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Lg.Is, NY Meeting # 108 - Sunday, November 13th - Broadway Mall

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by TheBothanJedi, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. TheBothanJedi

    TheBothanJedi Jedi Master star 2

    May 16, 2004
    This month's meeting will be on Sunday, November 13th at 11am at our usual location near the elevator in the Broadway Mall food court.

    This meeting will be the nominations for the club election in December.

    We will also be discussing I-CON preparation.

    See you at the meeting!

    -- Dan
  2. Trooper-C

    Trooper-C Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 14, 2003
    Meeting #108 minutes
    11:38am start

    CR's report:CR made contact with Rebel Legion event coordinator at NYCC.

    Previous Events:
    -New York Comic-Con,Javits Center;mixed reaction from those who went,guests were good but panel rooms are not cleared out between programs so people camp out for hours waiting for their particular program.
    -DWNY pub meet
    Chiller Theatre in Parsippany,NJ

    Upcoming Events
    -Phantom Menace 3D February 2012;a group outing will be set up as date gets closer
    -I-Con meetup 12/1 at Dave & Busters in Islandia,6-10pm
    -Empire Fanfest pushed back;original date will be a small gathering.
    -Possible meetup at Fat Cat in NYC to look into possible club event.

    Club Nominations
    -Chapter Rep.:Lenny,Dana,Triss
    -Event Coordinator:Rob
    *Abhay will handle absentee ballots to be turned in at December meeting.

    Future meeting dates:
    #109 12/11 12:30pm at Broadway Mall;Club Elections to take place
    #110 1/8 11am at Broadway Mall
    #111 2/12 11am at Broadway Mall

    meeting end 12:40pm