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May the Force be with you- A Paranormal Discussion.

Discussion in 'Archive: The Senate Floor' started by Qui-Rune, Mar 5, 2003.

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  1. Dark Jedi Tam

    Dark Jedi Tam Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 12, 2000
    I don't think so, alpha_red. :p But who knows... maybe somewhere, far off in the future when people have become more masters of this portion of themselves, they might be able to. ;)

    It's interesting really, because all my life I've been drawn to mystical or magic themes or fantasy in general, but I never really pursued the reason why I always felt like that. I always chalked it up to just to a ?coolness? factor for me and left it at that. I never really felt the effects of such things either (aside from the spirit encounter last year). That was until I had gone to a Metaphysical Celebration in my town a few months ago. When I was driving there, I felt like a nervous wreck for some bizarre reason. And my mind kept having this stupid mental war going on that consisted of ?My god I can?t believe your going there! What would your parents say!? and ?Hey it?s cool, it?s just a convention and there?s nothing to worry about. Why am I fretting so much??. All that bickering my brain did only made me more nervous to the point I felt cold and clammy by the time I pulled into the parking lot. It felt like I was about to go on trial and everyone there was going to judge me for some odd reason.

    However, the second my hand donated that $5.00?s and I stepped inside the huge room, all that anxiety, all that nervousness? vanished. Poof. Gone. It was as if this warm energy descended inside me and said, ?Hey, welcome home!? It was the first time I felt I belonged somewhere. I ended up going to a seminar on aromatherapy and on dream interpretation which was neat. Next year I want to take more time and go to all the 4 hour seminar?s they provide. I also want to have more money at my disposal too so I can check out more books and get the aura reading I?ve always wanted to get.

    But anyway, now I?m on a kick and have been snagging books to help awaken that extra sensory perception. And not just that but also those on mediating to help me deal with areas in my personal life too. That would most likely help key down the anxiety and stress I feel a lot (something I think I inherited from my mother :p). I?ve got six books (Ranging from psychic vampirism to Astral Projection to Auras to Meditation to Mapping birth charts) I?ve started, though I need to slow down on this. My biggest flaw is that I get too impatient with seeing results, so I constantly need to remind myself this isn?t something I?m going to see improve over night.

  2. eaglejedi

    eaglejedi Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 2, 2001
    I've had many experiences of the Force.

    As a second-generation Buddhist, I didn't have a real connection to Buddhism until a certain age, when I discovered how mindfulness-awareness meditation could calm my mind and make me more open to and aware of the good aspects of my life and the world, and the possibilities for sane solutions to my problems. More exactly relevant to this topic, it seems to put me more in touch with the Force. Once or twice, through meditation, and having some idea of such an intent in mind, I was able to cure myself of mild colds. My father used to be given to snapping his fingers at stoplights, half-seriously, to make them change for him. However, sometimes, I can actually cause them to change when I want them to, if I practice awareness meditation, with the intent of changing the stoplight, and without thinking too much about whether it's actually going to happen.

    I've had a number of dreams that foretold real events. In one case, I had two disparate dreams, predicting two different outcomes in a situation (involving a young woman I wanted to talk to). The more favorable outcome involved a certain location, which implied being patient. The less favorable involved being near her house, implying trying to get it done right at that time. However, I did not understand the dreams' possible implications very well at the time, and I was a headstrong young fool. I acted impatiently, and the outcome, as predicted by the dreams, was unfavorable.

    Once in my junior year of high school, when my co-editor on the News Page of the school newspaper had been absent for a few days, I had a dream in which she was back. In the dream, the journalism advisor, however, was not in that day, and therefore there was a substitute teacher. My co-editor and I tried to get our work done, but many people were goofing off and screwing around in the absence of the Advisor. One or two days later, my co-editor did return, and the Advisor did not come to class, and many of the staff did screw around a bit.
  3. TreeCave

    TreeCave Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 28, 2001
    I'm having predictive dreams again lately. Just stupid things, like seeing someone dressed in a particular outfit in great detail...then seeing it happen in real life a few days later. I've also been reviewing old dreams from a year ago that I wrote down, and some of them are also highly predictive of big events in my life. Now, if only I could get the lottery numbers once and for all.

    well, actually, last night I dreamed I won a lottery - not the main lottery, but one with a lesser prize - and my prize was guaranteed to be between $300k and $900k. They did a second drawing to determine it, and I got the full $900k. I planned on buying a great house and getting myself and some relatives out of debt, still having a huge nest egg in savings, then continuing at my job, where my income would go even further without having to pay rent. I was very excited because, as an adult, this sort of crap is all a person has time to think about, and I would be free to do more things really important to me.

