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  1. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    OOC: Since this is the end, I just wanted to say thanks to Fins for taking over and carrying on in Draco's absence. It turned out to be pretty fun.

    IC: Andrew Kesler

    That stench. What the hell was that stench? Wait. It must be the atmosphere...the poisonous atmosphere.

    Kesler gasped. He was now breathing in poisonous air. That, added to every other problem he was having, was starting to freak him out.

    Calm yourself. You're almost there. He took a deep breath (more poison) and tried to calm himself. He then noticed Kai and Lyle scrambling for the roof.

    Kesler, now in some serious pain, hobbled after them. Every step up the ladder was hurting him. Come on. Move!

    When he finally reached the rooftop, he collapsed. He had visions of a peaceful colony, with breathable air. He remembered...home.

    Kesler opened his eyes and saw the ship ahead and the other two survivors running for it. He forced himself up and hobbled after them.

    TAG: All...
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Roof of Ashen . . .

    They climbed and ran for their lives. Out of every pipe, every shaft that connected the levels of Ashen they spiders crawled. Leaping at them. Rushing after them. One of the giant black tantacles dropped into the lounge from on of the pipes above. Manfred shot it twice and was the last to enter the ladder.

    One the roof it did not look too much better. The air was biting their lungs like acid when inhaled. And from the skin, the artificial isolation around the colony the spiders poured onto the roof.

    Kai was the first to reach the X-1 and she jumped aboard. Lyle made it only seconds after her. Still having most breath of the humans. But the spiders kept on coming. When Lyle reached the ship, they were already between the feet of the last two survivors.

    Kesler had collapsed when he had come up. But as he began to force himself to the ship, he suddenly felt an arm around him, helping him. ?C´mon, we´re almost out of here.? Manfred screamed over the noise of the engines and kicked another spider away. They somehow made it all the way to the gunship.

    In a desperate last act of strength Manfred pushed himself and Kesler into the gunship and scream a single ?Goooooo!? into the comm. Beyana, terrified but the assemblling of thousands of hostile creatures outside pushed the piloting stick back and the gunship ripped away from it´s magnetic look and pushed up. Beneath them the roof filled with the metal monsters in all their incarnations. Hybrids. Spiders and the black metal tentacles . . . they grew smaller and smaller as the doors of the gunship where closed and the survivors could finally breathe again . . .

    They had escaped. Two inhabitants of the colony, a bounty hunter and a Cerberus technician had made it out. Everybody else had become a prey of the alien force that had claimed the colony as theirs . . .

    Tag: Dubya, Sarge, Livi

    ooc: Send my last post to a player and if you like your characters can reflect on their ?adventure? one last time while in orbit. If not tomorrow the Epilogue will be posted by a trusted friend.

    Thanks all for hanging out with me as I tried to find a way into the game. I am happy I took over. It was good fun indeed, and we made it the end despite our troubled history. Which I know we owe to you guys! Thank you all!

  3. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007

    The Alliance Cruiser Abraham Lincoln

    it was nine hours after their escape that the Alliance Cruiser arrived in system. It quickly found both ships with survivors in the orbit of the planet and they were swiftly taken abaord. After all the ship operated within the Terminus systems. The shoulder and poisoning of Manfred and Lyle Parker were taken care of. The Cerberus operator was taken prisoner, of course. The other survivors never saw him again. Kai was given the possibility to return to her fleet or the headquarters of thhe mining corportation. All of it obviously only after a detailed report on everything that had happened down there.

    Aleena soon got special attention when the interrogations begann. And when the others met again she was already on her way to the Citadel to report to the Council itself.

    Kesler, well Kesler had ended where he had started this little adventure. Inside a Medbay. He was treated good and questioned cautiously. but he would be fine. Not the same again, but fine. Beyana took a bit care of him, to honor her dead lovers ideals.

    What happened to Ashen or moloch was a question nobody could answer aboard the ship. Something had to happen. They talked about informing a certain Shepard of it. But ultimately they diid not deny or confirm a thing about their plans. Moloch was declared a quarantine zone. And when they all were finally released they were told some barely hidden threats to keep their promise to keep it top secret.

    Nevertheless the word was soon on the streets and the survivors of Ashen were heroes in the eyes of many. the few who, against impossible odds, had survived.

