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    ooc: Well, I move my hand beneath my robe. If your guy is not a psychic I could grab a billion things, like my communicator or my lucky charme or a tool to analyse the artifact or proof of what I have claimed a second ago. I think it´s a bit meta-gaming to assume automatically I grab a weapon.

    Arenatsa’s, Dantius Towers, Nos Astra
    Illium, Tasale System, Crescent Nebula

    Cira turned her head and smiled at the man. "The man is grabbing a gun at an auction? Are you two allied?" She turned her head back to the auctioner. "Is this how you deal with those who doubt your precious merchandise, yes?" Cira smiled and then looked around. "If so I suggest the man tries to shoot me now and if . . . when he realizes how little I have to fear of his gun I´ll show him what I can do. Without a gun." She lay her head aside. "Or you remove Mr. Gunslinger or his gun from this auction. If you wish to be respected as a fair auctioner where people like us can do business without being threatened." She addressed the Volus. She knew what a shoot out did to an auctioner. She had ruined one or two in her lifetime by beginning one.

    "Oh and I bid five hundred thousand and I assure all of you that if this is authentic, I will outbid any of you, except you have as unlimited ressources as my Masters do have." Cira turned to the trigger happy reptilian man to her right. "The question remains, is this the same artifact available a week ago? If so I guess we all will have to recalculate the price. All except your goon." She smiled at the man wondered what would happen next? So far everybody seemed to help her making this auction look like one big fraud.

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    OOC: While the intuition that Cira has a weapon is probably a bridge too far, it's not outside reason that Desyk would reach for his own, because he doesn't trust the human here. On the other hand, TSG, I don't think Desyk says Cira has a gun. So...yeah.
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    ooc: No problem. Hah! I did not log in over the holdiays and find I seem to have provoked serious drama. Just wanted to point out what was inside my characters head and what was visible! As you see, I already accepted the post by playing along. So no problem! Now just waiting for the update.
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    IC: TucaldendyrThe Auction
    Arenatsa’s (Auction House), Dantius Towers, Nos Astra
    Illium, Tasale System, Crescent Nebula, Terminus Systems Border

    The most likely bound Drell bet high, and one was somewhat intrieged by the development of the rapid increase of the bid by this. So it was that those that were merely curious bidders were left behind for the ones that were more prepared for such an auction to worry. Then something surprised its preperations of giving a possible bid of one's own. The woman once more was speaking and trying to disrupt the proceedings, but then rendered it's own questions of authenticity moot by bidding itself.

    Ignoring it beyond the bid one tapped out a bid and raised a tentacle as its voice was projected into sounds, "Five Hundred Thousand and Three." It was a teaser bid, one knew this and likely it's competitors knew it as well, but perhaps reactions would be telling by how the others bid. Either way, the true auction had begun.

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    She hoped she knew what she was doing? Oh when had she ever known? The limits of control. She had never seen them before Ashen but nowadays . . . when an ancient evil could jump from the ground any second to devour worlds . . . who knew what they were doing anymore? They were all guessing and most of them had guessed wrong, recently.

    "I have been hunting her for ten years. If she is on that ship you can be assured . . . with a thousand men or none at my side . . . I WILL KILL HER." Aleena looked at the other Asari and lay her head aside. "Let´s say there is a debt she oews me that can only be paid in blood, as a good friend of mine once said."

    Urdnot, she wondered what he was up to. If he was alive. Unlikely, considering what had happened. She just hoped he had not ended up as one of those husks.

    "All I need you for is keep her guards busy so I can take my shot. Everything else leave to me. I faced . . . her kind before."

    Oh yes, only much bigger.

    "And they usually don´t liked it."

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