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O.C, CA Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by droideka27, Nov 11, 2002.

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  1. SRB_Jedi_Knight

    SRB_Jedi_Knight Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 25, 2002
    We will get it fixed soon
  2. BobaFett-MP

    BobaFett-MP Jedi Master star 4

    May 13, 2001
    Guys, the images have already been changed. If the old ones still show up, then they're stuck in your cache. Just hit F5 to refresh the page, and if that doesn't work, then hold down CTRL and hit F5 (a full refresh).
  3. droideka27

    droideka27 Manager Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 28, 2002
    I see the banner 100% fine. And the droideka is awesome! ;)
  4. LordJedi

    LordJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 15, 2001
    Ah, ok, there we go. Had to go into Mozilla (Netscape 7) and completely clear the disk cache. All is good now. And yes, the Droideka does look very good.
  5. BobaFett-MP

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    May 13, 2001
    Barry, theoretically, all you (Netscape user)have to do is hit SHIFT F5 to get it to do the same thing.
  6. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Minutes for Saturday July 12th Meeting by Aaron

    Members in Attendance: Don+Wife, Lori, Dustin, Britt, Tracy, James, Zack, Anthony, Shaun, Aaron, Carrie & Barry

    Items of Business:

    I. Comic-Con Wednesday 16th - 20th

    A. You can work at the official fan club booth at comic-con for an insider subscription but you must have an official T-shirt on.

    B. The Star Wars Fan Films are at 8:00 on Thursday

    C. Masquerade on Saturday. You cannot enter if you wear your costume for the con.

    D. Shaun will be featured on the 501st Panel.

    E. The booth must be clean and manned at all times during convention hours. Sound kept to a minimum.

    F. You must look Professional. No Tank Tops.

    G. We will have 1 8' table with 2 chairs. Don will bring a third.

    H. We will be taking a group picture on Saturday at 6PM.

    II. 1 Year Anniversary dinner

    A. It will be at Buca di Bepo in Garden Grove on August 23rd which is a Saturday.

    B. We will be having plaques for the 2 people who contributed above and beyond the most this year. PM your nominations for these people to Linda on the boards.

    III. Money

    A. The only money to be collected from now on are dues of 2$ Per Shaun.

    IV. Trivia Questions

    1. Who is the only Rebel to refer to Darth Vader as "Lord Vader"? Answer- Lando Calrissean Funiest Answer- Piett

    2. What is Grand Moff Tarkin's First Name? Answer- Willhuff Funniest Answer- Dwayne and Jimbo

    3. What feature does Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator Have that makes it unique from other ships its size? Answer- A cloaking device Funniest Answer- Disco Ball

    4. What is the name of Jodo Kast's ship? Answer- The Foxcatch Funniest Answer- The Minnow

    5. Who was the 1st Rebel pilot to die during the 1st Death Star Battle? Answer- Jek Porkins Funniest Answer- Not Me

    6. What planet are Dugs (Like Sebulba) from? Answer- Malastare Funniest Answer- Mars

    7. (2 parts. Mark 1 right answer for each) What Actress from TPM directed a film that Hayden Christiansen appeared in prior to being cast as Anakin Skywalker in AOTC? Answer- Sophia Coppola Funniest Answer- Natalie Portman What was the title of the film? Answer- The Virgin Suicides Funniest Answer- The Professional Part II Leon Strikes Back

    8. Who did Hasbro declare as their 300th Star Wars action figure? Answer- Boba Fett Funniest Answer- 12 Foot Jango Fett

    9. Which of the Star Wars films has the longest running time? Answer- ROTJ Funniest Answer- How can this answer be funny?

    10. How many blaster shots does Han Solo fire at Darth Vader on Bespin? Answer- 5 Funniest Answer- See Above

    11. What city on Kamino does Obi-Wan go to in AOTC? Answer- Tipoca City Funniest Answer- Riverside No.....Fontana

    12. Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) apppeared in what James Bond film? Answer- For Your Eyes Only Funniest Answer- Octopuss (Something) He played "O"

    13. What does the Ewok phrase "Yub Yub" mean? Answer- Let's Go Funniest Answer- Go Die

    14. All members of the Jedi Council are ranked "Jedi Master" except which member? Answer- Ki-Adi-Mundi Funniest Answers- The Ugly guy or That dude with the big head

