Meeting Notes - January 10, 2004

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    Just posting up a recap of the meeting for those that were unable to attend and those that want a reminder of the discussions that occurred at this month's meeting. The meeting was led by Shelbi and began with the introduction of the attending members with screen names to new member John. Welcome to the club John!!!:0) Two games of Laser Tag preceeded the meeting and for some members a game was played after. Group winner of the first game was none other than the "Birthday Boy" Gary, and for the second game was Heath.
    First item of discussion was the Christmas party, a wrap-up to decide if people had fun, if it is something that we would want to do again, and things that we might want to do different. Concensus said that it was fun and we definetly want to do it again. Possible changes: Shouts from Shelbi "Billy's videos are banned!!!", possibly renting a big screen t.v., other shouted comments "No changing the rules of the game once the game has begun", "No more Star Wars Trivia", and "No Monopoly" :0)
    Second discussion was an update on the Tulsa State Fair (led by Gary): The council has met with Georgette the events coordinator of the Fair and she has expressed the possibility of having the Fair theme be Star Wars(she is contacting Lucasfilms) She would like ideas within the beginning of this next week regarding what we would like to do(there will be a post for this-please contribute any ideas), she was thinking things like ships hanging from rafters, large "statues"(AT-ST~ 6 feet tall). All is still tentative at this time, no confirmations yet. There will be budget if given the go-ahead for the theme that Georgette will supply for the displays, etc. Some ideas that were presented were action figure and collection displays, Gary will have R2-D2 done by then (hopefully), vintage toy and memorabilia displays, costumes displayed and worn(probably on weekends). ANY FURTHER IDEAS NEED TO BE POSTED IN A NEW THREAD ASAP!!!
    The Hospital visit was discussed and updated by Ray: There are many rules and regulations governing what can and cannot happen on the hospital visit(Cannot be on the weekend only on weekdays during regular business hours, no masks, and definetly NO DARTH VADER!!(he is considered scary) Ray suggested possibly changing it to going to a Children's home instead(he has contacts in the Sand Springs Children's home), other suggestions included the Ronald McDonald house and the Shriner's hospital.
    Next metting will be on the first Sunday in March(this is tentative, discussions about times, place and day need to be made in another post). Dues for the year will be collected at this meeting, $25 per person for regular membership, $30 per person if you want a shirt(there is a situation with the shirts but it is being dealt with). Fair Update will happen. Discussions about Expo ideas, movies to see together, Plano(may interfere with Tulsa State Fair), Fliers for expo and fair. This meeting is tentatively set at 2 pm, the thread will also discuss times.
    Possible future events for non-meeting months were discussed. Some suggestions were: Going to the Zoo, a picnic in the park by the Lake in Claremore, movie nights, another float trip(with only canoes this time), drive-in movies, a 4th of July celebration/meeting, February event(bowling or paintball), Fun Huse (71st and Memorial), Laser Tag at Mickey's, Tulsa State Fair work(displays, business cards, costumes, etc.)
    The banking account is also still being worked on. The dues are there but the account still has not been opened because of decisions over group names/non- profit/or joint possibilities. The Council is still working on this.
    Meeting End. See you all later.
    Once again...Happy Birthday Gary!!!!!
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