Thriller Max Payne 3: A Bad Day in L.A.

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    IC: Agent Miranda Frost, back seat of the Nissan Sunny. Chapter 1
    Location: Somewhere in Los Angeles

    ?Can?t say that.? Payne asserted to Miranda?s mutterings about the girl. Must have ears like a bat! ?She is from California. She certainly has an eating disorder. Or two.?

    Miranda is gazing out at the three storey apartment complex. It is night time, but security spot-lamps, doing little to illuminate the front-facing balconies show the wide structure to be the kind of coral pink that especially works in Miami; barely passes muster in L.A., and would be considered downright tacky back in the UK.

    ?Ever heard of guys like that working after midnight??

    At first she did not know what ?guys? he was referring to, then she spotted them; three nondescript vans depicting the same Exterminator logo down the sides.

    She felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck, and she had learned to trust those things.

    The Chicago mafioso had had a saying, she recalled. ?Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. But three times? Three is enemy action.? The three vans thing was not good. A commercial enterprise would not have all three here, so late at night. Not unless the customer was willing to pay through the nose. That left non-civilians.
    Whether law enforcement, or a private force, one van meant surveillance; two, surveillance and backup; three meant, they were expecting resistance.

    ?You get a coffee after we?re done.? The policeman said as he leaned between his and the passenger seat to pull the Ingram, and start readying it.

    Miranda opened the sports bag wider so that she could see, and pulled out the shoulder holster, leaning back in the comfortable padding as she started to adjust it for her smaller frame.

    ?Can you cover my back when we go in, or am I alone?? He enquired nonchalantly. So nonchalantly, in fact, that vital seconds were lost before his words sunk in.

    ?What? Hold on there, Wyatt Earp.? Miranda urged between the car seats as she hurriedly wrestled into the shoulder holster, rolling her eyes in exasperation at the back of his silhouette. Americans. ?There are too many of them, and they are sure to have a sniper up high somewhere; depends how organised they got before we rolled up. So why don?t we stop here in the bullet-proof car, and think this through. For a start, why are we here??

    If this idiot wanted to die here; then for Nadja and her daughter?s sake, she had better learn his part of the puzzle first.

    ?And you were right. They knew I was coming.? The New York police officer smirked. ?Killing me was probably always part of the plan.?

    ?Uh, is this going to be like the Nakatomi thing?? Deep suspicion coloured her voice now. This was starting to have disturbing echoes of that incident at the Japanese-owned conglomerate a few years back. New York cop out of his jurisdiction, foils heavily armed bad guys in Los Angeles; MacNish... McClaine... Some Scottish-sounding name, but not one of the common ones.

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    ooc: Let me address the discussion going on behind the stage which I am aware about. Yeah, a lot of people have not replied lately. Actually boardwide syndrome . . .

    This is sort of many stories next to each other. So, let´s go on with those who do wanna see where all this go. Max Payne won´t leave you. So, I am all for simply playing on and if people drop out, let them drop out . . .

    Max Payne
    Chapter 1

    The snipers were actually a good point. But it was dark and they were probably here for a quick search operation. "Nakatomi? Yeah, was a guy from NYPD, too. Right?" I smiled. McClane was a pain in the ass sometimes, but he had done good work with these germans, so much was for sure. I looked at Mrs. Frost.

    "These guys are here to get Elena´s location. And the one person who might have it is the third room mate. So any second we wait they can bea her up a little more, break some more finger or rip some more nials or teeth out of her body. And even if she is a tough little drama queen, she won´t last long and once she has spoken, she gets a double tap to the head and is gone. So, how long do you actually wanna think about it?" I raised my brows. "Hm?"

    Loading the Ingram, I opened the door. "Get to the door of the building and make sure it is clear. Just in case you were right about the sniper, we will have to get inside, fast. I´ll take care of these gents at the car." I nodded once more and went out.

    "Death Wish?" Her voice came from behind. Looking into the mirror, my vision became blurry. I was aware I was out of time and space. In this space that did no exist outside a mans head and dreams. "Doin´ it for you, Mona, already forgot?" I ask. "Look at me. Such a Damsel in Distress. But I am dead, Max. You couldn´t save me." I look at her. Through the back mirror. The brit is gone. The world is gone. It´s me and her inside a car, that´s all. "A dead asking a dying if he got a death wish? Ironic, don´t you think?" Mona does not smile. She never laughed about my jokes. Well, nobody does. "Take good care, Max. And don´t forget to kill ´em all." Now I must smile. "Did I ever forget, Mona? Did I ever forget?"

    Returning to my reality. The bleak, hopeless place I call life I must safe a girl to safe another girl who might not even be worth saving. Then again, so am I. And yet I do not let go of my hope someone will try. "So, let´s get inside, save the girls and have a coffeine high, mixed with the rush of feeling like a hero. Yes?" I say and open the door. Hiding the Ingram I slender over to the men at the van. Step by step nearing them, not waiting for her to get out of the car, too. I am in a killing mood.

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    IC: Anita Blake
    Coroner Dpt. of L.A.
    1104N, Mission Road, 0209
    Chapter Two - Whatever war is . . .

    Life as a Federal Marshall was never easy. Easy wasn?t Anita Blake?s way either. She knew showing up at the morgue with her badge would get her in, but she also knew that she?d have to go out on a limb to vouch for the man sitting next to her in the car. A man she just met an hour ago.

    He can?t be any worse than your psycho friend Edward and his even crazier friends that you have to hang around when you help him. Anita thought to herself as she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. The trip to the morgue hadn?t taken long and the two had made polite small talk on the drive. It sure beat staring at the road in silence.

    They pulled up to the building around two o?clock with another car and slipped into a spot where a car had just pulled out of. The morgue was busy at 2am, especially in a city like LA. Anita opened her door and stepped out, thankful that Dante drove a little car so it was easier for her short frame to get out of. Her friends in St. Louis tended to drive giant trucks to compensate for something and those were a pain to hop in and out of.

    Anita walked towards the building without waiting to see if Dante was following, since she knew he was. There was an itch in the center of her back. One that she always got when she felt like there was someone out there behind her. Trust is not something that came easy in Anita?s world. She pulled out her badge and showed it to the night guard. He started to wave her through and then noticed Dante behind her. The guard waited expectantly for Dante to show him a badge of some sort.

    ?He?s not a Federal Marshall, but it is crucial for my investigation that this man be allowed to accompany me to see the bodies. I?ll accept full responsibility for his actions.? Anita hated having to jump through hoops to do her job.

