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Lg.Is, NY Meeting #124 minutes 3/10/13

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Trooper-C, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Trooper-C

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    Oct 14, 2003
    Meeting #124 minutes
    12:05pm start

    In Attendance:
    -Chris K.
    -Anu A.
    -Cindy H.
    -George H.
    -Michelle H.
    -Leslie H.
    -Ken D.
    -Triss C.
    -Sarah K.
    -Billy D.
    -Rob P.
    -Dan A.
    -Cassie S.
    -Abhay S.
    -Faith M.
    -Bill K.
    -Lenny P.
    -Andre T.

    Previous Events:
    -Wicked Faire 3/15-317 Somerset,NJ;a few members went,had a fun time.
    -Gallifrey One 3/14-3/17 LAX Marriott,L.A.:a handful of members went and had a blast celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

    Upcoming Events:
    -LunaCon 3/15-3/17 Rye Brook,NY
    -Meeting for dinner at Applebee's Bohemia 3/23 at 7pm
    -Inside Out Doctor Who author's signing 3/24 4pm at The Waystation in Brooklyn,NY
    -Clive Young presents May The Fan Film Be With You;a presentation of Star Wars fan films 4/4 7pm at Franklin Square Public Library in Franklin Square,NY
    -Simple Get-together at Rob's House 4/6 3pm(private event)
    Event Planning:
    -Game of Thrones Exhibition 3/28-4/3 at 3 W.57th(between 5th & 6th) NYC.
    -Hotel Party 5/4 at Plainview Residence Inn 6pm start $20 per person;private event,contact Event Coordinator for details.Plan is to have club meeting at hotel around 4-ish and those who wish to not paticipate in party don't have to and can leave.
    -Intrepid Museum club outing 6/22;check local library for discounted passes.
    -Toy Fair 7/13 at Hofstra University

    -Alternate Meeting locations;keep thinking about ideas for alternate meeting locations.

    -Club Charter in process of being located

    L.I. Who updates:Tickets on sale now,hotel reservations now available;go to for details

    Upcoming Meeting Dates:
    #125 4/14 11am at Broadway Mall
    #126 5/4 4pm at Residence Inn,Plainview NY
    #127 6/9 11am at Mall or BBQ

    meeting end 1:20pm