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Tidewater, VA Meeting Minutes- May 09

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by DOMNUSKYWALKER, May 25, 2009.

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    DOMNUSKYWALKER Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 12, 2005
    First of all our beloved President is back from Iraq in one piece!!


    Recap of Galacticon

    Here we are year 3rd of Galacticon has come and gone, what a ride!

    Everyones in agreement that the pannels were very good.
    The Fashion Show was a hit! Our surprise guest and Master of Ceremony Edna Mode was "Brilliant"! LOL!!!!

    Members that did come out and participate the council is most grateful, because without you it would not have been able to happen. So Kudos to you all!!
    Also thanks to 501st and HRR mbrs that came. And close friend of the TA for coming out.

    The con will be moved back to March for 2010. Date to be secured and will be posted as soon as we get it.

    Planning for 2010 Galacticon will also beging earlier than January to make it bigger and better.

    Memebership Recruting:

    Discussion for a Face Book Account be created for the TA as well as Galacticon as a tool for membership recruting and TA Events.
    No one has been assigned this task, it will be discussed further in next council meeting.

    Moving con to Chesapeake not popular, due to it would take another event away from Virginia Beach.

    However disscussion on having two Galacticons at Va Beach and at Chesapeake will be further disscussed as we progress.

    Galacticon as a two day event pushed back for awhile. It will only be a one day event for now.

    Meeting rooms have become a problem at Va Beach Library. The council will be working diligently to secure them, even if it means going to a different library.

    Our Next event FANTISCI Chesapeake Library

    Yes Fantisci is back and the TA is going in full force!

    We have been asked to make our usual MEGGA props display that shows our world what kind and Fanboys and Girls we are!!!!! lol

    Jason is going to start for the props list of what everyone is bringing, so everyone be on the look out!

    We will be performing two light sabber demos this year, due to the first time we did it at Fanitsci it was so crowded that fans didnt get to see it.

    Alshiemers Walk

    We will be doing the annual Alshiemers walk in Oct exact date to be announced, please look for the thread.


    Just a reminder June is the Month for Due's. June meeting, please bring them.

    Annual Elections for June
    Do to scheduling conflicts with the library, and personnal scheduling conflicts, our Annual election for council may have to be pushed back to July. More to come on that.

    End Transmission

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