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Lg.Is, NY Meeting 80 -- Sunday, July 12, 2009

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by ark3, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. ark3

    ark3 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 27, 2003
    Docking Bay 516's Meeting 80 will be held tomorrow (Sunday, July 12, 2009) at the Broadway Mall Food Court in Hicksville.

    Sorry for the short notice and sorry for the confusion about the dates -- a few members thought this meeting was supposed to be today (Saturday the 11th).
  2. ark3

    ark3 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 27, 2003
    Docking Bay 516
    Meeting 80 - 11:38 AM
    July 12, 2009

    Past Events

    Wizard World in Philly. Dana went and had a great time with Battlestar and Buffy guests. And Spat was there too... :)

    Transformers Movie Event. Dan, Anu, Michael, and Abhay went. It was long and awesome and boring.

    Upcoming Conventions

    San Diego Comic-Con (July 23-26). Lenny is going.

    Star Trek Creation Con in Parsippany (July 31-August 2). Billy and Chris may be going.

    Connecticon in Hartford (July 31-August 2). It doesn't look like anybody is going.

    Dragon*Con in Atlanta (September 4-7). The usual suspects will be there. Michael will be there too. Some folks are having rooming issues.

    Big Apple Convention in NYC (October sometime...). More info next month.

    Chiller Theatre in Parsippany (October 30-November 1). The usual suspects will be there.

    Upcoming Events

    Book Store Event at Best Bargain Books in Centereach, Sunday, August 9, 2-5 PM. Abhay might not be there; Dana might not be there. Running the Wheel of Fortune game may be a problem. Dan, Dana, and Abhay will work on alternate options. Rob will talk to Billy/Steven about getting the wheel and maybe borrowing a projector. Possibly visit The Good Steer for dinner after and maybe even have the meeting then.

    Event Planning

    BBQ. We may do a non-meeting Park/BBQ get-together on August 15.

    Club Anniversary Trip. We voted on location and The Vanderbilt Museum and Gardens in Huntington won. Anu will find a place to BBQ or picnic around there. We will schedule this for September 13 as the meeting.

    Philadelphia Museum Trip to see the Star Trek and Galileo exhibits at the Franklin Museum. We need to figure out when the exhibits close so that we can pick a date.

    Sterling Forest Ren Faire near Tuxedo Park, NY. We will shoot for Saturday, September 19.

    Six Flags. Abhay will go. Dana may join in, if we do the August 17 or 24. Others may join in.

    Laser Tag. Rob will look into the options and investigate the age of the crowd.

    Club Business

    Bio Kit. It's now usable as-is, but Dan will make a few finishing touches and present it at the next meeting.

    The Boards. Dan and Dana will take care of this in the future.

    The Y! Group. Yet again, we will all try to get on the Yahoo! Group. I hope.

    Meetings will be on Sundays only going forward. We have seen no benefit from alternating days of the week, so the club voted to go back to Sundays only. Dana will update the Yahoo Group notifications.

    Dan would like other members to pay attention when he tries to move the meeting back on topic. Others often ignore or don't notice. To address this issue further, Dan will start the meeting with the Club Business section to try to get the most important stuff out of the way first.

    Meeting 81 - August 9 (Sunday) after the event. Tentative.
    Meeting 82 - September 13 (Sunday) at Vanderbilt.
    Meeting 83 - October 11 (Sunday) at the Broadway Mall.

    Meeting ended at 1:50 PM.
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