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Buff, NY "Meeting Notes (No Replies Please)"

Discussion in 'Buffalo, NY' started by strawbary, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 5-15-04 7:00pm ? 9:00pm
    9 Members in attendance

    I. Banking Books ? We currently have $167.12 in the account.

    II. Diplomats ? Marty is currently a full-fledged Diplomat. The diplomats now have their own e-mail address.

    III. T-shirts ? The prices of the t-shirts is as follows S-XL $5.75 each minimum of 12, 2xl $6.75 minimum of 12, 3xl $7.75 minimum of 12. They can also do jackets and buttons for us.

    IV. Hanging out ? Possible next month we will have a hanging out day with another chapter.

    V. Dueling ? There will be a session of dueling on the 12th of June.

    VI. Book Club ? The next book to read is Survivors Quest. In addition, the meeting will be on July the 10th. We are going to try to get Y.J.N involved with book club meeting. More information will be available on the boards.

    VII. Star Cases ? Any one interested in buying some star cases let Chris (cr) know The large size is $1.25 each and the small size is $.99 each. These will protect your figures from the elements.

    VIII. Calendar events ? Take note of these events coming up. Sep 21st is the DVD release. That will be the weekend of the grape and wine festival as well.
    IX. The Next Meeting will be at Chris and Mindys house on June 19th.
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    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 6-18-04 Members in attendance 11 Sergeant of arms Jay

    I) Force Ball Tournament ? We went over the rules of the game. There will be a $5.00 donation for there charity, and food tickets will be a $1 each.

    II) T-shirts ? We looked at another company and their prices were not as good. Next month we will order the shirts.

    III) Celebration 3 ? Chris has the number of rooms needed to give to the people in charge. (more info on this on the thread)

    IV) Book Club ? The meeting for the book club will be end of July beginning of august.

    V) Dueling ? July 10th will be the next dueling date. We need to spend more time practicing and less time talking!

    VI) Star cases ? Chris will get a price for the star cases and let us know by email. If you did not tell Chris you want some please let him know ASAP.

    VII) July meeting ? The July meeting will be July 10th at Jedi Jason and Jaime?s house, time 6:30pm, The meeting date may change so look on the boards.

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    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 8-7-04 Members in attendance 17 Sergeant of arms Shaun

    I) Cantina Cashier update- Larry and Janice Went over the banking and explained to us that there needs to be activity in the account every month. This means at least $1 a month needs to be deposited every month.

    II) New Members- There was two new members to the group meeting Felix (Nyuma1) And Ed (Dsith)

    III) Comic con recap- Larry and Janice talked about their experience at comic con. They heard that if you are not a hyperspace member you will not be able to do certain things at celebration III

    IV) Book Club ? The meeting for the book club will now be the end of October

    V) Charity update- Mindy talked to the new head of relations. He is a SW fan and wants to come to one of our meetings. We need to come up with ideas to raise money. Some ideas we came up with are bake sale, pop can collection, and placing jugs around the area with our information. They would also like us to come down and prepare or serve a meal for the kids.

    VI) Book Club- The book club is set back another couple of weeks. We are still reading Survivors Quest. We will post a date around the end of October.

    VII) Star cases and stands- An order will be places after the next meeting. If you did not tell Chris you want some please let him know ASAP.

    VIII) Dvd release- We have been invited back to media play. Matt will be at the transit road Media Play and we will be at the NFB and McKinley mall locations. We will be raffling off a saber hilt at those two locations.

    IX) Events- Grape and wine will be on Sep 25th, that is also our 2 year anniversary.
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    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 10-16-04 Members in attendance 13 Sergeant of arms Lisa
    Time in 6:50pm to 9:00pm

    I) New Members-We had two new members in attendance Lordsidious1121 and Sting1012.

    II) T-shirts ? We had a discussion about the t-shirts and who is getting what there are 2 different colors you can get black or gray for $9.00 a piece. Also you can get hoodies for $16.50 We saw samples of the shirts to look at sizes and the shirts are also pre-shrunk

    III) Charity?s- JediJason8080 spoke about some charity?s he had done some research on. The first is there you can purchase a breast cancer pin for $10.00 and $9.40 of it goes to the charity. The pin is of princess leia holding a light saber and she has a cancer pin on her shirt. If you are interested, please go to The second charity is the Wicket the ewok appeal. This charity is trying to raise money for the peterborough?s special care baby unit. Any donations will help supply the Neo-Natal unit with one additional incubator, plus all the monitoring equipment necessary for the care of premature and sick infants. The third charity Jay starwarsarmboy spoke about a charity that is close to his heart. He spoke about the lymphoma society run. He is asking for any donation you can make. There will be a person that will be running for his parents. At the Halloween party there will be a basket so you can make your donation.

    IV) Cyber jocks ? Gil (Jedixxl) is talking with cyber jocks to hold a SW battlefront event. Where we can come in costume and possibly get a discount to play.

    V) Hats- Gil spoke about possibly getting hats from a local store. There would be a $85.00 start up fee and the hats would range from $15-$10.00.

    VI) Fan Film- Gil also has an idea for a fan film. All he has to do now is write a script for it. .

    VII) Dues Discussion- For all new members you must still pay your dues for the first year. However, for all remaining members that have paid their dues for the first year will not have to pay this year. If there is not enough money in the account by this time next year, we may all have to pay dues again.

    VIII) Northeast regional meeting- Right now no one from the group is going because of the long drive in the middle of winter.

    IX) Corn Maze- first annual NR corn maze event. If you would like to participate in the maze. We will be meeting at Chris and Mind?s house on Oct 29th at 7:00pm. Bring a flashlight, boots, and dress for the weather. For more information please read the corn maze thread.

    X) Halloween Party ? The 2nd annual NR Halloween party will be held Oct 30th at 5:30pm at Lisa and Rob?s house. For more information look at the Halloween party thread.

    XI) Compass House Raffle ? We sold $160.00 worth of raffle tickets for the light saber hilt. For those of us who would like to see compass house we will be going there on Nov 27th. We will be meeting at Chris and Mindy aptment at 11:15am.

    XII) Christmas Party ? The 2nd annual NR Christmas party is coming up. There is a poll to see where we want to eat and then we will go to Lisa and Rob?s afterwards. It will be held on Dec 11th at 4:00pm.