    Eventually all of them would break that vow of silence. After all, it was not the last time the galaxy ever heard of Ashen . . .

    [i]3 hours after the escape . . . [/i]

    [color=crimson][b]Cira[/b]; [i]Surface of Moloch [/i][/color]


    She stumbled through the barren rocks, the heavy suit not really fitting her petite frame.

    [i]Eternity. [/i]

    Yes, they were eternity. Cira knew that now. She had seen it with her eyes. Althoug not her own eyes.

    [i]We are eternity. [/i]

    The hills was to steep and she felt her heavy breathing Oxygen was down to 35 percennt. Not enough for the way back. She had never intended to go back though. The future lay ahead and with it the end of time as they knew it. For eternity did not tolerate the simple concept of their existence.

    [i]And once the cycle is complete, eternity will begin anew and so it will be for all times. [/i]

    ?Yes. Yes I know. Where is it? Where is it?? She admitted under heavy breathing and then she reached the top and before her it was. A giant crater and in the center of this crater there was a hole. It looked as if it had always been there. But it hadn´t. Pressure had forced it inot the outer crust of Moloch. Cira stumbled forth and then lost her footing. Helpless she rolled down the hill she had come, but now into the crater. She managed to stop her fall just before she fell into the hole. Heavy breathing she looked down into pit. Darkness. Utter darkness.

    Slowly she forced herself to the feed and her hands found the lock of the helmet. A push and the gas and oxygen hissed into Ashen´s poisonous atmosphere. And with a push she removed the helmet from her suit. A deep breath of the deadly air of Moloch filled her lungs and she smiled, her dead matellic eyes stared into the darkness below.

    But it was no darkness for her.

    Not through her eyes.

    Through her eyes she could see a light!


    [color=crimson][i]THE END[/i][/color]
  4. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    A Word from the GM DarkLordoftheFins

    So it is over and despite our poor Mrs. Taylor all of you made it out. Congrats to us all for having a game concluded. something not happening too often and certainly not uner such circumstances. Which brings me to my repeated, but sincere and probably by now annoying gratefulness you guys sticked around with us, when we went through all kinds of crisis with this game. Not many players would have given a new GM after a change a chance and I hoope I could justify that trust. Thank you again.

    And thanks to our good sir_Draco for creating the game, setting it´s storyline and handing it all too me over. I really had little to do than fill it with life. Oh and I added the giant bug. Sorry about that SirakRomar. Obviously I cut quite a lot in the last part. I think we played 4 parts out of nine actually. But that leaves Draco with loads of material for any sequel he might one day do. where probably a character or two of this game might reappear. Also look out for WingedJedi´s All sparks, another Mass Effect game ocming shortly. He assured me he would allow play-import from this game if it fits into the other.

    So a last time a job well done by all of our players. But let me highlight Sirak, Sarge, Dubya, Leigh and Livi for staying with us to the end. without you the game would have been gone month ago.

    See you all in other games around here. I am looking forward to it. [face_peace]


    A Word from the Creator Sir_Draco

    So, as he asked me to post it I take the liberty to add a few words. First I join the gratitude that you stayed along the ride when I had to leave. although I want to add, why shouldn´t you? I picked a replacment which was several classes above myself as a GM and even when doing a "hired GM"-job that showed Fin. Great job in ending my game. Thanks you did not let it die!

    That being said I read along all the time and greatly enjoyed it. A great game you made out of the mess i gave you. :p

  5. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    Good to see you back and posting again, Draco. :)
  6. Livi-Wan

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    Sep 29, 2002

    Thank you, Draco but most of all fins, for this great experience roleplaying within the Mass Effect universe. I can't say that it was exactly what I expected, but it was incredibly enjoyable and I loved taking Kai through such a rollercoaster ride! Thanks too to Sirak, Sarge, Dubya and Leigh. We made it! (kinda :p )

    See you all around! Keelah se'lai.
  7. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Rollercoasterride is the word here, you could make an awesome theme park attraction out of this game! [face_laugh]

    =D= On a fun ride under both of you. Mixing Aliens with Mass Effect was somewhere between madness and genius, surely. But I enjoyed it greatly. And I appreciated it was more than an adaption of a game, but a story itself. That said, great work both of you and congrats for all getting out alive. Except you Leigh. :_|One always has to play the hero, right?

    See you all next time [face_peace]
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