Lg.Is, NY Meeting #132 11/17

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    The next DB516 meeting will be held at Game Master Games in Hicksville,NY on 11/17 at 11am.This meeting will have club office nominations.
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    Meeting #132 minutes
    12:40pm start

    Attendance:Chris,Dan,Rob,Bill K.,Dana,Ken,Triss,Jake,Cindy,George,Leslie,Michele,Lenny,Billy,Tara&Shine,Faith,Chris C.,Micheal.

    Previous Events:
    -L.I. WHO;a resounding success.attendees enjoyed themselves.tickets for next year are being sold now.
    -Clive Young's Doctor Who library programs;very informative and well laid out,

    Upcoming Events:
    -11/30 the 501st legion will be at the Cradle of Aviation in Garden City,NY from 10:30am-2:30pm
    -LI-CON 3/29-3/30 at Best Western Hotel in Rockville Centre,NY.

    Event Planning:
    -Check yahoo group for a possible Hobbitt part 2 group viewing
    -Club holiday party at Rob's house(private event)12/14
    -12/22 Sunday Brunch at Cindy and George's 10am

    Club Nominations:
    Chapter Rep.-Rob(unopposed)
    Event Coordinator-Rob(unopposed)

    Upcoming Meetings:
    #133 12/8 12pm at Game Master Games in Hicksville,NY
    #134 1/12 location TBA
    #135 2/9 location TBA

    meeting end 1:48pm