    XIII) Bowling ? Shawn will be looking to see when there is open bowling and then we will pick a day that we can all go and have fun.

    XIV) NR Secret Raffle ? there will be a secret raffle at every meeting for an undisclosed prize. Tickets will be one for $1.00 of six for $5.00. This meeting winner was a newby Lordsidious1121 he won a SW dvd standee.
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    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 11-27-04 Members in attendance 11 Sergeant at arms Danielle

    I. Banking Books ? We currently have $528.58 in the account.

    II. Holiday Party ? Everyone put down what they want for the gift exchange. The dinner will be at red lobster at 4:00.

    III. T-shirts ? We have not back from the company, Chris will try again to reach him.

    IV. Jedi Saber Academy ? The next saber academy will be January 8th at 1:00 in the dance studio.

    V. Vader World Tour ? Vader should be here by December. The locations are set where we will be taking photos.

    VI. Website ? we talked about what photos should go on the website and what new things should go on. One new idea is to take picture of us with our screen name. Therefore, people know what we look like and can recognize us.

    VII. North Ridge Elections ? Everything will stay as is except for the diplomats. The diplomats will now be Jay, Jason, Lisa, Janice, and Marty.

    VIII. Future Events ? 1) toy swap/trade will be on January 22nd at 6:00. 2) Bowling ? will be sometime in January we did not decide what day yet, more info to follow. 3) Hang out - December 17th will just be a hang out/ game day. 4) Niagara university games ? Chris will find out they will be need us.

    IX. Open forum ? We talked about compass house and what the need from us. The biggest thing is money but they also need other things. Anything that is not junk they will take like clothes, bedding, furniture, and food.

    X. The Next Meeting will be at Larry and Janice?s house on January 22nd at 7:00.
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    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 1-22-05 Members in attendance 10 Sergeant of arms (We thought we did not need one. We were wrong.)

    I) Cantina Cashier update- Larry and Janice said our money is still in the account $568.58

    II) New Members- There was two new members to the group meeting Matt (Astromech-R2) and his wife Danielle.

    III) T-shirts ? It does not look good the company we are dealing with will not call us back. We may have to look for a new company.

    IV) Dueling ? Ken our web site guy is willing to teach us more about dueling. Therefore, we will now have two teachers.

    V) Concert ? Matt (Astromech-R2) has a band and he is talking to a club about turning it into a cantina for a night and having a SW masquerade party.

    VI) CIII ? There will be a Fan Force/Rebel Legion/501st party at CIII. The price of the tickets is $20.00 pre pay and it will be held on April 22nd.

    VII) Open Forum ? We plan on make another trip to compass house to drop off more stuff in the upcoming weeks
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    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 2-25-05
    Members in attendance Jason,Jaime,Christian,Mindy,Jay,Danielle,Brian,Gil,Larry,Janice,Marty,Nikki,Lisa,Ken,Jake,Amanda,Chris,Ed,Nick
    Sergeant of arms Ken

    I) Important Update- We have found some flyers saying there is another Buffalo SW club. This club charges $55.00 to join and includes the price of your EP III ticket. You must contact this person by email and send the money to a P.O. Box. Warning this club has nothing to do with the North Ridge Fan Force.

    II) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?We have $570.58 in the account. However, they cut a check to for web hosting to ken. This brings the balance down to $450.58

    III) T-Shirts ? We are going to contact Greeks and Sneaks about making our t-shirts. There were other company?s mentioned that we will look into as well.

    IV) Up coming events ? A) cabin fever ? this is a compass house event that we wont be able to make on 3-12-05. B) Toy World Café ? TWC has asked us to come back for there grand opening again this year. This will be held on 3-12-05 from 12-2pm. We are encouraged to come in costume.

    V) Junior achievement bowl-a-thon ? Gil had a SW knights of the old republic 2 standee up for raffle to raise money for the bowl-a-thon. Jaime was the winner of the standee.

    VI) ROTS ? we need to find out what day and what time everyone will be to be at the Theater for the Rots opening. More information coming soon.

    VII) Book Club- For the book club we are to read Labyrinth of Evil. From now on, we will be give assignments on how much to read by a certain date. The first assignment is due on 3-11-05. You are to read the first three chapters. You can read ahead but can not post about it until everyone has gotten as far as you have. You do not want to tell people what will happen next.

    VIII) Editing Posts ? Chris our CR will now be able to edit our posts if he sees something that should not be there. This was done before by the RSA but now the CR has the duty.

    IX) Next Meeting ? The next meeting will be held on April 19 at Jay and Danielle house.
  8. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 3-19-05
    Members in attendance Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Lisa, Rob
    Sergeant of arms Mindy
    Start 7:20pm End 8:15

    I) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?We have $452.58 in the account.

    II) Secretaries Report ? Jason - Birthdays in April the 4th is Danielle, 17th is Gil, 18th is Shawn, 23rd is ken, 29th is Marty. On the March 21st clone wars new episodes start. On the March 22nd SW clone wars Vol. 1 dvd comes out.

    III) T-Shirts ? Chris ? He talked to Greeks and Sneaks and the shirts will cost around $14.00.This will include the set up fees which are 15.00 per color. Larry and Janice will contact them this week and see how long it will take to get them done.

    IV) Matt Stover book tour ? Matt stover will be in town on Tuesday April 5th at 7pm at the Barnes & Nobel on Niagara Falls Blvd.

    V) EP III ? Chris will call and talk to the theater soon. We were asked to come up with some ideas for what to do while we are there. We will be having trivia contest. Any ideas please send Chris a PM.

    VI) Concert ?Matt ?The concert is planed for April 20th from 7pm until 1am. We are asked to come in costume and take pictures with the people there. In addition, we will be selling raffle tickets for prizes.

    VII) Compass house donations ? Jason ? We will be selling all women?s and children summer clothes to a consignment shop. There we will get half of the profits and we can then give compass house a check every month to help out. All other clothes can be given to compass house.

    VIII) Meeting - The next meeting will be held on May 17th at 6pm. Location to be announced.
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    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 6-25-05
    Members in attendance Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Lisa, Rob, Shawn, Aaron, Antoine AKA/Marka Ragnos, Brian, Bryan, Felix, Rob, Mike, Dan
    Sergeant of arms Jay
    Start 5:25pm End 6:25

    I) We had four new members in attendance Mike,Dan,Rob,and Antoine. We all introduced our selves to the new members.

