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Meeting Notes, February 16, 2013

Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by QueenHighMistress, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. QueenHighMistress

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    May 8, 2005
    Welcome to the new recruits!
    Great to see you, and please don't run away!
    Introductions all around.

    Grimby reports that recruiting efforts did not go swimmingly at the table.
    (Props to zeraduel for mentioning this some time ago!)
    Grimby decided it was time to try it out, set us up a group and paid the fee. It's $12/month in 6-month increments, so if it works out we will need to use treasury funds or have members "sponsor" a month in order to keep the group going.
    In three days, we had five people sign up.
    We are all encouraged to sign up (it's free for individuals) and join the group so we look as robust as we really are to get people excited.

    Note: We are especially interested in recruiting electricians and plumbers right now, but we'll work with what we can get.

    Membership Swag
    There was much discussion of the ins and outs of the legalities surrounding this, and it was decided to offer items on the boards and at meetings/cons to members only, as we have done with shirts in the past, and have extra items for giveaways and new members.

    Shirts: If we decide to, we can do a new run of one of our designs. Cory's former employer still has the files and would work with us as he did with Cory. Zoo has the contact info for that, and for another potential printer, or so I'm told. I think part of the meeting had a dimensional slip.

    Patches: There was much enthusiasm for a run of patches. Obey Wann has info on who the 501st uses, and DieWompRatDie will be looking into that.

    The rest of the member swag will be tabled for now. Stickers, pins, etc., could come later.

    Name Badges:
    Grimby is heading up the design on our name badges.
    Jawa Jaka and Obey Wann have contact info for ordering.
    These run about $19 each and are individualized with our real names and board names.
    See the thread for more discussion.

    @SITH__CHICK's Secret Item: Sponsoring a Denver Comic Con Guest
    The idea is to get a fan-favorite Star Wars guest and sponsor her to come to DCC, i.e., Bonnie Burton, Star Wars Craftress and wife of R2-D2.
    There is a question of how much this would cost. Obiwannabe said it would likely be around $1,000.
    The idea of each of the Star Wars fan groups chipping in was floated, and there seemed to be interest from both the RL and the 501st. There will be a thread on the board to present the idea and discuss (I think this included floating the idea on the other group boards, too).

    The RMFF X-Wing Challenge Coin
    Open for orders.
    There is a limited run of 300 coins, so get your order in to PtrsonsZOO ASAP.
    $10 per random coin, $15 for a specific number.
    Big ol' thread for details and pics.

    St. Patrick's Day Parade
    Coordination is taking place on Faceborg, as there are so many freaking groups involved.
    If you are not in the parade group on FB and want to be, contact Obey Wann (though the boards or FB -- that name is used for FB as well).

    The Siths have the parade banner, which we will use again. They also have the float and will let us know if we need a repair day.

    Planning prep: Carpool or ride the train. Get there by 8:00. There may be construction again, but we're not sure just yet. We do not know where in the parade we are until the beginning of March, so be flexible. Bring water and sunscreen. It could snow. Don't trust the weathermen, as they can't tell if a flurry or a blizzard is coming anymore.

    Non-canon costumes are fine. Kilts are fine. Green and Irish bling are encouraged.

    No costume? No problem.
    There are several people with more than one costume who might be willing to lend you something.
    We also need enthusiastic people wearing SW shirts to help guide the half-blind people in helmets and keep everyone somewhat together.

    NO DRINKING. I don't want to know what you'll look like once Zoo is thorough with you if you break this rule.
    KEEP KIDS CORRALLED, for their own safety -- there are a lot of drunks who are not us, and I barely trust us some of the time.
    DO NOT GO COMMANDO if you are kilted. We're supposed to be family-friendly, and you never know when an inopportune breeze will strike. This is the time to break out the SW boxers your girl hates -- well, she either hates them or she bought them for you. Or maybe something Irish and cheeky that covers your cheeks (and your other bits).

    Michael from Costume-Con was nice enough to come talk to us for a bit.
    May 17-20, Friday morning - noon Monday, Red Lion Inn at I-225 and Parker Road.
    There will be over 60 panels, demos, and workshops.
    Day passes are available for $30/day (Monday's is $15).
    Masquerade-only tickets are available for people who only want to see the competitions.
    There are fangroup discount tickets for $60, which we can get directly through Michael, who will be at every con between now and then, and they are updating the website, so there may eventually be a way to purchase there. There were also flyers handed out at the meeting for mail-in registration.
    They are working out details for fangroup tables and will get back to us with rules for those. We may want to share this table with the other SW fangroups.

    We'll have a table in the same spot as last year, and will have our usual accouterments. Plus a prize wheel (which darth_hair will build -- we all saw him say he would) with trivia (Nerfherders said he would bring his SW Trivial Pursuit). We will have stickers and other prizes (tattoos?) for the wheel, and donated prizes are encouraged. Please bring donated prizes to the March meeting.
    As it was last year, anyone staffing the table must have a pass.
    Grimby will have a Rifftrax/bad Chinese subtitles movie panel again. Avengers if he can get some issues resolved, or Backstroke of the West again if he can't.

    Pinewood Derby
    It has been brought up to Wings over the Rockies, and they will get back to us.
    We will need to promote at Starfest and DCC.
    We should have some finished cars at the tables (I believe darth_hair has the kits if you're interested or want to build a demo car).

    Same info as last month.
    Ticket prices will increase on March 1.

    May 4th
    There's been no word back from Cal about using his sets.
    Snowy Range and Pikes Peak are interested in coming.

    Droids (Jawa Jaka and others)
    Blast-a-Trooper (Brack)
    Green-Screen Photos
    Golf Course (if it's repairable)
    WOTR will handle crafts
    (More at the May the Fourth Faceborg page, since so many groups are involved -- contact PtrsonsZOO if you're not in the FB group.)

    There will be food trucks, Fan Films in the theatre, and the hope is that the Beer Garden next door will have some specials. (I just hope they're still open once we're done.)

    Setup begins Friday, May 3 at 3:00 p.m.
    A sign-up sheet will be set up so we can coordinate jobs.
    Who wants to volunteer to keep Zoo from spontaneously combusting?
    Bueller…? Bueller…?

    Open Cockpit & Maintenance Day
    March 9 is Open Cockpit, and March 10 is Maintenance Day

    Treasury Report

    July Barbecue
    JawaJaka has volunteered to host our annual barbecue!

    Next meeting
    Sunday, March 24, at Village Inn at Colorado Blvd and I-25.
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    Dec 2, 2008
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    Jul 25, 2004
    Thank you, now I'm well informed ;)
  4. QueenHighMistress

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    May 8, 2005
    Re Starfest prizes: There are some random Star Wars things in the dollar bins at Target. The one thing that didn't look random (left over) was a Star Wars Angry Birds desk set (notebooks, pencils, ruler -- that sort of kit).
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    Dec 2, 2008

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    Mar 25, 2002
    Good job, so for the SF table spin the wheel prizes, Gift It would like to donate some magnets, various SciFi/Comic/TV stuffs.
  7. QueenHighMistress

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    May 8, 2005
    Ethereal Adornment will see how things go and might have something by Starfest....
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    Feb 9, 2003
    Thanks, QHM! It's nice to be able to keep informed with what's going on over there. :)