seen readily, so he remained as ‘frosty’ as possible, his jaw clenched slightly as his wrist com device sent more urgent inaudible vibrations through his arm. He really hoped that Aegis was not breaking things in his house.

    ‘Blue! I thought we were going to bring this up with Totenkoff!’ Psion thought to himself, wishing he were also telepathic.

    The Raven-haired meta looked around to make sure that no one else reacted to the mention of ‘Metamins’. Perhaps Blueline was trying to expedite things by upping the ante, so to speak.

    “Guys, I don’t think this is the best place to have this discussion…don’t you agree?”

    Psion wasn’t convinced that the little group was as inconspicuous as he wanted to believe, they had been lingering in one spot in an area of heavy pedestrian traffic; it was time to move the party elsewhere.

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  21. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Knight star 3

    Mar 19, 2017
    IC: Larry Stone
    Warehouse, New Jersey Docks

    Larry examined the situation.
    "Well ****"
    Larry had two options, and he did not need to choose, Larry soared over to the window he entered from, Everything below him was in chaos. The people down there must have been terrified to see a man with wings, Larry slid out of the window, and up he soared. Only gliding through the skies when the people outside below him were specs, his eyes scoured the city, there was the bus stop, and, luckily there was a quiet alleyway beneath him, he zoomed towards the alleyway. Plummeting, then landing, he hid his wings, slipped back into his star wars T-shirt and walked towards the bus stop and sat on the rusty old bench. The bus ran towards the stop, and screeched as it came to a halt, the doors slowly slid open, Larry stepped inside, it smelt of old people and stale chips, the bus driver was looking up at him
    "Where to Sonny?"
    Larry recognized the type, kind, Not the one to want trouble
    "New York"
    Larry did not know why he needed to go there, Hide from the warehouse and his employers was a small reason, but hopefully fate would help him in the matter.
    "Alright, that will be $30."
    Larry handed him the money.
    Before the bus drivers could close the doors Larry ran to a vending machine sitting on the side of the road. He got a bottle of root beer and a pack of cheese Doritos. He quickly slipped back inside the bus. He walked to a seat in the back corner, the best kind, opened the bag of chips, slipped one out and popped it into his mouth. The bus began to move. He opened the root beer and took a swig. He was getting outta here.

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  22. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Wundagore Citadel
    Wundagore mountain, Transia

    Erasmus felt himself leaning on both Barsali and his amic, SGC. He felt heat and heard the crackling of kindling nearby. From how sound felt, they seemed to be within a large chamber with a large fire place, if he could guess correctly. He marveled at the voices he heard, for they sounded more than human.

    “Amic, we made it.” He heard SGC say to him.

    “Yes…” Erasmus whispered and smiled at SGC, regarding him with unseeing eyes.

    Both Barsali and Harman kept their peace for the moment, simply allowing the heat to chase the chill from their bones and also marveling at all which they saw. Never could they imagine such a wondrous place.

    “Thank you. It has not been an easy journey. We thank you.”

    “Indeed. Such is a commendable feat of survival and determination. The High Evolutionary would be impressed…were he here.” Noble Rakshasa intoned, taking a few steps forward. His foot claws clicking on the polished floor in tandem with his staff.

    “Well met.” Offered Sir Urson, with an accompanying nod.

    “So, what do we call you and why have you sought the Knights of Wundagore?”

    The tiger headed speaker tilted his head lightly as he awaited an answer.

    “They would be more inclined to answer your questions if you made them feel more at home, don’t you think?” a soft spoken, yet firm female voice echoed from the hall and into the large chamber. The cloaked tiger, armored lion and bear turned their heads.


    Lady Mantra. You should be resting.” The noble tiger exclaimed. The two armored figures offered respectful nods instead.

    “…And miss all this? Do not be absurd. I shall rest later.” Lady Mantra answered and did not miss a beat as she approached. “Welcome to Wundagore Citadel. We haven’t had visitor in an age.”

    “Thank you.” Barsali and Harman said at once, followed by Erasmus’ weakened voice.

    “I shall prepare places for you all. So, please continue. Do not let me interrupt.”