    II) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?We have around$300.00 in the account. (The book was not present tonight) Brian did not cash his check from us yet. In addition, we have collected $29.00 for Compass House from the Broadway Joe?s event.

    Secretaries Report ? Lisa?s Birthday was June 9th and Bryan Stoyle?s Birthday is July 20th. So Happy Birthday to them.

    III) Light The Night Walk ?Jay- This is a walk against cancer. The walk will be 1 mile around Delaware Park. It will take place on October 1st between 7-9:30. There is a $25.00 donation fee for every walker. So far about 15 people from the NR will be walking.

    IV) Jedi Academy/ Saber Training ?Lisa- a new academy will start soon and take place on Saturdays. Lisa will start a new thread. If you interested in learning how to use a light saber Please post on the thread.

    V) Raffles? Marty- We held a raffle for some of the thing members wanted to get rid of. Felix won a Pepsi standee, Jason won the EP III game standee, Lisa won a Darth standee, and Chris won a Chewy standee. All together, we raised $71.00 for the group.

    VI) Special Note- Chris CR- he wants everyone to watch there language on the boards. Other groups have been suspended for the use of language so everyone be careful.
  10. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 8-7-05
    Members in attendance Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Lisa, Rob, Shawn, Bryan, Rob, Mike, Dan, Jeff, Ken, Dan (bdl)

    Sergeant of arms Mindy
    Start 3:30pm End 5:30pm

    I) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?We have around$391.91 in the account. Brian did not cash his check from us yet. Out of the $391.91 we have $179.00 for Compass House.

    Secretaries Report ? Birthday?s Jaime on Aug 16th , Jay on 5TH Sep, and Rob on Sep 20th. So Happy Birthday to them. Important Dates ? On Aug 27th Shawn will be getting married.

    II) Strike Force Bowling ? There are no SW leagues yet at Thruway Lanes but they would like to give us a bowling party. It would include 2 free games with pizza and pop. The party will be on Aug 26th at 8:00pm.

    III) Light The Night Walk ?Jay- This is a walk against cancer. The walk will be 1 mile around Delaware Park. It will take place on October 1st between 7-9:30. There is a $25.00 donation fee for every walker. That donation has to be in by September 15th. If you are walking you need to go to The team name is Team Lalewicz. In addition, remember to wear something red.

    IV) North Ridge Parties ? A) Invitation Form - Janice came up with a form that can be printed off our website and mailed in to us. For now, Larry and Janice will be the contact person for the b-day parties. We will have an election in December for a new contact person.
    B) Performance ? There were many god ideas thrown around at the meeting. We are all asked to share our ideas of how to improve the B-day parties on a new thread.
    C) Party on the 13th of Aug ? This we be in Tonawanda at 2:15pm. The members that will be in costume are Larry, Janice, Gil, Chris, and Aaron.
    D) Party on Sep 10th For Victoria at Rob and Lisa?s house. The party will be from 12-2:00pm

    V) Jedi Academy/ Saber Training ?Lisa and Ken- Lisa is working on the core 8 steps. They showed us the new sabers that we will be working with. If you are interested in joining the academy please post in the thread. There will be a new sticky on the boards with the new academy dates.

    VI) Upcoming Events ? A) Grape and Wine parade is on 9-24-05
    B) North Ridge 3rd Anniversary 9-25-05 ? We plan to have dinner at Denny?s and the Stop at Spot Coffee. This will happen on Oct 1st before the walk.

    VII) Open Forum ? A) September meeting will be cancelled and we will have a meeting in early October.
    B) Forum updates ? From now on we will have a daily thread where people can post all they want i.e.: Rumpus room. All other Threads should be used to post if you will be there and to give ideas. Not to just fill the one side with Blue or Black.
    C) Costumes ? If anyone needs help with there costume let us know we cannot help unless you say something. There will be a costuming help party happening soon.
    D) Patches (we don?t need no stinking patches) O wait yes we do. Chris has gotten a web site that can make some NR patches. The start up fee is $82.77 and it would break down to $8-$9.00 per patch. If you are interested, please let us know.

    VIII) Special Note- Gil - He wants everyone to know that we joke around allot but some of it has gotten out of control. Members are getting offended about some of the nicknames that are being passed around. Moreover, some of the other groups are saying we are mean spirited. This is not what the NR is all about. We are all friends here and we are not being friendly by hurting someone?s feeling.
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    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 10-15-05
    Members in attendance Jason N., Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Rob, Elaine, Jason
    Sergeant of arms Xander
    Start 6:30pm End 8:00pm

    I) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?We have $594.00 in the account. Out of that $229.80 is for Compass House.
    Secretary?s Report ? Last meeting was two months ago and there was no unfinished business.

    II) Light The Night Walk ?Jay- Jay and his family were very pleased with the turn out and would like to thank everyone for coming out. There will be a beer blast coming up for the runner soon. The cost will be $10.00 all you can drink and eat. Jay will keep us informed of when this will be.

    III) Jedi Academy/ Saber Training ?Lisa and Ken- Lisa and ken were not able to make it to the meeting. This will be added to unfinished business for next month.

    IV) Upcoming Events ? A) One man SW trilogy is at UB on 10/24/05. If you are coming, we need to be there by 6:30 to get it to costume. A bunch of members from Rochester will be joining us. Ticket prices will be $8.50 for members. B) Halloween Party on 10/29/05 at 6.00. NR members can come in their non-SW costume. C) EP III dvd release will be on 10/31/05 at midnight. We are still talking to media play and Comp USA may want us to come out as well. If you can come out please put down what day and what time you can be there.

    V) North Ridge Book Club ? Mindy ? Our book mistress will make a list and we will be able to pick out which book we are interested in reading.

    VI) North Ridge Patches ? Chris ? We need an order of fifty patches. Chris will find out if we can split those into two different twenty-five patch runs.

    VII) Open Forum ?
    A) November meeting does not have a date yet you can post on the boards what day is better for you.
    B) Forum updates ? The boards are getting a little edgy. If Chris sees anything that is questionable, he will remove it with out notifying you.
    C) Costumes ? If anyone needs help with there costume let us know we cannot help unless you say something.
    D) Movie Night ? Gil ? If you are interested in seeing the movie Serenity lets have a movie night. Post what day is good for you to go and we will have a group outing.
  12. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 11-13-05
    Members in attendance Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Lisa, Rob, Shawn, Rob, Scott, Jason S., Dan (bdl), Bryan, Marty, Antoine.
    Sergeant of arms Mindy
    Start 5:30pm End 7:30pm

    I) Treasurer Report- Larry and Janice ?Went over the accounting.