    Finally registered, Did Dante use his real name? , the two headed into the morgue to find their skinned victims. A obviously stressed out Coroner passed them in the corridor and nodded to Anita. She flashed him a tight smile and kept moving forward. She didn?t relish the fact that they were headed to poke and prod at a dead body looking for some clue that probably wasn?t even there in the first place, but here she was. They found the right room and entered. Anita was in the process of steeling herself for the sight of another skinned person when she noticed a note.

    ?The bodies are somewhere else. Let?s go.? She said to Dante and then headed off down the corridor again.

    Fantastic. This probably meant that someone would be with the bodies. When would they get a break? Anita pushed to door of the room open and stepped inside to find a bearded man leaning over the body. He used a magnifying glass to attempt to see something and had a skeptical look on his face.

    ?Can I help you?? he asked.

    Anita squared her shoulders. ?We?re here to investigate the bodies of the skinned victims. I?m Anita Blake, Federal Marshall, and this is my associate here. He has some experience in cases like these and we?re hoping the bodies will be able to yield some clue so we can stop this maniac before he kills again. Anita didn?t mention that she was pretty sure he?d already killed again.

    ?You look like you might have found something. Care to share? One professional to another.?

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    IC: Miranda Frost, back of the Nissan Sunny. Chapter 1
    Location: Outside Jackie Brown Apartments

    At least, that was how the place looked like to Miranda. Or that some Texan billionaire, who, knocked back from taking London?s Tower Bridge, had transported the place, brick by brick, from a Miami Dade beachfront. As seen on Miami Vice.

    ?Nakatomi? Yeah, was a guy from NYPD, too. Right??

    Miranda nodded, getting comfortable in the shoulder-rig.

    ?These guys are here to get Elena´s location. And the one person who might have it is the third room mate. So any second we wait they can beat her up a little more, break some more finger or rip some more nails or teeth out of her body. And even if she is a tough little drama queen, she won´t last long and once she has spoken, she gets a double tap to the head and is gone. So, how long do you actually wanna think about it? Hm??

    Elena? The agent echoed silently. That was the mother?s name, and M had said she had disappeared already. Interesting. ?Maybe we?ll get a two-for-one deal, and get a line on both her and Nadja.?

    ?Get to the door of the building and make sure it is clear. Just in case you were right about the sniper, we will have to get inside, fast. I´ll take care of these gents at the car.?

    ?Hold on, what door?? She started to blurt, but it was too late, the officer mumbled something about caffeine, and headed out, approaching the Wall of Death, sans motorcycles. ?Dammit.?
    She plucked the P-90 from the leg straps, and tossed it into the passenger seat, then lithely climbed between the front seats to drop into the driver?s. She felt to the left of the steering wheel, and was grateful to note that Max had left the key in the ignition.

    He hadn?t been popped from across the street, so they must have rolled up before the heavies got a sniper nest set up, but her instincts told her that there would be one getting into position right now.
    She took the handbrake off, and quietly rolled along the street till she could see the corner of the apartment block, and some trees to hide the car from where she would put a sniper if she were organising this shindig.

    There was someone by the building's door, staring into the car as she parked on the grass several yards short, but, if she was any judge, he looked about twelve.

    Miranda furrowed her eyebrows, grabbed the P-90 by the stock and climbed out the car, keeping low as she trotted quickly up to the boy, seeing by the light of the illuminated swimming pool that was between her and where Max was, a small pathway between the structure and the elevated pool.
    Ahead, a startled black face poked from the hood of his padded blue anorak.

    He spotted her approach, and she realised he thought she was a cop; her first clue being when he turned from her and stage-whispered up into the darkness, ?Five-Oh, Five-Oh, Five?.hello??

    There was no other movement that she could sense on this side of the building, and it was obvious to her that he was a lookout for drug-dealers or something, and his fellows had long skipped.

    He turned back, glumly gazing up at Miranda as she joined him, trying desperately to keep the grin off her face. ?****.?

    ?Language. Left you out here by yourself have they?? She asked, intending to pack the youngster off home before the fireworks broke out, but needing to exorcise her sarcasm. Though worlds apart, she could see parallels between his situation and the perhaps urban myth of British plumbing apprentices being sent to the DIY Store for the infamous ?left-handed screwdriver?.

    The kid scowled up at her. ?What business-??

    His head rocked to one side as she cuffed him with an open palm. She did not care who he ran with; no little kid was going to backchat her.

    ?Ow! That?s assault!?

    ?Yes. It is!? The MI6 operative smiled down at him, knowing sh
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    IC: Mathilda
    Leaving the Vogue Theater

    "Misses, er . . . hey, you. You lost something." The voice was young and masculine. I turned to see him, the opposite hand, the one away from him, slipped into my pocket to grip Leon's switchblade. It was a boy, perhaps my age. He was holding up what looked like a piece of paper with an address written on it.

    "I think that fell from your pocket. Ah, I am John." He smiled at me, a little to shy for a daring approach this might have been planned to be . . .

    I was still hopped up on the adrenalin of the kill and paranoid from the mystery guest back in the theater. And I knew that nothing had dropped out of my pocket, there was nothing there to drop. I never took anything on a job that couldn't be left behind if the need be.

    Two scenarios played out in my mind. The first involved lots of guns and blood, mainly mine, because this was a setup. The second involved a perfect stranger hitting on me. I wished it was the former because I suspected this was the latter. I hated this. I was bad with people. I grabbed the paper with my free hand, muttered a ?Thanks? and hurried to a waiting bus.

    After paying I dropped into a seat near the back. I made a note of the emergency exits and I gripped my gun under my coat. I remembered the piece of paper and unfolded it to see what it said.

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    Coroner Dpt. of L.A.
    1104N, Mission Road, 0209
    Chapter Two


    The man looked at Dante, then back to Anita. "The LAPD seems to have many advisors on this case." He then commented and looked back to a magnifier glass that was installed over a small table next to the skinned body. Steam was evaporated from four sides to the obdy, possibly to keep it wet, so it did not dry. But the man seemed not to care about it. Rather he looked at a small object on the table.

