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Lg.Is, NY Meeting # 84 - Sunday Nov 15, 2009 at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville.

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by TheBothanJedi, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. TheBothanJedi

    TheBothanJedi Jedi Master star 2

    May 16, 2004
    Meeting 84 will be on Sunday November 15th at 11 AM at our the Broadway Mall food court.

    Election Nominations will take place this meeting.

    If you are already a club officer, please let us know if you intend to run for re-election, intend to run for a different position, or do not intend to run at all.

    If you are not a club officer but would like to run for a position, please let us know as well.
  2. ark3

    ark3 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 27, 2003
    Docking Bay 516 -- Meeting 84
    November 15, 2009

    Meeting started at 12 noon.

    Club Business

    Bio Kit (aka Marketing Document). Dan has produced a copy that he feels is done and good enough for use.

    Election Nominations.
    - Security: Chris
    - Secretary/Treasurer: Chris, Lenny
    - Webmaster: Abhay
    - Event Coordinator: Rob
    - President: Dan, Dana
    - Chapter Rep: Billy

    Absentee Ballots. For this year's elections, the President (who normally deals with all vote counting) has delegated the task of handling absentee ballots to the Secretary. Abhay will be accepting votes via email from now up to (but not including) December 13 at his usual email address. The subject line must have the word "elections" to be counted. Abhay will also be accepting votes by telephone and text message at his usual cell phone number all day December 12 and on December 13 until the meeting gets to live elections. If you do not have his email address or cell phone number, please ask via the message boards or the Yahoo! group.

    Yahoo! Group. Dan and Billy will take responsibility to make sure the Yahoo! Group sends timely and correct information going forward.

    Facebook. Dana will set up a basic Facebook site for the club. We will discuss usage and responsibility at the next meeting.

    Previous Events

    Big Apple Comic Convention. A number of us attended and had a good time. We enjoyed the new venue and management.

    Chiller Convention. The usual suspects attended and had a great time as always. A few newcomers opted to attend as well; they didn't enjoy the convention itself but had a good time during the evening party.

    Yikes: The History of Movie Stunts, Island Trees Public Library. A few of us attended. The presentation was well-received, but the audience was somewhat small. We enjoyed the show and dinner afterward.

    Star Wars Day at Hollywood Video, Massapequa, NY. Attendance was really low. Have we worn out this location, or did promotion not work as well as usual? Maybe we should wait until after I-CON for the next one.

    Upcoming Events

    Nov 21 Star Wars in Concert, Nassau Coliseum, at 2:30 PM and again at 8 PM. Many of us will be attending.

    Dec 20 Holiday Party, Rob's place, Ronkonkoma, NY. We plan to grab lunch somewhere (The Good Steer?) then start at 2 PM. Since the party is being held at a member's house, the event is considered invitation-only. Please email or post for more information.

    Event Planning

    Star Wars Day at Best Bargain Books reprise. There is no new information from the bookstore. We have decided to wait until after I-CON.

    I-CON Planning

    Masquerade. Due to I-CON's new dates (March 26-28) conflicting with Wizard World Toronto, Spat will not be at I-CON. As a result, Kenny will be hosting Masquerade and possibly the Charity Auction.

    Newsletter. We have decided to submit a shortened version of our website information for publication in the I-CON newsletter. Abhay will take care of this.

    Deadlines. Due to the large number of panels we're planning to present this year, along with the fact that Abhay tends to handle all the panel A/V requirements, we will need to have a few strict panel deadlines. By the January meeting (tentatively January 10) you must have the title and at least a one-sentence description for each of your panels. This will allow us to update our website and the I-CON website as well as include further information for the second I-CON newsletter. By the February meeting you must have at least a sample of the material that will go on the projection screen or play from the speakers during your presentation. By the March meeting your panel must be finalized completely. This gives us a couple of weekends to get in a few rehearsals, which is especially important for folks who have not run a panel before.

    Room and Table. Our plan continues to involve having a panel room dedicated to DB516 panels for the entire weekend. We also want to have a table to maintain a presence in or near the dealer area. It should be possible to leave this table unmanned, with posters promoting our events and no valuables to worry about.

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