Meeting #5 - Update

Discussion in 'Cleveland, OH' started by Krash, Jun 30, 2002.

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  1. Krash RSA Emeritus

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    For those of you who couldn't attend the "meeting" or party down in the Metroparks, you didn't miss much (as far as meetings go). C-bus got there before most of us, so we didn't have much time for a "formal" meeting. But we did huddle to discuss things we could with who was there here's a rundown:

    "Jedi Council" of Cleveland: As we've discussed online, I wanted to begin a "council" to act as leaders of the Fanforce. And, after working the detail with everyone at the meeting, I'd like to announce that DonC and Darth Zod have accepted the nomination to the "Jedi Council" of Cleveland. Don will head up the treasury duties, including this weekend's cookout. Darth Zod will be in charge of procedures of things, such as online votes/rules of The Jedi Knights of Cleveland. I'll still serve as the link between Cleveland and the other Fanforces and in general. If there are any questions, please ask, and I'm sure we can settle them at our next meeting.

    DONATIONS from Celebration II.5: As for the donating to charity from Celebration II.5, We came up with the idea of saving the proceeds from Saturday, and doing more stuff like that (until the end of the year) when we can do something bigger. The one that everyone seemed to like was where we'd give the money, that is used to buy toys for kids. A funny idea was buying something SW-related for kids (since we are a SW Fanforce)

    Like I said, we couldn't cover much, without ignoring Columbus for too long, so it was a short meeting. But that's fine because we had a fun time. And we need more time/more people to discuss some of these topics.
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    One other thing Krash didn?t mention. We agreed that the best method for voting on Cleveland FF issues is what I like to call the ?Vote and Post? method. Anytime there is a issue to vote on, I will start an online poll. You vote for your favorite choice and then post it within the thread. That way we can rule out any interference from socks and members outside the Cleveland FF. If a tie should ever happen, the members of the Cleveland FF Jedi Council will revote to break the tie.

    If anyone who wasn?t at the meeting has a problem with the above (including Krash?s post), speak up now.
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