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Beyond - Legends MasterJoy - The story of a Jedi Grand Master

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Rainbow Knight Star

    Rainbow Knight Star Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 18, 2005

    This story takes place thousands of years after Return of the Jedi.
    The characters are mine, but all Star Wars people, creatures, places, things, ETC that may be mentioned are the property of Mister George Lucas. Thank you, GL for creating Star Wars, the most awesome playground to visit and explore.
    My characters are inspired by some of my fellow members of the Jedi Council Forums.
    Check this post for updates. If you want to be added to my fanfic update list, please send me a PM.

    On the planet of Coruscant stands a large structure with a black roof and the remainder of the structure is white.
    This place is the Force Academy, where Jedi and Sith study the ways of the Force. This great school of education was organized by Euja LaRay, Grand Master of the Whitestar Jedi Order and Darth Vaarkros, Dark Lord and Head Master of the Nightpath Sith Order.
    The building has ten levels, one through five, belonging to the Sith and six through ten for the Jedi.
    All is at peace as long as everyone stays in their place, but if a Jedi or Sith trespasses on each other's territory, there is trouble. Jedi who are caught on Sith property are tortured and killed immediately. Sith caught on Jedi property are imprisoned for one month. If no one from the Sith Order comes to request their release and return, then that Sith is released, but trained in the ways of the Jedi.
    Just when the Force academy's members thought they had seen everything, an individual arrived that showed them otherwise.

    Chapter 1

    Bacova Jex was tired. He had been walking for two days, and he had not eaten for four days. His X-Wing had been stolen while he was on the planet of Tatooine, and he had to spend every credit he had to pay for a stranger to bring him back home. He felt just like lying down in the street and sleeping because he was so tired, but he knew much better than that. Then he remembered that Lechan and Meva Joy's place wasn't far away.
    It had been a year since Bacova had seen his two best friends and their four year-old, well, now five year-old daughter Siflora. Since he had become a padawan learner in the Whitestar Jedi Order, he had been busy, and hadn't had a chance to visit, even for a few minutes.
    Bacova was looking forward to his time with them.It seemed that he would never get there, but finally he arrived.

    At the door of their home, he knocked. A human brown-eyed woman, dressed in a blue jumpsuit with long, straight brown hair down to her waist came
    to the door with a little girl following close behind her.
    When she saw a young man with golden blond hair and blue eyes wearing a Jedi Padawan robe, she immediately opened the door.
    "Hello, sir," she said in a pleasant and calm tone of voice, looking Bacova in the eye. May we be of assistance?"
    "Yes," Becova replied. I am looking for the Joy family. I am Bacova Jex.]
    The woman smiled even brighter.
    "Bacova!" she exclaimed, grabbing him and hugging him tightly. Come on in.

    "Meva, it is so good to see you again," Bacova said after Meva closed the door and motioned to a chair, and he was seated. I wasn't sure I would remember how to find this place."
    He felt a little tap on his arm. Looking down, he smiled.
    "Siflora, is that you,?" he asked, taking her in his arms.
    "Yes, Bey, it's me," she answered happily.
    "Siflora has been displaying some rather strange behavior lately," Meva said, looking concerned.
    Her father and I do not know what to think of it."

    "What do you mean?" asked Bacova.
    Meva looked even more concerned. "Well, she can move things without touching them, and she can sense things before they happen. This frightens me very much."
    Bacova smiled, looking at siflora. "It is nothing to be concerned about, Meva," he said as he looked up at Meva with a grin.
    She is fine."
    They talked for a while longer, and after dinner, as they were watching a holovision show, a knock was heard on the door.
    "Mrs. Joy," a male voice called. Please open up immediately. This is an emergency!."
    Bacova suddenly had a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.
    "I do not like this," he whispered with a worried expression on his face. I do not like it at all."
    He gently handed the sleeping Siflora to Meva.
    "Let me handle this, Meva," he said. You go put Siflora to bed."

