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    You don't take quite that long. Thank the Force!
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    He's a quick learner, what can I say? LOL
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    First of all, apologies for keeping my post so brief... o_O I'm famous for my brevity. I know... :rolleyes: So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on what I've read.

    Chapter 1: The not-quite-homecoming. The mysterious visitor. The jaw that dropped without permission.

    Results? I'm hooked.

    Chapter 2: We learn that Skywalkers are crazy. Then we see the unexpectedly cordial family reunion.... And we share in Piet's dizzying shock and surprise.

    Results? I'm laughing, and I like Piet.

    Chapter 3:

    O.K. Foreshadowing a fiery father / daughter reunion. Doesn't seem things will be smooth.

    We also get some history and philosophy from Luke and Piet...

    Oh, yeah. This father / daughter reunion will not go as smoothly as the father / son reunion did... LOL

    Result? I'm really, really liking this story.

    Chapter 4: Opening scene, a game of Rebel-style Sabacc. The stakes are high, as a lightsaber and Emperor's Hand security codes are added to the pot. Comedy and tension, together. I really liked that scene. Under Han's nonchalant fa├žade, was a bundle of raw nerves that only became apparent when a big thud on the sealed chamber made him jump to his feet. Meanwhile, Luke is like, settle down. It was only Leia throwing something at dad. (paraphrased).

    Then, after the tense father / daughter meeting in the sealed chamber...

    LOLOLOL Yep! Father / daughter reunion did not go so well, and now we throw in a mouthy son in law... LOLOL

    Result? LOLOLOL

    Chapter 5: Deep philosophical conversation - unexpected from Leia... However, I start to see a pattern that makes me start to believe that....

    Heavy duty speculation that possibly leads to very major spoilers. DO NOT READ IF YOU REALLY HATE MAJOR SPOILERS.

    Show Spoiler
    Darth Vader has been gone for some time, and that Anakin Skywalker had returned.

    Starting in chapter 1, when Piet notes that in the absence of the Emperor, Vader seemed to mellow out, but he was still scary. The fact that Piet survived as long as he did, serving under Vader's command. And Luke and Vader's reunion. A Jedi and a Sith, in the same room, together. That Vader didn't whip out is lightsaber to deal with the Jedi was quite telling. And that Leia and Han survived their meeting with the Sith lord... All of that points to the diminishing presence of Vader and the growing presence of Anakin Skywalker...

    Result? Deeply intrigued, and looking forward for more. =D=

    Chapter 6: I loved the Senate outcry, the media's kerfluffle, and Vader's solution:

    Show Spoiler
    More evidence of my theory which I stated in the spoiler tag above. Read the spoiler tag above at your own risk.


    You see?! You see?!

    I really liked this chapter.

    Chapter 7: I'm caught up!

    Piet doesn't give himself enough credit. So far, he's done well as a diplomat. And he powerfully demonstrates the need to calculate a multi hyperspace jump-a-thon... without the aid of a navigation computer. I was rather impressed with that scene.

    EDIT: I wanted to make a comparison to real life high school kids complaining that they'll never use this stuff in real life! It would be interesting to see many real life examples of situations like Piet's demonstration that this stuff would really come in handy in real life. I hope that made sense...

    Results? I was powzered, totally Death Starred....
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    I exaggerate for effect of course :) Comes of writing too many snarky conversations. ;)
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    I can see that [face_laugh]

    True :) though I would describe it differently myself. In this fic, he has experienced the same dramatic salvation moment that he did in canon aboard the second Death Star; however, instead of dying, he has to live out what that experience means. He's still the man who murdered untold numbers of people, maimed and tortured his kids, etc.; he's still got to lead this crew which has very clear expectations about what kind of person he is; he's got a lifetime of regrets and bad habits and sins to cope with; he loves his family but feels compelled to ostracize himself from them. I imagine him as projecting the outward appearance of the man people expect him to be, but beneath it struggling with a tremendous weight of remorse and guilt. If you like to look at it from Obi-Wan's POV--Vader and Anakin are different people--then I'd say that he is now neither of those, but a third person entirely.

    As a matter of fact that scene was almost entirely inspired by my actual experience studying AP Physics in high school [face_laugh] WHICH BY THE WAY I HAVE NEVER USED IN REAL LIFE, MR. DEVORE

    Mission accomplished [face_cowboy]
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    Soon, I will complete his training! Unless you continue to give us awesome chapters of this story, our combined strength will allow us to rule over this fanfic!
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