    [image=] [image=]

    "Apatura metis substituta." He then said and looked up from under his cloth. "A larvae found in his throat, implanted post mortem there." He looked at Anita and when he understood there would be no reaction until he elaborated he talked on, choosing sharper words. As if he wanted to show this part of his speech was more important. "It is a butterfly. And one not found here or anywhere here. The Purple Emperor is almost exclusivly found in Japan, near the sacred mountain of Nara. Which seems to fit the method of skinning, which is basically less of the classical western way, tested by the use with animals, but actually more of an asian technique like the mongolians used it for the last four hundred years. It is not well known, but while occupying China many mongols served both sides of the asian conflict. Also in Cold War this was rther common. The other two larvaes I found were to old to make any visual distinction, but I would guess the analysis will lead to the result they are from Japan, too. If this is any help." He pulled his glasses bakck on his nose and looked down on the insect again. "I am Gil Grissom. The LAPD asked me for my advice and I was visiting family nearby." He added then. "So, I tihnk it might be a wise thing to check the collectors. Such a Purple Emperor is usually a breed or from a collection." He added and looked at both of them, again.

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    Entering Chapter Two . . .

    Appartment Building
    22° Mackeylane, Harbour City
    Chapter Two

    "You old . . .!" The boy began to rant against her, but stopped midsentence. And beofre she could say a word, he collapsed. Having two red spots in his chest. Behind Miranda one of the cleaners seemed to have appeared from nowhere. The way only real professional killers could. And without even giving the child he had just killed a look he pointed the silenced pistol at Miranda´s head. "Kids are a killer, are they?" He asked with a heavy german accent. Then he brought up his radio and reported. "Got the brit, take Payne out of the picture and bring the girl to the cars. Now!" He ordered then turned his attention fully back to Miranda. "Your guns. Slowly. To the ground." He said and his name shield identified him, or the cleaner the suit had belonged to as Vincent.

    Tag: Sith-I-5 (he got a name, so Kill Quota does not apply)

    Parking Lot
    A few meters away

    As Max approached the six Cleaners preparing something on the bakc of one van, he saw one of them answer the radio. The man only nodded and just as Max saw the first gun at one of them, a silent hunter loaded the chamber of his ASG50, moving his targeting cross over Max chest. The five men all drew their guns in perfect symetry, as the finger of the Sniper above pulled the trigger and a single shot made it´s way through the night air.

    Tag: LordT (next time listen to the girl :p)


    Fin, look at your PMs for Tequila. All other haven´t updated yet. No words why or when it might happen. New players will take their spaces if people do not reply longer than three weeks we decided, as some people are interested in joining and waiting for approval.

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    LAPD Morgue
    Chapter 2

    The ride had been simple, which was good, it meant that nobody had spotted his car leaving the Tower earlier, and the last thing Dante needed was a high speed chase, no, it seemed as those things were calm. Well as calm as they could be considering the situation. He and Anita had exchanged small talk on the way there, but it was clear both of their minds were more on the case then casual conversation. The two were professionals, two sides of the same coin, one with the law, the other working around it, but both with the same goal in mind.

    It was this, coupled with is knowledge of her reputation that lead Dante to trust her. Who can you trust more so then yourself? And if yourself be unavailable the one closest to. It was Dante's own take on his Brother's logic. Vergil trusted only himself and his own abilities, Dante placed his trust in himself and others. So similar, yet so different. Always at odds but they worked well together, this was mirrored now in his partnership with Anita. Though Anita seemed more trusting of others then Vergil.

    When they arrived at the morgue Dante had considered not bringing his case with him, but he realized that this was LA and there were bound to be people more eccentric walking around then a guy in a red outfit and a music case. This concept held true when he was allowed past the checkpoint and into the building. To himself Dante sighed a bit of relief, he felt much safer with the contents of his case at hand. You never knew when the stuff might come in handy, any of it.

    The Morgue was busy, he gleaned that from the amount of cars in the lot and the conversation he overheard walking down the hall. He followed Anita in silence, she was the legitimate party, he'd let her do the talking. But that certainly didn't stop him from listening, especially when they finally found the bodies and a man examining them. The man started talking, at first about a butterfly larvae from Japan that he found in the mans throat. All this did was serve to connect the crimes back to asia again.

    Then the man started talking about Mongles and an asian conflict, and the mongles ties with skinning. This made Dante think, it all went full circle, Mongles, China, Beijing, it made things match up more, but didn't serve to answer any questions. So Dante decided to pose a few questions, "Since you seem to be well versed on the subject. A couple of questions then. This form of skinning, it resemble a Western or Eastern method to you? And in regards to the butterfly, how difficult would it be to maintian a collection? Could your average butterfly enthusiust or would it take certain skills, equipment and locale? If we can find where the butterflies came from, we might find more evidence towards the perpetrator of these killings."

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    IC: Miranda Frost, side of the building. 'Bout halfway through Chapter 1

    Miranda stared in momentary confusion as the mouthy adolescent flung himself back onto the glass door behind him, and then as she grabbed for the slick material on his anorak to hold him up, she realised he was dead weight, and then it hit her, dead weight!

    "Kids are a killer, aren't they?"

    The voice came from behind her, and was heavily accented with German.

    Perhaps sarcasm was her defence mechanism, for her first thought was: Blast, this is Nakatomi. Payne is going to be in his element.

    "Got the Brit, take Payne out of the picture and bring the girl to the cars. Now!"

    The Brit. Her presence within the city limits was apparently not a surprise to them, even though none of the bad guys at the hotel had gotten out.

    "Your guns. Slowly. To the ground."

    She considered the cascade of possibilities and their consequences: turning and dropping the killer with her fall-back weapon; neutralising him another way; surrendering and allowing them to take her, she might be able to find out more, if they did not kill her fir... hold on, Officer Payne had to be warned!


    She started to turn, mainly to orient herself, and see where he was aiming the gun, then ducked her head and flung the P-90 into his face, then still ducking into a crouch, her hand darted under her armpit to speed draw the Glock.


    Two-handed grip.



    A tiny explosion illuminated the inside of the gun as the hammer struck the powder-packed rear of the first slug, the metal projectile propelled out of the barrel toward?s a spot on Vincent?s chest, just under his name patch.

    With another loud report that echoed up the building and rolled across the grounds, a second slug followed the first, on an adjacent, but parallel course; and Miranda was already moving, her shoulder hitting the crazy paving as she tuck and rolled to Vincent?s left to present both a moving and a smaller target.

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    Max Payne
    Apartment Complex
    Chapter Two and still alive

    I felt it coming. The words of the Brit were still ringing in my ears as I approached the group of men. I saw them reach out, most likely for their guns. Awaited the deadly ballet of bodies and lead to begin anew. I did not even wonder if I would die this time. I was far beyond that.

