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Chatt, TN MAY 2005 Meeting Notes - RAVE PREMIERE

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by mr_nightmarez, May 17, 2005.

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  1. mr_nightmarez

    mr_nightmarez Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 20, 2003
    Only people that attended the meeting know ALL the secrets!
    Mwwwuuuuu Hahahahahahah

    Ok I'm kidding -

    Last Notes as Secretary -

    In attendance:
    Vesper- VP/Treasurer
    Nightmarez - Secretary
    Lord John
    *Lord Joh's Sister (NEW MEMEBER)
    [JW] Yoda
    [JW] Darth Vader
    [New Member] w/ his Mom and Sister
    (Ok - I did not have a pen so I did not take down names
    Which would explain why it was my last time being Secretary!

    * The Rave will provide Power Outside
    * The Rave Let us hang the banner - YES -
    * We will have special designation - so security and Rave Employees will be able to identify us
    * The Rave will provide a storage area for our "stuff" when we can not tend to it
    * We will assist w/ crowd control and entertaining of the line
    * They are expecting 2,200 people - plus
    * They have sold out ALL 6 Screens!
    * The video gaming will be done outside on the BIG WALL until day time and we will move it inside the party room on the (5) TV Combo area Or in case of the "R" word
    * Each person is allowed to reserve 2 seats - therefore anyone NOT in costume (and part of the club) may need to hold seats for the costumers
    * If you are a member in 'good standing' (Dues Paid) you will be allowed to Chattooine/Rave privledges (Dues are a mere $10 annually and cover the member and 3 family members {And dues can be paid WEDNESDAY NIGHT}
    * Qualified DUE paying members will only be extended to current "ACTIVE POSTING members or members that have attended at least (1) Meeting (We will accept "NEW" membership the night of the premiere but all Special Privledges will be extended to new membership after the Premiere - Sorry...
    * If you are curious if you will be granted Premiere Privledges - Here's the list:
    * Azrael Excusiai, Dallas Valla (or do you prefer GI Jane?), DarthHovious, DarthWill, JediSha, [JW]Yoda, LordJohn, Layren, Nexus, Noobster, SarkaVrae, Timotheus, Vesper2112, Yogola, bilb, darthjess, jedikiller, Nightmarez, obivolkenobi, southernjedi, superrepus, Celicio, and yodaledbetter.
    * Nightmarez resigned as Secretary and nominated Lord John - Nomination was accepted and Lord John was voted in as Secretary.
    * Lord John made a motion for Nightmarez to be Public Relations for Chattooine - Nomination accepted and vote was favorable
    * New board - President Layren - VP/Treasurer Vesper - Secretary Lord John - PR Nightmarez
    * Rave approved our Monday meetings to continue ONCE a month
    * Meeting was adjourned -

    I hope I got it all - or most.... forgetting a pen was a bad idea.
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