    15. Whose Podracer is the 1st to crash during the Boonta Eve race in TPM? Answer- Mowhonic Funniest Answer- Some dude

    16. What planet are Twi'leks (Aayla Secura, Bib Fortuna) from? Answer- Ryloth Funniest Answer- Saturn

    Winner was Aaron with 8 right. He won a Kubrik Boba Fett.
  7. BobaFett-MP

    BobaFett-MP Jedi Master star 4

    May 13, 2001
    Guys, I GOT the Jeremy Bulloch question right. He starred in 2 Bond movies:

    Octopussy (1983) .... Smithers
    For Your Eyes Only (1981) (uncredited) .... Smithers

    I put Octopussy, so I was right! No difference though, I just would ahve tied with Tracy for second (I think).
  8. Jedi-Loreen

    Jedi-Loreen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2002
    Most of those "funniest answers" to the Trivia Quiz were from Dustin. I know, because I corrected his paper and was quite amused as I was doing so. [face_laugh]
  9. dustinbrewer

    dustinbrewer Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 8, 2002
    as you can see, i'm trivia challenged :p
  10. BobaFett-MP

    BobaFett-MP Jedi Master star 4

    May 13, 2001
    Aaron, do you have the meeting minutes yet?
  11. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Here is the meeting minutes for the August the 10th meeting

    I. Introductions

    Conducted by Shawn who introduced the group to the various new members and the new members introduced themselves so we all know each other. Anyone not signed on to boards need to do so asap or contact Shawn.

    II. Explanation of Dues

    Dues for members is 2$ per meeting which goes to fund future events. New members do not have to pay dues until the second meeting.

    III. Look Back at Comic-Con

    We all talked about how we spent to much money but had a great time. We plan to have a much improved booth by next year. We also decided to stick with the free booth so we don't have to shell out 1500 bucks.

    IV. Aniversary Dinner

    Saturday the 23rd of August will be our 1 year anniversary dinner. Dinner to be held at Buca Di Beppo in Huntington Beach. Anthony will post directions soon.

    V. September Activity

    We will be going to Disneyland for our group activity in September. More news to follow.

    VI. September Meeting

    The September meeting will be on the 14th at Lampost Pizza in Orange at 2:30. Same Bat time, Same Bat place. Oh wait this is Star Wars.

    VII. John Williams

    The August activity is on the 30th at the Hollywood Bowl to listen to the music of John Williams, the best composer EVER.

    VIII. Trivia Contest

    Each Blank is worth 1 point.

    1. Shmi Skywalker and ____________ are the parents of Anakin Skywalker. (As Speculated in Episode I). Answer: The midiclorians Funniest Answer: Some bad guy experimenting with midichlorians

    2. Anakin and Padme have two children _______ and ________. Answer: Luke, Leia. No funny answer, everyone got this right.

    3. Luke marries _______ and has one son named ________. Answer: Mara Jade, Ben Funniest Answers: A Hot Chick, Bob

    4. Leia Marries ________ and has three kids_______, _________, and _______. Answer: Han Solo, Jaina, Jacen, Anakin. Funniest Answers: Frodo, Larry, Daryl, Daryl

    5. If you leave Ryloth traveling towards Coruscant at .5 past light speed in your modified YT-1300 light freighter, and you pass Ando, Kalarba and Corellia on your way, what well known trade route are you following? ____________. Answer: Corellian Run. Funniest Answer: The Northwest Passage

    6. The biggest Super Star Destroyer ever created was an Eclipse- Class Star Destroyer used by the Cloned Emperor. What was its name? __________. Answer: Eclipse. Funniest Answer: Bad Ship Lollipop

    7. What is the name of Bossk?s ship? ___________. Answer: Hounds Tooth Funniest Answer: The gonnagetcha sucka

    8. Rancor?s are native to what planet? __________. Answer: Dathomir Funniest Answer: Lucasfilmia

    9. What is the name of Darth Vader?s aide on the Star Destroyer Devastator who supervised the search for the Death Star plans on Tatooine? Answer: Commander Praji. Funniest Answer: Igor

    10. Admiral Ackbar is of the species called Mon Calamari. What planet is he from? __________. Answer: Mon Calamari Funniest Answers: Shrimp Cocktail and Octopussland

    11. What is the event in the time of the Star Wars universe that marks where time is reckoned? ___________. (Like the birth of Christ in our time.) Answer: The Battle of Yavin. Funniest Answer: That time Exar Kun and Darth Bane met the son of Luke Skywalker and they lived in a book starring every star wars action figure!!!