    Then the shot. The Brit? Where was she? It was far away but instinctively I ducked behind a car next to me. The reflex saved my life, as the side-window of the driver shattered. A sniper. They got one after all. A second, a third bullet hit the Pontiac. Then salvos of the Cleaners next to the van reached me and the world was lost in the deafening thunder of German Sub-machine Guns filling the air with fire. The car rumbled, like a spasming body under the impacts of 9mm tall messengers of death. I dropped to the ground. Instinctively. Where snipers couldn´t see me, where bullets making their way through the car wouldn´t find me and I pressed my Ingram to the ground. Stabilizing it there while I pulled the trigger. It is a wild one, the Ingram MAC 10. It denied me control and I needed all my strength to keep it imprisoned on the ground. But the bullets made their way over the asphalt until they were stopped by something solid. Like boots. Or flesh beneath the leather. Or bones inside the flesh. The ankles of the Cleaners were ripped to pieces. Their bodies hit the ground, as their screams reached my ears. The Ingram was empty and the Desert Eagle was more than hungry to take it´s place. Firing the remaining shots from it´s magazine into the bodies from beneath the car I screamed out. My body was pressed to the ground. Glass rained down on me. And the scent of blood and death and burned flesh and gun powder filled the air . . .

    I was realizing in a moment of all too sad recognition . . .

    . . . I felt at home.

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    IC: Anita Blake
    1104N, Mission Road, 0209
    Chapter Two


    "The LAPD seems to have many advisors on this case." The man answered completely ignoring the fact that he hadn't introduced himself. With as paranoid as Anita tended to be, the man was lucky she didn't pull her gun out and point it at him. However, she was in a county morgue so he should be legit, right? Of course, the guard had let Dante down here and he was a dangerous man.

    "I wouldn't know anything about that, sir." When in doubt, be polite. Isn't that what Dolph kept trying to teach her? "We were called in to work on this case. However, as a Federal Marshall, sometimes more brains are better when dealing with a total psychopath."

    "Apatura metis substituta." he continued, completely ignoring her again and totally focused on his work. Anita had majored in Biology in college and one of her professors had been a lepidopterist, a butterfly collector. So Anita was familiar with what the man was talking about. She kept her face blank though from years of practice. It was frequently better in her line of work to have the people she was talking to assume she knew nothing. She tended to get a lot more information that way.

    The man continued. "It is a butterfly. And one not found here or anywhere here. The Purple Emperor is almost exclusively found in Japan, near the sacred mountain of Nara. Which seems to fit the method of skinning, which is basically less of the classical western way, tested by the use with animals, but actually more of an Asian technique like the Mongolians used it for the last four hundred years. It is not well known, but while occupying China many mongols served both sides of the Asian conflict. Also in Cold War this was rather common. The other two larvaes I found were to old to make any visual distinction, but I would guess the analysis will lead to the result they are from Japan, too. If this is any help."

    Anita hissed out a breath of air at the second sentence. An Asian butterfly. She fought the urge to try to read Dante's face. It was probably unreadable anyways. He seemed to have more experience than she did. "The other two? As in you've already inspected the other two bodies? Only the skinned ones though? What about the ones who had their organs removed?"

    "I am Gil Grissom. The LAPD asked me for my advice and I was visiting family nearby." He added then. "So, I tihnk it might be a wise thing to check the collectors. Such a Purple Emperor is usually a breed or from a collection."

    Anita nodded absentmindedly. She knew how to work a case and didn't need him telling her to check the collectors. That was an obvious place to go. Unfortunately, if this was the same group from a few years ago, then the obvious wasn't likely to get them anywhere. She was here to think outside the box. Like a sociopath. she thought grimly to herself.

    "Thank you for your help. Your work here may save lives." She dug around in her jacket pocket for a minute and finally pulled out a crumpled business card. "If you find anything else, please don't hesitate to give me a ring on my cell. Anything. No matter how small you think it might be. Call."

    Anita looked up at Dante who had taken a back seat to the investigation at the moment. "Do you have any questions for Mr. Grissom before we check out the archives for butterflies?"

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    OOC: I am still around and constantly checking the game. GM has locked Miranda into one-on-one combat with himself, so I cannot move her until he posts for Vincent.

    IC: Officers Dani Sofer and Julien Lowe (npcs) ? Franchise: The Shield. Chapter One - 1pm.

    The officers in the L.A.P.D. black-and-white shared the same cop instincts as their NYPD counterpart had, as they spied the group of white pest control vans parked in the forecourt of the apartment complex on Mackey Lane, Harbor City.

    ?You ever see rat-catchers show that level of committment before?? Dani asked as she gazed through the closed window at the men in coveralls. There was a long area of tree-shaded darkness between the road, and where the vans were.

    ?Not in my neighbourhood.? Julien drawled, having to look past his partner to see what had gained her interest.

    It was turning out to be one crazy night, and Assistant Chief Gilroy wanted all patrol units on the streets to reassure residents, and as well as unrestricted traffic between districts. They were well outside Farmington, their normal precinct.

    Julien jumped in the driver?s seat at the flash from a rooftop to his left caught his attention, while there was the sound of glass shattering to his right, and the silhouette of someone ducking behind the shot sports car.

    Automatic gunfire chattered wildly from the right, though it became quickly obvious that neither occupant was the target, which actually made a nice change.

    Sofer leaned forward to grab the microphone off the dashboard, the move done so often that the darkness inside the car was no hindrance at all.

    ?One-Tango-Thirteen. One-Tango-Thirteen to Central, K!? Dani bawled into the mouthpiece, her voice high with the excitement. ?Shots fired, shots fired.?

    ?I think we got a sniper too.? Julien told her, releasing the clasp on his seatbelt and looking up out the windscreen into the night to see if he saw the flash again. Thank Heavens they hadn?t had the roof flashers on.

    ?Central, we may have a sniper here too. We?ll need Air Support.?

    ?Copy, One-Tango-Thirteen. Hold position. Your nearest backup is twenty minutes away.? The clipped words of the female dispatcher?s voice were said in a soothing tone, but helped only marginally.

    Julien stared at the microphone, or at least where the voice was coming from. "Twenty minutes?! What are we supposed to do, play Pictionary?"

    Dani stared in surprise, up at her bald colleague, unable to believe that he had actually cracked a joke, then grated into the mike. ?Central, are you joking??

