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O.C, CA Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by droideka27, Nov 11, 2002.

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  1. droideka27

    droideka27 Manager Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 28, 2002
    Meeting Minutes for February 8th, 2004.

    Meeting began at 2:45pm

    Anthony began the meeting.

    First order of business was the introduction of new members: Dana and Harper.

    After introductions had been made, the first topic of discussion was the Zhan Book signing this Friday (Feb 13th). To guarantee that you will be able to obtain a signature and get to meet Timothy Zhan, you will need to receive a wristband. Barnes and Noble will be handing those out beginning at 3pm. At 6:30 there will be a Trivia Contest which Tracy will be running (from the ocsws side of things). Zhan will arrive at 7pm. Most OCSWSers are planning on arriving at 5:45 or 6. There will be a place for you to change into costume, if you would prefer to change there. We are working with the 501st on this event.

    The Pacific Symphony event was a great success. Members of SDSWS and the 501st worked with our costumed members of OCSWS to create a fun event for all the children. Children asked for autographs and took pictures with all our costumed members. Over 2000 people were present at this event. The highlight was a fully working Artoo unit.

    There are now two new officer positions: Vintage Era Collecting Officer, and Modern Era Collecting Officer. Bradley, because of his extensive knowledge of Vintage merchandise is filling the first position. Dustin will be taking the second position, due to his ever helpful updates on where to find the latest figures. Congrats, guys. :)

    Shawn mentioned the costuming workshops, and what a large success they were and wanting to take another chance to thank Jen for all her work. Carrie and Lori were very helpful as well. Beginning around mid April, a new set of costuming workshops will begin. These ones will be for creating Xwing Pilot costumes. Estimated cost per person of this costume will be $200. This includes chest pack, helmet, etc.

    This is a reminder for all jedi to get out to a Lightsaber training class soon! They are held every Wednesday night, check the forums for more recent news. We want the maximum number of jedi possible for choreographed fights at the Relay for Life event.

    2004 booth construction will begin soon. The booth will look like a blast door on the back wall, and have small walls on the side and a counter in the front. This is going to be a large project, and Shawn has requested that next meeting when the dues are collected that April, May, June and July?s dues will be collected as well as March?s. That is $10 per person. You will NOT have to pay dues until August if you pay fully in March. A reminder will be posted as the march meeting approaches, I am sure.

    Monthly Events are back. Monthly events will be set at least 2 weeks prior to the event to allow for people planning around them. We would like as many people as possible to attend.



    Barry kept us updated on the JC side of things. Fan Force is having a logo competition. Voting will be open to all FFers, so keep and eye on FF Comms! Early stage planning is beginning for the Fan Force party at Celebration III. More information will be announced as it is revealed. Also, he would like to remind everyone going to make your reservations NOW.


    At each meeting an envelope will be passed around to collect dues. Please write your name and the amount paid on the envelope, put your money in, and pass it on. The current total in OCSWS?s account is $189.51. A thread will be started on the OCSWS boards to show what exactly your money is being used for.


    The new website IS up! Hooray. Everyone check out the small calendar on the main page. Clicking on ?lit up? days will take you to a thread on the event. We have a poll on the main page as well that will change at regular intervals. There is also an Episode III countdown. My favorite feature is the Latest Forum Topics box. It?s pretty neat, and lets you
  2. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Meeting Minutes For April 18th, 2004 held for the first and last time at Twila Reid Park.

    I. Outdoor Meetings - No more meetings outdoors EVER.

    II. Relay for Life Registration - Everyone needs to turn in their registration page filled out in Black Ink in All Capital Letters to Shawn by the BBQ on Saturday. Our cancer that we are walking for is Leukemia.

    III. Relay Video Game Challenge - By next meeting we will decide who will run this event. We need to decide judging criteria, etc.

    IV. Relay Raffle - Everyone needs to bring in $10 worth of toys to the next meeting for the gift baskets. Of course this means Star Wars toys.

