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W.VA Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2007

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by -Fettish-, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. -Fettish-

    -Fettish- Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2003

    April 7, 2007
    Meadowbrook Mall, Food Court
    Bridgeport WV

    Those in attendance:

    Darth Raptor
    Wraith Wolf


    1. Noted that Ithorian has resigned as CR and has moved away. Well wishes were expressed for him.

    2. Darth Raptor is now acting CR of Outlanders? Haven.

    3. New club rule announced: You must attend meetings on a regular basis in order to be included in trip planning (transportation, sharing of hotel rooms, sharing of cost, etc.) Otherwise, you are responsible for your own transportation, expenses, lodging, etc.

    4. It was acknowledged and agreed upon that Outlanders? Haven should consider taking more trips and participating in more activities in addition to our yearly trips to the Pittsburgh Comicon and WV Jedicon. There are other comicons, the Air and Space Museum, events of interest, etc, that we all could attend together as a group activity. Further input and suggestions are encouraged.

    5. It was decided upon that we will not be manning a table at the WV State Fair this year. However, Darth Raptor is looking into tagging along with the 501st for this event (and possibly others).

    6. Possible involvement in Rebel Legions (for those with costumes) was suggested. Input and comments are welcomed.

    7. A default meeting time and place was agreed upon: 2nd Saturday of each month at the Meadowbrook Mall food court, 7pm. Unless otherwise specified, this is where/when each monthly meeting be held.

    8. Possibility of conducting online meetings via ?Ventrilo? was discussed. This would benefit those interested in the club but who are unable to attend meetings due to travel distance. Those requiring information regarding the downloading of Ventrilo should contact Darth Raptor, he will PM you the details.

    9. Darth Raptor has offered to act as Game Master for am RPG. Do we want to get together and play? Do we want to play on Ventrilo?

    10. Pittsburgh Comicon trip is a go. As of meeting time, those planning to attend are as follows:
    Darth Raptor ? yes
    Fettish ? yes
    Dotanis ? yes, work schedule permitting
    Wraith Wolf ? maybe

    11. C4 briefly discussed. Nobody from Outlanders? Haven is planning to attend due to extreme travel distance and outrageous cost.

    12. It was noted that members of Outlanders? Haven are willing to travel in order to conduct meetings in areas where interested parties live. This includes our friends in New Martinsville who have expressed interest in the club.


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