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Thriller Max Payne 3: A Bad Day in L.A.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Max Payne
    Half Moon Motel
    Chapter One

    I gave myself a few seconds to get into her skin. Something about her was suspicious, but she was send alone to L.A. to solve other people´s mysteries. Just like I was. Lesser mens crimes. She was as lost and expandable as I was. A sister in her lack of connection to this world. And the only ally I might get. I wonder who she works for. Her accent is not from L.A., so much for sure. A brit, probably.

    Russians are my nationality to hate, this year. They worked hard to get that spot. So, I figure I do not suspect her of being a liar, because she is from a smaller island. We all are living on our own, after all. Only able to go to the shores, but never to pass the oceans. Lonely, in our self chosen isolation.

    What she has to offer is considerable, though. Out of the city and to safety is a lot, right now. First I have questions for that girl, though.

    How had I returned to this point? And when? Questionable alliances with strange females, a simple goal and no simple way to reach it. An army between me and salvation. And warehouses full of body bags to fill.

    "No. I do not know where she is. But I know where the next piece of the puzzle is." I say and smile at her. Not an warm or encouraging smile. Just what I can manage.

    "Wanna give me a ride?" I ask and pass her, on my way down. Time is running out for Nadja. Or whatever her true name is.

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    ooc: A bond girl, and Max Payne. What an unlikely team-up, actually. :p
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: I was asked a lot, so now officially. The new guys get an opening tonight. EST. All others will be updated by Draco tomorrow.
  3. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Expandable? You saying, she?s fat? :p

    IC: Miranda Frost, Room 2004. Chapter 1
    Location: Half Moon Hotel

    Perched to enter the apartment, if a temporary abode like this could be called that, she looked back at Payne, awaiting his response. He stretched it out, deliberately, she felt.

    ?No. I do not know where she is. But I know where the next piece of the puzzle is.? He smiled again.

    Miranda was secretly pleased. She had cultivated a clue! Move over....woman out of Prime Suspect! She thought with some satisfaction, referencing the annual tv specials focusing on the female police commander of a British murder squad.

    ?Wanna give me a ride??

    The MI6 agent stared for a moment, caught off guard by the query. Goodness, he was bold. But that was one thing the Yanks had over their British counterparts, who were too reserved to just come out and ask.

    ?Later, maybe.? Miranda began, not saying ?No?. We can certainly exchange numb?... OH, you mean a ride in the car!?

    Her white cheeks tinged tinged with colour, as she blushed slightly. ?Right, um, sure.? Her eyes darted about as she coughed and tried to avoid his gaze. ?Just wait in the lobby, and keep an eye out for the Dibbles. I need to check the room first.?

    She quickly stepped through the fractured doorway, and took in the carnage, bringing both hands over her nose and mouth so fast that the shooter?s white sock pendulum?ed into her collarbone.

    She had shot someone in the eye, largely without feeling that much, but this, this was an abattoir. Nadja had lost her security deposit, big-style.

    Miranda backed up through the door, re-joining Payne. ?Or not.? Her blush had faded, gone with the blood that had drained from her face at the carnage inside.

    Without saying another word and without looking at him, she trotted past the cop, and one palm on the brown wooden banister for balance, clattered down the carpet-less staircase, raced across lobby between bullet-gouged reception desk and dead hitman, now desperate for a lungful of what passed for clean air in the nocturnal City of Angels, shoved through the frosted glass entrance, and tripped over the drunk still lying there, her hands ready to be ripped open on the rough pavement...

    But Miranda was judo trained, and some things kicked in under the right circumstances; she tucked her chin into her chest, bent her arms, and turned the uncontrolled sprawl into a forward break-fall - forearm, shoulder, back, hip, and up! - in the short distance before the kerb, rising smoothly to her feet, glaring daggers down at the offending drunk.

    ?Oi, watch where you?re going, Luv!? the filthy vagrant admonished, holding an opaque bottle of the local rot-gut up towards her.

    Miranda lashed out with her boot, shattering the bottle across the nearest brickwork, dark pungent liquid running down the wall, to the down-and-out?s dismay.

    ?Whut? You didn?t have to do that!? He reproached, dabbing dirty fingertips in the pooling liquid, licking them.

    Apology or imprecation, she just did not have the breath to make either, chest heaving as she sought to take in air.

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  4. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    L.A. Harbour
    0107 PST
    Chapter One

    The "Sir Francis" had been prepared for a mission to the Rapa Nui islands for over a month, while they still needed funding for search equipment and especially current maps. Rumors of a lost island had circled for some time, even though nobody could ever proof it was really there. When they had heard from a friend he had spotted a cloud that had not moved for several years and assumed there might be a hidden landmass beneath it, Sully had recruited Drake once more. Unsaid possibilities for profit and research would come from such a place. And better they used it, before others did.

    Now they had come to L.A. to talk with some guys at the university and later bargain their information for access to the newest private owned satellite network. Elena had left them for a few month, looking into a story in Beijing. But the two men had enjoyed being on the move again. Until now.

    "Dammit, Nathan?" Sully yelled and coughed. He had got a bad cold. "Someone us here!" He yelled. And Nathan could hear he was concerned. As Nathan made his way up, he saw three guys in army trousers and pullovers stand next to their boat. All looked like military men, trying to appear civil. Their sport-bags would doubtlessly hold not clothes to play tennis, though. Even if the Nike Label promised so.

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    The Vogue Theater
    0111 PST
    Hollywood Boulevard

    The Vogue Theater had been abandoned since the former year. it looked as if nobody had been their for a decade at least. Smell of urine. Rotting wood. The scent of old and decay. And it was dark. The last fact was probably why they choose to meet there. Two men. One of which Angelo wanted dead. And it was one he had chosen especially for Mathilda. A corrupt cop. Sort of a welcome gift.

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    Joe Hallencamp, he was called. Had been investigated pretty often, but never got caught. And had recently crossed the wrong people, obviously. He was meant to meet with an Asian here. A man Mathilda should leave alive under any circumstances. And as she lurked in the dark, she saw the Asian had already arrived. Wearing a leisure but expensive suit, the man checked his gun. Then he put it away and ignited a flashlight, pointing it at the ceiling to provide some light. He withdrew to the rims of the light cone and waited there. Without a doubt for Mr. Hallencamp to arrive. Unknowing that Mathilda was waiting there, too.