    12. What is Jabba the Hutt?s full name? ___________. Answer: Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Funniest Answer: Jabba-the-Ugly & Dead-Cuz-Leia-Killed-the-Mofo-Hutt

    13. Who are the three founders of the Rebel Alliance? __________, __________, and ____________. Answer: Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and Garm Bel Iblis. Funniest Answers: Larry, Curly, Mo

    14. If you take the number of parsecs Han said the Millenium Falcon made the Kessel run in less than and multiply it by 12 then take the square root of the number, what do you get? You do not have to show your work. __________. Answer: 12 Funniest Answer: Head explodes from effort. Bradley gets props for showing his math.
  12. SRB_Jedi_Knight

    SRB_Jedi_Knight Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 25, 2002
    nicely done Aaron. You did a great job with all the names.
  13. zhi-don_aquintas

    zhi-don_aquintas Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 17, 2002
    aaron: lu says thanks, she will be at the next meeting. of course she blushed when i read your comment to her. nice job on the minutes by the way. i like your style.
  14. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Meeting Minutes for Sunday September 14th, 2003

    I. Costuming Workshop to be held on September 20th from 11AM till 4PM. PM Shawn if you will be attending and he will send you directions.

    II. Prop making workshop on September 21st in La Mirada. We will be working on lightsabers and Eric will be speaking on prop sidearms and will bring a plethora of examples of his handiwork. PM Don if you need directions or you plan on attending.

    III. Disneyland Trip on Sunday September 28th. Meet at 8:30 at the Compass in the outside. 2nd meet time at 11:30 at the Mickey and Walt Statues and a 3rd time at 4:00 by Walt and Mickey again. PM Shawn if you need tickets and we will try and make arrangements.

    IV. November there is an 80% chance that we will be working an in costume event of James Luceno and Del-Rey books signing in Mission Viejo. Costumes must be ready no later than November 15th. Tim from the 501st might be providing trooper support.

    V. The Learning Channel contacted 5 of our members to possibly be on an episode of Junkyard Wars that might film at the end of September. News to follow.

    VI. The Riverside Press-Enterprise from the Inland Empire will possibly be interviewing a few of us about hopes for the next movie. If this happens everyone must remember our standard of conduct and represent the OCSWS according to our standards.

    VII. We will possibly have a movie night in October. Stay tuned for news.

    VIII. Family Night in Irvine at Boomers tentatively set for mid to late October. Shawn will post info.

    IX. Monthly newsletter will be happening soon. This will be professionally done in an HTML format. Any volunteers with experience please contact Shawn or Tracy.

    X. Britt is working on a new superweapon that can destroy an entire planet. Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell. I mean he's working on a new website that will blow you and not I repeat, not an entire planet away.

    XI. Possible pool party in October to be held. Time is a factor so we will update with any information in the future. Shawn and Don are working on this project.

    XII. Lookout for news on a potential charity event in October.

    XIII. San Diego Fanforce is having Pirate night this Friday. Contact Don for info.

    XIV. Trivia Contest Conducted by last months winner the All Powerful Collin.

    1. What is the name of the vessel that Princess Leia Organa was traveling on in the beggining of A New Hope? Answer: Tantive IV. Funiest answer: SDF-1

    2. What line has been in every Star Wars movie up to date? Answer: "I have a bad feeling about this" Funniest Answer: Nanoo Nanoo

    3. How old is Chewbacca at the time of A New Hope? Answer: 200 years old. Funniest Answer: older than dirt.

    4. What is the full name of the Ewok who helps Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi? Answer: Wickett W. Warrick Funniest Answer: Tedd E. Bear

    5. What planet is Darth Maul from? Answer: Iridonia Funniest Answer: The same planet as the Ultimate Warrior. Check the makeup.

    6. Who is the first X-wing pilot to die in the Battle of Yavin? Answer: Porkins Funniest Answer: Biggs Darklighter

    7. What is the name of the object that Luke and Leia are looking for in the novel Splinter of the Minds Eye? Answer: Kaiburr Crystal Funniest Answer: The Sphincter of the Brown Eye.

    8. What was the last command given to Mara Jade by the Emporer? Answer: Kill Luke Skywalker Funniest Answer: Don't do anything stupid.

