W.VA Meeting Minutes - September

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    (Sorry I took so long to post this. Once again, I was having computer issues...)


    September 16, 2005
    Pizza Hut
    Fairmont WV

    Those in attendance:

    Darth Raptor

    ***Meeting is called to order***


    1. Discussed Halloween party for this year. When/where?


    1. Everyone is encouraged to donate items to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    2. Halloween Party is discussed in more detail. Darth Raptor suggests an outdoor ?survival? game to be conducted at his home. If the weather is foul, a ?quiet? party could take place in his basement, provided we do not become too raucous.

    3. There will be an announcement on the forums regarding the redesign of the club website. If everyone approves of this new site, it will be made permanent.

    4. Also, the site may be moved to a new server as well. Pricing will be posted and the issue of donations to pay for said server will be discussed on the forums.

    ***Meeting is concluded***
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    Update: The outdoor game idea has been scrapped.
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