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  5. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: Infernal Affairs is still breathing it´s style into this game, does it?

    Anvil that Video was AWESOME!!!!

    Loved that post, Sith-I !!

    Max Payne
    Half Moon Motel and Streets
    Chapter 1

    I had to smile, as she stumbled over her own misunderstanding. The thought had not yet crossed my mind. But it was so natural, I enjoyed it. It felt normal. Like something people do. I wondered if she was my type. She was nothing like Mona. So much was for sure. I had not had that though about any woman in month. Perhaps I had been to busy killing. Or Mona still had a hold on me.
    "Go ahead, check the room. I´ll wait downstairs." I tell her and somehow I am comfortable with a moment outside the chase. Waiting. It does not happen. She passes me and before I can follow her, I hear the noise of a fight. My hand was at my gun with a frightening implicitness. It´s only a drunken old man. And a pale Miranda Frost, trying to breath. I remember what it is to be like that.

    The hobo yelled something. I grabbed his shoulder and hurled him around so hard, he almost fell to the ground. Scum was the same. Everywhere.
    "Attacking a woman after midnight. Be happy to be alive and now get lost." I told him, revealing the badge and the gun. Most respected the badge. They all respected the gun. The man withdrew immediately. Frost was now under a streetlight, gasping for air. So, she was trained. But has spend little time in what people like her called the field. Out here. With us. Slowly I went over. Somewhat jealous for someone still being able to feel something in such situations.

    "It get´s worse when you´re used to it." I tell her and got a cigarette from my pocket. Playing the wiseman here. Well, dead people are really my expertise. I offer her a cigarette. "First time digging in the dirt? It will get a lot worse, before it gets better." I wasn´t in the mood to lie. "You wanna smoke? I can do the driving." I comment on the cigarette. "Smoking helps."

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  6. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    ooc: And without further ado the joint post between me and Sey.

    Dante - Chapter 1: Showtime!
    Sky Hotel
    Anita Blake - Chapter 1: Under the Skin
    Crime Scene

    Anita picked up her phone and glanced at the screen. Unknown. She contemplated not picking the phone up because the case was freaking her out, but sometimes Edward called her from a blocked number and she owed Edward. Owed him her life. "Hello?"

    Well, Dante thought, at least its a working number. "Is, this Anita Blake?"

    "Well now you're one up on me because you know who I am and I don't know who you are."

    "My name is Dante." He replied after pondering using his real name, "Dante Sparda. I was one of the Investigators in Beijing three years ago."

    "So you knew my mentor Manny Rodriguez?"

    "In a way yes. We worked on that case together, but it was a rather well sized group of us, and there wasn't much time for a social aspect to work up anyway. And after one of the investigators turned up a victim we didn't really want to make new friends just to see them die. But I'm not calling about Manny anyway, I'm calling about the Skinners. I know they're in L.A. and I know they're active."

    Anita paused and gathered herself. She hadn't expected to be contacted by someone from the old case. Nor had she expected anyone who had been in Beijing to be around. Why did they need her if there was already other investigators who knew more? "I see. Well the cops just ran into a building near the construction site after hearing shots fired. They think it is the Skinners coming back to watch the chaos."

    "Its not, at least not them directly." He pondered how he should word what he was going to say, "I'm not, officially here. The authorities aren't supposed to know I'm on the case but quite frankly I never had a love for orders and this Job is a bit bigger then myself. But I knew enough of Manny to hear about you. I know you can be trusted where as I can't exactly go to the cops." Dante thought about her last words though, 'to watch the chaos'. Could that be what the camera was for?

    Anita laughed. "I wish I could operate like that some times. The cops really cramp my style when I am forced to work with them." She sobered up a bit. "So what can I do for you?"

    "I need your help." He said it plain and simple, "Something is going down, something big, something Involving the Skinners. Something I'm not really wanting to discuss over the phone." Dante looked over at the little traveler's aid on the desk listing near by restaurants. "There's a place thats unsuspecting enough. The Apple Pan, 10801 West Pico Boulevard. Think you could meet me there?"

    Anita fumbled around in her pockets to find a piece of scrap paper and a pen to write down the address. "Sure. I'll be there in a few. It might take me some time to get back to my car but I'll be there." Anita was not looking forward to fighting her way through the crowd of reporters anxious to ask about the case but thankfully her rental car came equipped with a GPS so she'd be able to find the restaurant in the unfamiliar city of LA.

    "Ok, You'll know who I am. I'm sorta hard to miss."

    Some time Later

    The Apple Pan Restaurant

    Several minutes passed as Anita forged her way through the crowds, keeping her head down and attempting not to attract the attention of the reporters. Finally she found her rental car and settled into the drivers seat with a sigh. Most of the cases she worked were fairly high profile, but she never got used to the attention for it. She would rather the news outlets ignored her. However, a female Federal Marshall with her track record was just too good to pass up. Her boss loved it.

    She fumbled through her pockets to find the address that she'd written down a few minutes ago and punched it into the GPS which immediately started giving her directions. ETA 2 minutes. Perfect. Anita successfully navigated the streets and found a parking spot near the restaurant. In the darkness of her car she rechecked her weapons, making sure she would be prepared in case this Dante wasn't who
  7. LordPullus

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    Jul 6, 2006
    GM Approved
    CS ? Original Character

    Name: Antrell Siaosi Blake aka Caesar
    Age: 40
    Job/Rank:Construction Owner/Drug Lord
    Appearance:Antrell is well built with mild muscle definition. He has a strong core, and his facial featuers give him a younger appreance despite their slight rugged appearance. He is consistently well dressed for whatever occasion he finds himself in, and is known for always wearing a pair of sunglasses no matter what time of day.
    Height:6ft 3 in
    Weight:265 lbs
    Skin:Light Brown
    Hair:Low fade cut (Black color)

    Weapons: Glock 18, Jericho 941, and a 14 in. Bowie Knife(black handle with silver linings)
    Resources: SCC (Southern California Constructions), and NR(New Rome).
    Skills: what is your character especially good in/known for? Except shooting. Acquistions of all sorts, Jeet Kune Do(not known), and stratigic planning.