    9. What are the names of Tatooine's twin suns? Answers: Tatoo 1 and Tatoo 2 Funniest Answers: Sadaam and Osama

    10. What famous Sith Lord instructed Kyp Durron in the ways of the Sith for a short time? Answer: Exar Kun Funniest Answer: George W. Bush

    11. How many tusken raiders are killed on screen during Attack of the Clones? Answer: 3 Funniest Answer: 4 Million and 3

    12. Episode II: Attack of Clones was the very first major motion picture film to use a what? Answer: A Digital Camera Funniest Answer: Canadian Teen Actor

    13. What Major rock band covered the Imperial March b
  15. droideka27

    droideka27 Manager Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 28, 2002
    Meeting Minute for Oct 11, 2003
    (this meeting was held at Bradley?s Mom?s house)

    -First, Shawn would like to remind the officers to check the officer?s discussions on the OCSWS boards. We need all officers to participate in those discussions.

    -New to this meeting is OFFICER REPORTS! From here on we will have each officer give an update on their particular area each meeting.
    -Tracy: We can have the ?JC Events? (fun) banners, too. Also, a reminder for all members to check the OCFF JC boards at least once a week. These forums are mostly used for new members and other Fan Forces to contact us, but please feel free to chat on it as well. We don?t want to look dead to prospective members!
    -Aaron (cover by Tracy this meeting): Recap of last meeting
    -Don: We have $51 in our treasury.
    -Anthony: we will be having a bowling night in novemember, more info soon
    -Barry: He is putting together video of us from events like relay and comic-con
    -Britt: New smilies added to the boards. We are moving serves, from Chicago to CA, which should overall make our boards/site run faster. Also, check out the new Halloween banner on the OCFF boards

    -We compiled a Phone List which has been emailed to Shawn.

    -We have a new officer: Bradley has been named ?Charity Liason? Congrats!!!

    -This meeting was also a costuming event. Our next costume workshop will be Saturday 10/18/03. TIME: 10:00 am - 4pm LOCATION: Bradley's mom's house. (Same place as workshop #2)

    - LosCon is official. We will have our own booth. Please check out the LosCon threads in OCFF or the OCSWS board for more information. Dates for this event are Nov 28th - 30th

    -Shawn has sent in our table request for Comic-Con 2004. Hopefully we will be able to get a free booth like we did last year. If not, Shawn is currently trying to work out sponsorship with Jeff parks (yay!)

    -Bowling night, early November

    -No new info on del ray, and the signing.

    -We need to start working on our display for Comic-Con 2004. Anyone interested, please talk to shawn!

    -We are planning a Star Wars movie marathon for late November, early December. More info next meeting.

    - Eric is hosting Lightsaber dueling classes? anyone interested, please contact them! All you need is to show up, and have shai-nai stick for fighting. They are Wednesday nights from about 6:30-8:30pm. First you will be taught the basics of defense and attack, and later, choreography.

    Members in attendence:
    Anthony Helmer
    Barry McGeorge
    Dustin and Jenn Brewer
    Britt Dietz
    Lori Procopio
    Matthew Tillard
    Collin Insley
    Zack Boston
  16. BobaFett-MP

    BobaFett-MP Jedi Master star 4

    May 13, 2001
    Nice Job Tracy! I'll 'weberize this' asap :p
  17. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Minutes for November 16, 2003

    I. James Luceno signing in San Diego was really fun. Only Shawn and Barry attended and the rest of us really missed out. They had tons of give aways.

    II. LOSCON is the friday after thanksgiving. Let Shawn know asap if you are going.

    III. Comicon 2004 - After the first of the year we will start building our display. There will be plenty of opportunities to lend a hand.

    IV. Relay 4 Life - Next year if you want to be on the American Cancer Society committee then contact Shawn and he will set it up.

    V. Officers Introduction - Each officer gave a report on who they are and what they do.

    VI. Show & Tell - Bradley brought a very keen Gold Slave 1. Britt brought a Boba Fett picture that was really nice and affordable. See Britt for where he got it. Lori's very sithlike Belt was rad.

    VII. Trivia Quiz. There were a lot of pictures as part of this quiz that I don't know how to input here so see for the whole thing.