    Lady Mantra’s gaze stayed on SGC for the space of a heartbeat before she gracefully moved on.

    [hl=skyblue]Indeed, you made it- and just in time.[/hl]

    The presiding trio watched the Lady’s form gracefully retreat to a side corridor and disappear behind a wall.

    “She sounded lovely.” Erasmus commented in hush tones to no one in particular.

    It was Noble Rakshasa who returned to the matter at hand.

    “Please, continue…” He bid his new guests.

    Tag: Mitth_Fisto

    Near the World Trade Center
    Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Both Morlocks reacted in their own way to the scene playing out before them. Speaking wristwatches were common place nowadays, but what were the chances that two should activate at exactly the same time with what sounded like the same message- which was not state issued emergency alert?

    The Face cocked his head and smirked, while Garret’s suspicions only deepened further.

    New watch indeed.

    The lead Morlock did seem to like Zephyr’s codename, however.

    “Oh…Psion. It has a nice ring to it.” He said smiling. That all changed in a heartbeat when Blue fired off his question.

    “Do you know anything about this Metamin stuff going around? It's dangerous, killing people."

    Face raised an eyebrow.

    It appeared that Blue also had the ability to silence traffic, as it seemed that’s how quiet things suddenly got.

    Before any answer could be given, Psion interjected.

    “Guys, I don’t think this is the best place to have this discussion…don’t you agree?”

    “Your friend has a point.” Face pointed out, his cool neutrality returning.

    “I’m actually at work, so here is were I need to be.”

    Garret smirked at that and folded his arms over his chest, satisfied.

    “But to answer your question Blue; Yes. It is dangerous and it is killing people. That’s why we stay away from it- and so should you. Understand?”

    The pause was deliberate and held with purpose. Absently, the Morlock reached for another cigarette and lit it.

    “Don’t let it be said that Face has no time for future recruits.”

    Garret snorted at that, scoffing audibly, but said nothing as he continued to stand aside.

    The shaggy haired Morlock let out a casual puff of smoke as he exhaled.

    “So, is there anything else?”

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    Midtown Underground, NYC
    Herald Square Sub-levels

    Brihk raised an eyebrow way up.

    “Trust exercise?” She exclaimed incredulously. “I just met you.” She declared before smirking at him. “Let’s see what you got?”

    Without waiting for further instructions, the Morlock female began to head down the stairs.

    “Hey!!” She called out roughly. The Hunter’s flashlight was on her at once.

    “Try harassing someone who can fight back, ‘dead end’. “

    With a small exertion, Brihk leapt over the railing and skipped the last seven flights of stairs.When she landed, it was like thunder. A cloud of dust billowed out as she righted herself, then began to steadily approach the meta hunter. The homeless all around already knew the deal and began to scatter, raising the meta hunters alarm. In a blink of an eye, his rifle was leveled at Brihk.

    “Stop where you are!!” He ordered vociferously. There was no hesitation in his voice. The blinking device now clasped on his belt began to ping audibly.

    “Or what? You’ll shoot me? You were going to do that anyway?” Brihk teased as she neared.

    “No more homeless for you to harass, it’s just you and lil’ ole me?” she cooed.

    “If you take one more step….!”

    “if?” Brihk challenged, still moving forward, quite confident.

    If Shroud was going to act, he had the space of a heartbeat to do so. The device was already pinging and Brihk had the meta hunter’s full attention.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Triskelion HQ, NY
    Danger Room Beta-Zed 021

    They arrived to the Danger Room almost in succession. Of course, Jocasta screened all agents through unseen security measures, even as they arrived.

    The first to do so was Agent Tobias Bach. His bi0-signs marked him as ‘nervous’, but that was within the acceptable range of psychosomatic states. Agent Bach was a metahuman member of S.H.I.E.L.D. One who worked diligently and had an impressive track record. That he had been handpicked to be part of the Vanguard Initiative, spoke well of him. No doubt he understood there were some big shoes to fill.

    The Vision was the first person he saw once he entered the Danger Room reception area. Thankfully, Tobias was sufficiently self possessed to issue a greeting.

    “Hello, sir.”