    V. Other Relay - Robert is heading up a kids camp with Padawan training. We expect 30-40 people in costume between us, the San Diego Star Wars Society, the 501st and the Rebel Legion. Lightsaber Show at 8:00

    VI. Relay Sign Up - Check the thread on the boards to see what other items that you can sign up to bring.

    VII. COMIC-CON - We will be building our top secret booth starting in may. We will announce the date of the build at the may meeting. Also, Britt is working on our new banner which will rule. Thursday at Con is the Fan Film Awards and Friday is Star Wars day. This will be the biggest Star Wars Con ever.

    VIII. PICNIC - next saturday at Mile Square park at 12:00 in Area 2. SD, LA, and the 501st are coming out. See the thread at for details. Lightsabers are okay but absolutely now lightsaber Fighting is allowed.

    IX. BARRY - reports that FanForce is still fighting on the new logo. Details to come.

    X. DON - Get money for Con to Don ASAP if you haven't yet paid. Also, the lightsaber build is postponed. Check the thread for details.

    XI. AARON - Press kits are coming along great. All officers that have not sent Aaron you bio needs to do it now.

    XII. Midnight Madness - Shawn is working on a possible midnight event for the DVD release or the Holy Trilogy.

    XIII. Trivia Contest - Postponed. Erik will be representing next month with an awesome Quiz that is 3 months in the making. Study hard kids.

    XIV. Attendance - Well the magic mirror is broken for now so I decided that the Star Wars equivalent of the Mickey Mouse Club will be the Wicket the Ewok club. So lets have all the Ewokskateers sound off below. Ready? Okay!

    Aaron Aaron-Wan-Kenobi
    Don Zhi-don Aquintas
    Mitch NecroKnight88
    Lori Jedi-Loreen
    Eric Roseblood
    Rion Drac-Cave
    Barry LordJedi
    Dustin DustinBrewer
    Jennifer Jenefor
    Kim Lady Eldaelen
    Matthew TiepilotLillard1701
    Sabrina Sinistra
    Erik TheBlackSmudge
    Shawn SRB_JediKnight
    Tracy Droideka27
    Robert RobeeWanKenobi

    If I missed anyone, please PM me and I will take care of it and I apologize in advance. Thanks.
  3. Centauri_Ambassador

    Centauri_Ambassador Jedi Youngling

    Jul 16, 2004
    Forgive the interuption. I am looking for the Jedi group who were attending Loscon last year.
    I worked with a younger member of the group on his sword play and I wanted to know if he is still in. I want to know how he turned out.

    If I have gotten to the incorrect person I would appreciate any assisance.

  4. Master--Kenobi

    Master--Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2003
    HEYYYY!!! You are the Centari that worked out with our Anakin Skywalker....We are with Tulare County FanForce.
    Yes, he has been doing absolutely incredible in his training..(and training me as well!!

    We have been wondering what happened to you! Check out our boards and Ani is here with me. We definitely want to stay in contact!! We will also be at ComicCon so maybe we can meet up again!

    Master K
  5. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Minutes for May 16, 2004

    I. The Super Secret Announcment - Shawn and Barry are both resigning after Comic-Con due to the fact that their lives are too busy to devote the amount of attention that their jobs entail.

    II. Elections - All nominations for President and Vice President need to be made before the June Meeting. Robert and Anthony are nominated with Haper accepting a nomination conditionally. No Campaigning can be done or you will be removed from the running. Winner is pres and second place is Vice.

    III. FanForce logo - Barry brought in two examples of the possible fanforce logo. News to follow.

    IV. Relay Choreography - Harper is the "hall monitor from hell." and current lightsaber/shinai teacher. Robert has written the script for the event. If you want to be a part of this, you must contact them immediately.

    V. Friends Account - At Roberts Ace hardware, there is a friends account which gives 5% back to us. PM Robert for details. Robert is also building Sith Guns that you can hold during the event if you get in touch with him.