    1. According to Wedge Antillies, during the battle of Endor, what type of ship is this? Answer: Medical Frigate. Funniest Answer: Disco ship

    2. What type of creature is this? Answer:Space Slug Funniest Answer: Chupacabra

    3. What 'rude' comment does another Protocol Droid say to C-3PO on Cloud City? Answer: E Chuta Funniest Answer: Your mother was a trash compactor

    4. Which EU character's ship takes off from Mos Eisley in the Special Edition of ANH? Answer: Dash Rendar Funniest Answer: Santa Maria

    5. Which 'sector' do TIE fighters appear in during the start of the battle of Endor? Answer: Sector 47 Funniest Answer: Deep Space 9

    6. (2 Points) Who is this character? And What other character does this actor Play? Answers: Lt. Sheckil, Boba Fett Funniest Answers: Commander Buttmunch, James T. Kirk

    7. What is Wedge Antillies callsign during the Battle of Endor? Answer: Red One Funniest Answer: Red 99 Hut Hut Hike

    8. Who is the very first Imperial to die from Vader's Force Choke? Answer: Admiral Ozzel Funniest Answer: Papa Smurf

    9. What tool does Han yell at Chewie for while trying to fix the hyperdrive? Answer: Hydrospanner Funniest Answer: Craftsman 3/4" Box End Wrench

    10. How much did Han Solo want for taking Obi-Wan, Luke, and the Droids to Alderaan? Answer: 10,000 Funniest Answer: ten bucks

    11. (Two Points) How many shots did Boba Fett fire at Luke during the Battle of the Dune Sea? Answer: 3 shots Funniest Answer: 42

    The Winner this month was the Mighty Mighty Bradley who cleaned house with a whopping 10 points. Congratulations! Everybody study your Fett closely for next quiz.

    VIII. Attendance. Looking in my magic mirror I see a very large group of people. A few new people and a lot of familiar faces. Look below to see the list.

    Aaron - Aaron-Wan-Kenobi
    Shawn - SRB_Jedi_Knight
    Britt - Admin
    Don - Zhi-Don
    Lu - Myst Windu
    Bradley - Jedi Blastech
    Matthew - TiePilotLillard1701
    Anthony - Malice_Mizer
    Jeff - Jerrodd
    Jim - Kaui-Gone-Jim
    Barry - LordJedi
    Zack - BucketHead8723
    Collin - starwars6554
    Tracy - droideka27
    Jenn - Jenefor
    Dustin - DustinBrewer
    Lori - Jedi-Loreen
    Erik - TheBlackSmudge
    Sabrina - Sinistra

    Also, Vincent and Marley were present.
    To all that couldn't make it we hope you can come next month. See ya there.

  18. Kaui-Gone-Jim

    Kaui-Gone-Jim Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 19, 2002
    The Canned Food Drive at the November meeting netted one very packed box of goods for the Harvest Food Bank.
    I delivered these Monday to one of their satellite collection locations (St. Justin Martyr Church at 2050 West Ball Road in Anaheim).

    Thanks again to all who contributed! :)
  19. MikeyKnew

    MikeyKnew Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 25, 2002
    May I please say that I've missed you all terribly since I've been in SD? May I please come to the next meeting?
  20. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Sorry it's taken so long to get the minutes up. With finals and the holidays, I've been very busy. So without any further delay, here is the minutes for December.

    December 14, 2003

    I. LOSCON - Is now renamed "Lost Cause". This was a complet waste of time. We went, we tried, we won't again.

    II. Toys for Tots - Not this year. Bradley is working on new charity events that will be announced as they come to pass.

    III. Costuming - The 2nd and 4th Saturdays in January are costuming events in preparation for the Tim Zahn book signing on February 13th.

    IV. Tim Zahn - February 13th book signing. 501st will be there. PM Barry for details.

    V. March - Relay 4 Life prep. We will work on team fund raising like a car wash or something else.

    VI. New Website - Britt has been busy at the Maw Installation working on our new superweapon, uh, I mean website which will be up by the first of the year maybe. First order of business is the destruction of Alderaan.

    VII. No Secret santa gift exchange this year.

    VIII. Bradley has the coolest Empire Strikes Back Placemats and is the coolest person in the known universe.

    IX. LOTR midnight showing - SOLD OUT

    X. December Boomers event is delayed till January.

    XI. Celebration 3 - April 2005 in wretched Indianapolis instead of San Diego where it should be.

    XII. Grand Slam and Wizard World L.A. Coming in March.

    XIII. January Meeting - to be held at Giovanni's in Fullerton. News to follow.

    XIV. Bradley is getting married in march in Santa Cruz. One more reason he is rad.

    XV. Trivia Contest.

    1. Whom did NOT get a medal at the end of A New Hope? ____________ Answer: Chewbacca. Funniest Answer: Chewey Louie

    2. What are the names of Han and Leia's children? ________, _________ & ___________. Answers: Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. Funniest Answers: Beaver and Wally