    Biography:Antrell was born out of the eastside of Long Beach to a Tongan father(Siaosi), and a Mexican, African American mother(Yolana). Antrell was the fourth child out of six, and would grow up within the street society of Long Beach despite his parents best efforts to stear him away from such an environment. Antrell was a very bright kid earning him a American Society Scholar's Award as a sopohmore, junior, and senior in high-school as well as all county consideration for football his junior year, but a rap sheet filled with countless minor offenses with law would keep him from attending the elite universities of the country. Antrell grew up during the LA riots, and so found himself immersed in gang life which lead him to street life and the sorts of economical advantages it could provide. At the age of 15 Antrell was "inducted" into the Insane 21 gang, and by the age of 18 he was one of the neighborhood's main pusher's of all sorts of narcotics. A police raid at the age of 19 put a damper on Antrell's operations earning him a five year stint in Chino State Prison where he turned his time to making connections, and also learning Jeet Kune Do from a Korean connect serving life.

    Five years didn't reformed Antrell as thought, but it did sharpen his skills for business, and the connections he made inside would provide him the means to make a comeback of King pin porpotions. After finishing his prison term, and then the year of parole work releasment Antell would take over his father's construction business building it to immense heights, and quietly would form the crime syndicate known as New Rome under his new alias of Caesar. At the age of 27 Antrell became the head of not only a state respected construction business, but also the head of the region's most well resourced drug cartel dealing with customer's of all sorts. Antrell's influence is astounding in the LA area, and has recently became a player in the world black market. Nothing goes on in LA without Antrell knowing about it, and most times benefitting from it. His resources are vast, and his influence great ranging from street peddlers to politicans. LA is his, and nothing goes down without his say so.

    List of NPC's:

    Sebastian Blake-2nd in command (Brother)
    Moleni Blake aka Big Mo-Head of Security (Brother)
    Samson Blake aka Babyface- Collections (Brother)
    Viliami Blake- Vice President of SCC (Brother)
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    Oct 24, 2009
    The Vogue Theater
    0111 PST
    Hollywood Boulevard

    I watched the Asian man as he looked around the theater. He was in an expensive, if casual, suit and walked like one that had money, which meant he walked like he owned everything he saw. He pulled a gun from under his suit and checked it.

    'He seems a bit nervous...'

    Leon's voice was a pleasant rumble in my head as I watched. This must be the man that Officer Hallencamp was to be meeting with. Mild curiosity crossed my mind as to what they would discuss.

    The Suit lit a flashlight and placed it facing the ceiling then retreated to just outside the light. I quickly down graded him from Dangerous Professional to Dangerous Amateur. Angelo wanted Hallencamp dead, but had said not to kill the Suit.

    I caress the hilt of my Ka-bar sheathed in my boot. Even through my gloved hands I can feel the ridges of its hilt, its blade yearning to taste blood.

    'You should use the rifle.'

    A sense of reproach accompanied Leon's voice. I looked at the rifle laying at my side, a Remington 700P with bipod and optics. It was the sensible approach, take the target from a distance and when the witness realizes what had happened you'll be gone. Sensible, practical, and decidedly unfulfilling.

    This Hallencamp was like them, the ones that had taken her family... the ones that had taken Leon. I yearned to part his throat with a blade. To watch the life seep out of him. To watch his eyes go dark as his heart finally quieted.

    'How much revenge can you have if you are dead or in jail? Use the rifle.'

    I take a deep breath, and raise the rifle, extending the feet and resting it on a support, careful not to make a sound. The old theater was in major disrepair and it had taken sometime to find a good spot, but once found, the view was good and the acoustics were excellent and more importantly there was a quick way both down to the stage and a way out of the building. I could hear Suit shuffling as he waited for Hallencamp.

    I leave the cap on the optics closed...

    'Leave the cap on until the moment of the kill.'

    My breath caught in my throat. He was there, next to me. Sitting in the dark, watching me like he use to. I don't look at him, he wouldn't be there if I did. I would wait for the right moment to take the shot, and maybe I'll learn something worth the price of curbing my blade's thirst.

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  9. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Chapter I - Under the Skin

    Gas Station, Time 0147

    The young man behind the bullet-proof glass had a short look at the photography Creasy was showing. "Yeah, maybe." He grinned and nodded. ?Lil´hotie, ya know? Got an eye for those.? And another nod and another suspicious look made it frightening unclear what he meant. "But you know if she needs to go to a hospital, she should take a cab. Not a ride with some gangbangers." He said and nodded. He gave Creasy another look. ?You´re not a cop or something are you? I mean, social services . . . you do not arrest peole, right?? He asked. ?Because if you are, I might be dead, pal. Dead.? The look of the guy told Creasy he menat it serious. ?The air is full of gas, right now. One spark man and . . . BUUUSH!? He showed his version an explosion with his hands.

    Tag: Rally

    Miles Changs Appartment, Time 0129

    ?Okay, Ma´am. Thanks for saving me. Thanks for everything, but I am not Miles. I am his agent!? The man shouted desperate. ?Yeah, I know Elena, but I have no idea where she is or what this is about. These men said things, I did not understand. What is going on HERE??He gasped for air. ?I told them where she lived, but they did not stop asking . . . Ma´am!? He said, and the last word he said with fear. He was looking past Ruby.

    The door behind ruby made a crasking sound and before she could even asnwer the man who was near his tears, she heard guns loaded behind her. Three men stood in the door. All wearing the same outfit of Cleaners like the dead body of the man she had sliced through. And all were wearing automatic weapons. ?What do you know? An agent of artists and an aughty little girl from the seventies!? their leader laughed. Then the man raised his gun. So did his colleagues. And the hot lead of their bullets filled the air.

    These guys were seriously pissed.

    Tag: Renegade

    The Golden Swan
    Lounge, Time 0114

    Mr. Hong looked uninterested. Sung took the initiative and answered the questions of Tequila, while watching the Cop take a sip of his drink. When Tequila had mentioned the I9s, there had been a strange lack of reaction form both men.

    ?Skinning is not exactly my business, Mr. Tequila. Under the skin lies little I am interested in.? He smiled politely. ?And I assure you if someone in my community would deal with something like that I would now.? He nodded. ?Then again there are many uses for skin, aren´t there? I found some good use for mine.? He said as if talking about apples and pie. ?Mr. Tequila, I am sure I can . . . ?