    VI. Relay Bank Night - Official Bank night is June 21st. Ours will be announced soon.

    VII. Triia Contest There was not a single funny answer so that portion of this section is deleted.

    1. When was the full size T-16 skyhopper first seen? Answer: the garage/oil bath scene in ANH

    2. How many lights are there on Darth Vader's chest box? Answer: 3

    3. What were the two hemisphers that comprised the body of the imperial torture droid in ANH made from? Answer: unused R2 dones

    4. What two innocuous 20th century items were in teh background during the training remote scene onboard the Falcon? Answer: White plastic trash bags and cardboard boxes

    5. The Death Star tractor beam was coupled to the main reactor in how many locations? Answer: 7

    6. What noteworthy event was going on in the background when Han was preparing to search for Luke and arguing about the temperature? Answer: the aftermath of a wampa attack on some tauntauns

    7. What wre Han and Luke's chances of survival when they were lost on Hoth? Answer: 725-1

    8. What was the Imperial probe droid's reported position when the rebel sensors first picked it up? Answer: Zone 12 moving east

    9. What did C-3PO call Chewie when he discovered that his head was on backwards? Answer: flea bitten furball and overgrown mop head

    10. During Luke's holographic message to Jabba, what did Bib Fortuna whisper to Jabba before saying "He's no Jedi"? Answer: master, bargain rather than fight?

    11. What droid company produces R2 droids? Answer: Industrial Automaton

    12. What is Tibanna gas used for? Answer: blaster bolts

    13. What does the government of Thrawn's race call itself? Answer: The Chiss Ascendancy

    14. Name the true villians in Survivor;s Quest? Answer: Geroons/Vagaari

    15. What was Jar Jar's grammatical slip during his address to the Senate in EP 2? Answer: Dellow Fellagates

    The score was tied at 6 between Eric and Matt. Smudge emailed the tiebreaker question which is below.

    What two "joke" items were placed in the foreward window of the blockade runner in ANH?

    Answer: a tiny star wars poster and a playboy centerfold.

    Your winner is Matt. Matt is responsible for preparing next months trivia quiz and having the prize for the next winner. Congratulations Matt!

    VIII. Attendance - I am posting the names of the people who signed up on the attendance sheet. It is very important to sign up because a lot of things in the future will be based off of length of membership. i.e. who is getting a parksaber. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who signed up on my attendance sheet. The Mirror says, "look below for the list dude." Okay.

    Anthony, Carrie, Barry, Lori, Lisa, Harper, Eric, Tracy, Collin, Zack, Jennifer, Don, Erik, Sabrina, Rion, Matthew, Wayne, Robert, Daniel, William, and Aaron.

    If you were there and wish to be added to the list please PM Aaron. Thanks!
  6. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    The Meeting Minutes for June 13th, 2004

    I. Relay 4 Life - 13 days until Relay. We need people to be there early by 7:30 or so to help with the set up.

    II. Bank Night - Saturday the 19th at 3:30 at Lampost Pizza in Orange. Bring your $5-10 Star Wars toy for the basket also.

    III. Relay Sign Up - If you've signed up to bring TV's or game systems for Relay or anything else, be sure to do so. Without your help and follow through, we will not be as successful as we can. Please bring what you signed up to do so.

    IV. Line Battle - Starts at 8:00. Free for all in an open arena to start and then those who worked on a routine will do their thing.

    V. Lap Roster - Those without costuems will do the majority of the walking after 3:00. Sign up on the lap roster in the relay forum. We also need a video game coordinator and a fan film coordinator.

    VI. New Meber - Peter Koehler is our newest member. He is a newly married musician and an Eagle Scout. Everyone be sure to interoduce yourself to Peter. He is ready to get dirty and help the OCSWS be even better.

    VII. Eric Rooseblood's saber - Eric's custom saber was made by a friend of his to his specs. PM Eric if you are interseted in having one made also. Keep in mind that Eric's friend will not reproduce anything from the movies.

    VIII. Parksaber's at Comic-Con - We will have 5 kits for new O.C. residents that sign up at our booth to be raffled off. Also 7 members of our group will get saber's to demo at Con. Check the thread for eligibility info.

    IX. Comic-Con Joint Banner - We will be making a 9' Banner for the Southern California Star Wars Alliance which is us, the SDSWS and the 501st. We will only have to man the booth 1 person per hour and one person total due to the fact that we are having a joint booth. Also, the group photo will be Saturday morning while everyone is still in costume. Also, Rebel Legion breakfast will be taking place on Friday morning, news to follow.

    X. Canon Costumes - PM Shawn if you have a canon costume for possible perks at Con for volunteer work.

    XI. Rooms at Comic-Con - Get with Barry NOW if you are going to be staying in one of his rooms so he can guage wether or not he needs to cancel a room.

