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Lg.Is, NY Meeting #131 10/20/13 11am

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Trooper-C, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Trooper-C

    Trooper-C Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 14, 2003
    The next DB516 meeting will be on 10/20/13 at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington,NY starting at 11am.
  2. Trooper-C

    Trooper-C Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 14, 2003
    Meeting #131 minutes
    12:20pm start

    Attendance:Chris,Dan,Rob,Anu,Cindy,George,Michele,Leslie,Billy,Bill K.,Andre,Lenny

    I-CON update:There is talk of holding mini-conventions next year.The website will be updated 10/29 with a major announcement.

    Previous Events:
    -NY Renn Faire trip in Tuxedo,NY
    -Hotel Anniversary party at Plainview Residence Inn
    -New York Comic-Con at Javits Center,NYC

    Upcoming Events:
    -Clive Young presents The What,Where,and How of Doctor Who 11/1 at Freeport Public Library at 7pm.
    -L.I. Who 11/8-10 at Clarion Hotel,Ronkonkoma,NY
    -DWNY viewing of Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode at Stone Creek Lounge 2pm,NYC.

    Event Planning:
    -Rob is Planning to have the club holiday party 12/14 at his house 2pm(private event)
    -12/22 Cindy and George will be having a Sunday brunch at their house 10am.
    -A hotel room has been reserved for 5/3/14 for a May the Fourth Be With You party.

    Upcoming Meeting Dates:
    #132 11/17 11am at Game Master Games in Hicksville,NY;club nominations
    #133 12/8 11am location TBD;club elections
    #134 1/12 11am location TBD

    meeting end 1:40pm