    Chapter 2

    Meva quickly and quietly left the room, and Bacova went to the door, opening it with one hand on the hilt of his blue-bladed lightsaber.
    A tall man with short, red, curly hair and green eyes stood in the doorway. He was wearing a Jedi Master robe, and a green-bladed lightsaber was clipped to his belt.
    Bacova was shocked. "Master Kawon," He said with a surprised look on his face. What are you doing here?"
    The Jedi Master frowned. "Did you forget something, young padawan?"
    Bacova's face turned red from embarrassment. "Oh, excuse me, Master." he said, and then he bowed very deeply before the great teacher.
    I appologize for forgetting."
    Master Kawn returned the bow.
    "We will discuss it later. Right now, I must speak with Mrs. Joy. Her husband has been killed, and I believe it was by a Sith."
    Becova's jaw dropped. "No," he whispered. Meva will be devistated."
    "I know, but she must be told," said the Jedi master."
    "Master Kawn," Bacova said, looking into the Jedi's eyes. Please, let me do this."
    Master Kawn sighed. "Very well. Then, after you have told her, say goodbye, because we must return to the Force Academy right away. "
    "Bacova frowned. "Yes, Master," he replied sadly. I will not be long."
    The young padawan closed the door and sat down. How would he, how could he tell Meva about her beloved husband? He felt so heavy-hearted and sad. Little Siflora loved her daddy so much. What would this do to her? Then, Meva entered the room, and she quickly and quietly walked over to him.
    "What is wrong, Bacova," she asked, looking concerned.
    Becova sighed very deeply.
    Taking Meva's left hand into his right one, he looked up at her, fighting back the tears.
    "Meva, Lechan is dead. My master, who is just outside the door thinks it was done by a Sith."
    The screams and wails that followed were like nothing Bacova had ever heard before in his entire life. The woman could say nothing. All she could do was cry, calling her true love's name.
    Finally, after an hour, Meva dragged herself to bed. She said nothing to Bacova, but just sadly and slowly walked out of the room.
    Becova quietly walked outside, joining his master.

    Chapter 3

    At the Force Academy, on the fifth floor, a young man clothed in a black Sith robe and hood that he made entirely from dragon scales sits in a dimly lighted room.
    His name is Darth_Draikahnor, and he is a Sith Master. He enjoys being mysterious, secretive and often moves through the academy as a shadow. The Dark Lord often commands Draikahnor to spy on the Jedi and report back to him on the activities of their enemies.
    Draikahnor has a poisonous red and black snake named Maldeed for a pet, and sometimes minions who displease the Dark Lord are given to Maldeed as a very tasty treat. However, this time his reason for choosing his grim, secluded quarters to be in was to meet with his Personal apprentice.

    Just then, the door opened, and in walked a young woman, twenty years-old with long, straight, fiery read hair down to her waist. She had jade-green eyes and tan-colored skin, and wore a dark green, sleeveless top with black pants and brown boots. Around her waist was a crimson belt with a crimson-bladed lightsaber clipped on to it.
    Her name was Ryla Shadefire, at least that's who she wanted to be called. Her real name was Tina Kray. Details of her life are unknown, except that she was born on Tatooine, but was raised on Corusant.
    Ryla had just returned from completing a mission that her master had given her, and now, she was there to present a report on it to him.

    Ryla bowed deeply before her master, but did not speak, because if she spoke first, then, Ryla would be breaking one of the rules of respect in the Sith order.
    No Sith with a lower rank than Sith Master was to speak first immediately after bowing in respect to a higher rank. If they did, it would be considered disrespectful, and that individual would be severely punished by the Dark Lord of the order.
    She watched Maldeed as he slithered over to his master, wrapping his long, rope-like body around Darth_Draikahonor's feet and legs. The Sith Master smiled sinisterly as he felt the creature, and breathed a breath of relaxation at the feeling.
    Then he spoke to his apprentice calmly.

    "Greetings, Ryla. I assume that your mission was successful."
    "Yes, my master," Ryla said with a sleight smile on her face. The man has been taken care of very well. There were no problems with Jedi or other Sith enemies during this mission."
    "Excellent," Draikahnor said with a laugh. The Jedi will know it was one of us, but that means nothing. We can deal with them."
    "Yes, my Lord," replied Ryla. We are the true Force Wielders."
    "Indeed, my young apprentice," the Sith Master said sharply.
    You are dismissed. He said, waving a hand toward the door.
    Ryla bowed again very deeply, and she left her master's chambers.