    XII. Celebration III - See Barry before June 21st if you are a definate yes for this event. He is working on getting a discount rate on rooms.

    XIII. Roberts Tips for Relay - BE APPROACHABLE. Smile and have fun and people will want to talk to you about the club. If you don't have a costume and you want one, see Robert ASAP. He has tons of great ideas to help free your inner Jedi. Sabrina will also help you sew your costume for a small fee if provided with a pattern, material and she can measure you. A few simple rules though. 1. No Armor 2. Do not bring it to her the day before an event. Breaking either rule will lead you to a new definition of pain and suffering and I don't mean the all powerful Sarlaac.

    XIV. Dustins Collecting Report - Wampa and other small sets are currently available at Target. Sandrawler is coming soon. Many Unleashed figures are scheduled to be out soon so PM Dustin if you are looking for anything special and he will help you find it.

    XV. Trivia Quiz - This months trivia quiz was brought to us by the all powerful Matthew.

    1.What type of terrain is Coruscant?
    Answer: City Funniest Answer: City, city and more city.

    2.How big is the Executer?
    Answer: Aprox. 16km Funniest Answer: Really really really ridiculously big.

    3.Who was in command of the Star Destroyer Avenger at the Battle of Hoth?
    Answer: Captian Needa Funniest Answer: Admiral Osald

    4.What happened to Darth Revan in Knights of the Old Republic?
    Answer: YOU are Darth Revan Funniest Answer: He got capped

    5.What is the name of the treaty that formally established the unified rebellion?
    Answer: Corellian Treaty Funniest Answer: Treaty of Versailles

    6.What is the formal name for the rebels?
    Answer: Alliance to Restore the Republic Funniest Answer: None

    7.When was the formal declaration of the New Rep
  7. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Monthly Meeting Mintues for Sunday July 11th, 2004 held at Lampost Pizza in Orange.

    I. OCSWS Under New Management - Shawn would like to thank everyone for the 2 years of support from everyone while the club has been under his leadership. Anthony and Harper have decided that they both do not want to be Chancellor so Robert wins the title by default and because he is the right choice. The vote for Vice-Chancellor was held heads down thumbs up style with Anthony pulling out the win by a nose. Congratulations to both Robert and Anthony. You will both be very busy people.

    II. Anniversary Dinner - Robert and Anthony need to get busy planning the 2nd year anniversary dinner for the club which happens next month. Get busy guys.

    III. Relay for Life - The final score was $1700. This is incredible due to the fact that there weren't any online contributions this year. Shawn will be working with the ACS to help with the website donations for next year to make it even better.

    IV. Comic Con Volunteer Opportunities - If you wish to volunteer your time at the Con in the Lucasfilm area, you need to get ahold of Tim ASAP. you must have either a costume or a club shirt on. There are great perks involved with this so see Tim if you are interested. You must do all that you commit to do or it will reflect poorly on the club so do like the Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said and "Choose Wisely."

    V. Parksabers at Con - Those involved with this will be meeting with Linda on preview night for a run down of the rules. We will not be walking sales reps. Batteries will be provided.

    VI. Comic Con Booth - We will be sharing a booth with the 501st right next to the parksabers booth. 1 person will have to man the booth at all times in 3 hour blocks.

    VII. Rebel Legion and 501st meals - If you are a member of the Rebel Legion or the 501st then contact your XO for details surrounding these events. You must be a member of these groups which is separate from the OCSWS to participate.

    VIII. Group Photo - This will happen most likely on Sunday. Britt might have to work some magic with multiple pictures due to scheduling troubles.

    IX. Full Size X-Wing - Do not touch this. Follow all rules all of the time. We are representatives of the club and must follow the code of conduct at all time. Any rule breaking will result in being ejected from the event and disciplinary action or expulsion at the club level.

    X. Comic Con Prep Meeting - This Sunday we will be having a meeting. See the thread for details and bring a $10 item for the gift bag.

    XI. New Member - Dale who posts as exador on the boards attended his first meeting. Thanks for coming Dale and we look forward to seeing you at many events in the future.

    XII. Barry's Report - Barry would like to thank everyone also because he is stepping down. PM Barry for info on Celebration 3 rooms.

