San Diego, CA May Monthly Meeting Minutes

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    May Monthly Meeting Minutes

    - First off, welcome back Ben!

    - Second, congratulations to Amber, Paul, and Donny for graduating from their respective colleges!



    - Wednesday May 21 ? Indiana Jones Midnight screening. Since it?s over and done with, great times had by all! We had one of the largest midnight groups we?ve had in a long time, and it was great fun!

    - Thursday May 22 ? Daytime showing on Indy (now over?)

    - May 23 ? CLUB SHIRTS ORDERS DUE. We?re getting a killer price, so please check them out!


    - Saturday June 21 ? 6th Anniversary party BBQ/Summer kickoff at Donna?s house. It will be a potluck BBQ with the pool, spa, games inside, and of course bottle rockets. ALSO, we will be taking our club photo!

    - 4th Annual Unofficial Star Wars Fan Day at Disneyland. Shirts are still available on the website. Fan Force lunch at 12pm at Pizza Port, followed by the giant group photo in front of the castle at 2.

    - Pre-Comic Con Planning Meeting: We will be having one either at the end of June or early July to plan for CCI. Please start collecting items for our gift baskets to bring to this meeting!


    - July 23-27: Comic Con International. We have our table, we will need people to man it!

    - July 25: There?s an event for the release of Clone Wars figures at Toys R Us. Hopefully the Morena store, since it?s closest to the convention center.


    - At our monthly meeting, officer nominations for our yearly election will take place.

    - Thursday August 14/Friday August 15 ? The Clone Wars release in theaters. We will most definitely be doing another midnight line.

    - Saturday August 30 ? John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl. My current list is full, but once we start collecting money soon, I?ll be able to see how many more tickets I can get. Again, tickets are $25 a piece and we?re sitting in a giant group with IEFF, LAFF, Rebel Legion, the 501st, and If I don?t have extra tickets, someone else will.


    - September 13/ 14 ? Star Wars Weekends at Legoland. More information to come.

    - September 15 - The Force Unleashed will be unleashed! We hope.

    Other Stuff

    - Sea World trip! Someday.

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    Yeah for meeting minutes! Thanks Rachel!
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