    Chapter 4

    Bacova slipped away from the Jedi Temple to check on Meva and Siflora, but he planned to make his visit with them very short. When he arived at their home, Siflora was standing outside crying. He jumped out of his vehicle, ran to the child, and picked her up in his arms, hugging her tightly.
    "What's wrong, little princess?" he asked as he gently wiped the tears from the girl's eyes. "Mom is asleep, and I can't wake her up."
    "It's okay, little princess. Let's go back inside, and I'll see what I can do."

    When they were inside the house, Bacova told Siflora to wait in the living room. He proceeded to the bedroom. There he found a still Meva, holding an empty pill bottle in her hand. He checked her heart, and other vital signs, but it was too late.
    "This just is not fair," the padawan whispered, crying. That sweet little girl is all alone, and she has no relatives. How can I tell her this?

    When Bacova entered the living room, Siflora ran to him, and she was still crying. He took her into his arms, and he said, "Princess, your mother is gone," She was lonely for your father, so she decided to go and be with him. I need to take you with me, so that we can find out what to do with you, since you have no family to care for you.
    "No, Bey!" the child screamed. It's just not true. Mom is asleep. That's all.
    "No, little one," said Bacova. It is true. Your mother is gone. Now, let's pack your clothes, and I'll take you with me.

    Chapter 5

    When Bacova arived at the Jedi Temple with Siflora, Jedi Master Antkalo Kawon was wating for the padawan, and he had a look of displeasure on his face. When he saw the child, Antkalo took a few deep breaths to calm himself, and then, he approached Siflora and Bacova, forcing a smile, so as not to frighten the little girl.
    "Hello there," the Jedi master said cheerfully as he could. Who is this, Bacova?
    Bacova smiled. "This is Siflora Joy, Master Kawon," he replied cheerfully. Her mother died, so I brought her here. I just didn't know what else to do.
    "That's alright, Bacova," Master Kawon assured Bacova. The Jedi Council will handle it from here. You go to your quarters, and do not leave. I wish to speak with you.
    "Yes, Master." Becova said with a very deep bow of respect. Just let me say goodbye to Siflora first.
    "Very well," the Jedi Master responded in a firm, but calm tone of voice. Then he walked to the steps of the Force Academy, and waited for them.

    Bacova knelt down in front of Siflora. Taking both of her small hands, he began to speak in gentle tones, looking directly into the child's eyes.
    "Princess, I have to leave you now, but do not be afraid. You are safe here. No one will harm you.
    "Alright, Bey," Siflora said, drying her eyes. I will do whatever I am told. I am sorry I lost control at my house when you told me about Mom's death. I knew it was true, but I just didn't want to believe it.
    "That's okay, Princess," Bacova replied with a smile. I understand. Now, let's get your things.

    They walked over to his vehicle, and Bacova got the child's suitcases from the back seat.
    She only had clothes, but not one toy.
    They joined Master Kawon at the academy steps.
    The Jedi master took the little girl by the hand, and motioned for Bacova to go on ahead of them.

    As they entered the first floor, a Sith Master in black robes stood in a corner of the room watching them. Siflora saw him, and looked at Master Kawon in shock.
    "That man looks and feels evil," she said.
    "Correct, young one," replied the Jedi master. He is a Sith Master. The Dark Side of the Force is his friend.
    "I hope I don't have to learn that aweful stuff," the little girl said, frowning, and looking down at the floor.
    "No, my dear," Master Kawon said with a chuckle. I am taking you to a place of light and peace. There, you will have no reason to fear.

    As they entered the elivator, and after the door closed, Bacova punched in the numbers of the floors.
    The dormitory was on floor six, and the Council Chambers was on floor ten.
    A hush fell over the treo as they rode to their destinations.

    The first stop came too soon for Bacova. He bowed to the Jedi Master, hugged Siflora, and exited the elevator. Siflora's heart sank as the elevator door closed, and continued on to Floor 10. She tried very hard not to show her disappointment of the padawan's absence. She wanted to be strong. Master Antkalo Kawon could sense the child's fight with her emotions, so he said assuringly, "Cheer up, young one. You will see your friend again." Siflora tried to smile, but it was painful. All the little girl could think about was "Why did Mother and Father have to go away so soon?"
    Then Bacova was ordered to go to his room and leave her with this Jedi that she did not know. Siflora wondered what the future held for her.