    ?Sorry, One-Tango-Thirteen. We have had officers shot up at The Cobra Lounge.?

    Dani and Julien nodded in understanding, although the despatcher would not see it. Departments were known to seize up for at least two hours after a police officer had been reported shot, and had even been lamp-shaded for the plot of that Will Smith movie.
    All the understanding in the world did not help their current situation.

    Dani put the microphone back on the dash, and tapped knuckles onto the front of her junior partner?s shirt, to check he was wearing his [bulletproof] vest. ?Okay, who should we deal with? Your sniper, or those guys over there?? She thumbed towards the flickering muzzle flashes being reflected off the sides of cars in the opposite parking lot.

    He indicated his side of the street. ?Sniper. Cos no matter what we do over there, he can still pick us off.?

    ?Sniper it is, then.?

    Doors swinging open, both cops stayed low and used the body of the patrol car for cover, then, Police-issue Glocks drawn, they sprinted to the lobby of the building where Julien had spotted the muzzle flash.

    Tag: no-one, though if the GM does happen to pop by; be on notice, your sniper is going to get a visit.
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    ooc: We had you on our list. Sithy. The Shieöd? Grat minds indeed seem to think alike. Actually you´ll see more people from the barn, soon . . . I had the same idea, we needed them to appear. GM/Draco will update tonight, when he is back in Germany. He just wanted to give people time and space to make their return after his last update. My people will update tonight or tomorrow, too. But then all people GMed by me will need to go on hiatus until beginning of January. As I am a little more busy right now, then expected.

    And what are Dani and Julien doing in Harbor City? They are about 90 car minutes away from their district :p
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    And what are Dani and Julien doing in Harbor City? They are about 90 car minutes away from their district

  14. Sir_Draco Jedi Knight

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    ooc: busy, as I am about to get deployed. So, this is hopefully short but sweet. I was carrying around this update all week . . .

    Apartment Bulding
    Near the Pool

    Vincent, or whatever his true name was, was hit into his chest twice and the world suddenly accelerated back to normal speed, as he slammed into the plastic table nearby. But something was wrong. Miranda probably only realized it, when her brain awaited the sensation of being covered in the man´s blood. She wasn´t. No blood. no wound. A vest. Coughing Vincent pulled the trigger and his bullets hissed aimlessly through the air, where he expected Miranda, while he yelled out in pain and tried to get back to his feet . . .

    Tag: Sith-I-5

    Apartment Building
    Front Entrance

    The men felt their ankles burst and bullets made their bodies spasm, as they were hit by the remains of the Ingrams magazine as they dropped to the ground. All except one, who had leaped up just in time into the back of his van. From another a driver came out and fired from his Glock 17 at the car Max was hiding behind. While the sniper patiently searched for his target to show up.

    Tag: LordTroepfchen

    Apartment Building

    Dani nodded and took the first door. It was dark and none of the lights seemed to work. Julien only looked at her, then they wordlessly decided to ascend. Two steps was all it took, before the fire of an automatic weapon hit the steel door right next to them. "Back, back. Officer under fire, we really need more men here!" She yelled into the microphone, as Julien helplessly gave to shots into the dark.

    The Sniper above heard there was a contact. The girl had not yet been found. He sighed and patiently took aim again. Cops were meant to stumble about them. But reinforcement would never arrive. Their client had made sure of it.

    Tag: Nobody


    Grissom looked up. "I was actually only asked about my opinion about the skinning. And the technique used is Asian. Central Asian, to be precise. I assume two people did it. One of them much stronger than the other, as he seems to have peeled the skin of the flesh with greater ease. The stronger one is also the more skilled one. His victim stayed alive much longer. Concerning the butterflies, it is a unique sighting of them in the western world. The Emperor breed is almost exclusive to Japan and some parts of China. So, I would say you need to have a very specialized collector to get his hands on not one but three of them. Yes, if you find someone who can provide them, I assume you also might have found your killer. Or them." He smiled. A cool, patient, smile. And as Blake mentioned him saving many lives he only nodded. That moment the door opened and the face of a young man appeared. A cleaner. "Oh sorry," he excused himself and left immediately. Only a second later Dante realized where he knew him from. The overall. Exactly the same the men who had watched the crime scene had used . . .

    Tag: Kahn, Sey/>
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    IC: Miranda Frost, side of the Apartment Complex. Capter One ? 1:10pm

    Miranda came up onto one knee, and noticed that her opponent was down, coughing violently and struggling to extricate himself from the plastic deck table he had crushed.

    Crap, must be wearing a vest!

    Fight or flight were her choices, and Miranda was done flying. She rose quickly, ignoring the sting from her grazed knee, and quickly trotted over to Vincent, bending to scoop her P-90 off the ground, releasing it momentarily so that she could grab it out of the air in the firing position.

    Another agent, showing off for the keen new girl, had shown her how to do it, and it was a trick she was fond off.

    In the next instant, Frost snapped her foot hard at the killer?s gun hand, intending to kick his weapon away, and stood over him, the Glock pointed down into his face, hoping she had his attention. As an afterthought, she fired into his left ankle, and paused while the noise rolled away.

    ?That's for the kid.? She glared down at him. ?Right, I want some answers. Refuse, and the hospital bills go up. Who are you working for? Do you have Nadja Clementy? And who told you a ?Brit? was in town??

    She heard muffled gunfire from across the road, too distant to be Payne, unless they had him on the run, and somehow she doubted that.

    ?You Colonials really need to re-consider your right to bear arms.? She added conversationally, listening out for the approach of more enemies.

    Tag: Vincent
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    ooc: So, I´ll update. Late but better than never. My oqrk is more kind tome than expected. So I will resume GM duty until things get worse again. Sorry for the mess.

    And John McClane jumps a little forward.

    St. Christopher Hospital
    Downtown, L.A.
    Entering . . . Chapter Two: Whatever War is . . .

    They had allowed John to come to the hospital, but two uniformed men had stayed close to him at all times. Now Al was an hour inside the OP and no word if he would recover anytime soon, yet. John had been allowed to call Al´s wife. And his own Ex-Wife. Who was a friend of Al´s family, too. Then he had given the guys from CSI his gun and waited. The man who finally showed up to ask him about what had happened was not what one had expected of him. DA Mordell was younger and obviously much more ambitious than one would have expected. And he had questions. In his Company was am ncalled Colme, who almost appeared to be his bodyguard, despite being a Cop. But the DA ignored him, or all others. His eyes rested on John as he sat down in the waiting area in front of him. "Mr. McClane wants a coffee. Go and get him one. A Cappuchino for me. And make sure all you go." He said and his did not leave McClane. Officer Colme stayed, brushing through his three day beard, watching John.