    II) Secretaries Report ? We had the unfinished business of the saber practice for October.

    III) New attendees ? we had three new attendees for November Shawn, Scott, and Kyle.

    IV) North Ridge Holiday Party ? Will be held on the 10th or 11th of December. It will be a pot luck dinner and be held at Scott?s home.

    V) Jedi academy ? We are still looking for a place to practice for the winter months. Lisa will be in charge of the group.if you have any suggestions please forward them to her.

    VI) By Law Review ? We want to make an amendment to the bylaws. There will be a meeting clause. The clause will state: You will have to make it to a meeting before an event. If you can not make it to a meeting, you must let the CR know.

    VII) North Ridge Book Club ? The new book club book will be The Rise of Vader.

    VIII) Patches ? Chris has not heard back yet from the dealer yet.

    IX) Year End Business ? A) Diplomat Review ? We voted on weather we wanted to keep the currant diplomats. The vote is a Yes to keep the current Dips. We will post other essential jobs in the group that members can hold. We will be balancing the books in February 06.

    X) Regional FanForce Holiday Party ? The party will be held in Rochester this year. It will be bring a gift get a gift. In addition, it will be child friendly party.

    XI) BPO - it will be a two hour show. It is free to park on Richmond Ave.

    XII) Open Forum ? A) December meeting we will post pone until January. B) The CR would like everyone to review the TOS so we know what we can post on the boards and what we can not. C) Costumes ? If you need help with your costume let the group know we can help you. Also, do not forget the winter material is coming out for all you guards out there. D) Raffle ? We raffled off a SW strike force bowling standee. Dan (bdl) w
  13. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting date 1-28-06
    Members in attendance Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Rob, Scott, Elaine, Xander, Tom, Kyle.
    Sergeant of arms Mindy
    Start 7pm End 8:30pm

    I) Treasurer Report - Larry and Janice ?Went over the accounting.

    II) Secretary?s Report ? There was no unfinished business for November.

    III) Strike Force Bowling Part II ? If you are interested in joining bowling for next season please post on the thread. And if you are interested in getting a SW bowling ball please post which one you want and what weight you want.

    IV) North Ridge Book Club ? The book club meeting will be March 4th at 2pm at higher grounds.

    V) NR B-Day party request ? The party will be in Hamburg on February 5th at 1:30pm. If you have any ideas of what to do at the b-day party speak up. We would like to hear your ideas. What we will be doing with the children is the Jedi oath, pictures, and handing out coloring books.

    VI) Website updates ? Chris will start a thread for any new ideas of what to do with the website. Then we will have Ken answer what we can and can not do.

    VII) COSI SW Exhibit ? This will be between 6-1-06 and 6-4-06 in Columbus OH. If you come in an approved costume, your hotel will be free. You have to register before 2-14-06 your information and picture has to be in by then.

    VIII) FanForce Awards ? Will be between 4-21-06 to 4-23-06 at the Pittsburgh comic con. Some members will be staying the night others will be making a day trip of it.

    IX) Open Forum ? A) February meeting will be on the 18th at Scott?s house. B) Costumes ? If you need help with your costume let the group know we can help you. D) On March 11th is the Compass House cabin fever winter walk. E) NR photo album ? if you have any NR photos or articles please bring them to the next meeting. And if they are a little crazy, we can put them in the NR scrapbook that is only for members to see.
  14. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    February 2006 Meeting

    Members in attendance: Chris, Mindy, Danielle, Jay, Lisa, Rob, Elaine, Larry, Janice, Dave, Aaron, Scott, Kyle, Peter, Mike, Dan, Jeff, and Gil

    Sergeant at Arms - Elaine

    1. Mindy and Danielle are working on a group scrapbook. If you have anything you would like in the book, please contact one of them.

    2. Jay is going to be purchasing blank CDs to use to copy event photos for everyone.

    3. Book Club ? Mindy has been working on contacting Higher Grounds to hold our book club there on 3-4. Jeff was nominated and accepted to take over coordinating the book club.

    4. We shared some of the favorite 17 Questions while waiting for Gil to arrive.

    5. Communication ? Chris addressed the group to keep the lines of communication open. Please respond to events in a timely fashion and call someone if you cannot access your email or the forum.

    We also discussed the official ?Unofficial Rule? of the NR ? that you must attend a meeting prior to an event. Members will be excused if they contact someone prior to the meeting if they are unable to make it.

    The $25 dues fee is one time only.

    Review of the By Laws will take place at the next meeting.

    6. Appearance Review ? We discussed allowing Mindy to make the first contact at a home for birthday parties. Someone will be designated to make the first contact when arriving at other major events, but the group as a whole will wait to enter together. Tasks will be assigned for events such as photos, mingling, or stationing at the table to answer questions. Those will helmets asked that unmasked people assist since vision is limited. Helmeted members are asked to maintain character as much as possible.

    7. T Shirt Order ? Janice reviewed the order and changes were made as necessary. A full price list will be posted shortly. The treasurer?s are working with the supplier to see if a bowling shirt would be available for purchase.

    8. Bowling ? Starts again on 3/3 @ 7pm. Mmebers were instructed to call Thruway Lanes to register.

    9. The Buffalo/Rochester Roll off is tentatively scheduled for 3/5 in Batavia. More details to follow.

    10. Compass House Cabin Fever Walk March 11 - $15 per person to walk. We are working with CH to see if we could volunteer to help at a concession stand and present our check to them at the event. More details to follow. For more info, please contact MotherOfThe Twins.

    11. Pittsburgh Comicon ? April 21-23. The NE FF Awards will be held on 4/22. Please see the information thread for more details.

    12. Rochester Lilac Parade ? May 13. RSVP is needed by 3/19. More details to follow.

    13. The March meeting will be put to a vote. Aaron offered to host the meeting. Scott also offered.

    14. Gil had some freebies to give away. Janice and Larry gave out SW Valentines. Dan brought pizza for everyone. Anyone with SW news to share is asked to bring it with them to the next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:40
  15. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    Meeting Date: 3-18-06
    Members in Attendance: Jason, Jaime, Christian, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Larry, Janice, Scott, Elaine, Xander, Kyle, Jason, Dan, Lisa, Peter, Mike, Tom & Dave
    Sergeant of Arms: Jay
    Start 7:05 PM End 9:00 PM

    I) Treasurer Report - Larry and Janice ?Went over the accounting. We are looking into another bank.