    XIII. Don's Report - After Con get ready for the return of $2 dues.

    XIV. Dustin's Report - K-mart has the Vintage Figures. PM Dustin or see the collecting thread for his wealth of news on Collecting.

    XV. Aaron's Report - Be sure to sign in every meeting because a lot of opportunities are based on attendance and lenght of membership. If you are not signed in, you weren't there. Also, see Aaron if you are new to give him you contact info.

    XVI. Robert's Report - Be approachable. We can grow the club by being approachable and talking to those who will listen and handing out cards. Thanks to Shawn and Barry. Robert has many new Crazy ideas. If you have any suggestions or need to talk, then see Robert. He will follow your career like Palpatine and Anakin. He loves Democracy like another famous Chancellor so keep your eye on him and don't be afraid to discuss anything.

    XVII. Anthony's Report - Anthony has lots of ideas that he will put into motion. He is also available to talk.

    XVIII. Trivia Quiz - Erik will present this next month.

    XIX. The Roseblood Report - Count Eric is thinking of a Documentary in the "vein" of "Trekkies". If anyone has any quest
  8. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Meeting Minutes for October 17th 2004 Meeting held at Lampost Pizza in Orange.

    I. New Members - Welcome to new members Amber and Don. Hope to see more of you at future meetings.

    II. New Meeting Location - Future meetings will be held at Denny's on Beach Blvd. This venue has a big room that is seperate from the rest of the resturaunt and is great for this kind of thing.

    III. Officers Meeting Notes - On Friday the 15th, the officers met and discussed the following.
    a. We need to ammend our charter to be in line with fanfoce rules in regards to dry events. Please vote on the thread and voice your opinion.
    b. Please read the online code of conduct. Treat everyone with respect and avoid flaming.
    c. All minors will need release forms on file if they wish to participate in future events. Contact an officer to get one.
    d. We are looking in to getting club insurance for the shinai class and other events. If this doesn't happen within two weeks, Shinai class will be suspended until it does.

    IV. Information Hotline - Check out the information hotline thread for the number. Call this number which is updated sundays with club events for the following week.

    V. Bowling Night - October 23rd is bowling night for the OCSWS. This will be held at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley which is located just north of the 405 on Brookhurst by the OSH.

    VI. Trick or Treat in the Street - This event is thurday the 28th from 3-7pm at orange circle. We need a team to work the table for this event. Contact Rob to volunteer or for further details.

    VII. UCI Visit - This event is the 28th and is close to full. See Rob if you are interested.

    VIII. Celebration 3 - Rob and Lewis are planning on renting a trailer and van to attend this event. If you are interested in making this road trip then contact Rob.

    IX. Episode III - We are planning on a group viewing for this so be on the lookout for the theater with the biggest clearest picture and the best sound.

    X. Unofficial Star Wars Day at Disneyland - James is the mastermind behind this event. The date is June 25th and we plan on making this event global. Contact James with any tips you may have.

    XI. Charity Thread - We have the green light from Steve Sansweet but are waiting to get all our ducks in a row with the government before this happens. News to follow.

    XII. Anthony's News - Anthony is working on a T-shirt for the Unofficial Star Wars day at Disneyland. Please PM him with any ideas you have and don't forget to vote.

    XIII. James's News - James is the new Event Coordinator. If you want to plan anything, contact James before you post it for clearance. November and December events will be few and far between due to the holidays. Look for a big increase in January. PM James with any event ideas.

    XIV. Phil's News - We will be having rehearsal for the fan film very soon. Also, PM Phil for info about his Halloween event.

    XV. Smudge's News - If you are intersted in going to Rocky Horror after Bowling and want to participate, PM Smudge for details.

    XVI. Trivia Quiz - After a long absence the Trivia Quiz returned courtesy of James. James did an unusual quiz where he displayed a picture of the battle at Geonosis and asked us to list as many items as we could as long as it wasn't a chair. The winners were 1st Rob, 2nd Anthony and 3rd Aaron. Congratulations. Rob will be back next month with a new quiz.