    ?Mrs. Yingying.? The words cut the air. Mr. Hong had spoken them. Sung´s head snapped to his guest. But the man in the white suit, younger than Sung but radiating authority did not heitate to go on. ?Comes to the mind.? He added. ?Ci Shen-artist in the area and pretty famous for all the things she can do to a man´s skin.? He added then with a cold smile. Mr_Sung looked at Tequila. ?She is more known to make your skin more beautiful than for removing it though.? The elder Chinese said and something was in his eyes. A question. Mr. Hong did not comment on that last words. He looked at his hands that lay on his legs, as if he had said all tequila needed to know.

    Tag: Fin

    and some have moved to . . .

    Chapter Two - Whatever war is . . .


    Caesar´s Estate
    Bedroom, 0202

    Caesar felt Sebastian´s grip on his arm, as he was awakened by his brother. Sebastian wore an expensive suit and his glasses, looking as if he went straight from the shower here. One wonedered if he ever slept. Looking up Sebastian saw the woman next to his brother awakening. "Get lost." he hissed to her and she was not foolish enough to hesitate. "They found another body. On a consturction site, we hold 50% of. The Nakatomi Tower Project. I asked around. Perez has been missing since yesterday." He said with a cool look. Sebastian never seemed to get nervous or tense. He talked about cold facts. A
  10. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: LordT, pleased you enjoyed the post.

    IC: Miranda Frost, outside the hotel lobby. Chapter 1

    Miranda was relieved by Payne?s arrival, and though she appreciated the sentiments behind his manhandling of the vagrant, she heard herself re-exuding the frostiness as she got her breath back, and asking, ?Now was that really necessary??

    ?You wanna smoke? I can do the driving.? he enquired.

    ?Actually, that is not a bad idea.? She conceded, starting to fish the electronic key out of the purse, but then she hesitated.
    MI6 had rules about letting unauthorised persons drive their cars, and agents had started to take the guidelines more seriously after one?s Lotus had exploded during a mission on one of the Greek islands. ?On the other hand, perhaps you had better wait here for me, while I nip inside.?

    Off in the distance, Miranda could hear the mournful whine of a police siren.

    She grimaced at Officer Payne. ?I really hope that is an ice cream van.? The night sky suggested that this was one forlorn hope. ?Back in a tick.?

    Frost headed back inside, glass crunching under her boots, and headed first for her kill. Managing not to look at the mess she had made of his face, she got his jacket off, and then the empty brown shoulder holster, which was all she wanted from him.

    Next, she crossed to the terracotta amphora where she had stowed the uzi, in case she needed it, and in the act of pulling it out of the knee-high glazed flower pot, heard or felt the sound of contact between her gun and something similar.

    She peered into the top of the pot, a bit gingerly due to some misplaced paranoia left over from watching an Alien movie on a trans-Atlantic flight once.

    ?Well, frag me gently.? Miranda muttered, pulling out, between thumb and forefinger, the unexpected prize of a Glock 17 from the dark recesses surrounding the bole of the dessicated Yucca Plant. ?Guess this explains the shoulder holster. Anything else in there??

    There was! An extra clip for the Uzi.

    That police siren definitely sounded closer. Far away still, but in terms of it?s eventual destination, probably an idea for both her and Payne to be elsewhere.

    Miranda started backing towards the exit, determinedly scanning the trashed lobby for anything that might be useful. She spotted the empty grey canvas sports bag at the side of the room, poking out from under the ceiling length drapes.
    Quickly grabbing that and dropping the Uzi, Glock, recovered spare clips and magazines, plus the shoulder holster, into it?s interior, she joined the New Yorker outside.

    There were no cars parked at the front of the hotel, which was why the bad guys inside had been such a surprise to her, eg. no bonnets to feel to see if their engines were still warm, indicating recent arrivals.

    She led the way towards her cherry-red four-door Nissan Sunny hatchback, the Japanese model parked a hundred metres up the road, on the opposite side.

    The one siren was getting nearer, definitely, and as soon the bodies were discovered, this place would be crawling with cars, uniforms, and at least one helicopter. The Department would want to fly the flag for the good portions of the district.

    Miranda remembered her Green Cross Code, and looked left, right, and left again as she trotted across the darkened street towards her Baby, headlights flashing bright once as she aimed the electronic key towards it and pressed the unlocker.

    She opened the driver?s door, allowing the sensors under the door handle to read her fingerprints, then repeated the action for the door behind it, throwing the sports bag onto the back seat, putting one leg inside the car to follow it.

    The MI6 agent, her FBI swatch forgotten across her chest, held out the key for Payne. ?You wanted to drive??

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    Jul 6, 2006
    Chapter 2 "Whatever war is"...........

    IC:Antrell Blake aka Caesar
    Caesar´s Estate
    Bedroom, 0202

    Awareness was something vital to most humans in basic survival needs, and as the head of the major crime syndicate within Los Angeles it was as crucial as breathing. Antrell had always been a light sleeper, but his time served in Chino had conformed his mind so any stirring surrounding him would draw his attention. Only two people in the entire world could enter his bedroom without consent one being himself, and by the grasp of the hand on his shoulder Antrell knew the touch for it had been the same hand that had shook him awake for the past thirty years.

    "Like clockwork", Caesar mused with a mild look of interest as he watched the strawberry blonde who had caught his eye the night before at the club stumble away with nothing more then a lone pillow to cover her from utter nakedness allowing him to catch a pleasant view of the abrupt depature. "Morning though I doubt its hardly a good one", Antrell he added as he slid off the king side bed drawing his blue trimmed silk robe from a nearby chair to cover his own nakedness.

    "They found another body. On a consturction site, we hold 50% of. The Nakatomi Tower Project. I asked around. Perez has been missing since yesterday."

    Self control was somthing Antrell spent years to obtain who like his sibling never seemed to stress under any circumstance Antrell gave a sense of indifference, and prided himself on maintaining his thoughts and expressions well in hand. The Nakatomi Tower Project was not only an investment, but also his construction company's had been the one selected for the contract through certain means of persuation. Things of late had become slightly difficult though Blake had been through worse. Still disappearances combined with the fact that a minority percent of the politicans usually in his pocket where carrying their own agenda's add to the fact that word that some new players where currently in his city gave Caesar pause for concern, and soon enough swift repercussions would be called for.