    II) Secretary?s Report ? There was no unfinished business for February.

    III) North Ridge Bowling Shirt Order ? Some shirts go up to 6XL. There are many styles available & there is no minimum order. The approx cost per shirt will be about $30.00. Also, we can get FX light sabers for $75.00 - $150.00 (See Larry & Janice).

    IV) Upcoming Event ? A) Pittsburgh Comicon $17.00 for a day pass. B) Awards dinner is $25.00. Award nominations close April 6th.

    V) North Ridge Group Info & Updates ? A) By-Law Review: We will be revising the by-laws a little with corrections & some rewording of things. B) Privacy of Personal Contact Info: DO NOT give out anyone?s address or phone number. Tell them to either email them, or to send a PM to them. C) You MUST make it to a meeting before an event. If for some reason you cannot please contact Chris immediately. DO NOT just do a no show or no call. D) Courtesy: Be respectful to other people?s homes & property. Also, if you have any allergies to any animals (cats, dogs, etc..) please let Chris know as that sometimes a meeting is held at someone?s house that may have animals. (Also let him know if you have any food allergies, etc?) E) General Communication: If you need to speak with someone & your email is down call. You should have everyone?s info, if not please email Chris.

    VI) Website updates ? Chris will start a thread for any new ideas of what to do with the website. We want to have a bio page for everyone with either their ?normal? face or in costume. Please write a little bio explaining your name, board name, how long you?ve been with the group, & what got you interested in Star Wars. You can email it directly to Chris.

    VII) Open Forum ? A) April meeting will be on the 30th at Lisa?s house. That is a Sunday at 12:30 PM. It will be a potluck dinner. There will be a thread to post what you are going to bring. Everyone must bring something. If you can?t cook, get it at Tops or Wegmans!

    VIII) Don?t forget, Mindy & Danielle are still doing the scrap booking for the group. If you have any pictures you would like to use, please contact them.
  16. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    April 30, 2006
    Lisa & Rob's House
    Members in attendance: Chris, Mindy, Lisa, Rob, Jay, Danielle, Janice, Larry, Kyle, Elaine, Marty, Gil, Shawn
    Excused: Antoine, Scott, Dan, Mike, Dave, Jeff, Jaime, Tom
    Visitors: Wingnut, Nicky

    1. Open Meeting
    A. Sergeant at Arms - Wingnut was nominated an accepted

    2. Upcoming Events
    A. May 6 ? Free Comic Book Day
    B. May 13 ? Lilac Parade in Rochester
    C. May 20 ? Hot Dog Sale @ Martins (Kyle) - see thread for more details
    D. May 21 ? Syracuse Comic Book Show
    E. May 28 ? Bday party Request
    F. July 1 or 2 ? BPO Concert in Ellicottville - more details to follow

    3. FanForce Awards Recap (video)

    4. Charity Update
    - Check donation - Janice and Larrydropped off the check for $466.80
    - Charity Coordinator - kyle volunteered and was unanimously approved

    5. NR Swag
    -Patches - Kyle is working on our design with the help of Wingnut
    -Bowling Shirts - We will be ordering probably next month. No orders will be taken without the money for the shirt up front.

    6. Open Forum
    A. Next Meeting Date
    B. New events
    C. Yoda World Tour Update - Yoda has been found and is on his way to France!
  17. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    August 2006 Meeting
    Chris & Mindy's house

    Members Present: Chris, Mindy, Xander, Larry, Janice, Jay, Danielle, Lisa, Rob, Victoria, Gil, Eli, Andrea, Mike, Shawn, Dan, Marty, Kyle, and Dave
    Excused: Aaron, Jason, Jaime, Bryan, Chris B, Antoine

    I. Open Meeting
    A. Introduce New Members Eli and Andrea were introduced to the group. Members shared 3 things about themselves.
    B. Sergeant at Arms Danielle
    C. Treasurer Report
    D. Secretary Report We are currently taking volunteers for a temporary replacement until Jason returns. Please email Chris if you are interested.

    II. Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk (Mindy)
    A. Sunday October 1 @8:30am Mindy will be posting a new thread with more details on the event. Her Mom was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we are asking for our friends to walk in support of her Mom.

    We discussed the possibility of making several appearances prior to the walks to rasie money to defray the costs. Several ideas ranged from a raffle at the DVD release to appearing at local malls to making NR buttons to offer at appearances.

    III. Light the Night Walk (Jay)
    A. Saturday October 7 - Delaware Park (evening)Jay is Captain of a team to walk in support of his parents. He will be posting a thread shortly with more details.

    IV. Original OT DVD Release ? September 12 We are currently working with several locations to appear for the release. We decided to skip the midnight release this time around and only appear the evening the DVD is released. More details to follow.

    V. Upcoming Events
    A. Unaltered OT DVD Release ? September 12/13
    B. N.R. 3rd Anniversary 9/25
    C. Grape & Wine Parade ? 9/30, St Catharines (tentative)THIS EVENT HAS NOT BEEN SET

    VI. Open Forum
    A. September Meeting Watch for a thread for voting.
    B. Forum Updates
    C. Open Discussion
    Gil - Had football raffle tickets to support his daughter's school.

    Janice - Had a bin of freebies from ComiCon and asked for donations to defray the cost of shipping everything back home.

    Dan - Advised that his friend created an alternate NR logo and that limited shirt sizes will be available shortly.
  18. jedijason8080

    jedijason8080 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2002
    9/16/06 Meeting/Anniversary Party
    Lisa & Rob?s House
    8:10 PM 17 Members in Attendance. 4th Anniversary of The North Ridge.
    People in Attendance: Andrea, Mike, Shawn, Dan, Larry, Janice, Eli, Gil, Elaine, Kyle, Rob, Peter, Lisa, Chris, Mindy, Jaime & Jason. (Xander, Victoria, & Snowy!)

    Sergeant of Arms: Rob

    I.) Treasury Report ? we are all good! Best Buy is sending their donation to Compass House for us being there for 45 hours.

