Hawaii Master Replicas "Force FX Combat Trials" at C4

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    Think you have what it takes to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight?

    Show us your stuff with a lightsaber, in three separate Jedi Trials at Celebration IV.

    In the Jedi Order, the Jedi Trials are challenges which are undertaken by Padawans to earn the title of Jedi Knight. These tests are very often retaken by those Jedi Knights who aspire to earn the rank of Jedi Master, and a seat on the Jedi Council.

    The Trials were formal tests that were administered by the Jedi Council on any Padawan that they deemed to be worthy. The Padawan was tested by the Jedi Masters themselves in a controlled setting.

    Now, for the very first time, the Council at Master Replicas has opened up the trials for all aspiring Jedi Knights (or, should they choose the path to the Dark Side - Sith Lords) to come and show their skills with a lightsaber at Celebration IV in May!

    There will be three separate competitions, and Padawans may enter any one, two or all three. Padawans/Apprentices please see the rules and regulations for each, to determine your eligibility.

    Designed to demonstrate both teamwork and lightsaber dueling skills, the Battle Extreme will include one-on-one combats, one-on-two or more, and team-against-team mock battles.

    Designed for the Master Swordsman, the idea is to demonstrate discipline, grace, and a flare for the dynamic and dramatic!

    This is the "Rap Battle" of lightsabers - the entrant will show their expertise in a solo demonstration, pitted against another soloist.

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