    "This is going to slow job production we're already two weeks behind schedule", Antrell repled in a tone of mild contempt as he moved towards the bathroom brushing his teeth quickly enough before returning noting his brother's attire with a small nod of approval. "With Perez now missing that brings our total to six disappearances in the last month, and a half", the crime boss summed up his eyebrows pinching inward momentarily before his slipped his robe off beginning to dress himself in a beige colored two piece suit with a black button up shirt with a rolex on his left hand. "I can't think of anyone outside of the triads with either the resources or insanity to bring war to New Rome, but desperation drives even the wisest of men insane", Blake voiced his philosophy a hint of edginess laced his tone though his expression never changed. "Soon very soon will need to re-establish our strength", he informed his brother who had been with him since the first days when they began their takeover of Los Angeles fifteen years ago.

    Sebatian also informed him of an incident at another of his nightclub which a few of LA's rowdier street gangs where present Antrell having experience dealings with both. His holdings both private, and public where known as off limit territories for such gang activities all the hoods from the Valley down to Orange County knew the decree so to knowingly have a shootout in a Caesar club caused Antrell more curiousness then anger, and before the I9's and Locos paid for the transgression against him he would enjoy acquiring the answers for why it happened.

    "Perez's situation is troubling, and the fact that neither our sources nor the pigs have a lead is alarming", Antrell answered his tone serious he already was scanning his memory bank for who he knew at the DA's office that could be helpful. "As for the I-9's, and the Loco's press them for who
  12. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: John McClain - Chapter 1
    The Cobra Lounge, Booth

    As lead picked up it's fury as it flew through the air he crouched behind the booth as he twisted his head back and forth to take in possible escape routes. The fact that he still somehow had two pissed off gunman despite having just killed one was not lost on him though. "Well at least your charm hasn't worn off yet John." he spoke to himself with a grin.

    Just as the fleeing gunman was finally coming into his sights, one for the road, he quickly found himself dropping and rolling under his table as bullets burst next to and across where his head had been moments ago. "Who invited the rabbit?" he quiped as the pistol wielding gunman shot while jumping back from table to table.

    Running around the bend as he heard the fateful click and momentary silence of the MK wielding thug reloading, jammed, or plain stuck on stupid he rushed out around the booth to get it between him and pistols the rabbit. His Berette held tight in both hands as he came around firing repeatidly as he ran in a crouch toward him.

    Dropping into a dive onto his back as he saw the MK man begin to go down, pistols bullets striking floor he raised his piece, firing a single shot into the retreating figure that was dragging 'Gordon' before his course took him past the first down gunman and under another table for sanctuary. In his free hand he held the strap to the MP5K that he was quickly reeling in with the attached dead weight before he could unclip it under his cover.

    TAG: GM
  13. renegade142

    renegade142 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 7, 2007
    IC: Rubi Malone
    Chapter 1, 01:29
    Harbor City, Normandie Avenue. Apartment of Miles Chang...

    Rubi put her boot to the chest of Miles' agent and pushed him on his back to keep him safe from the spray of bullets about to be unleashed. As the three gangsters fired wildly Rubi slid towards them, using her revolvers to take down two at a time, with finishing blow to the head of one and the stomach of the other she drew her Katana and sliced upwards on the last man.

    "Where were these ***wipes... ?" she asked no one as she went over to Miles' agent, "What's your name there sport? And where can I find Miles and Elena?"

    TAGS: GMs

    OOC: Been kinda busy lately, same reasons as before.
  14. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007

    The Vogue Theater
    Sunset Boulevard

    In the dark, Leon breathing next ot her, she waited. So did the asian. Sitting in a chair as if the show was aboutu to begin any second now and he accidentially was the only guest, he did not move or do anything. A lightcone changed that. Hallencamp arrived with a powerful maglight waving around. The cone of light finally rested on the man in front of him. The Asian covered his face from the blinding power of the light and the Cop lowered it, revealing a broad grin now. He was a small, bulky man. Older than would have thought. Maybe a corrupt cop for a very long time. His grey hairs were still struggling not to leave him bald and his face had the look of having seen too much.

    He had a suitcase with him. Turning his back on his executor, he did not know cwas there, he opened it. revealing a 9mm, a mobile and a single file inside. He took the file and handed it to the Asian. The man took it and did not return the slimy smile of Hallencamp. Instead he opened it and looked through it. Hallencamp was obviously nervous. And in that second Mathilda heard noises somewhere behind her. Nothing loud. Just a scratching. Maybe a cat, maybe nothing. Or was she not aslone up there in the dark?

    Tag: Anvil

    The Cobra Lounge

    With the last man down John fired his shot at their leader, dragging Gordon out of the bar. The man had brought his shotgun from his shoulder in one hand now and returned fire. Both men missed each other, but made the glass walls within´the bar shatter. As John dived for cover, he awaited the next attack, but none came. They were all dead or out of the Lounge now. "John." He heard Al´s voice coughing out. And as he turned, his old friend collapsed to his knees. Looking at his side and touchng it. Blood came from a wound. A lot of blood. A bullet had pierced the vest Al had been wearing. "I am shot." He said shocked and broke down.

    Sirens were heard nearby. And people began leaving their cover now and pouring out of the building.

    John saw the guy from the desks lying dead on the floor now. His army-jacket had opened and dropped to the side, revelaing an L.A.P.D. batch. He was a cop. these men had probably all been cops.

    Tag: Mitth



    Tequila Yuen
    The Golden Swan
    Chapter 1

    He got it. Who these two men were and what they were doing here. Mr. hong was wearing the white suit of a triad member of higher authority. Something even most Gensters did not care about, these days. A traditionalist. A Boss or, considering his yougn age, more likely an envoi of one of the major powers. Mr. sung was an american. he might call his organisation a triad, and deal with his old friends from China. he was not really one of them anymore. like most people in their home country, he had adopted to the modern way. Take as much as you can get. Rich, at any cost, at any time.

    Yet, Mr. Hong was pointing Tequila into a direction. And Mr. sung was obviously less than happy about it. Tatoos. Chinese considered bodies sacred presents and the paining of the skin as something impure. Therefore it was used for two reasons. To say you did not care. Or for punishment.
    "Always thought if I should get a Tattoo." tequila smiled and nodded to Mr. Hong. Skinning people without any good reason was cruel, even by these mens standards. Looking at the clock Tequila was sure she would still be open. The kind of customers who went to such an artist were just about to begin their working day.
    Looking bakc at sung tequila smiled. 2I am delighted to know our community in such good hands, Mr.Sung and I would not wish to keep you any longer from such important business, that you have to meet at such early hours. Thank you." When he said the last words, he looked at Hong. "Mr. Hong. Sung." And he turned to leave.