    "I got two dead Cops, Mr. McClane. And you shot ´em. A third is in there and fighting for his life. And your report says that two of my best Vice Sergants have come into a shady bar Downtown L.A. to rob it? I think I need a little more than that." Hesaid and folded his arms. "And I think so do the Cops of this city."

    [image=] DA Philip Mordell

    Tag: Mitth

    Green Line
    Downtown L.A.

    She did unfold the piece of paper, just the second the boy was there again. Sitting right in front of her. "Okay, listen I am bad in these things, I know. This `you lost something´ was simply stupid. But I just wanted to . . . I am John. Can I have enough time of your life to convinceyou I am not a complete idiot?" He asked and looked at her ike he would die out of shame. Then he looked around. Probably the boy did not even know where they were getting to. Police cars passed the bus. A man was sitting in the front part who was wearing aweapon. He did not seem to give a damn about her. But if you were long enough in that line of work, you realised things like that. Mathilda felt watched though. She just couldn´t pin it down, really. Opposite of her a woman was sitting down, next to the boy. Smiling cooly under her glasses that she was wearing in the middle of the night.

    "So, could I invite you for a coffee or something?" John asked. Looking at her.

    [image=] John [image=] Woman, just with glasses/>
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    IC: Officers Dani Sofer and Julien Lowe, building across the road from Max and Miranda.
    Location: Harbor City, Los Angeles

    Her hand up to the microphone strapped to the shoulder of her uniform, Dani squelched the dispatcher?s voice telling them that the nearest backup was still twenty minutes away.

    ?Did OCP take over the Department, and no-one told me?? She muttered sarcastically.

    Julien did not respond, not that she expected him to. He stood over her, as she knelt on one knee; the both of them just out of sight of whoever had opened fire out of the darkness.
    ?Think you can get back to the car without getting shot?? She whispered.

    ?I am not leaving you.?

    ?I should think not. I just want the Ronco flashlight from under my seat.?

    ?Why? I have one right here.?

    Dani heard a plastic on plastic sound, that she figured was his automatic being tapped against his regulation torch. ?I?m carrying my one too, but I want to bring Mister ?Light of a Million Candles? to the party.? She jerked her head back to the entrance. ?Go!?

    She heard the sound of a distant and distinct gunshot from across the street. Sounded like another Glock. Too distant to be her partner.

    The police officer settled in for Julien to return.

    Tag: no-one
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    Draco Approved . . .

    Max Payne
    Apartment Building
    Chapter Two - Whatever War is . . .

    The shots made the car tremble, piece by piece ripping it apart. My cover was a goner. And still a Sniper and a Cleaner to go. Not that I doubted there were more where these came from. Three cars probably meant three more squads. And no sign of the Brit.

    Hissing out air, the Desert Eagle in my left clicked. Not a mechanical sound, but the demanding sound of a tool of death that wanted to be put to work. The Beretta in my right was more patient. Spark of metal hit by metal next to my head. Another shot by the sniper missed me and ripped a hole into the asphalt. I looked around. A second of calm evaluation, before my inner beast was unleashed and my killing continued. Without a conscious decision the Desert Eagle aimed and the street lights burst into flames, as the shot hit it. Even with night-vision the Sniper needed a few seconds before he saw me again. Seconds, all I ever needed. And my world was moving slow, as I came up. Seeing hateful visages illuminated by the short lived fire of their bursts. The muzzle flairs betraying their location, as I leaped up. My feet landed on the engine hood, as my first two bullets hit the guy in the car into his head. The Desert Eagle missed the second the same time. Glass behind him shattering. He ducked but kept on firing. His 15th shot, his 16th shot, while the powerful Desert Eagle fired it´s own next round. I did not decide to shoot. Something inside of me did naturally, as I moved through the world, as if it was made out of water. Both guns kept firing. The 17th shot of the enemies Glock hit my jacket, but missed me. The third bullet from the Desert Eagle ripped apart his chest. The round that was fired recoiled it´s kinetic might into my ankle, while ejecting the spent casing and chambering a new round from the magazine, allowing another shot to take place immediately. The shot was not a patient one, but repeated the cycle anew. Joining it´s predecessor by piercing the man´s flesh, bones and leaving his body, after having devastated his body from within´. As he collapsed to his knees, his gun now as empty as mine, I reach the car and dived in. My Beretta had kept on firing, too. Only now I saw the second gunman had been hit five times, while the Desert Eagle had killed his partner. That it had actually me who had killed them barely crossed my mind, as my body hit surprising painful the cold floor of the van´s storage part. The sniper´s shot made the vehicle tremble. But did not get near me. And automatically my hand got rid of the now useless Desert Eagle and replaced the mag of my Beretta. Shots. Somewhere nearby. In the dark that had spread since I killed the street light, I could see a tall black man in uniform making his way to a police car, nearby.

    "Dammit." I hissed. And I knew I wouldn´t allow the Cleaners to kill another Cop. Somewhere inside they were searching for the girl. I had to get in there. And I had to go in there now.

    Looking down I saw the small collection of weapons the dead Cleaners had left me. At least I was . . . what did they call here on the Westside? Tooled up. Grabbing an MP5 I crawled to the front seat of the van and the key was still there. As I started the car a shot of the Sniper ripped apart the front window. I kicked in the main light and the next shot missed the car so far, I was now sure he used night vision. Pushing down the gas pedal I made my way towards the building I knew he was in. And where I assumed the Cops partner was in trouble somewhere. And the girl, obviously.

    "Place to be, is it?" I hissed as I crushed through the lobbies front wall of glass.

    And darkness had protected my once more. Dear darkness. I had made an intimate bond with my only constant companion lately. And hoped it was not jealous, now that my most harsh lover had returned. The mistress called death.

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    IC: Officer Julien Lowe, Chapter Two
    Location: sniper?s side of the road.

    Julien made it to the patrol car okay, and flung himself across the front seats in order to reach under Dani?s seat to grasp the dented cardboard box containing the torch she was after. When he pulled the light free, it felt much heavier and chunkier in his hands than the slim, black, police-issue ones; a fact he was glad about. He?d hate to have to cart one of these babies around on his belt.

