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Discussion in 'Scifi 3D Forum' started by Greaver, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Greaver Jedi Youngling

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    Hello modelers!

    I have a big problem and I think you can help me. Is there some way to convert a .max file into a Maya 3d file? I'm used to work with Maya but I found some really nice models of planets and crafts that I want to use. They are all made in 3d Studio :(

    I hope you can help me!
  2. darthviper107 Jedi Master

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    Sort of, without having a copy of 3ds Max there is no possible way.


    You can download the trial (just released a new version) at the autodesk site and from there you can export to a format that you can import into Maya, .3ds, .obj, or .fbx (FBX is best).

    Or, for possibly a better conversion there is a program called Deep Exploration that can convert directly from a .max file to a Maya .mb -----but, you have to have both programs because it uses 3ds Max to open the .max file.

    And even with all of those solutions the materials are probably going to be wrong and if there is a biped animation rig then that will be lost. Most export formats don't even export the bones. So you'd still have to do some work with the models after convert them.
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