    “Welcome, Agent Bach. Thank you for coming, and please call me Vision.” The synthezoid smiled and nodded in greeting. One had to wonder if the Vision actually realized how imposing he could seem despite his genial demeanor.

    Vision easily shook hands with the man, then gestured to a nearby table.

    “Please, make yourself comfortable if you wish. There are also refreshment to partake of. The other Agents are almost here and we are expected to have a full day.”

    After a brief interaction, the Danger Room entrance chimed on the inside, announcing another arrival. Make that two.

    The pair entered, moving as a unit would. The first was marked by his Captain America T-Shirt, while the second was clearly some kind of highly advanced android.

    “Hey, there guys.” The bespectacled man said in a casual manner, though unable to mask his nervousness. “Hello. I am ADAM. I am pleased to meet you.” his android companion offered.

    Agent Knight. I’m glad you could make it.” The synthezoid Avenger responded with ease. “ADAM, I too am pleased to make your acquaintance. Please, come in.”

    The Vision shook both their hands.

    “This is Agent Bach. He is also part of the Vanguard Team.” Vision said, indicating the other agent in the room. “Gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable, we have one more member joining our meeting momentarily.”

    The three had a short window to converse, before the third guest arrived.

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    Off the beaten path

    The two young campers moved as quickly as their feet would carry them, while they accounted for the uneven terrain and an effort to remain unseen. Behind them, a growing rumbling sound grew as the metahuman they now knew as Whorl rolled and billowed like a gaseous wave, picking up debris and speed as he literally steam rolled. He was gaining on them.

    The two could manage to hear the faint sound of distant shouting, despite most of it being drowned by the rolling din. The voice belonged to Kim.

    Anger and frustration. Those were the feelings pouring out of the roiling could bearing down on them.

    A jetting stream of cloud and debris shot between the two young adventurers, in an attempt to separate them and obscure them from each other, as it churned and covered the area in an opaque blanket, dimming out ambient light. Kim’s shouts were getting closer, but were still hard to make out.

    The swirling stream split in two then, like coiling tentacles. One shot for targeting Isaac, while the other veered towards Gami. The two young campers would have difficulty seeing more than a few feet around them, but suffered no other incapacitation.

    “We ne….to….him…tire out. He c…eep this….p forev…..!”

    Both coiling streams descended on Gami and Isaac almost simultaneously.

    <Inuksuk! Watch out!!> Bellowed Firefly! Her tiny voice rang-out and was immediately amplified by her feeling of alarm.

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    Dugan’s Tavern
    Triskelion, NYC

    “Cheers!!” Arthur beamed back. “To good company.” He echoed, toasting his fellow agents and guest at the table.

    “To saving the world.” Dr. Redstone put in simply, also rising his glass. The red head offered a smile and a nod before taking a sip from his glass. He meant to acquaint himself wit the two british agents the following day, but an opportunity was made by Liaison Agent Chesterfield- one he would not go to waste. If what latest news he’d received was an indicator of things to come, then he would need to take a measure of the newly arrived agents as soon as possible.

    Looking around him, the observant doctor caught wind of another pair of eyes already taking note of him and his table. “Well then, the evening is sure full of surprises.” He said, rising his glass to the one watching.

    Moira Mc Taggert smiled from her table and raised her own glass in response.

    “The only one I know is the red headed man, one Dr. Redstone.” Moira informed Alastor as she exchanged pleasantries from a distance. “He’s a professional acquaintance. Charles would have liked him. He’s always talking shop.” she added with a chuckle. “The two ladies seem ‘new’ somehow…” She observed, her eyes squinting slightly behind her glasses.

    “Let’s go investigate.”

    Moira got up with a casual manner, grabbed her clutch, then looked over her shoulder. “C’mon. You need to socialize a little. Being dead is no longer a ‘thing’ now that you’re back.” The good doctor laced her last statement with a playful smile, then proceeded to the table where Dr. Redstone and his party sat.

    Gracefully, she crossed the distance, avoiding incoming guests and busy waitstaff.

    “Good evening everyone.” Moira announced as she approached the table. “I’m Dr. Mc Taggert, a friend of Dr. Redstone. Would you mind if my guest and I join you this evening?”