    Chapter 6

    As they entered the Council Chambers, which was a room with its walls painted sky blue, but its ceiling and floor were snow white, the Jedi Master and child found a tall man about six feet two inches with short, straight black hair, aqua blue eyes, and tan skin in Jedi robes sitting at the head of a long, beige-colored table with several chairs on either side. His name was Euja LaRay. He was the Grand Master of the Whitestar Jedi Order. Jedi Master Kawon bowed deeply before entering the room, showing respect for the place, as well as his master. Without being instructed to do so, Siflora watched Master Kawon, and did the same, but not understanding the reason for the action. The child felt a presence, but did not understand what that presence was. She had felt it often, and it made her do strange things, like move things without even laying a finger on them. The little girl hoped that she would finally learn the name of whatever this thing was.

    Master LaRay smiled at Siflora. “Well, young lady,” he said, rising from his seat, and coming over to her. “Who are you, and why have you come here?”
    Siflora looked up at the tall Jedi Grand Master, trembling, and replied, “My name is Siflora Joy, and my parents died, and I have no place to live, Sir.” Euja thought his heart would break. “I am very sorry,” he answered as he fought back tears.
    “Thank you,” Siflora said softly. “I am Jedi Grand Master Euja LaRay,” the Jedi leader said, taking both of her small hands into his own. “I sense the Force within you, young one.”
    “Is that what makes me move things around without touching them?” the child asked excitedly. “Indeed it is,” the Grand Master answered. “This means that you may be trained to become a Jedi. Would you like that?” he asked. “Oh, yes, Master,” Siflora said. I want to learn how to use the Force in the right way, so that I won’t hurt anyone or myself. I want to learn how to use a lightsaber too, please.”
    Releasing the girl’s hands, Euja said, “Then, let it be done. Siflora Joy, I hereby bestow upon you the rank of Youngling, student of the basic knowledge and skills of the ways of the Jedi and the Light Side of the Force, which you will learn under my tutelage.” Both Jedi bowed before Siflora and said in unison, “Welcome, and may the Light Side be ever with you.”
    Grand Master LaRay said in a tone of authority, “It is done.”
    “Master Kawon,” the Jedi leader said, looking directly at him. “You will take Siflora to the Dormitory, and the Youngling Area. Master Sharina will help her get settled.” “Yes, Master,” replied Antkalo.”
    Then Euja looked down at Siflora with a smile. “I will see you in class tomorrow, young lady.” “I will be there, Master,” the child said cheerfully. Then she bowed in respect. Euja returned the bow, and asked, “how did you know to do that?” “I watched Master Kawon do it, but I don’t know why I should do it.” “It is to show respect to those of higher rank, your fellow students, and sometimes, even certain places in this academy,” the Grand Master answered.You will learn this in your basic Jedi training from me.
    Siflura smiled. “I look forward to it, Master,” she replyed.
    “I am glad, young one. Now you may go to the dormitory, and the Youngling Area. Farewell, and may the Light Side of the Force be with you. Master Kawon bowed, Siflora didhe the same, and Master LaRay bowed in return. Antkalo led the child out of the Council Chambers.

    Chapter 7

    A shadow quietly moved through the Jedi academy; un detected, and he was spying to gather information for the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Draikahnor took great pleasure in this task he was assigned. He had learned much. Darth Varkros must be told immediately.
    The dark side master entered the elevator, and the door closed behind him as he pressed the correct numbered button to the Sith academy, and the Dark Lord’s private quarters.

    As Ryla Shadefire read about Mara Jade Skywalker, she shook her head and frowned. What a shame that she allowed herself to be turned to the side of the Jedi. At that moment, Ryla made a promise to herself to remain true to the pledge she made when she joined the Nightpath Sith Academy six months ago. Her life and very soul was dedicated to the dark side of the Force, and nothing, or no one was going to cause her to turn to the weak and soft ways of the Jedi. Ryla made a commitment, and she would keep it, even if she had to pay with her life.
    A knock on the door shook Ryla from her thoughts. Rising from her seat, she quickly, but gracefully walked to the door. When the dark side apprentice opened it, she found her master standing there. Immediately Ryla bowed, then motioned for him to enter. Darth Draikahnor, Shadow of the Sith just stood before his student with a sinister grin on his face. “No, my young apprentice,” he said. It is you who must come out. We have a mission.” Rila only nodded her head, reached back and picked up her bag, which she kept packed and ready at all times, then, she stepped outside, locking the door behind her.

