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    Location: Anna & AJ’s Home
    Attended: Dan, Anna, Peter, Peter Jr, Williams, Elaine, Biz, Jess, , Steve Peter Parker Losey, Gil
    Sargent At Arms: PETER
    Excused: Chris & Mindy, Marty, Stephen & Mary, Dave Barone, Mike & Kristin, Victor, Janice, Larry, Michelle, Jon, Kathleen, Steve Losey, Bryan, Steve Lu, Bill R, Norma
      1. 9/22/12 SAT: 6pm Payne’s Restaurant 10th Anniversary Celebration THREAD LINK
        1. Update your attendance on the ongoing thread- Be SURE TO INCLUDE TOTAL NUMBER ATTENDING
        2. Going with Choice #1 meals at 14.99 plus tax and gratuity per person-see thread for selections
        3. ACTION ITEM: Check to see if arrangements can be made for several smaller tables as opposed to one really long table. It was difficult to converse with anyone at last year’s event.
        1. arrive 1030, event is 11a-2pm: request no fewer than 3 characters, no more than 7
        2. Dressing areas are limited, it is suggested to wear as much of your costume as you can to the event. Most areas of the store have security cameras
        1. 9am setup, event 10am-4pm
        2. A secure room will be provided for changing and for storing belongings, lunch will also be provided.
        3. Will need costumed characters, table assistance and character wranglers, and a “Dueling Demo”
        4. ACTION ITEM: DAN will see if we can solicit for donations for COMPASS HOUSE
      4. SAVE THE DATE: 10/27 (event runs 11-3) possible participation in Safe and Seen- awaiting confirmation from organizers. ACTION ITEM: WATCH BOARDS FOR THIS EVENT
        1. 1 hour event starting at either 1030am or 11am, for 15-20 children.
        2. Kathleen is considering writing a brief skit for characters to perform with the children
        3. ACTION ITEM: Watch the boards for more information and details
        1. Michelle and Greg have graciously volunteered to host our ANNUAL Halloween party.
        2. ACTION ITEM: Please vote for the preferred date on the BOARDS. THREAD LINK
        3. NOTE TO NEWBIES: Spouses and children are welcome, please note alcohol may be consumed. Costume Rules: NO Star Wars Costumes
        1. Anna & AJ have graciously volunteered to host the ANNUAL Christmas Party and Officer Elections.
        2. Please watch the BOARDS to post your availability on proposed dates. This will be a POT LUCK DINNER.
        3. Discussed hosting Food Pantry/Toiletry Drive once again. Elaine’s church collects non-perishable food items for a Food Pantry in Buffalo, and toiletry items for Friends of the Night People. The Christmas party thread will have more information re: suggested/requested items. Please start saving your travel size hotel shampoos/soaps now!
        4. NOTE TO NEWBIES: Spouses and children are welcome, please note alcohol may be consumed. There will be a GIFT EXCHANGE- thread with information to come out later: it is a Secret Santa type exchange with a price limit: and results of the Annual Election of the North Ridge Board are announced.
      8. More events are pending, they will posted in THREADS once confirmed. Please continue to watch the BOARDS.
    2. Admins of the Forums are working on eliminating old “stickies”. Your patience is appreciated.
    3. Update your information for the North Ridge Roster. Contact Elaine, via PM on the FORUMS: Mother_of_The_Twins. Email is fine if you have her email address.
      1. The past Roster will not be used, she is starting anew. If you want to receive the address list, you must supply your information. she is requesting that EVERYONE send their information. If she does not hear from someone, she will assume they do not wish to be included in the list. There have been a many you who have moved or changed phone numbers since our last list was completed. Please don't assume she has your correct info.
      2. NOTE TO NEWBIES: Please do not post your private information on the boards.
      3. Your contact information should include:
        1. First, Last Name
        2. full street address, city & zip
        3. your name on the boards
        4. your email address
        5. phone number (cell & home if you want)
        6. birthday (month and day)
    4. Ideas for Future Events - Toys For TOTS Drive - Can do a drive within our group, perhaps at Halloween Party, or set up an event locally advertised as a Toys For Tots drive. More information on Toys For Tots Buffalo on their website.