    “Hello, Moira.” Dr. Redstone said as he got up. He wore a smile on his face, greeting Moira openly, but eyed her yet-to-be-named companion with a critical eye- for all of a second, then offered a welcoming nod and a handshake.

    “I certainly don’t mind. I’m Dr. Redstone. Please calm me Sebastian.”

    “The more the merrier. Hello Dr. Mc Taggert. I’m Arthur. Please join us.” Chesterfield chimed in happily.

    “Would love to. Just call me Moira.”

    With a gesture, waitstaff were called over to set chairs and another table for the increasing party. More introductions were in order, and to that end, more drinks also kept coming.

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    Port Authority New York Bus Terminal
    Midtown Manhattan

    The bus driver had apologized and returned $15 to Larry, as his fare was only half of what he had paid. The glitching transit fare computer had accidentally charged him double, it would seem. None-the-less, Larry’s trip to New York was largely un eventful, except for the young boy who traveled with his oblivious texting mon, who kept looking back to stare at him.

    Furthermore, Larry also had time to reflect on the failed mission.

    The guards had not been scared at all, but acted like well trained professionals. Perhaps his decision to abort was the prudent after all. Still, he had not completed the task. Would he now even bother to contact the bald man that approached him around Hell’s Kitchen? That remained to be seen.

    The trip to New York took just over an hour. As expected, the Bus terminal was busy and crowded with foot traffic. There was also a security presence- and with good reasons. Hucksters, peddlers, hustlers and all manner of ‘dealers’ were scattered throughout the Bus terminal. The NYPD was serious about security, but so were the ‘dealers’. Not to mention, there was a S.H.I.E.L.D annex nearby.

    Larry would feel that his T-Shirt suddenly seemed too small to properly conceal his Wings. His prodigious back on his unremarkable frame would seem quite odd, indeed. He could use a jacket or a looser fitting top, if he wished to successfully conceal himself in a metropolitan area. The SRA encourage individuals to anonymously report ‘suspicious looking’ people.

    In addition, Larry was likely in need of a play to stay. Looking to score another ‘job’ would take sometime, as it always did.

    Once off the bus, the winged mutant had a vast city facing him, with infinite possibilities.

    Several suspicious characters eyed him as he made his way, but took no action. That could very well be due to the patrolling cops who were also looking about and gauging those who fell under their gaze.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Off the beaten path, Main

    As Isaac and Gami, continued on their path, even Gami could not help but hear the strange sound and rumbling
    from whom she assumed was coming from Whorl. And from the sound of things, he was going to quickly overtake them. Gami stopped, even as she could hear a voice calling, from over the growing noise. It was Kim! She was still with them. But it was hard to figure out what she was saying.

    "Isaac!" Gami called out as a jetting stream of cloud and debris shot between the two. Kim’s shouts were getting closer, but were still hard to make out. The swirling stream split in two then, like coiling tentacles. Visibility after a few feet was suddenly limited. Gami growled in aggravation.

    “We ne….to….him…tire out. He c…eep this….p forev…..!” It was Kim. She was okay for now. But Gami made out what she was yelling.

    Suddenly, a coiling stream headed for Gami. She was sure that Isaac was also facing a similar situation. "Im not that kinda girl!" Gami yelled into the cloud, as she began to whip the branches she had into a furious whirlwind. As she did, she released a charge of electricity, this time much larger than the one she had done before, using
    the branch to connect to the mist. Clouds were mostly water. Even if this one was a person, he still had to maintain some type of connection. This charge was meant to do exactly what Kim was yelling. Tire him out. Hopefully, perhaps even knock him out. A bolt of electricity, directly to the stream heading for her. She hoped that it would make him pause and think, if nothing else. If not, she had a back up plan. But for that to work, she would need to reach Isaac. Hopefully, this tactic would buy her the time to do exactly that.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Blueline & Casey
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ &Lower Manhattan, NYC

    Everything was silent after Blue asked his question. Casey’s heart was pounding, was this the start of the violence that she’d seen the Morlocks deal out. She nearly held her breath waiting for the moment to pass. That moment dragged on for what felt like an eternity. She gripped her father’s dog tags, always around her neck. She looked at the map eyes seeing Blue and Psion standing there. In her mind she saw crowds of Morlocks forming up around her two friends. Her hand was shaking a little her mind’s eye filling with worry. What would she do if what she feared came to be.

