Lg.Is, NY Meeting #130 September 8th,11am

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    The next DB516 meeting will be held on 9/8/13 at 11am at either Cantiague Park in Hicksville,NY or the Broadway Mall food court in Hicksville,NY.Check yahoo group for upcoming details.
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    Meeting #130 minutes
    12:50pm start

    I-CON update:Dan has been chosen as director of Fan Programming for next I-CON event,whenever it takes place.

    Club Business:
    -Rob will host our annual holiday party at his house(private event)on 12/14 beginning @2pm.
    -Club Constitution draft still needs to be reviewed for approval.

    Previous Events:
    -Rifftrax Live presents Starship Troopers at select theaters 8/15
    -Deep Fry Party at Cindy and George's house 8/24
    -Dragon*Con 8/29-9/2 Atlanta,GA.

    Upcoming Events:
    -9/28 Club Anniversary Party at Plainview Residence Inn @4pm(private event);check yahoo group for info
    -10/9-10/13 New York Comic-Con at Javits Center,NYC.
    -11/8-11/10 L.I. Who at Clarion Hotel,Ronkonkoma,NY www.longislanddoctorwho.com

    Event Planning:
    -There is interest in getting a group together for a day trip to NY Renn Faire in Tuxedo,NY on 9/14.
    -There is interest in doing a horror movie marathon on or around Halloween;check yahoo group for updates.
    -Group trip to Intrepid Museum in NYC will be planned some time in spring.

    Upcoming Meeting Dates:
    #131 10/20 11am at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington,NY cinemaartscentre.org
    #132 11/17 11am location TBD
    #133 12/8 11am location TBD

    meeting end 1:20pm
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    Attendance for September meeting:
    Chris,Rob,Billy,Triss,Abhay,Lenny,Kathryn,Michael,Cindy,George,Bill K.,Anu.