    II.) Best Buy is going to put us in their magazine called Link. They would also like us to appear for other store activities when the time comes.

    III.) Saturday, Nov. 4th from 6:00-9:00 PM, Compass house is holding an auction. They have asked for us to help out (out of costume) in setting up tables & so forth. Anyone who can go is asked to contact Kyle for all the info. The time to set up is at 12:00 PM.

    IV.) Saturday, Oct. 21st, Trick or Treat at the Botanical Gardens. We are not sure of the time yet. There is a place for us to change and also lock up our stuff. This is a North Ridge ONLY event.

    V.) Saturday, Oct. 28th 7:00 PM. Annual Halloween Party to be hosted by Rob & Lisa. YOU MUST BE IN A COSTUME. NO STARWARS COSTUMES ALLOWED!!!!!! Please bring a snack & drink as this is after dinner & no meals will be served.

    VI.) We also have the EBay Auction going on right now for the charities for Breast Cancer & Light the Night. It is a set of Rebel Legion cards. The money will be split between both charities.

    VII.) Also don?t forget Grape & Wine is Saturday, Sept. 30th. For those of you going, please check with Chris if you will be meeting at his house. Gil may be late as he has a dentist appointment.

    VII.) Next meeting?s topic of discussion: How not to fall in the Shower!!!!!!!

  19. MakanPyralis

    MakanPyralis Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2005
    Meeting date: Saturday November 18, 2006 11-18-06
    Members in attendance: Chris, Larry, Janice, Elaine, Mindy, Annie, Gil, Peter, Eli, Katherine, Kyle, Lisa, Rob, Victoria
    Sergeant At Arms: Eli

    I) New Members:
    Annie and Katherine

    II) Charity Report:
    Best Buy would like us in costume when they hand the check to Compass House. There
    is still no date, but a thread will be posted when more information is available

    III) Elections:
    Every year at this time is election time. All the positions are open except for CR
    and treasure. The positions that are Secretary and all 5 Diplomats positions. Anyone
    is welcome to Volunteer or nominate someone for these positions. Voting will be opened
    for one week.

    IV) North Ridge Holiday Party:

    There are no Saturdays in December where everyone is free, Sundays look to be the best.
    Sunday December 10th, as of now, Lisa offered to host the party at her house. Please
    private message her if you need directions. This will be a Pot luck dinner, main dishes
    are welcomed, but please don't plan dishes around someone's main dish just in case
    something happens and they cannot make it. No main dishes please. Everyone that is
    participating in the gift exchange must RSVP by 11/29/06.

    V) North East Holiday Party:

    Mindy, Janice, and Danielle are the planners for this event. Janice found Dave and busters,
    a buffet with $10 card, unlimited drinks. 3hours block in the room supported with music and
    tv with dvd. $17.99 per person. After the three hours, we can still go to the game room.
    We are looking for more alternatives. Pearl street Bar, Parking is free parking on the weekends.
    They have an upstairs and a downstairs. Maybe the Knights of Columbus. A lot of talk about where
    we can have it, dates will be calculated by taking polls to plan the best days for the party.
    Mindy will update when more information is available.

    VI) Toy Drive:

    The Toy Drive Will not be happening for this year. This showed us that we need to plan sooner
    for next year at the end of summer.

    VII) Gaming Event:

    Gil is trying to set up an event with Cyber Jocks in Buffalo. The only star wars games in the
    cycle are Empire At War and Jedi Academy. Gil would be thinking about trying to get Battle Front
    II, but it doesn?t have to be a star wars game. Its 5 dollars an hour and a party is $15.00 per
    person with pizza and drinks. Gil is setting this up and will start a thread on the forums for
    anyone who is interested after the holiday season.

    VIII) Event Supplies

    We are Low on coloring pages. Good on activate books, and low on flyers. Looking for a place
    that is cheap or give us a discount on printing.

    IX) Open Forum

    Larry and Janice brought items brought items to raffle off to help raise money for the club.
    Catherine and Chris won the raffle.
  20. Mother_of_the_Twins

    Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 8, 2005
    Meeting date: January 27, 2007 7:15 PM
    Jay and Danielle?s house
    Members in Attendance: Chris, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Larry, Janice, Jason N., Jaime, Elaine, Peter, Aaron, Gil, Lisa, Rob, Anna, Eli, Shawn, Jason S.

    Sargent at Arms: Jay

    I. Treasurer?s report:
    A check was given to Compass House this month. We received a copy of the Compass House press release, which included a nice write-up about the Best Buy event. It mentions the North Ridge?s efforts and contributions on behalf of Compass House.

    II. Gaming outing:
    Gil is gathering information about this event. There are several games which might be available at Cyberjocks. Anyone wishing to check out the options should visit the Cyberjocks website. The basic cost would be $15-$20 per person for 3 hours of gaming and includes pizza and pop. Anyone wishing to stay longer would be charged $5 per person for each additional hour. Most people suggested either a Friday or Saturday evening. Gil will get more details and start a thread on the boards.

    III. Website:
    Our site hasn?t been updated recently. Members who do not have photos or profiles are encouraged to submit them to Ken (webmaster). We would like to include pictures from recent events, however additional shots are needed. Please send any event photos to Chris. It was suggested that we add information about our recent events, such as the BPO at Holiday Valley and the Best Buy event. If anyone has ideas for improving the website, suggestions would be appreciated.

    IV. Pittsburgh Comicon:
    i. Dates are the weekend of 4/27 ? 4/29/07. Members seemed to like the same plan as last year, which was driving early Saturday morning and returning Sunday night. The only confirmed guest is Wayne Pygram (Tarkin from Ep. III). Fanforce Awards dinner will be held on Saturday night, 4/28. Chris will post awards categories as soon as they are available.

    ii. Several members expressed interest in submitting a Fanfilm for voting this year. Ideas for a North Ridge film were discussed. See thread (to be started) for details.

    V. Upcoming Events:
    i. We have an appearance at a birthday party on 2/17 at 1 pm. This event is for the winner of the Compass House auction. All available members are encouraged to attend this important costume event.

    ii. Clarence winterfest will be held on 2/11 at 1:30pm. We will be needed for the Duel and Jedi Academy, and for photos with the public. See thread for details.

    VI. North Ridge vs Rebellion bowl off:
    Plans for this event have not been finalized. The calendar for February, March and April is already very full and agreement on a possible date was not reached.

