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Lg.Is, NY Meeting #123 Minutes 2/10/13

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Trooper-C, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Trooper-C

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    Oct 14, 2003
    Meeting #123 minutes


    12:55pm start

    Meeting Attendance:
    Chris K

    Triss C.

    Ken D.

    Andre T.

    Billy D.

    Rob P.

    Abhay S.

    Bill K.

    Dana B.

    Dan A.

    Lenny P.

    Club Business:

    -It has been suggested that all non-essential posts be moved to DB516 forums instead of Yahoo group.

    -Original Club Charter is in process of being retrieved and reviewed

    -President has asked club members to think of alternate meeting locations;at food court it sometimes becomes hard to hear people speak when we have many in attendance.

    C.R.'s report-quiet

    Upcoming Cons/Events:

    -Gallifrey One 2/15-2/17 at LAX Marriott

    -Wicked Faire 2/16-2/17 in Somerset,NJ

    -Luna-Con 3/15-3/17 in Rye Brook,NY

    -L.I. WHO 11/8-11/10 at Holiday Inn,Ronkonkoma,

    -Doctor Who author's signing event at The Waystation in Brooklyn 3/24 4-7pm

    Event Planning:

    -5/4 Club Hotel Party at Residence Inn in Plainview,NY;Why?Why not?This is a private event.Contact Event Coordinator for details.

    -Intrepid Museum club outing 6/22;check local library for discounted passes.

    -There is interest in working with the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington,NY to participate in a SW-related event;venue to be contacted for details.

    -L.I. Toy Fair 7/13 at Hofstra:do we want to have a presence here?

    I-CON update:Due to I-CON 32 being postponed there has been two proposals for a "mini-con"-type of gathering 3/23 at either Rob's house or Joe C.'s house and do some of the panel programming for fun.Will be discussed further at next meeting.

    Upcoming Meeting Dates

    #124 3/10 11am at Broadway Mall

    #125 4/14 11am at Broadway Mall

    #126 date TBD

    meeting end 3:03pm