    5. North Ridge Anniversary “SWAG”
      1. Discussed ideas for 10th Anniversary “SWAG”: patches, coins, pins, shirts etc.
      2. Before proceeding with the “SWAG”, discussed having a submission time for logo ideas.
    6. Event concerns:
      1. SECURITY: Members participated at a recent local event where the dressing area was not secured. It was a shared area with other performers and event staff were in and out of the room. A theft did occur. We discussed defining and verifying “A secure dressing room” when booking events. Discussed having a NORTH RIDGE TOTE with a combination lock, code known only to members, to secure wallets, keys, cell phones, and other personal items to be carried to events. Need for the TOTE would be determined on an event by event basis. Peter volunteered his armor TOTE - has access for a lock- to use when he is at events. Discussed drafting a “RIDER” requesting and defining a “secure room”. ACTION ITEM: DAN will check to see if he has a tote available, Anna has a combination lock where we can set a group combination.
      2. WATER: members participated at a recent local event where hydration became an issue. Accessibility to drinking water was limited and many members became dehydrated. Discussed requesting water to be supplied by event coordinators for members for larger and long events. Also discussed members bringing water to large and long events. Discussed drafting a “RIDER” requesting water for participants. ACTION ITEM: Communicate to the group on the Boards when posting an event, the availability of water.
        1. For the safety of our members, we will arrive TOGETHER at events. Never, under any circumstances, enter an event, or a person’s home, alone.
        2. No cell phone calls or texting at the table, or while in costume and in view of the public.
        3. No eating at the table. No exceptions.
        4. Table & non-costumed personnel to help costumed members as needed. Assist helmeted characters, their vision is very limited.
        5. Must not use foul language, obscene gestures, and the use of alcohol or tobacco is prohibited while at the table or in costume and in view of the public, especially children.
        6. Remain in character and in costume (Helmets remain on unless character appropriate - Example: Rebel Pilot) while in view of the public.
        7. Never pick up or hold children for photos.
        8. Stay hydrated and be sure to take plenty of breaks.
        9. Be polite.
    7. Develop a “STICKY - Directory” on the Boards for North Ridge members. This directory would have threads for items such as: Introductions to the North Ridge: who we are and why we do what we do; Have one describing appearance/event etiquette, and one for people to update the roster. ACTION ITEM: Chris S will be working on this.

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
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    11/17/12 MINUTES
    Location: Michelle & Greg’s
    Attended: Chris, Mindy, Larry, Janice, Norma, Kathleen, Gil, Chris, Bryan, Elaine, Steve Lu, Steve Losey Sr, Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Karen, Lisa, Stephen, Mary, Anna, Jon
    Sargent At Arms: Gil
    Excused: Marty, Dan, Peter & co., Dave (Maul)
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. President’s Report
      2. VP Report - in discussion for Darien Lake event 2013
      3. Treasurer’s Report- purchasing a new banner display frame
      4. Secretary’s Report
      5. Social Media Report
    2. Year end elections
      1. Diplomats- was previously 3, elected 5 last year due to a tie- decided to vote for 5 again this year. Watch for thread- incumbents, please post if want to run again
      2. Nominations for elections will run NOVEMBER 18 through NOVEMBER 30, if nominated, nomination MUST BE ACCEPTED. Watch for THREAD.
      3. Group decided to keep Anna on as NR Secretary
      4. Election period will run December 1- through DEC 14, results announced at HOLIDAY party - must have paid due to be eligible to vote
    3. Holiday Party - DEC 15,
      1. arrive 5pm, dinner 5:15, mini meeting/election results 630 ish
      2. Food- Pot Luck- please post what you are bringing, prepared to serve with utensils please - watch for THREAD
      3. GIFT EXCHANGE: Mindy will run, post 15-20$ gift ideas on the BOARDS and notification of interest by NOV 30th, Mindy will send out who your buying for
    4. Member Expectations
      1. Arrival at events- to be on time, enter together, arrive at arrival time regardless of duties
      2. Table staff: no eating, texting at table. Be people friendly. Be informative about the NR, and charities. No gathering at the table. Discussed developing talking points to be used by table staff.