    3. Name the species that Kit Fisto is _________? Answer: NautoLauns Funniest Answer: Vulcan

    4. What class of ship is the Slave I? _________. Answer : Firespray Funniest Answer: Delivery Van

    5. What was Wedge Antilles call sign during the Battle of Hoth?_________ Answer: Rogue 3 Funnist Answer: Wedgie

    6. On Hoth in the medical bay, apart from the droid 2-1B, what other droid was there? ___________ Answer: FX-7 Funniest Answer: Orange Trash Can

    7. Appearing in Return of the Jedi, what species was the character Boushh? _________ Answer: Ubese Funniest Answer: Klingon

    8. Who were the 2 people responsible (excluding George Lucas) for creating the images of Star Wars for movie executives when G.L. was pitching his movie around Hollywood? _____________ & _______________ Answer: Ralph McQuarrie & Joe Johnston. Funniest Answer: Generals Eisenhower & Patton.

    9. What was the highest number of action figures shown on the action figure cardbacks from the Original Trilogy? _______ Answer: 92 Funniest Answer: 5 Million

    10. On the Early Bird Kit from the Original Trilogy, who were the figures shown on the fold out and where or how did you get it? Where________ Who 1-12_________ Answers: Where: JC Penney - Kenner Star Wars Catalog Who: Tusken Raider, C-3PO, Death Star Trooper, Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke, R2D2, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Jawa. Funniest answer was a giant ? drawn across the answer sheet.

    11. Seen in the Droids Cartoon series, what was the only action figure released in South America?________ Answer: Vlix Funniest Answer: Yoda on drugs

    12. How many guns did Gold 5 estimate were around/along the trench during the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope?________ Answer: 20 Funniest Answer: 3.14

    13. What was Lando's title(on cloud city)?________ Answer: Baron Administrator Funniest Answer: Great One.

    14. By what doctrine did Govenor Tarkin establish and use to rule before and after he was made the Commander of the Death Star?__________ Answer: Ruler by Fear Funniest Answer: Monroe Doctrine.

    15. What is the name of the covered city on the planet of Alderaan?_________ Answer: Terrarrium C
  21. Master--Kenobi

    Master--Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2003
    Hey Wait a Min...

    Kenobi from Up North here...Los Con (while it has been called Lost Cause and a whole lot worse since it started)..was not completely a waste of time.. We met Shawn and some of you others there AND because of OC (yeah..All your peoples fault) we are in the process of starting Tulare County Fan Force...Plus we just sorta Adopted ourselves to you. (That will teach Shawn to run us down) Oh yeah, we were the Kenobi, Anakin, Padme and Master Ash..also don't forget Anakin's "Dead Mom" that was lugged all over the con after the costume contest and the next day. She is also our mascot.

    So, we are hoping to start making it down for some of the Costume Workshops, Armor Workshops (we do have a vacumform to bribe with..even though nobody here has the faintest idea how to work it)... and help with some of your funraisers.

    Will be checking in with the OC boards and hope to see everyone in person fairly soon. (Or as soon as it quits snowing and shutting down the grapevine)

    Clear Skies to all

  22. zhi-don_aquintas

    zhi-don_aquintas Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 17, 2002
    thats all we need, another mouth to feed. hey didnt obi-wan say something to qui-gon about another charity case or something? no, seriously were glad to have you guys around. drop by sometime and say hi.
  23. LordJedi

    LordJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 15, 2001
    we do have a vacumform to bribe with..even though nobody here has the faintest idea how to work it

    You must get in contact with Tim Knapp (Theatrix) of the 501st. I'm sure he can help you guys figure it out since I believe he's got his own equipment for that as well.

    I can't remember if anyone in OCSWS has one or not.
  24. Master--Kenobi

    Master--Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2003
    Yeah..we know when were wanted! :) That's Ani's "Dead Mom" is definitely coming down with us. Everyone who was at LosCause knows exactly what I'm talking about! :)

    Let us know when your next meeting is, because we are going to plan a trip down for it. I'm assuming there once a month. Right now ours are every other Friday cause we want to get this thing official asap.