    He needed another cap and he needed a lot of luck. Mrs. Ying Ying might be a wild goose chase he was send on . . . or the triad Boss might have handed him their first suspect. He considered call
  15. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Max Payne
    Leaving Half Moon Motel
    Chapter One

    She was doing her thing and i was doing mine. When she gave me the keys I got into the car, started the motor and drove. No word about how nice the obviously brand new car was. No word about the situation. Words seemed to make little sense to me these days. I needed to know thigns, but not from her. From elena. She was who I wanted to talk to. Or whatever her name was. I drove to the address on the ID. A shared flat, obviouly. Three women. One of them, the one I searched for. The guys with the guns got the adress at least an hour ealier then I did. So I do not expect to much. Another dead girl, maybe. A few guys searching the flat, if I am lucky. answers? Unlikely. Answers were always paid in blood. And I hadn´t spilled enough yet to deserve answers.

    Silence. It brought forth all the voices in your head. Whispering. Accusing you of all the bloody deeds of the past. Knowing you were guilty of each and ecveryone of them.

    Tag: Sith-I-5 (if you wanna talk), Draco (for the house, see PM)

  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Miranda Frost, back of the Sunny. Chapter 1

    Payne drove smoothly, not attracting any attention, and pulling out of the street that the hotel sat on, just as the first black-and-white radio car rolled in.

    She didn?t hear any others, though the whup-whup of a helicopter?s rotor blades shook the windows momentarily as it passed by overhead.
    Of course, she could not tell if it was Police, News or Traffic from inside the car.

    Miranda used the journey to untie her shooter?s sock from her watch, and spill out the contents that she had collected from his pockets, but not yet had a chance to look at.

    There had been no ID, no cards, not even DMV. Only a decent wad of cash, that she tossed the roll onto the seat beside her, it being too dark in the back of the hatchback to do a count.
    There was also an envelope with a broken seal.

    The brown colour reminded her of that joke about one of the former Presidents. That he?d gone to Manila to thank them for their envelopes.

    She opened the package and extracted two photographs.
    The one of the girl was entitled, in capital letters, ELENA.


    "Must be a different Elena." She muttered inaudibly, "This skinny ***** has never borne children."

    She angled the picture to try to get some light to strike it. The subject of the photo looked like she was just a kid, complete with coat-worn-as-a-cape accessory. Was it a case of the missing Nadja being shown and recognising the photograph being shown to her by one of Moustache's friends? One supplied by their boss?

    Come to that, there was the definite possibility that she and Payne might find themselves in armed conflict with other...friendlies.

    The other photograph was of a dishevelled man in a suit and tie. He was in an office, one that really needed the touch of a woman. His picture said PAYNE.


    ?Those guys at the hotel?? Miranda piped up to the back of Payne?s head-rest, They were expecting to find you. Guy I shot had a surveillance photo of you.

    The range it was taken from, that Payne was not looking into the lens, and probably had not been invited to say 'Cheese' told her that much. ?You were attracting someone's attention long before this Nadja thing went down, Officer.?

    It eventually dawned on the agent that they had pulled into the kerb.

    Miranda shifted her position to look out the window, hissing in pain as the tender flesh on the inside of her left thigh chafed harshly against the concealed P-90.
    ?You going to invite me in for a coffee? And do you have a bag of frozen peas??

    Tag: LordTroepfen
  17. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    The Maersk Sealand
    L.A. Harbour

    It was the most busy port in the world and probably the most anonymous in the western world. Nobody cared or controlled a ship which has been marked as trustworthy by the NSA itself, anyway. So the Maersk Sealand lay in the port, silent and lonely. Beneath the deck things were anything but silent, though.

    [image=] By Night right now [image=] Philip Kaufmann

    Five laptops and two different sattelite telephones, as well as a huge flatscreen had been arranged in one of the larger containers to serve Philip Kaufman as a base of operations. Various pictures flashed over the splitscreen, while his men sat in front of their computers and coordinated their simoultaneous operations. Live-feats from his teams very brough to the belly of the ship via satelite and patiently he watched them. His arms folded, wearing no insignia or uniform, he was obviously in control. All other men avoided eye contact. reports were handed to him and nods were all he replied most of the time. But even Kaufmanns head snapped to the desk behind him, as the left of his two phones rang. His hand raised and all of his men grew silent.

    They could hear the water dropping on the metal floor. The rusty dust settled as he went over and took the call. "Kaufmann." He said. Silence on the other side for a long moment. Then came a simple word. "Report."

    Kaufman looked around and waved. His men left the room without another word. Only victor, his much younger second in command remained.
    "Sir, all our operations are running according to schedule. My men have arrived and are equipped. We are about to hit the targets in Compton and are gathering surveilance on the others.? He said.
    ?Are you feeling uneasy still, Mr. Kaufmann?? The voice on the other side asked. Kaufmann looked surprised at his own reflection in a small pond building oin the floor. He had not shown the slightest sign of that in his voice.
    ?I am, Sir. Youhave hired one of the finest private owned armies in the world to operate on US soil. Being concerned is my job, Sir.?
    ?Yes. But do not ofrget of how many problems I havevtaken care of for this service. I am sure you are paid appropriatly for your deal. Especially considering the deal. Having proof vanish from the ICTY´s storehouses is something few people can offer, right??
    The voice on the other side was calm and did not betray the hint that was obviously implied in these comment.
    ?I appreciate the payment, yes.? Kaufmann replied.
    ?Good. Payne is alive. So is Powell. And we seem to have got a lot of unwanted attention.? The voice answered.
    ?You shouldn´t have send amateurs to do the job of professionals, Sir. The Chinese should deal with it.?

    ?I see you are right about professionals. The Chinese are busy aquiring the information I am looking for. Your people will have to take care of Powell. His location will be send to you soon.? Kaufmann did not like this. His men should stay invisble as long as possible.

    ?Understood.? He said, without objecting.
    ?My man will await them on location.? The voice said. And the line died.

    Kaufmann looked at the phone for a minute, then he left the container. Outside the seawind was blowing over the ships deck. Everywhere men loaded their weapons, checked them and prepared to leave the ship and take cover somewhere, until they were called into action.