      3. Costumes- wear them if you got them!
      4. Breaks- in changing area ONLY
      5. Changing areas- please stack GUN cases up neatly, pick up after yourself (garbage etc)
      6. Participation- year round, including meetings as well as events
      7. Discussed NR children at events - Parents to be responsible for their child AT ALL TIMES
    5. Review on Attendance- must attend meeting prior to events
    6. On the Horizon
      1. Anniversary Swag (patches, shirts, challenge coins)- Steve Lukasik has some ideas
      2. Trading Cards - Larry will put designs on the BOARDS for cards and will post a data list, Danny will do composite, Dan M has ordering info
      3. SWN Prep- discussed ideas
    7. Open discussion:
      1. please do not call Chris and Mindy between 730-830pm
      2. Jon has $53 outstanding for Custom LightSaber build - need to recoup cost
      3. working on a new contact list
      4. Pirate Night at the BISON’s AUGUST 24 2013 - planning on a bigger event
      5. Upcoming event Build a Bear ANGRY BIRD STAR WARS - notice will be recd approx. a WED prior to event - watch Boards for info
    8. Meeting was adjourned

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
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    DECEMBER 2012 HOLIDAY PARTY ELECTION RESULTS: The group unanimously agreed for Chris, Dan, and Anna to continue with their positions. DIPLOMATS: ELAINE, KATHLEEN, STEVE LUKASIK, PETER, JON
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    Location: Norma’s Home
    Officers: Chris S., Dan , Janice, Larry, Anna, DIMPLOMATS: Peter, Jon, Kathleen, Steve Lu.
    Members: Mindy, Norma, Bryan, Peter Jr, Gil, Steve Losey., Steve J. Losey. Karen, Dave (Erebus), David (DoubleBlade), Victoria, Victor
    Excused: Elaine, Marty, Chris B, Mary, Stephen, Bill R., Michelle
    Sargent At Arms: LARRY
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. President’s Report
        1. Forums:
          1. Chris is now the only RSA (MODERATOR) in the NorthEast
          2. Please post availability for ALL EVENTS, including meetings. A simple “Not Available” is sufficient.
          3. Diplomats to alert Chris if they did not receive test email
          4. Agenda for future meetings will be on the Boards, please review and come tot he meetings prepared.
          5. Members having difficulty signing onto the Boards should alert Chris
      2. VP Report- all is well
      3. Treasurer’s Report- Reminder about dues. They are a one time fee of $25 and come with voting privileges. Contact Janice & Larry for more info.
      4. Secretary’s Report- items from Nov mtg have all been addressed
      5. Social Media Report
        1. You Tube Channel has been updated with previous Star Wars Nights at the Bison’s Videos. Here is the LINK
        2. Facebook Traffic has been moderate lately d/t Holidays
        1. Birthday Party- Scheduled for Jan 20, resched to FEB 2, possibly cancelled ACTION ITEM: Update availability (even if NOT available) on THREAD and watch for updates
        2. CLARENCE WINTERFEST Sunday: JANUARY 27 Clarence Town Park, 10405 Main Street. Noon to 5:00 PM, Scheduled performances at 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM
          1. Larry will be delivering sound equipment and North Ridge items for set up on Saturday Jan 26. He would appreciate some assistance. Volunteers thus far include: Dave (DoubleBlade), Jon D, Gil.
          2. The group will be doing new crafts. No PaperTube lightsabers at this event but continue to collect for now. A craft table schedule will be posted at the event.
          3. Dueling Demos: Lisa will emcee the Demo (ala ComicFest). Duelers are to coordinate the routine and communicate with Lisa so she may outline her script.
    • ACTION ITEM: Please contact Larry to help him with set up Saturday.
    • ACTION ITEM: LISA to initiate a THREAD to collect information for Dueling Demo(DONE)
    • ACTION ITEM: update your availability for this event (even if NOT available) THREAD LINK
      1. SPCA EVENT 2/24 “PAWSCARS”- Chewbacca has been requested. They are already advertising our appearance! ACTION ITEM: Chris to start a thread, please update your availability (even if NOT available)
      2. Possible Movie Night @ Holy Ghost 3/1 (To be confirmed): Showing of The Empire Strikes Back. Dueling Demos, Academy ACTION ITEM: Jon to obtain more information ASAP and post a Thread if applicable
      3. Toy Show, Saturday March 16, Time: TBD, Knight of Columbus - Union Road: R2 has been requested, plan on an all day event: a great chance to try a new costume. ACTION ITEM: update your availability for this event (even if NOT available) THREAD LINK
      4. ELAINE has been contacted re: doing an event for a Diabetes Charity in the Fall (September?)- more info to follow
      1. Step 1: Photography: Bob Hubbard has volunteered to take photos for trading cards. Chris will contact BOB to arrange contact information and protocol. Members will schedule SELVES with several weeks notice. Please try to schedule with other members as a courtesy to Mr. Hubbard’s time.