    The in-car radio was alive with exchanges from elsewhere in the City, and he briefly considered sending an Assist Officer call, which would basically bypass the despatcher.

    But no, it had not come to that yet.

    A noise from outside had him pushing against the seat padding to raise his head so that he coukd see of the dash, and going from right to left, in front of the unlit patrol car, he saw one of the white pest control vans bump from the sidewalk down into the road, ker-chunk, cross in front of the car, mount the curb to his left, ker-chunk, the glased lobby front shattering loudly and cascading all over the roof, and down the sides as the van crashed into the white building he had just exitted!

    ?DANI!? he yelled by reflex, within the confines of the black-and-white, all legs and arms as he scrambled backwards, and stood between the open front door and the body of the car, staring in shock at the impossible mess at the front of the building. ?Dani!?


    Julien snapped his head to the right as the bonnet took fire, a dark hole appearing in the black metal.

    He ducked behind the door, and returned fire, three quick loud shots aimed up to the dark parapet where the sniper was. Then he turned on the Ronco, bringing artificial daylight to the face of the building, and was rewarded with a distant shriek of distress from the roof, as the dazzled sniper caught the full effect of the glare behind his night vision goggles, and ducked out of sight!

    Officer Lowe took the opportunity and pursued the van into the lobby, skidding across the now treacherous, glass-covered flooring as he covered the back of the van.

    ?Let me see your hands!? He bellowed at the driver, as if he were making a traffic stop, approaching the left side of the blocky vehicle. ?Come out slowly, and show me your hands, now!?

    His heart yammered in his chest as he worried for his partner, wondering if she was okay. Or crushed under the wheels. ?Dani?!?

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    IC: Dante - Chapter II

    Dante listened, he listened well, the butterflies were a new connection, and the more strings that came together the easier it is to tie it all together. If there was a chance this collector was a part of any sort of collection forum it could potentially lead to him, it was a big if though. And there were always other ways of finding out. And he'd have put more thought into it and more questions if something hadn't caught his eye.

    The Cleaner. It was still fresh in his mind, how could it not be? not even two hours ago he'd killed three of those uniforms, probably rendered a fourth incapable of children. He had thought it might be an inside job, something related to the police. Could that be why the DA didn't want the cops knowing about me? Did he suspect someone? It didn't matter, he needed to act. He pulled Ivory out of her holster, "Anita, that cleaner, he was wearing the same uniform as the men back at the Tower. And I don't believe in coincidences."

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    IC: Anita Blake
    Chapter II

    Peeled the skin. Anita almost vomited right there in the examination room. Peeled the skin. A human being was alive while their skin was peeled off of them. She swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise in her throat. Just two hours ago she had examined a body who had been completely skinned and she was fine. Thinking that some sort of tool did this that didn't leave a mark. No wonder there wasn't a mark! The skin had been peeled off of a live person!

    She knew her face must've turned whiter and she hated herself for being weak. Usually when she felt this way, she tended to feel the need to become macho again. To prove to herself that she could do this job.

    "Oh sorry," a random cleaning man had poked in and quickly left upon seeing people in the room. Anita was still contemplating the possibility of someone being strong enough to physically rip the skin off of someone when her thoughts were interrupted.

    "Anita, that cleaner, he was wearing the same uniform as the men back at the Tower. And I don't believe in coincidences." Dante said after pulling out one of his guns.

    "****!" Anita said while reaching her right hand into her shoulder holster and pulling out her Browning Hi-power. She expertly checked to make sure a round was chambered and flicked the safety off. Holding the gun in a two handed grip because she was short and definitely couldn't hang onto the powered weapon when shooting with only one hand she pointed it at the ground in front of her. Since Dante didn't move towards the door, Anita assumed she would be the first one out.

    Oh sure, you wanted to be macho well here's your chance. She thought to herself. Without waiting for the chance to chicken out, Anita took a few deep breaths and then kicked the door open and peered around the corner quickly.

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    ooc: Draco is a bit longer abscent then panned, he asked me to announce that.

    Max Payne
    Chapter 2

    Kicking the door open I eyed the black man standing there, his gun up. Had the guy seriously sahouted I should get his hands up? "Boy, if I were one of the bad guys, I would have already killed you, while you displayed your impressive knowledge of rulebook arrests." I spit and hold up my badge. The MP5 comes with me, as do three mags, which I pull into my jacket. At least I am tooled up for this. "Officer, tell your apprentice here to stop shouting. These guys will only have it easier to locate you and for gods sake, turn your lights of. They are like huge, big `shoot-me´demands for these guys up there." I coughed and looked around. It was the buidling Elena was supposed to live in. Or whatever the girl was called. Loading my gun, I turned to the redhead, who seemed to be the senior officer. It wasn´t their mistake they acted like amateurs. They actually were. They were professional law enforcers. The other guys were professional killers. A whole different breed. And I felt strangely alienated by the law enforcers, I realized. Too much blood on my hands to be one of the righteous. Well, then my own breed it was. Calling from the dark the blood of a evil scum of the world demanded my attention.
    "Reinforcments should be here any minutes, right? You stay here and make sure nobody, absolutely nobody leaves this buidling, okay?" Raising my MP5, I smirked. "And stay out of their line of fire, if possible." I added.

    I stepped next to the entrance and waited. The gun close to my body I closed my eyes for a second. A small wave a weakness ran thoruhg my muscles. Probably I should have gotten something to eat, indeed. Well, death was not that patient, I was afraid.

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    ooc: Thanks LordT, but actually now I am back. Short updates to keep things running . . .

    The Morgue

    As Anita bursted out of the door, gun ready the man was still in the corridor. Looking at her and raising his arms. "Cool, Lady. I am just cleaning up." He said with a dry smile. "Don´t shoot the guy with the brush, I always say." For a moment he almost appeared authetnic, but then his eyes turned down for a second. On his little cleaning-vehicle he was pushing through the corridors was something beneath a cleaning rag. It looked like something with the rough shape of a gun.

    Behind Dante Grissom lay down his scalpel and joined the two investigators. "Is there a problem?" He asked. And it was just that second another two cleaners with their equipment turned their vehicles around the corner. Looking up. The one Anita held at gunpoint was between them and they stopped, as they saw the scenario.

    Tag: Kahn, Sey

    Apartment Complex - Near the Pool

    The man, Vincent, as his label called him, supressed a scream. An amazing feet, considering he had been shot into his ankle. Many men would have faded out. He hissed the air through his teeth. "You would be surprised what we know, little lady. You would be surprised where we have people." He forced through his teeth.