    VII. Next Meeting date:
    Our February meeting will be held on 1/18 at Jay & Danielle?s house at 1 PM.

    VIII. Holiday Party:
    There was discussion regarding the recent NE FF Holiday Party. All agreed the event went well. Nobody heard any negative feedback. It was suggested that we consider hosting the event again in Buffalo. All agreed that the NR would be willing to host again next year. There was discussion about trying to find a more private location for next year.

    IX. Open discussion:
    i. The use of the North Ridge logo was discussed. It was agreed that anyone wishing to use the North Ridge logo should ask permission from the group out of courtesy to all our members.

    ii. The latest information we have heard regarding Disney Star Wars weekends for this coming year is that they will be held the last 2 weekends in May and the first 2 weekends in June. More details will be posted as they become available.
  21. Mother_of_the_Twins

    Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 8, 2005
    3/31 Meeting at Lisa & Rob?s house, 7 PM
    Members In Attendance: Lisa, Rob, Victoria, Jay, Danielle, Gil, Chris, Mindy, Xander, Dan, Shawn, Eli, Peter, Jason, Jaime, Elaine, Annie, Larry & Janice

    I) Merchandise Order:

    Payments were collected from members who placed orders. Gil and Chris will coordinate the final order and payment.

    II) Pittsburgh Comicon:

    a) Dioramas of each of the 6 films may be created for the tables and given away during the Awards dinner. Assistance from the NR will be needed to create them. More details to follow.
    b) Nominations: Today is the final day for nominations to be submitted.
    c) Accomodations: Everyone who confirmed their attendance has already set their reservations. Dinner payments were due tonite. They will be paid to The North Ridge and we will pay in one check from the group.

    III) Travelling Luke:
    We took Luke to our photo session at the R2 mailbox near UB. Everyone got to see the interesting collection of items that are travelling with him. We will be sending a tiny R2 mailbox with Luke when he travels to his next destination. We are hoping to get additional photos with Luke before he leaves Buffalo.

    IV) Future Events:
    a) It has been suggested that all members get involved with their local stores (which sell SW merchandise) to line up future events. One such contact was initiated today. Chris will be making additional business cards for members to use for this purpose.
    b) We have been contacted by the Toy Café about a possible future event. They have also offered us space for future meetings.
    c) Janice has information about an upcoming event in Clarence. It will be outdoors, and we will have two tables. We can accept donations for Compass House. We will need to find a canopy to use in case of bad weather. See future thread for details.
    d) Larry is in contact with the Buffalo Postmaster regarding a possible appearance at the unveiling of the new Star Wars stamps (May 24th or 25th).

    V) Cyberjocks outing:

    Gil is coordinating. Possible dates are April 14 or 21. Cost will be $15 each, for 3 hours of gaming, pizza and pop. Outing will be held in the evening. New poll will be posted to determine final date.

    VI) Miscellaneous
    a) The group has donated an appearance for a charity benefit being held tonite.
    b) Next meeting date will be April 21 (early afternoon). Merchandise orders will be distributed at that time.
    VII) Fanfilm: Our film was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Larry for the excellent job of editing!
  22. MakanPyralis

    MakanPyralis Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2005
    [hl=skyblue]1. Open Meeting[/hl]
    A Sergeant at Arms
    Jay was elected.
    B Treasurer?s Report
    Larry and Janice have to find the books that are in their new
    house somewhere.
    C Secretary?s Report
    Kyle had nothing to report. In attendance was; Chris,
    Catherine, Mindy, Danielle, Dan, Eli, Rob, Jay, Kyle, Jay,
    Nancy, Annie, Jamie, Jason, Dave, Shawn, Lisa, and Victoria

    [hl=skyblue]2. Jason[/hl]
    3. Summer Picinic - Annie
    A Sunday 6/24@11am Rose Garden Deleware Park
    Annie has had a lot of offers, if you would like to go,
    please sign up contacting Annie and tell her what you would
    like to bring. This is a Family event ((not star wars)) so
    bring the kids. Annie has games set up and open to ideas.

    [hl=skyblue]4. North Ridge Merchandise[/hl]
    The patches that were ordered where too small, so Gil
    contacted the manufacture and got them to do us a second
    run of bigger ones for $60. Gil put the money up front to
    cover the costs and asks for anyone to chip in a few
    dollars to help out.
    5. Cyberjocks Outing
    Gil would like to set up another Cyberjocks outing.
    After last time being the first time going, he advises
    that instead of getting a party package buy are own credits.
    The credits are $5 per hour and we can play as long as we
    like. Gil also suggests that we go out to eat somewhere since
    the pizza they gave us, left most of us hungry.

    [hl=skyblue]6. Upcoming Events[/hl]
    A Monday 5/28 Zanny Coffey
    B Sunday 6/3 Niagara Arts & Craft Festival
    C Saturday 6/9 Car/Craft Show ? Clarence Friday 7/27
    D Tuesday August 14 ? D Williamsville Library
    E August 24-26 ? SFX ? Toronto
    All information about these events can be found in their
    respected threads.

    [hl=skyblue]7. Open[/hl]
    A June meeting

    The June meeting looks like it will be held on Saturday the 30th.
    Still unsure of the location.
    B Event Suggestions
    There are not a lot of events right now, if you see anything
    going on or have an idea, please let us know.
    C Pittsburgh Recap
    Pittsburgh was fun! Pittsburgh doesn?t want to do the awards no
    more and pretty much handed it to us. So if you have any ideas on
    what we can do, where to have it, when to have it, please PM them
    to Chris.
    D Open Floor
    Lisa would like to have a get together for the 30th anniversary.
    We have decided to have it at Rob's and Lisa's house at 7:00pm
    on Friday. Unsure about food situation, guessing ordering pizza
    and wings.

  23. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    Saturday June 30, 2007
    Jay & Danielle's House

    Present: Chris, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Larry, Janice, Lisa, Rob, Victoria, Eli, Gil, Shawn, Peter, Bryan, Dan, Elizabeth, Elaine, Jason S.

    Excused: Jason N, Jaime, Antoine, Jeff, Aaron, Annie, Ryan, Dave, Marty, Kyle, Catherine

    Sargant at Arms: Rob

    Things that were discussed:

    1. The Williamsville Library does not need us on July 27, but eh August 14 event is still on. I advised we will appear without a need for donation. More details can be found in the respective thread.