      2. Step 2: Templates: Larry’s friend Danny has volunteered to build the card designs using a template once a photo has been selected. Larry will contact him then post contact/submission information. Everyone should submit the same format of information for the back of the card to be consistent with the NorthRidge Series 2 Card Collection. UPDATE: SEE THREAD LARRY HAS STARTED WITH THIS INFORMATION
      3. Step 3: Review Prototype. Check for spelling/grammatical errors, etc
      4. Step 4: Submit Prototype for ordering. DAN M. has the information for a supplier of trading cards whose prices are reasonable and has done work for members in the past.
    2. STAR WARS NIGHT at the BISONS- JUNE 22, 2013
      1. The game is scheduled to start at 6:05pm. There will be a MEET and GREAT prior to the Gates opening to the general public that is available in certain ticket packages. This is from the BISON’s Super Pack Information: Two-Hour Pre-Game Buffet in CF Pavilion (4-6pm). Commemorative Laser Sword. Exclusive Star Wars Character "Meet n' Greet" (4:30pm-5:30pm).
      2. Jon Duffie is offering to assist members in either repairing current lightsabres or constructing new stunt sabers (no sound). Please let Jon know if interested. If there is enough interest, there may be a workshop. Be sure to allow PLENTY of time for planning, building, and testing.
      3. There is a planning meeting coming up with the Bison’s scheduled. ACTION ITEM :Please continue to submit STORY IDEAS to BRYAN by the end of THIS week (Jan 26) and EVENT/ACTIVITY IDEAS to Chris (ongoing).
      4. Jon D presented some LOGO ideas to the group. ACTION ITEM: If you have any ideas, please submit them ASAP. You do not have to be able to draw them, please submit logo ideas to the group and someone will be able to follow through with the art work.
      5. Chris passed a sign up sheet after the meeting for those planning on participating at the Bison’s Event. ACTION ITEM: Please contact CHRIS S. with the following information:
    • Character(s) participating as- if building a new costume, please list your “back up costume”.
    • T-Shirt/Jersey size
    • Number of tickets needed for the event
    • Whether or not you plan to Duel
      1. Mindy has volunteered to assist as Stage Manager
      2. Costumes are not required to be Rebel Legion or 501st approved, however, they are subject to North Ridge group approval.
      3. Discussed Badges or Wrist bands for Participants to identify Event Participants to Bison’s Staff, Chris will discuss with Anthony.
      4. Indoor rehearsal venues are in need. ACTION ITEM: Please post ideas or venue availability on the Boards. Larry will check availability for McKinnley Mall and the Tonawanda location. Dueling rehearsals will begin (approximately) in April. Bryan will reach out to Eastern Hills Mall for use of an available/open store front.
      5. Attendance requirements were discussed and agreed upon at the meeting. They are as follows: The member expectations for participation at SWN are as follows:
    • Must attend the final planning meeting scheduled for June 15 so that they can arrive at the event prepared and ready to go. All loose ends will be finalized and instructions communicated to members.
    • Must attend an additional 2 monthly meetings to help as the event is planned. (Total 3 meetings including the final planning meeting)- SAVE THE DATES: Tentative dates were decided upon at the meeting: Feb 23, Mar 23, Apr 20, May 18, June 15- all tentatively at 7pm
    • Must attend 2 events in 2013 prior to SWN
    • Must log in to the message forums at least once per week and leave a message in any of the fun games or event planning threads.
    ACTION ITEM: This information has been posted on the Boards- please indicate on the THREAD you have read them.

    1. IDEAS
      1. Discussed creating a North Ridge poster - a group photo or compilation of Trading Cards, to sell at the SWN and other events
      2. Discussed creating “Pool Noodle Lightsabers” to sell at future events. Can hold a “craft night to build them using Pool Noodles, Duct and Electrical Tape.
      1. Tentative Meeting Dates have been discussed, Larry will check availability of the McKinnley Mall Community Room. If you have a different location you would like to arrange, please note in the appropriate Threads. Also, once the trheads for these meeting dates are ported, please post availability ASAP. Dates wil be changed if a large percentage of members are unable to attend.
