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Lg.Is, NY Meeting #81 - Sunday August 9, 2009

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by StarFromIHJ, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. StarFromIHJ

    StarFromIHJ Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2002
    After our [link=]Star Wars Day at Best Bargain Book[/link] in Centereach at the Wal-mart Shopping Center, we are having our meeting. The restaurant information will be announced after the event!

    For information on directions to the event please visit this [link=]this thread![/link]
  2. TheBothanJedi

    TheBothanJedi Jedi Master star 2

    May 16, 2004
    Minutes: Metting # 81 8/09/09

    Start time: 7:10 pm

    Club Business:
    Reminded everybody to stay on topic as much as possible. Focus and attention span have been problems in the past.

    Our experiment in alternating the meeting dates between Saturday and Sunday each month failed to show any useful results. Meetings will be on Sundays only from now on.

    The issues with posting meeting anouncements and meeting minutes discussed at the previous meeting are being been taken care of. Moving forward meeting announcements and event announcements will be posted aproximately two weeks before the metting or event, and meeting minutes will be posted aproximately a week after the meeting.

    Please allow some leeway in this as other real life issues can and often will take priority.

    People are now using the Yahoo group e-mail for meeting and event notices. Rob still is unable to get the yahoo e-mail automatically forwared to his main e-mail address. "Vader" Chris expressed some annoyance about recieving so many yahoo emails about this meeting and event.

    Rob suggested that the bookstore event be added to the bio-kit. It should be easy to add in.

    It was also decided that next month there should be a discussion about the club website. Billy and Abhay can provide more details about what needs to be discussed and why.

    Bookstore event recap and praise/gripe session:
    This was possibly our largest and most crowded event since the post office event. Rob believes this is a good thing. Other members, including myself, felt overwhelmed.

    Store employees ran the Jar Jar game for us. Kids seemed to love it.

    The Wheel of Fortune program refused to run on Dana's laptop. This was unexpected since it worked perfectly while Dana, Abhay, Michael, and I were testing it about two weeks before the event. We had to use plan B and run it sort of Hang-man style with markers, paper and an easel. We should probably also consider writing up a rule sheet for this as many of the kids were unfamiliar with Wheel of Fortune and how it is played.

    Rob is already looking to set up another event in this location on either Sunday October 18th or Sunday December 6th, but only if authors are available. If not we would wait until January or later.

    Previous Events:
    San Diego Comic-Con. - Lenny attended, but since he was not at the meeting, it was not discussed.

    Star Trek Creation Con - Nobody attended.

    ConectiCon - Abhay and I were interested in attending, but it fell apart last minute.

    Upcomming Conventions:
    Dragon*Con - September 4th - 7th in Atlanta, Georgia. The usual suspects will be attending. Rooming problems have been resolved.

    Big Apple Con - October 13th & 14th. Location has changed. Now at Pier 94.

    Chiller Con - Halloween Weekend(Friday October 30th - Sunday November 1st) in Parsippany, New Jersey. Oncer again the usual suspectd will be attending.

    Upcomming Events:
    Robot Chicken Skate Party - August 13 - Billy, Steven, Chris, Dana, and Abhay plan on going.

    Club Aniversary Trip to the Vanderbilt Museum - Sunday October 11th. More info to come.

    Hollywood Video Clone Wars Season 1 DVD Release Event - Sunday November 8th at the Hollywood Video in Massapequa. More info to come from Rob.

    Event Planning:
    Sterling Forrest Ren Faire - Tuxedo Park, New York. I believe we are shooting for Saturday September 19th. Who is supposed to be organizing this???

    Trip to Philadelphia to see the Star Trek and Gallileo exibits at the Franklin Institute. I believe Dana was trying to organize this.

    Future Meeting Dates:
    Meeing # 82 - Sunday September 13th at either Cantiague Park or the Broadway Mall. Possibly a BBQ meeting. Billy will get back to us about that.

    Meeting # 83 - Sunday October 11th at the Vanderbilt Museum for the Club Aniversary trip.

    Meeting # 84 - November 8th or 15th at the Broadway Mall. Will most likely be on the 15t
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