    And if you ever manage a LightSaber training on a Sat afternoon, or Early (very early) Sun afternoon, we would also like to get down for that. Ani and I are pretty good at wacking each other. And both are learning live steel fighting. But, definitely can always use another eye to check us and give us pointers. Plus costume workshops, etc.

    So, watch we come.. you have been warned!


    -Master "K" - / Kim :)
  25. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Before I get started, special thanks to Barry for the assist on compiling the minutes due to my tardiness because of the early start time. Barry Rules!

    Meeting minutes for January 11th, 2004 at Giovanni's in Fullerton

    I. New Member Intro - Robert Estrada is cool.

    II. Offiecer Intro and Updates - Britt and Barry are working on the new website.

    III. Costuming workshop - 1/17/04 Saturday at Bradleys Mom's house from 9-4

    IV. Tim Zahn Booksigning - Tim Zahn's new book, Survivor's Quest. Friday Feb. 13th. Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble. Trivia Quiz with Prizes. Being Prizes by the February meeting. 80 questions total. We will maybe have a table outside the B & N to sign up new members. You need to be there 20 minutes before and after.

    V. February 1st - Flyer Day - Blanket cars for booksigning.

    VI. Boomers - Next Sunday. See thread on the website.

    VII. Bradley - Fan films - Need Ideas - long, short, charachters, etc. Need Equiptement - Lights, props, etc.

    IX. Relay Meeting - Shawn and Bradley will be going to the Relay for Life meeting on the 13th. Possible saga viewing, give aways, dueling this year. Think of ideas to raise funds this year.

    X. Wizard World and Grand Slam - March. Parksabers will be at Wizard world as well as the green clone trooper bust.

    XI. Comic-Con - Room reservations. Possible sponsorship by Jeff Parks.

    XII. Trivia Contest.

    OCSWS Trivia Quiz Special Edition
    The Keeper of the Minutes Strikes Back
    (Note: Opinion based questions are the opinion of the Keeper)

    1. After the first Death Star exploded, what planet did Darth Vader go to first on his way back to the Empire? _______________ Answer: Vaal Funniest Answer: VaderVille

    2. In Kevin Smith?s Clerks, Dante and Randall debate over the destruction of the second Death Star and if the destruction was justified. Who present on the death star is the reason for the arguement? ______________ Answer: Independent Contractors. Funniest Answer: Energizer Bunny

    3. Who wrote the Book ?Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible?? ___________ Answer: Steve Sansweet Funniest Answer: Michael Chricton

    4. In George Lucas?s original 40 page outline entitled ?Journey of the Whills? that became Star Wars, who was the main character? ________________ Answer: Mace Windy Funniest Answer: Frodo Baggins

    5. Who manufactures R2 Astromech Droids? _____________ Answer: Industrial Automaton Funniest Answer: Droids R Us

    6. Who is the Author of the ?Thrawn Trilogy?? _____________ Answer: Timothy Zahn Funniest Answer: R2 People

    7. Sebulba is a Dug, Dug?s are native to what planet? (Hint: They are podracing there, very fast, very dangerous) __________________ Answer: Malastare Funniest Answer: Saturn

    8. Jabba and Gorga are famous Hutts, what planet are Hutts native to? ___________ Answer: Nal Hutta (By way of Varl) Funnies Answer: Huttville

    9. Nerf Herder is a semi-famous punk rock band, what record label are they on? _____________ Answer: Honest Don?s Records Funniest Answer: Scruffy Looking Records

    10. Watto is a Toydarian who are from Toydaria, what kind of tricks don?t work on them? ___________ Answer: Mind Tricks Funniest Answer: Leperchaun Tricks

    11. What are a Twi?lek?s ?head-tails called? __________ Answer: lekku or tchun-tchin Funniest Answer: Bob 1 & Bob 2

    12. The Coolest Wookiee EVER was the mighty Chewbacca, what planet are wookiee?s native to? _________________ Answer: Kashyyyk Funniest Answer: Hairy Planet

    13. If you take the number of bounty hunters that Darth Vader hires in The Empire Strikes Back and multiply it by six and then find the square root of that number, what do you get? ________ Answer: 6 Funniest Answer: A Headache

    14. Who would win in a fight between Superman and Boba Fett? _________ Answer: Superman Funniest Answer: Predator

    15. In the original Marvel Star Wars series, after the conclusion of Episode IV, Han and Chewie leave for other adventures, what is the name of the first Jedi-Knight that they encounter? ___________ Answer: Don-Wan Kihot
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