    Blue shifted his shoulders not breaking eye contact with ‘Face’. He was putting on a tough confident front. He gathered that he could take ‘Face’ and maybe Garret. The hero hoped that he didn’t have to fight these two they were the first Morlocks they met since that day, the day of the riot. They were still trying to make a good impression, thought given the silence that now engulfed them spoke otherwise. He tightened his muscles a little, preparing somewhat for whatever battle was getting ready to kick off. With his arms crossed he clenched his fist ready to throw the first punch.

    Psion stepped in to try and defuse the situation but, Blue was unmoved his brown eyes never sifting from the shaggy Morlock in front of him. Another beat passed before 'Face' spoke again.

    "Your friend has a point." He started seeming to recover from his initial shock. "I’m actually at work, so here is where I need to be." There was a shifting behind Blue as he gathered Garret was doing something. The hero didn't look behind him not wanting to break his gaze on the 'Brains' of the operation. "But to answer your question Blue; Yes. It is dangerous and it is killing people. That’s why we stay away from it- and so should you. Understand?"

    Blue gave a slow nod, he didn't plan on using it just shutting it down so no one else used it.

    On the other end of the line Casey was not impressed by 'Face's answer. She didn't believe that they weren't involved. How could they not know anything if it was coming out of their neighborhood? And what was this Morlock talking about with the two suits. It couldn't have been legal, couldn't have been something Blue would just turn a blind eye to. It was something she couldn't turn away from. Even if the Morlocks weren't involved in spreading this Metamin stuff, they were still involved in shady stuff and should be avoided. However her friends had already made their decision she couldn't make them turn away from it.

    "Don’t let it be said that Face has no time for future recruits."

    Blue let out a long breath, at this he had no plans of joining this group, he just needed their information. They had to know something but, it seemed he asked the wrong person. Maybe he couldn't talk they were out in the open where prying eyes and ears could eavesdrop on them. Why did this little jaunt have to be so infuriating? All he needed was one address, one location and he would sort this. At least that's what he thought. That the whole operation could be shut down by dismantling one site. Such was his straightforward thinking it could be endearing or dangerous but, it was all he had.

    "So, is there anything else?"

    "So, is there anything else?"

    Blue looked over to Psion seeing if he had anymore questions. Blue was quite done here. He was ready to move on head to Caliban’s Hideout. There might be someone with more information. Maybe he overplayed his hand asking this man. Shifting his gaze he cast an eye around to see if anyone was looking at them taking any notice of them. He was keenly aware of the cops around him. Vigilantes always had an interesting relationship with the authorities. The ‘Heroes’ could go after criminals the cops couldn’t and the Heroes needed the cops to turn a blind eye to their actions.

    That was back in the old days before the SRA, before everyone got scared of metahumans. Now the cops would probably try to round them up on sight, take them somewhere small and dark, specifically designed to hold those with special powers. It was not a fate he wanted, it was also not a fate he wanted for Zephyr or Casey.

    Another thought crossed his mind. Casey, what would she do with both him and Zephyr gone. He hoped she just held tight, stayed in the Sanctum until they could break out. He didn’t want to think about Casey trying to find them, using her power to bust them out. It would be a path of destruction, something to avoid at all costs.

    Casey for her part finally started to breathe again. It seemed the tension had passed and there wouldn't be a fight. Now the question was would there be one further down the path her friends were on. Deep inside she knew they would eventually run into a fight. Blue always said he was tough and she'd seen him take a hit from her and be alright. That didn't stop her from worrying. What about Zephyr, he'd never really been a hero before right, how would he fair if it came to it. These thoughts only compounded her worry.

    On what felt like the other side of the world from her, Blue crossed his arms and turned to Zephyr.

    "So" he started, "What do you think Psion, we done here?" Blue was asking if they should move on to Caliban's Hideout. It seemed they had exhausted this source of information there was nothing more to be gained by standing here, in the open were they could be seen and picked up by the police that roam the area. Blue would follow his partner wherever he decided to go.

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