        1. FEB 23
        2. MARCH 23
        3. APRIL 20
        4. MAY 18
        5. JUNE 15 Mandatory for ALL PARTICIPANTS
        6. June 22 SW NIGHT at BISONS!
        7. JUNE 29 North Ridge Recruitment Meeting and Bowling


    The Meeting was adjourned approximately 9:15pm.

    North Ridge Secretary
    Anna Swannie
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    Location: Mckinley Mall MTG Room
    Attended: Officers: Chris, Janice, Larry, Anna Diplomats: Jon, Kathleen, Steve Lu, Elaine Members: Bill B, AJ, Victor, Gil, Marty, Steve Sr, Steve Losey, Bryan, Karen, Mindy, Biz, Bill R, Norma, Jim, Dave (Erebus), Michelle
    Sargent At Arms: Jon
    Excused: Dan, Peter, Peter Jr, William, Antoine, Jess, Chris B, Dave (Maul), Lisa
    1. Introductions:
      1. Member Intro
      2. Welcome New Member Jason, Sherri and family (Irish501st on the Boards)
    2. Dueling ideas presented by Jon D, Bill R, and Steve Lu
      1. Pre-Duel salute and a possible creed (still work in progress)
      2. Dueling presentation to teach restraint, self control, and respect (example from Winterfest Jedi Telsh showing restraint in striking down Ventress)
      3. Discussed involving some of the group’s younger members. They have developed a brief drill following the steps of the Training demonstration shown to kids at events. NR Padawans could present the drill prior to the training demonstration. Concerns included: bringing NR children participants to birthday parties, duration of the events, and behavior of the children and responsibilities of the parents.
      4. All ideas were well received and the group was encouraged to continue and develop their ideas. There is an open dueling thread where everyone is invited to join for practice.
    3. North Ridge Calendar of EVENTS - Discussed having consolidated Calendar of Events.
    ACTION ITEM: Anna will update and maintain the North Ridge Event Calendar Thread with all scheduled events and work on a GOOGLE calendar or equivalent. UPDATE: The Calendar thread has been updated.
    1. Trading Cards
      1. Discussed the various designs that have been presented. The group VOTED to move forward with Jon D.’s designs after discussing some concerns regarding background color and characters with dark costumes. ACTION ITEM: Jon and Larry will present design to Danny for background and text adjustments. Once final design has been approved, Larry will send out Danny’s contact information and the DETAILED DESCRIPTION to be sent for your Trading Card template.
      2. Everyone is to continue having photos done for the cards. Bob H has volunteered to take photos. Please contact him directly to schedule a session.
      3. Once photos have been taken and Danny’s information has been received members are to submit photos and profile info. Danny will proof read, then submit a final proof to the member for final approval.
      4. Dan M has the information from a supplier, details forthcoming.
      5. Card ideas: -Each card will be assigned a number. Members will be asked to donate a number of cards to the North Ridge so COMPLETE SETS may be distributed as gifts.
    2. North Ridge Tattoos (NOT TEMPORARY ;-) ) - Chris introduced Sherri, a local Tattoo artist who is agreeable to providing a North Ridge Tattoo. Please contact Chris for details.
    3. SWN at the Bison’s - JUNE 22
      1. Initial meeting with the Bison’s Liason recently occurred, Chris briefed the group on what was discussed.
      2. The Logo is still being worked on. Ideas were discussed.
      3. The SuperPack Ticket Holders event is scheduled for 3-5, costumed appearances from 4-5 (listed 430-530 on website). Gates will open at 5pm after we are done with the Meet and Greet.
      4. There will be signs of character appearance schedules and locations this year.
      5. Bryan presented the First Draft of the script. The group read through once and provided feedback.
    4. Follow up from JANUARY MEETING:
      1. Contact Chris with your SW NIGHT participation details including characters/costumes (if naming a new costume, please present a “back up costume”), T shirt size, Jersey size, number of tickets for event, whether or not you plan to duel
      2. Indoor rehearsal locations are still needed. Please post ideas or venue availability on the BOARDS.
      3. Please review Star Wars Night Participation Requirements and note they have been acknowledged. 26 members have done so thus far.
