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Tidewater, VA May Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by larame_kaine, May 19, 2008.

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  1. larame_kaine

    larame_kaine Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2005
    Start Time : 2:39pm
    Saturday, May 10th, 2008

    Welcome new members!

    Event Recap:

    -Our second event at Game On was a success. We have been invited to return yet again when the new Force Unleashed video game is released.

    Upcoming Events::

    -Our event coordinator is working hard on getting an event for us at the premier for the new Clone Wars movie, to be released this summer.

    -Tidecon is interested in merging with the Tidewater Alliance for a 2-day event. Tidecon is a gaming event put on by RPGA. This event would be structured like Galacticon and they are looking at doing the first event some time in the late fall. More detailed to be posted soon. The membership is in agreement that this would be something we are interested in doing.

    TA Saber Practice
    When:: May 24th
    Where:: Rick and Dawns (Time to be posted soon)
    For who? All TA members ages 18+ (Although if you are under 18 you are welcome to watch)

    TA Annual Picnic
    When:: June 7th
    Where:: Rick and Dawns
    Time:: 11am ? whenever
    For Who? TA members, friends, family
    **A sign up thread for food will be posted soon

    When:: July 4th
    Where:: Rick and Dawns (Time to be posted soon)

    *We have been invited to a BBQ by Shadow at Newport News Park on June 28th. See post for more info.


    ELECTIONS ? Will be held at the June meeting. You MUST be present to vote. Nominations and voting will take place on the same day. In order to vote you must also be an official member of The Tidewater Alliance and must have attended at least 3 meetings.

    DUES ? Annual membership dues are due next month. If you do not pay dues at the next meeting you will loose your access to the TA website (Not, until you have paid. These funds are used for the purposes of keeping up the TA website as well as hosting events like Galacticon, etc.

    Single Person Membership - $25 a year
    Family Membership (You + immediate family) - $35 a year

    **We are in the process of getting a new website, we will be using in the meantime.

    [ Because we are now using TFN as our primary forums until our new site is up, we are not able to post directions and phone numbers to members houses, where we will be holding several upcoming events. If you are interested in attending, please PM myself (larame_kaine) or (Ashara_Leiani), for further venue information. ]

    Treasury Report

    Previous Balance as of 4/12/08 - $190.13

    - $100.00 (Picnic Shelter)
    + $100.00 (Picnic Shelter)
    - $25.00 (TA Website)
    - $10.25 (Website Domain name renewal)

    Ending Balance: 5/10/08 - $154.88

    Time Ended:: 4:25pm
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