    2. Jay has been contacted for a birthday party in September. Please see thread.

    3. The promoter for the Albion County Fair needs a headcount from us asap.

    4. We discussed a gathering for the entire group to celebrate the arrival of Paul, Antoine and Chrsitine's baby. After confirmation of the date with Antoine, a thread will provide teh details.

    5. Lisa asked that we all review the information for SFX and suggested we all start coordinating room asignments.

    6. Gil discussed an option to purchase toy sabers to be given away for donations at events.The group is currently looking into teh option and will review this again at the next meeting.

    7. The 4th of July Parade was discussed. All details can be found in the thread. It was agreed that handing out fliers may be difficult and the group decided to stick with passing out candy but will have fliers available to hand out after the parade.

    8. It was agreed to forgo a meeting in July and plan for an August meeting.

    9. Some future topics to discuss were: picnic, giveaways, events, and group funds.

    10. Larry and Janice raffled off an autographed Biggs figure to benefit the group as well a various SW posters.
  24. MakanPyralis

    MakanPyralis Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2005
    [hl=skyblue]1. Open Meeting [/hl]
    A Sergeant at Arms
    Jay nominated and was elected.
    B New Members
    The new members in attendance were Ryan and Derek. No
    20 questions this time, everyone introduced themselves with
    their names, name on the boards, costume(s), and how long
    they were with the group.
    C Treasurer?s Report
    Larry and Janice had nothing new to report.
    D Secretary?s Report
    Kyle had nothing to report. In attendance was; Daniel,
    Jay, Peter, Janice, Elizabeth, Dan, Shawn, Chris, Elaine,
    Larry, Gil, Marty, Antoine, Christine, Annie, Ryan, and

    [hl=skyblue]2. 5th Anniversary [/hl]
    a discussion was started to decide what are we doing to
    celebrate and what day. We decide to celebrate on the
    15th after the two birthday parties. What we are doing to
    celebrate is still undecided. A thread will be started.

    [hl=skyblue]3. NR T-Shirt Interest [/hl]
    A thread for the t-shirts will be started on the boards.
    The order needs to be at least a dozen or more.
    4. Birthday Party Handouts
    Gill found cheap light saber like toys that we can give
    to the birthday kid. We need more ideas! A thread may
    be started for this topic.

    [hl=skyblue]5. Group Funds[/hl]
    The group is low on founds for handouts. The small
    handouts we give away, coloring pages, training academy
    pamphlets, and nr pamphlets all cost money. Should we
    return to charging yearly membership fees? More raffles?
    We need some ideas and feedback from members!
    6. FanForce Rules
    We briefly review the FanForce rules. If anyone needs
    to review the rules, here is the link.
    7. Eire County Fair
    Wednesday night seems to be the best day and time for
    everyone. More days and time will be discussed with the
    thread for the fair.

    [hl=skyblue]8. SFX[/hl]
    A discussion was started to find what day everyone was
    going, who they were going with, and at what time they
    were getting there. Should everyone one meet up for
    lunch? More in the thread for SFX.
    9. Upcoming Events
    A Birthday Party 1 9/15
    B Birthday Party 2 9/15
    C Birthday Party 3 9/16
    D Tonawanda Rec Dept Fundraiser 9/29
    E Niagara Electric Light Parade 11/11

    [hl=skyblue]10. Open Topic [/hl]
    A They want to hold the fanforce awards in NYC.
    B Need dates for the next meeting.
    C People not hosting meetings need to bring
    contributions like snacks and soda.
    D Toy Drive
    Now is the time to start thinking about and making
    preparations for collecting and/or helping one out.
  25. MakanPyralis

    MakanPyralis Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2005
    [hl=skyblue]1. Open Meeting[/hl]
    A Sergeant at Arms

    Chris was nominated and was elected.
    B New Members
    There were no new members in attendance.
    C Treasurer?s Report
    Larry and Janice did not have a lot to report. They will
    be going down to compuss house sometime soon.
    D Secretary?s Report
    Kyle reported that elections for diplomats, secretary,
    an CR will be held in December. Also that this will be
    Kyle's last meeting as secretary and Chris will be taking
    over until a new secretary is elected in December. In
    attendance was; Dan, Elizabeth, Gil, Danielle, Jay, Chris,
    Christine, Mindy, Kyle, Eli, Janice, and Larry.

    [hl=skyblue]2. T-Shirts[/hl]
    For more information, check the Thread on the boards. A
    deadline will be posted, we need to have a deposit for the
    shirts. Looking into getting jerseys and hats and will be
    starting a thread later. -Larry

    [hl=skyblue]3. NR Banner and Event giveaways.[/hl]
    It has been decided that Single Page Coloring pages will be
    given out apposed to multiple pages. Gil is working on getting
    a bunch of rebel legion stuff to hand out. Chris is looking
    into getting a banner to hang on the table and carrying in
    parades. We are planning on discussing this at the next meeting.

    [hl=skyblue]4. Upcoming event[/hl]
    A B-Day Party 11/28/07
    B NR Halloween Party 11/3/07
    C Electric Light Parade Saturday the 10th ((the parade will
    start at 5. The 10 minute rule will apply))
    D B-Day Party Nov 11 or 18
    E Lackawanna Winter Fest 2/9/08
    F Clarence Winterfest Sunday 2/10/08
    G Costuming Party ((a poll will be started))

    [hl=skyblue]5. CR Updates[/hl]
    A Pittsburg ComicCon The ComicCon will still go on. Next
    years comic con will be held at the end of April.
    B Children?s Hospital The contact said that we could only
    be there between 10 and 5 on week days and no weekend appeances.
    Communication right now has stopped.
    C Communication There has to be more communication on the
    boards. We need more Yes I?m coming, no I?m not coming, and
    sooner then the day before!

    [hl=skyblue]6. By Law Update[/hl]
    Working on finalizing the by law about coming to the meeting before
    an event. If you don't come to the monthy meeting, you can't attend
    that months events, unless there is a reason you can't make it.

    [hl=skyblue]7. Event/Get Together Ideas[/hl]
    Its been a long time since we have had a get together like a game
    night. Any Ideas? Start a threat!

    [hl=skyblue]8. November Meeting[/hl]
    November is a busy month, and will most likely try to fit it
    in at the Halloween meeting, or a date will be set. More information
    to come in another thread.