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Story [Mass Effect] Down Where I Am [ young Earthborn Shepard, drama]

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by DarthCorsa, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. DarthCorsa

    DarthCorsa Jedi Padawan star 1

    May 7, 2010
    [hl=teal]Title: Down Where I Am[/hl]

    Author: Darth Corsa

    Genre: Drama

    Summary: Earthborm female Shepard. How and why has she enlisted in the Alliance military after years of living on the streets? One-shot.

    Feedback: It certainly would be nice to see your opinion of the story.

    Disclaimer: I'm in the middle of some calibrations? I mean I own nothing. Bioware does.

    Author's Note 1: Sorry for my English. Still looking for a beta.

    Author's Note 2: That's just some wild guesses about Commander's youth.


    The investigator?a man wearing dark-blue Alliance military uniform?went into the room and closed the door behind him. Then he made himself comfortable on the stiff chair, activated his omni-tool, and started to look through the data.

    His victim winced because of the bright light.

    The girl contemptuously glanced at his side. If she had an opportunity she would stun the man with two or three painful hits and bolt out of that damn building, not forgetting to take her equipment and, maybe, something else. But the hands were tied behind her back with those holographic cuffs, so she couldn't move them at all.

    "How long will I sit here?" she burst. Everything was clear; what was the point of this 'investigation' if there was nothing special at all? Yes, she had been caught, not for the first time, and she already knew the procedure.

    "As much as we need," the investigator waved his hand. "Interesting?" he said. "Shepard. Raised on the streets of the metropolises, among?how do you call yourselves??the Tenth Street Reds, right? No parents, no formal education."

    "So?" the girl twitched one more time in a fruitless attempt to stir her hands, though it was obviously pointless.

    "Just in the third time!" the girl proudly pointed her chin. "I know that I have to spend one or two weeks here, doing nothing but staring at the walls of the cell? and then, as usual, you will have to let me go, because my "crime" is not that important."

    The investigator smiled broadly and studied something on his omni-tool.

    "Just an attempt to penetrate the weapon store. You even didn't manage to take something valuable. Bloody professionals you are! Why were you there in the first place? Smuggling? Black market?"

    She was silent. If he hadn't known for himself!

    "And we have an unsolved case?a murder?which I'm eager to end. And you, Shepard, are so close?"

    "Hey!" she frowned. "I have never killed anybody! This?this is completely different!"

    "The court wouldn't pay any attention to your high moral principles if there was evidence," the investigator shrugged.

    "What do you want from me?" Shepard stopped twitching. She seemed to understand, how badly she got into a mess.

    "Let's go straight. I have an offer for you."

    Shepard looked at him with despise and turned her head to the wall.

    "Have you heard about N7?" the investigator asked, ignoring the girl's sour look.

    She hemmed. Of course! All news channels reported about that damned military subdivision.

    "You can't just go and enlist there, but with a proper recommendation?" the man straightened himself on the chair. "Don't think that you were that lucky. We have been watching you, guys, for a long time. Just because you haven't done anything important saved you some problems. It's just irrational to waste our forces with scums likes your band. But you are different. Noteworthy. Handy with the most locks? and quite a good sniper. With targets, of course," he added.

    "So, if I'm that special, just let me go!" the girl growled.

    The man sincerely laughed.

    "I didn't say that you're much better then the rest of your 'friends'. You just have a potential. Leadership. Maybe, after some years of training?

    Shepard held her breath for a moment.

    "You? you want me to?"

    "Exactly. Don't think it would be easy. But, at least, there would be a roof over your head and you wouldn't be hungry," the investigator smirked. "You would even have your own gun."

    Shepard hesitated. On the one hand, there was the pathetic existence on the streets of the me