    XVII. Attendance - Looking through the magic mirror which is featuring a new lightsaber style handle, the Keeper of the Minutes saw the following people at the meeting. Aaron, Lisa, Marley, Peter, Dustin, Jen, Vincent, Jennifer R, Matthew, James, Anthony, Phil, Lori, Roseblood, Zhanette, Mitch, Nick, Don, Amber, Sabrina, Master Zhi-Don, and the Black Smudge.

    I apologize if I misspelled anyones names or missed you. Please PM me if I did so. See ya next month.
  9. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi

    Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA star 3 VIP

    Dec 8, 2002
    Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 5:55 pm Post subject:


    Meeting Minutes for November 14th held at Denny's.

    I. Dues and Raffle - Dues were collected. News on the Treasury will be updated by Don as soon as his computer is up. See the treasury thread. Barry won a SW Special Edition poster and Adam won a OT Yoda in the raffle.

    II. Meeting Times - Vote soon before the poll closes to voice your opinion on meeting Times.

    III. Flaming - This activity will end now. We are a club United in our love of Star Wars. If you love Star Wars then you are a full fledged member just like everyone else. Your input is important. PM or Call Rob or any officer if you have any issues at all.

    IV. December Hooptiebang - December Theme party preliminary planning is going on now. December 17th tenatively. At the Hometown Buffet in Santa Ana on 17th and Grand. Cost is $10 per person. If you wish to participate in the gift exchange then PM Anthony.

    V. Unofficial Star Wars Day at Disneyland - No Costumes. We will have t-shirts made. The website will be up for this after the holiday season. The date is June 25th, 2005.

    VI. Celebration 3 - There is a temporary hold on volunteers for this event. Rob will provide an update for this soon after Tim contacts him.

    VII. Doo-Dah Parade - This is November 21st. This is a possible event. See the thread.

    VIII. Relay for Life - We have no new news. If you have any ideas for kids activities or things to make this event even better than last year then please Email or PM Rob with your ideas.

    IX. Lazertag Night - This is a possible future event. Look for a future thread for details.

    X. Episode III - We will have a group viewing at the midnight release. We voted and the majority ruled that we do not care if the sound is good or the screen is big. Fun is the majority opinion. News to come.

    XI. Fan Film Announcements - Roseblood at the behest of our Director Phil announced that the final Location for Scenes 1 & 5 are the Botannical Gardens behind Fullerton College. If you are in these scenes then you need to attend a meeting at Rosebloods house at 12:00 Noon on Saturday the 20th. PM Roseblood for directions. P.S. Rosebloods real name is Roseblood and it's on his birth certificate. Any rumors that his real name is Eric is a complete lie.

    XII. Trick or Treat in the Street - This event was very successful. See the thread for news. The director of the TOTITS invtied us back next year. Roseblood filmed this event. If you are interested in a copy then see him. Next year we will have a full booth.

    XIII. Trivia Contest - The Trivia Contest was hosted by Rob this month.

    All questions are about the film "A New Hope"

    1. In the opening scene of ANH how many planets and moons are visable? Answer: 3

    2. Which Ship fired first? Answer: The Tantive IV

    3. Which side does Vader wear his saber? Answer: The Left Side

    4. What did C3PO say to R2D2 when the main reactor shut down? Answer: This is Madness

    5. When was the word "teleport" mentioned? Answer: When Luke is in his garage.

    6. What was Luke doing when he was talking with Ben about his father? Answer: Fixing C3PO's Arm

    7. How many death sentances did Dr. Evazan claim to have? Answer: 12

    8. Where did Chewie put his bag when on the Millenium Falcon? Answer in the seat behind the Pilots Chair.

    9. How many Jawas carry R2D2? Answer: 5

    10. What cell block was Chewie supposedly transferred from? Answer: 1138

    11. Who struck first in Ben vs. Vader? Answer: Ben

    12. Who was the first person to ignite a lightsaber? Answer: Luke

    The winner is Smudge with 9 correct. Congratulations Smudge!

    XIV. Attendance - Looking into my Jedi Holocron which captured the entire event. I see the following people.

    Robert, Aaron, Smudge, Don, Lu, Lisa, Marley, Roseblood, Lori, Nick, Mitch, Rion, Adam, Amber & Don, Sabrina, Anthony, Matthew, Britt, Dustin, Jen, Vincent, Barry, Mrs. Barry and New Member the Big Daddy. Sorry
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