      4. Please note upcoming meeting dates: all tentative start 7pm unless noted in THREAD
        1. Mar 23 McKinnley Mall
        2. Apr 20 Michelle & Greg to host
        3. May mtg to be held at a rehearsal - date, time, location TBD
        4. June 15 MANDATORY PRE EVENT MTG - time location TBD
        5. June 29 Recruitment MTG & Bowling

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    Location: Olympic Restaurant, Tonawanda
    Attendance: Officers: Chris, Dan, Janice, Larry, Anna
    Diplomats: Kathleen, Steve Lu, Elaine
    Members: Mindy, Gil, Marty, Caren, Biz, Bill B., Lisa, Victoria, Michelle, Bill R., Dave Barone, Victor
    Sargent At Arms: Biz & Steve Lu.
    Excused: AJ, Elaine, Steve Lo Sr, Jon, Antoine, Myhalenko Clan, Bryan, Chris B, Norma
      1. TREASURER Report - discussed balance and donations
      2. SECRETARY Report - Reviewed action items from last meeting. Updated all minutes in the minute thread and updated event calendar. Has not set up GOOGLE Calendar.
      3. SOCIAL MEDIA Report - refer people to the website- will be updating - also refer people to the NR Facebook Page, You Tube channel and Twitter. Chris will be updating FB in addition to Bryan
    2. Trading Cards -
      1. Jon D. will head the Trading Cards order with assistance from Danny and Matt (Rochester)
      2. Numbering the cards - Cards will be in sequential order, no missing numbers. You MUST commit to the run. You can request numbers but they must be within the number of total cards. In other words, you cannot request number 66 if we only have 50 total cards to run. When you commit, please let Jon know how many costumes you will be submitting for cards.
      3. Get photos to JON ASAP. DEADLINE END OF APRIL.
      4. ACTION ITEM: GIL will be coordinating a Pilot Group Photo for a PILOT card.
      5. ACTION ITEM: Dan will post the pricing on the Boards and will check on a group rate.
      6. ONLY ACTIVE members will be able to submit for the trading cards.
      7. We would like everyone in the group will get a full set of the cards for their personal collection. Everyone will be asked to donate cards to the group so FULL sets can be assembled and be used by the group for gifts, raffles, etc.
    MEMBERS ACTION ITEM: Post your commitment on the Boards for this trading card run, include the number of costumes you will submitting and any requested numbers. Submit photos and card information NO LATER THAN APRIL 30.
      1. Discussed Chris has completed the GONK Droid, Discussed building a Death Star Like Entrance display
      2. Create a F.A.Q. sheet for the group. ACTION ITEM: A thread LINK has been established for members to post their most frequently asked questions at event. A list will be compiled, with answers, for review for members, and possibly distribution to the public.
      3. Discussed having a brief orientation to table support prior to working a table at an event. Orientation would include items available, F.A.Q.’s, table etiquette, etc. Members are asked NOT TO BREAK at the table, and NOT TO CONGREGATE around the table area. The goal is is to have knowledgable and approachable staff.
      4. Per event, determine the number of table/assist personnel required. They must be active members- attend meetings, events, and communicate on the Boards. Active members will be given priority to attend over not so active members.
    2. Ideas for future events. Work/volunteer events NOT in costume. Volunteer at Compass House. Answer phones at a telethon (ex: Variety Club)
    3. Dueling Demo Team
      1. Jon D, Bill R, and Steve Lu., have choreographed a routine for the child members of our group, including a salute and parental approval forms and participation requirements. This would be a demonstration at events such as Winterfest or Buffalo ComicCon, before the audience participation demonstration.
      2. Parent’s of participating child(ren) to be active members and to accompany child(ren) to rehearsals and events
      3. ACTION ITEM: Bill R to email DRAFT participation forms for review and comments by the group.
      4. Ideas: kids can make their own Padawan braids to wear for the Demo Team, and can “build” their own lightsabers.
      1. Star Wars themed Summer Camp (Dunkirk area)
        1. Scheduled for Sept 20-21-22. Members requested all day through out the day for various activities. Accommodations will be provided for volunteers- in cabins with plumbing.
        2. ACTION ITEM: Larry will post a thread on the Boards once we have confirmed and he has obtained more details
      2. Darien Lake Sci Fi event- We have been requested to participate once again this year. Dan will be in contact with Darien Lake and start a THREAD once more information has been obtained.