    ?VICTOR?? He shouted and the younger man stepped towards him. His cold blue eyes looking at his mentor. ?Another interlude?? He asked with a sligh russian accent,

    ?A cop needs to die. And I sense some trouble approaching Send away one hundred of our men and keep the others available in teams of five.? Kaufmann allowed his men to enter again. They went back to work.

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: John McClain - Chapter 1
    The Cobra Lounge, Booth

    Shattered glass fell down around him and once more he from reflex he looked at his shoes and thanked them for being there. Silence descended as he sat there under his new cover and as he looked out to see they were gone he heard Al, in a voice that any cop who had seen action dreads to hear.

    The fact that it called his name only the trepidation worse as he turned to look at Al, clearly wounded in his side, it was followed by the three words dreaded only slightly worse than that tone. He scampered to his friends side, "Hang in there Al! You're going to be alright, just hang on." Looking around for something to use he noticed the badge, it had fallen out of the army coat worn by one the assailants. Heck they had probably all been cops, dirty cops.

    Sirens wailed in he background, he only hoped they would make it in time as he took the table cloth from their over turned table and began to ball it up pressed against his friends bleeding side. "Just hang on." Someone was really going to pay now, of that there was little doubt.

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  19. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: I just wanted to throw a little apology at you for my many spelling mistakes, lately. I usually use (like all of us germans, i believe) an auto-correcting softare for my writing working in the background while I post. I pretty much rely on it and with the last update it was deactivated. I/we only realized today. Now it is back on and should work smoothly.

    Thanks for not making it to painful for me :)

  20. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    The Vogue Theater

    My ears perked up at the scratching sound behind me. Leon sat forward 'It is getting crowded.' I couldn't argue. Sighting in on Hallencamp I took a breath and slowly let it out as my finger squeezed the trigger.

    The rifle's report sounded like thunder in the quiet theater. The 220 grain .300 RUM cartridge sped towards Hallencamp at 2,970 feet per second. The slug slammed into Hallencamps chest in a blossom of blood and bone.

    'Always shoot them in the chest, Never in the head. It makes them too hard to identify.'

    Before his body even hit the floor I was up and moving. I silently stashed the rifle and made my way through the rafters, were I had placed myself for the shot, and to the roof access I had found. Once on the roof I used the fire escape to get to the street. Even at this hour there was a small stream of pedestrian traffic in downtown LA. It would be easy to lose myself in the crowd, but I kept an eye out just in case I was followed.

    Tag: DarkLordoftheFins

    Kill was GM approved.
  21. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Vao
    Bordering Little Tokio

    A left over warehouse from times of industrial use of this region had been reformed into an underground club. Three levels of underground storage space made actually perfect dance floors. And interesting enough the cap-driver had insisted to bring Tequila here, not anywhere else. Assuring him here he would find Mrs. Tsing Tsing.

    They said Asians of different nationality did not get along with each other too well, but that was obviously not true if it came to dancing . . . and other activities involved. The club was bursting with people. [link=]Pulsing, spasming in the rhythm of the beat from above.[/link] Their sweaty bodies appearing to be out of control. The sweet scent of drugs was everywhere and people drank water and took pills to heighten their natural capacity for ecstasy. Three levels and as many DJs were crowded with people. And indeed Tequila found Mrs. Tsing Tsing pretty easy. The posters were all over the place. The letters were Chinese. Tonight! Live and Real the forbidden Art of Ci Shen! Become a piece of Art!

    And on the second floor she was. Wearing a somewhat anachronistic red dress she was working in a cube of plexiglass hanging above the dancing ground. A construction Tequila could only doubt had been approved by construction security bureaus . . . stairs were leading up there and people were actually building a line to get to her. She was dancing, while using a long black needle to colour a tattoo on blonde girls neck.

    [image=] Mrs. Tsing Tsing

    Then something strange happened. She went to the glass window and went slowly to her knees, revealing her underwear, or lack of and slowly licked up the plexiglass, grinning down to the crowd which was cheering. Her eyes were wild and intense. With a high dose of madness in them. And for a moment they seemed to look directly at Tequila.
    But that was not all. Tong. The triads enforcers were everywhere. Obviously this was their party.

    And from a dark booth from above a young woman leaned forward and stared at Tequila. Taking out her mobile to send a message. She had been told he would be here. Also she was surprised this premonition had been precise.

    [image=] Mysterious Watcher

    Tag: Fin


    Miles Chang Apartment

    The man grinned at Ruby. "Listen cutie, the only place you will find Miss Calamity, Cassidy or whatever she calls herself is . . . on the cemetery. And actually that is where you´re going." He grinned and raised his weapon. His comrades followed his lead and began firing their full automatic weapons . . .

    Tag: Renegade


    Caesar´s Office
    Estate, New Rome

    [image=] By night obviously . . .

    "Consider it done." He acknowledged the orders for those gangbangers. "But the Triads behind this? Without our guest knowing? Or do you think the meeting is a trap?" Sebastian shook his head. "The Triad might be have it´s infighting. If something leaked out, we might face competitors of our new allies here. Yet I have the feeling it is homegrown. Something about this aggressive, daring approach feels . . . American." He added. "Shall I summon the Triads envoy? Maybe he can give us some insight?"

    As Caesar checked his mails he had various appointments that day. But none too important. The only he could not miss was still 20 hours away. The man he would meet still somewhere on his way to L.A. . . . if it went good, all these things would be minor problems. If it went bad, Smooth Caesar´s reign might be over.

    Sebastian ripped him from his thoughts again. "I think we should gather our men. The loyal gangs, the hired guns. Brother, this war is won if we only get there tonight. Why take any chances?"

    Tag: LordPullus
  22. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Cobra Lounge
    Downtown L.A.

    The shot had pierced Al´s vest and was still inside of him. No point of exit. The black man was breathing fast under the pain of the burning metal inside of him. "John, John, they wanted to kill me. kill me, John." Breathing heavy his friend looked at John. "Call my wife, John. Call my wife. She . . . needs to . . . "

    "DON`T MOVE! DO NOT MOVE!" THe yell came from behind, where two cops had their weapons pointed at John as they entered the devastated lounge. "He got a gun, he got a gun!" One of them shouted. And both circled McClane. "Gun away, Sir. Throw your gun down and away from you!" The first shouted again. The second was on his radio meanwhile "Alpha-17, please send us reinforcement and an ambulance immediately."

