Lg.Is, NY Meeting # 97 - Sunday, December 12th, Broadway Mall

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    This month's meeting will be on Sunday, December 12th at 11am at our usual location in the Broadway Mall.

    This meeting will be the Club Election.

    The nominees are:

    President - Dan
    C.R. - Lenny and Dana
    Secretary/Treasurer - Chris
    Event Coordinator - Rob
    Web Master - Abhay

    Also, if you are planning on running any programming at I-CON, please have panel names and possible discussion topics ready to be submitted at the meeting.

    I hope to see you all at the Mall.

    -- Dan
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    Meeting #97 minutes
    12:08pm start

    -C.R.'s report:nuttin honey!

    No previous events

    Election results:
    Chapter Rep-Lenny now new C.R.
    Web Master-Abhay
    Event Coordinator-Rob

    Event Planning:

    I-CON planning;all panel info,along with a/v needs due at Feb. meeting(2/13)

    Future Meeting Dates:
    #98 1/9 11pm at Broadway Mall
    #99 2/13 11pm at Broadway Mall(deadline for I-CON panel info)
    #100 3/13 11pm at Broadway Mall

    meeting end 1:10pm

    followed by further discussion of I-CON planning.
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