    Then my employer decided to buy me a house and a car, which was terrific. To make a long story short, I lost the keys to the car, then the house, and thought I was just absent-minded and started berating myself. Then I realized it was suspicious that those were the only 2 keys missing, and found out a maintenance man at work had taken them. He brought them back all innocent, but I totally suspected he'd made copies and intended to steal something from me. Then I woke up.

    I hope this one's partially predictive. :D
  4. Dark Jedi Tam

    Dark Jedi Tam Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 12, 2000
    As long as your buying lottery tickets you just might get lucky! ;)

    I've only had one prediction dream about a girl that got hired at my job at Dairy Queen, and that was ages ago. I didn't even realize it was a prediction either until I read my dream journal about a month later after she started. That was kind of cool.

    Lately though my dreams have been weird, and a bit eerie for me. One I had concerned the death of me, my dad, and my brother and sister. We were driving along this back road in the dead of winter, when some guy in a beat up truck pushed us off the road, causing our van to flip. One minute I saw colors tumbling around, hear the screech of metal, the next I was standing outside the wreck and could see my brother, sister, and father standing with me. Right then I knew I was dead but it felt right to me. I saw my mother laying face down in the snow bleeding baddly, and the guy that forced us off the road grabbed a gun and walked over to her. She came to and ran off to safety though.

    Now I've had dreams where my family perishes, but this one struck me hard and I've been mulling over it for weeks now.

    Anyway, for those who believe that we keep returning to this earth after death, is there any way to help induce memories of those past lives? Like meditation or something? Or do people catch glimpses in their dreams?

  5. TreeCave

    TreeCave Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 28, 2001
    What a creepy dream. I hope it doesn't come true. Wonder why your mother was the one who survived?

    As for triggering past life memories, I do not claim to believe in past lives - I figure all the energy that is currently "me" is constantly being recycled, and will continue to be recycled after I die, but I find it hard to imagine there's a coherent energy ("soul") that flits from body to body each lifetime. That said, I have experienced knowing things I can't have known - like learned skills, information, etc. I have also had memories that I know for sure didn't happen this lifetime, but they FEEL like my own memories.

    Meditation does bring up stuff like this, but it also brings up a lot of other stuff that seems to be meaningless. Be careful not to analyze every darn thing you get when meditating, as if it's all of great significance, b/c you'll drive yourself bananas. It's like conversation - a few precious gems scattered among a vast field of crap.

    Whether these "memories" I've experienced are past lives, someone else's memories I'm receiving telepathically, evidence of the hologram paradigm, or the onset of schizophrenia :D they seem real to me. Makes you wonder if you should trust the memories you're normally sure of.
  6. SithTahiri

    SithTahiri Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 22, 2003
    I can see things before they happen, read peoples thoughts, and sometimes, with enormous concetration move things with my mind.

    A few days ago something very very weird happened. It can have an explaination, what happened may have been just a coidience.
    Here's what happened. I just got this necklace, a crescent moon, and I was over my friend's and he and his parents were setting up the hockey net and I was sitting on this wall/fence, looking at the sky. My little brother was walking by and I saw the moon go into the clouds. I said "Hey Mike, watch this." he looked at the moon, and I said a poem type thing, telling the moon to come back. I was holding my necklace. My necklace was vibrating and seemed to have warmed up And the moon came back out. When I let go, a few minutes later it went back in. I did the same thing, same thing happened, a couple more times in a row.

    What does that mean? The moon was just acting really weird or did I cause it to come back out?
  7. Kessel Runner

    Kessel Runner Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 10, 1999
    Forgive me for not reading all 400+ posts in this thread, but I feel like adding something to the conversation ;).

    When I was in college, taking a class on World Religions, we had a guest speaker come in who was a Taoist. He had great control of his Qi, and exhibited it to the class. It was fascinating. Our instructor, who had studied Tai Chi and had some knowledge of summoning Qi tried and even touch the guest speaker. She was unable to even approach him. In fact, she was knocked over when she tried to get too close. It was the closest thing to the Force I have ever seen in my life, and I was duly impressed.
  8. alpha_red

    alpha_red Jedi Youngling star 5

    Aug 24, 2003
    I want the Force so I can pick up chicks. Nothing else seems to be working.

    *goes off to find some magick books*
  9. Arriss

    Arriss Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2002
    Forgive me for not reading all 400+ posts in this thread

    Ditto for me. ;) I just found this thread & find it fascinating.

    Kessel ? Now that?s something I would?ve liked to have seen!!

    I?ve always believed in the paranormal and other oddities (past lives among them) and have had my own bizarre dreams/premonitions from time to time.

    My sister was an advocate of ?the Force? and she & I used to have discussions about it.
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