    Tag: Mitth-Fisto


    Leaving the Vogue Theater

    Mathilda blended in with the crowd, getting lost in the many bodies dragging everything along like a stream. The feeling of being followed was still there. Even though it had to be irrational, as there was no way someone could have followed her, now. As she passed around the corner, she suddenly saw him. Leon.

    Standing in the midst of the crowd, in his black coat and with his small sunglasses on he stared beyond all people directly at her. It was him. Not a look alike or imagination. Like ghost, nobody else seemed to realize he was there. And all Leon did was slowly shake his head. As if he did not approve of something.

    Then from behind a young man spoke suddenly. "Misses, er . . . hey, you. You lost something." It was a boy, perhaps Mathilda´s age. He was holding up what looked like a piece of paper with an address written on it. "I think that fell from your pocket. Ah, I am John." He smiled at her, a little to shy for a daring approach this might have been planned to be . . .

    Tag: Anvil


    Working on a combined with Draco for Tequila, experimenting a little . . . so that one comes in later.

  23. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Max Payne
    Apartment Building
    Chapter 1

    The girl had no familiarity in her features. To warm her smile, too skinny her body. "Can´t say that. She is from California. She certainly has an eating disorder. Or two." I commented on the assumed woman´s inability to have given life. Then my picture comes up. I look like crap. I usually do on pictures. Taken in an office. Not mine. I had only a desk. Bravura´s office. From the mirror, perhaps?

    "Yeah." I only comment on the interest in my person. Who? Who is left of my many enemies? Have I killed so many, I lost track. Overlooked someone? I stop the car and look outside. Exterminators are here to kill bugs. Three vans. Must be a lot of bugs, I think and look at the dark building to our side. It is late, people will go to work tomorrow. Lights are out. Then I look back at the Exterminators taking their equipment.
    "Ever heard of guys like that working after midnight?" I ask. Ignoring her question about coffee. Three girls. Three girls life there. Nadja, Elena or whatever she is called. The woman who had a date with a murderous box-champion and a third . . . I smirk.

    "You get a coffee after we´re done." I say and take the Ingram from the backseat. Loading it and looking at the british woman. "Can you cover my back when we go in, or am I alone?" I ask without any aggression. I am used to do things alone. I am alone. I have been ever since my wife died and my child with her. Looking back at the men I sigh. Bug hunters. Somethings like . . . Cleaners. The puzzle is forming. They even use the same cover. Os it one of Lem´s pals? Or Wooden´s?

    Looks like someone made it out alive a year earlier. Maybe someone who was in California to begin with. Far away from New York. Someone who was after the girls. Why? Who were these girls? Why did she gave them my number?

    "And you were right. They knew I was coming. Killing me was probably always part of the plan." I smirked again. Probably not looking to amused.

    Tag: Draco, Sithy

  24. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: John McClain - Chapter 1
    The Cobra Lounge, Booth

    "I know, I'll get her out." he whispered back, he knew that's what he would be asking for Holly despite everything right now, would be for her and his son to get out.

    He froze, no not from Al's words now, but from the harshness in the voices of two police officers that had entered. Only hope was left to him as they had the complete drop on him, there was nothing he do but...

    Slowly he set the gun down and pushed it away, "It's OK I'm a cop. I'm a cop." It was like a mantra that came from his lips as he kept his other hand applying pressure on Al's wound, trying to keep the blood inside. If the one hadn't already called in for an ambulance he would have been on to them for that by now, but instead his voice was weary despite the knowledge that the night had just begun.

    "The shooters already ran," he bit back the numbskull comment, "most of 'em anyway." he finished with a nod toward a masked figure splayed on the ground.

    TAG: GM
  25. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Tequila Yuen
    Chapter 1

    The Club was for youngsters and those who still wished to be youngsters. Not for his age. Or his dress. So he was obviously easy to spot. But that snake-like girl above the scene in her plastic cube was too good at it. With a light shudder Tequila wiped away any doubt he might have had, she was involved. Somehow this whole thing stroked him as the perfect environment for a predator who learned to hunt prey to skin it alive.

    And she was obviously aware of him now, so he skipped the careful observation part. It had never been his strongest technique anyway. Instead he climbed the stairs up to her. Every guy who objected was shown his badge. And when he arrived up there, he closed the door behind him and looked at the woman. Younger than he would have anticipated. "Mrs. Ying Ying, right?" He asked and smiled. Wearing sunglasses in the dark of the club. Looking around, the needles and smell of sweat and fear was in the air. Playing with her hair the young woman grinned.
    "Who wants to know?" She asked and laughed. Probably drugged. More likely that she was simply insane.
    "My name is Tequila." He said and smiled politely.
    "I thought alcohol is forbidden while you´re on duty." She said and smiled.
    "Never heard that one. Really." He said sarcastic and sat down.
    "What do you know about skinning? Mrs. Ying. Looks like you are pretty intimate with other peoples skin."
    "To use it as my canvas. Not to remove it, Mr. Tequila."
    Nodding he looked around. "I see. What about preserving your pieces of art? Wouldn´t that work?" He smiled again.
    "Are you Chinese?" She asked.
    "Hong Kong." He smiled at her.
    "What are you doing with LAPD?" She stepped over to him, slowly. Piercing his comfort-zone pretty effortlessly and playing with her tongue, as she looked up to him. "Hunting bad guys? And girls?"
    Tequila looked down and grinned. "Yes." He replied and looked around. Thousands of people could see them.
    "Do I need to be concerned?" Mrs. Tsing asked. Tequila nodded.
    "Ai. You are skinning people and I found you, I´d say got reason to be concerned, yes." He said.
    "Why do you think I do these terrible things?" She asked and stepped back now. No longer sweet and in her own cheap way seductive, but annoyed.
    "Because you haven´t asked anything. Every innocent would be alarmed by the accusation. You´re not. Because you know it is true, I guess. And because you are prepared. And because you know a few of your goons will show up any second and kill me." Tsing Tsing looked at Tequila then she suddenly burst into laughter.
    "for a second I thought you were serious." She laughed on, almost collapsing from it. "No, Mr. Tequila. I am so calm, because I know who did it and I will tell you!" She smiled.
    "Go ahead." Tequila said and looked out of the window once more.
    "No, not like that. I´ll tell you if you allow me to give you a tattoo." Tsing Tsing grinned. And a red point of light appeared on her chest.

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