      3. Vacation Bible School (summer) - event referred by the SPCA event - Lewiston area - info pending
      4. We discussed participating in an event at the Buffalo Zoo to assist with raising funds for the new Polar Bear exhibit. ACTION ITEM: kathleen will investigate and update
    5. APRIL MEETING - changed to April 14 Sunday 1pm to accommodate members who cannot attend Saturday meetings. Many thanks to Michelle and Greg for hosting.
    6. BISON’S SWN
      1. Logo has been approved.
      2. ACTION ITEM: Give CHRIS S. t-shirt size, costume(s) being worn for the event, requested Jersey number, and number of tickets requested for the game
      3. Dueling: Mindy will work with Bryan regarding Rehearsal schedules -update availability/conflicts by EMAILSelma792000@yahoo.com to MINDY see THREAD LINK.
      4. Clarify Dueling intentions for the game- are you dueling? Jedi? Sith?
      5. Discussed locations for rehearsals. Lincoln Arena is no longer an option due to rental fees. Please help us in the church for an indoor rehearsal location. So far, options include Jon’s church, McKinnley Mall, and possibly Hausrath’s landscaping facilities.
      6. Discussed the future of SWN. Including script ideas, writing. Having Committees to develop the stories, script, etc.
      7. UPDATE and additions to the show’s Production Crew: LINK
        1. Mindy will be Stage Mgr, assist in Rehearsal Schedules and Administrative work as well as being in the booth the night of the event cuing spotlights and pyrotechnics.
        2. Jon & Bill R. -- Assistant Directors, Producers. They will work with Bryan in producing the event and choreography.
        3. Chris S. Associate Producer- acting Liaison between the Bison’s Organization and The North Ridge Fan Force. Will assist in other Production needs.
        4. Larry - AV Specialist - will assist in filming duels, rehearsals, and the event itself.
    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
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    Location: JediProf Home
    Attendance: Officers: Chris, Dan, Janice, Larry, Anna
    Diplomats: Kathleen, Elaine, Jon, Peter, Steve Lu.
    Members: Mindy, Bryan, AJ, Bill R., Peter M, Peter Jr., William, Katherine, Norma, Marty, Michelle, Gil, Dave B., Caren
    Sargent At Arms: MARTY
    Excused:, Steve Losey Sr., Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Jess, Antoine, Jason
      1. President’s Report-
      2. VP Report - Discussed Darien Lake event, will post more information when available.
      3. TREASURER Report - discussed balance and donations- no bills due
      4. SECRETARY Report - Reviewed action items from last meeting. Will be placing DUE dates for events, ordering deadlines, etc for completion. Watch for EVENT UPDATES> LINK
      5. SOCIAL MEDIA Report - FB up to 500 LIKES, share w friends!
    2. Trading Cards - expect to donate 100 cards to the group please
      1. Pricing - for Trading Cards: MIN 100 order. 100- $14.88, 250 =$21, 500=22.75$, 1K=$26.25, 2500=$44.62, 5K= $69.12, 10K=$112, 100K=$648. Shipping costs approx $10.33 (Based on Lockport Zip) up to 2500 QTY. Shipping for 10K is approx $22.34
      2. 10 working day turn around for orders plus a 2 day proof approval process. ACTION ITEM: Dan to email members follow up information.
      3. Process: For Trading Cards: photos to Jon with information NLT April 30. He will submit cards to proof to you, then you can proceed with the order.
      1. Autism Walk LINK READ THE THREAD. Will have a table after all. Will be sponsored by the Comic Shop.
        1. If we raise $1k for the walk, CHRIS will walk in the Darth Vader
        2. Will possibly lead into an event with OOGIE games. Possible Family Fun Night, after Bison’s Event. More info to follow.
      2. Free Comic Book Day - May 4 & 5. Watch for Thread. Post YES or NO.
      3. May 4th - Transit Drive In. event. Watch Forums more info.
      4. MAY 4th Bison’s official unveiling of SW Night Jersey.
    4. Review of Table Support
      1. Discussed F.A.Q. UPDATE the THREAD
      2. Discussed walkie talkies WITH HEADSETS- will ask Bison’s-Chris has 4 -will bring to rehearsal to test
      3. Discussed character BIO BINDER for the table - Jon will work with trading card templates, Larry and Janice have plastic page protectors, will work w Mindy on developing. To have Binder on table identifying members who are present at events.