    As they walked toward the nearest exit, Darth_Draikahnor laugh softly to himself, looking forward to the task ahead.
    However, in his haste, the Sith spy carelessly left the door open to his quarters, letting Maldeed out. The snake slithered down the hallway, searching for Drakahnor, but instead, he found Edward Dreadson, a young apprentice who was on his way to the library to devour more Sith knowledge. He had no idea he was being followed. Then, just before Edward reached the library’s entrance, Maldeed attacked him, Not being hungry, the snake just gave the young man something to remember him by; a bite, and a very large one too. When the dark student saw the snake, heImmediately fainted, and Maldeed crawled up beside his victim, guarding his future meal from thieves.

    Chapter 8.

    Siflora was enjoying her initiate training under the guidance of Grand Master Euja LaRay. She missed Becova Jex very much, but guessed that padawan duties kept him quite busy.
    Her mind often wandered back to special times with her parents. The child had no toys, because Lechan and Meva couldn’t afford them. Every credit Lechan made went to keep a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, and food in the house. Siflora understood that these things were much more important than toys, but still, that didn’t keep her from wishing for one thing; a doll.
    She had never had a birthday party with cake, presents, decorations, and lots of friends. The little girl wondered what that was like.

    Just then, a knock on the door of her quarters interrupted Siflora’s thoughts. When she went to the door to opened it, a little girl with long blond hair, green eyes, and wearing a red and and white striped dress stood there smiling. Her name was trinia Kanders, and she was a year older than Siflora. Siflora laughed with delight at seeing the girl. “Trinia,!” she exclaimed. Please come in.

    “No thank you,” Trinia politely replied. I wanted to invite you to come out. We’re all going outside to play, and I would like to ask you to join us. Please, Siflora?” Siflora was both surprised and speechless at Trinia’s invitation. At last, after a moment, she answered, “Well, sure. Thank you for thinking of me.
    Off the two children went, laughing out loud once outside the dormitory, and heading for the playground, and the swings.

    Sinrebirth Jade_eyes Darth_Furio
  2. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    I have some errors to correct, and more to add to Chapter 3, but tell me what you think so far. I hope you like it.

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    This is interesting. I am looking forward to reading more. Would you put me on a PM list please? :)

    Good job so far. =D= =D= =D=
  4. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    Thank you, Gungan. You are on my Fic Update Notification list.

  5. GuNgAnFaN3090

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Awww...that was sad. But I liked it. Very entertaining. Can't wait for more. :)
  6. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    Thanks, Gungan. Glad you liked it. More coming soon.

  7. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005

    Chapter 6 coming soon.
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004

    I like your characters already and your detailing of the scenes is very crisp and vivid. =D=

    I feel so sorry for Siflora -- she seems a sweetie but to lose her parents like that :(

    I love how you set up the Sithly conflict right off the bat.

    Even though it's way in the future, it has a "present" SW feel LOL with Kawon and Bacova acting like any master/padawan pair. :)

    I would very much like PMs when you update.


  9. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005

    Thank you, Jade. I will be sure to notify you when I update.

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    This is great Joy. Sign me up whenever you post again! :D

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    That's a ditto for me, too, please!

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    Apr 18, 2005
    Update coming very soon. I completely forgot about this story. So sorry!


    In my rereading of this tale, I discovered that I need to clarify something; how Becova Jex got a vehicle when he walked to the Joy family's home. That will also be taken care of soon. In fact, I'll handle that correction at the time of my update.

  13. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    I went through 20 pages, and didn't find my fic, but then, I remembered that I had the old url, so I converted it, and I had no problems getting here. I repoasted everything that was missing. Feel free to refresh your memory with what I have so far while I work on an update.

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    Silly me tagged everybody in the first post. Lol! I was gonna do that in a new one.
    Anyway, I hope you like the update.

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    I'm still in Joy! PM away, but next time say "hi" :p
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    Okay, Furio., and thanks for reading.

    Sinrebirth I see you snuck in here and read the update, Sinre. Lol! Thanks.

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    Hello RainbowKnight! :D I think I read this some time ago, but forgot to comment. Could you add me to your PM list in the next update?
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