Tidewater, VA Meeting Minites from Sep 9th meeting

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    Chris Maher
    September 9th 2012 Meetings Min.
    Great to see everyone.
    The Hobbit premier Dec
    13th midnight showing going to try to get us tickets
    Let me know who would like to go to that
    Premier opening Friday Dec 14-15th
    For those that don’t do Lord of the Rings costuming: Please don’t go into debt making a costume unless you’re going to really do it movie accurate. If for some reason you do want an accurate costume email me and I’ll get you to places that have the fabrics you would need to or could substitute. The link below has some decent ones not bad prices and you can reuse them for Halloween if you want.
    Better prices on this one
    http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_sabc?url=search-alias%3Dapparel&pageMinusResults=1&suo=1347239927067#/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dapparel&field-keywords=lord of the rings costumes&sprefix=lord%20of%20the%20rings%20&rh=n%3A1036592%2Ck%3Alord%20of%20the%20rings%20costumes

    Alzheimer’s walk
    Walk sign up ready go to my Facebook page to sign up; this year’s goal is 225.00 if everyone can donate 15.00 that would be great. It’s a very important cause.
    I understand if they may too much so do what you can.
    The Alzhiemers walk is the same day as our Holloween party. The walk starts at 10. a.m. we can walk till about 1 then head over to the library for the party. \
    Meeting dates
    Oct 14th Chesapeake Central Library 2-4 pm Annual Halloween costumes party and pot luck
    There will be a raffle
    President /Chapter Representative
    Chris Maher
    Vice President
    Dawn Kerman
    Secretary/ Treasurer
    Jennifer May
    Vanessa Townsend
    Allen Townsend
    Sarah Maher
    Non council positions
    Event Coordinator
    John Hughes
    Rick Csernelabics
    November 4th TA meeting Chesapeake Central Library 2-4 pm
    Dec 8the TA Xmas party and
    Tribute to Professor Tolkien , The Hobbit.

    December 13 midnight showing Thursday Friday Saturday Dates to be confirmed
    Trying to get us free tickets for the midnight showing.
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  2. Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

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    The memory walk and the Holloween party are on the same day. The walk starts at 10 am if we can get there at like 9:30 am We can walk for about 1:00 ish . Then head over to the library to do the Holloween party.

    Dont forget to go to the my Facebook page Chris Maher and register. Or go to The walk for Alzhimers and look up either chris maher or The Tidewater Alliance. donate. I'd like to see everyone give at least 15.00 but give what you can