    "Stop, police! Gun down! I repeat! Gun down!" The yell came from behind.

    Four policemen all heavly armed had come from nowhere. Their guns were all pointed at Miranda, now. Who saw Vincent smile and slowly moving his hand to his overall. No doubt a guy like him had at least one backup gun.

    [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=]

    Tag: Sithy, SirakRomar (from now on in her Cameo as . . . THE STRIKE TEAM)

    Same Complex . . . Lobby

    And all hell broke loose. An explosion almost ripped apart the wall Max had been leaning against and shrapnel was fyling around everywhere. A second greande dropped to the floor and on the other side of the floor the elevator jumped alive and signalled someone was coming down. Only one floor to go. Somewhere between the eternal beep of his ears and the gunfire now searching for any of the three cops Max thought he heard a woman scream for help. It was impossible, probably. But it was there.

    As the elevator opened three men left it. The first two opening fire from their [link=]Protecta Assault Shotguns[/link]. Probably the most dangerous weapon thinkable in close combat like this. While the third, a certain Jonathan Brie, had no need to camourflage as a cleaner. He was in full gear and ready to kill. He had heard of Max Payne, he was actually eager to see him die. "Keep him down!" He yelled and dived out, giving bursts at the two heavy outgunned cops in the lobby with concentrated fire-bursts.


    Tag: LordTroepfchen, Sithy for his NPCs/>/>
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    IC: Miranda Frost, side of apartment complex.

    "You would be surprised what we know, little lady. You would be surprised where we have people." He forced through his teeth.

    "Little lady? Oh, that deserves-" Her gun still on the downed cleaner, Miranda's ears perked up at the sound of the engine, then the not too distant sound of a heavy collision.

    "What the hell?" She muttered aloud, looking over the diffused aqua glow caused by the pool's submerged lighting, through the silhouettes of the trees, in the direction of the sounds.

    In the next instant, her attention turned back to the downed killer. She was aware that she wasn't backing up Payne like she promised, but she had a higher responsibility to M, and her best lead to the Clemency girl and whoever wanted her in the ground, was at her feet.
    She squared her jaw and looked down at "Vincent". "Quit kidding around. TALK!"

    "Stop, police! Gun down! I repeat! Gun down!"

    Four policemen all heavily armed had come from nowhere. Their guns were all pointed at Miranda, now. Who saw Vincent smile and slowly moving his hand to his overall. No doubt a guy like him had at least one backup gun.

    Crap! She was out-numbered, and no amount of rolling and shooting was going to get her out of this. "Don't shoot! I'm FBI! I'm undercover so my badge is, is in the car." She knew she was pushing her luck not dropping the Glock; American coppers were notoriously trigger happy. "This man already shot the boy behind me. And you can keep those hands still!" She ordered the man on the ground.

    Miranda ducked reflexively as the muffled sound of a grenade went off, somewhere on the ground floor. "Oh, crap. Payne." She looked up at the one she assumed was the lead officer, a bulky mesomorph with a bald bullet head and shades. "Get the world down here."

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    ooc: Combined with Draco and I took some liberties here, Sithy, hope they are fine. If not, sorry in advance. But I assumed you won´t go into a firefight wqith four cops and I felt the need to introduce this sociopathic favourite cop of mine . . . with something suitable :D

    The Strike Team
    Chapter Two: Whatever war is . . .
    Apartment Building turned Warzone

    The tip had been solid. So much was sure when they found this woman shooting the poor guys ankles. With his hand Vic had signalled Ronny and Lem to cover the flanks. Then he had exchanged looks with Shane and his partner had only nodded. His eyes intense and concentrated.

    "Stop, police! Gun down! I repeat! Gun down!" Shane yelled and Ronny took her side, while Lem covered the surrounding with his shotgun. Vic moved in. As always his face an incarnation of tension and barely controlled anger.

    "Don't shoot! I'm FBI! I'm undercover so my badge is, is in the car." Never heard anything as unbelievable as that, Vic thought. A Fed not dropping his gun when the police showed up? An undercover having his badge in the car? And outing himself as undercover? "This man already shot the boy behind me. And you can keep those hands still!" She shouted. The rest of her speech was probably cut short when Vic hammered his Smith&Wesson into her neck. As she collapsed to the ground, he kicked the pistol out of her hand and pushed the gun into her neck. "FBI, hm? May I introduce myself? I am Santa Clause and these are my little helpers." He hissed and forced her hands on her back. "Cover!" He ordered his men. Shane stepped next to him. "What about the boy?" Vic asked then. As always Ronny had been the smartest. And had made a detour to give the body a look. "Shot dead." He only said. A silenced weapon holding up in his hand. The assumed murder weapon.

    "She is crazy, she just shot me! I did nothing wrong! She killed the kid and then . . ." it was the guy in the Cleaner uniform shouting. The hand of the guy was pulled out of his overall by Lem, before he could reach whatever was inside and the wounded "Cleaner" was pulled around and pushed face down on the asphalt. Vic looked up and Lem sin galled he had him under control. Ronny reached into the man clothes and withdrew a gun from his overall. He also revealed a Kevlar vest by pushing the overall to the side.
    "Cleaning up the streets the hard way, are ya?" Shane spitted down and the man only hissed, as Shane kicked him into the face.
    "Enough, let´s get them out of here and look for this gir . . ." Vic never finished his sentence. An explosions shattered the glasses nearby. Shots were heard again. Ronny and Lem took cover, Shane went to his knees, looking after Vic. Not to softly their leader dragged the woman over the asphalt into the safety of a wall. "What the hell is going on here!" He yelled at her. While Shane stepped next to him, aiming into the direction where the explosions had come from. Mackey´s .45 pointed directly into the strange woman's face as he spit out his words. Pressing them through lips who grew thin so angry was he. "What are you and your friends doing here?" He hissed at her.

    Ronny meanwhile saw a man running over the parking lot. The stranger had the same cleaner clothes on and drew a gun from his jacket and aimed into the buildings direction where the explosion had taken place. The building they were behind right now. "Stop!" Ronny shouted. And the man turned, opening fire. Lem returned two shots as Ronny went for cover again.

    "Vic, these guys are going to a freakin´ war!" Shane hissed. Vic only looked at him, then back at the woman. "Yeah, whatever war is." He said and pulled the hammer down, as if preparing to shoot her into the face.

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