      4. UPDATE Appearance requests:: min notice for BDAY parties 1 month (new from 2 weeks) - sent out an INFORMATION BDAY page. ACTION ITEM: CHRIS S Develop a pamphlet with the information- with a link via QR code with a link to the form - will post on FORUM.
      5. ACTION ITEM: Will do a run of Business cards- include website FB, Twitter, QR?
      6. Will have a Table Review/Orientation meeting at the MANDATORY MEETING JUNE 15 to review FAQ. The goal is for ALL members to be able to answer questions at events. ACTION ITEM: Please continue to add questions to the thread. LINK Please keep to group questions, not individual costume questions.
      1. ACTION ITEM: send CHRIS NAMES and Requested numbers for the Jerseys ASAP
      2. UPDATE and additions to the show’s Production Crew: LINK
        1. Mindy will be Stage Mgr, assist in Rehearsal Schedules and Administrative work as well as being in the booth the night of the event cuing spotlights and pyrotechnics.
        2. Jon & Bill R. -- Assistant Directors, Producers. They will work with Bryan in producing the event and choreography.
        3. Chris S. Associate Producer- acting Liaison between the Bison’s Organization and The North Ridge Fan Force. Will assist in other Production needs.
        4. Larry - AV Specialist - will assist in filming duels, rehearsals, and the event itself.
      3. ACTION ITEM: Music for background - specific suggestions please to Bryan by the 17th
      4. ACTION ITEM: Develop a Quarter sheet recruitment mtg information for the table
      5. Need Indoor rehearsal spaces. Jon’s church, Victor’s church, possible indoor downtown location, Jon is looking into another possible location. Please continue to search!
      6. Sat April 20- McKinnley mall evening rehearsal 630-9; arrive 630, start rehearsals PROMPTLY at 7pm.
      7. More participants from Binghamton, some from NYC, PA. If you know of out of towners, please let Chris know ASAP. They can contact CHRIS. NEED ARMOR.
      8. The group approved Chris’ cousin to assist with a Stormtrooper costume.
      9. Need to order supplies for the table. ACTION ITEM: Mindy will work with Kyle re: small decals. Can sell as a fundraiser at the game and other events. Be sure colors work with windows. Mindy will look into stickers. Need: tattoos (snowflake),
      10. ACTION ITEM: Chris contact Anthony about a photo backdrop, tatoos with Bisons logo.
      11. Kyle has offered to assist with filming the event. The group discussed and approved.
      12. 10 year patch - ACTION ITEM: Chris will start a Thread with ideas and patch costs, small one with a colored border indicating membership, a different color to trade. Matt will work on artwork. STEVE Lu. will move forward with merchandising research.
    6. Star Wars Night ADDITIONAL info
      1. Approx 20 total rehearsals prior to game- the rehearsal schedule will reflect when all members will be required to attend.
      2. Bisons field for practice- home stand week of event but away games the week prior to that (week of JUNE 9th)
      3. Sat 20 April - will work on the large duel Jedi vs Sith - pairings are still pending. Focus on your partners, start working on choreography.
      4. Discussed possible pairings - Mindy and Bryan will work on blocking. EMAIL any scheduling conflicts for Tues, Sat, or Sun LINK
    7. Concern about the Boards- Difficult to find rehearsals - other info - Event threads are getting lost among other postings.
    ACTION ITEM: Chris will start a pinned THREAD dedicated to Bison’s Night specifically with links to all other pertinent threads.
    Also, please be sure to check the EVENTS THREAD LINK. It will include deadlines and links for all events.

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
  8. 72Princess Force Ghost

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    Jun 15, 2010
    star 4
    JUNE MEETING JUNE 15, 2013
    Location: HGLC
    Attended: Chris, Dan, Larry, Janice, Anna, Jon, Norma, Elaine, Peter M, Kathleen, Caren, Victor, Bryan, Mindy, Biz, Gil, AJ, Bill B, Peter Jr, William M, Steve Losey II, David Barone
    Excused: Bill R, Steve L
    1. Star Wars Night reminders:
      1. Stay hydrated!! before, and during the game. Limit soda intake, be careful with gatorade intake.
      2. FRESH batteries for your lightsaber. Bring EXTRAS!!!! Bring tools.
      3. Trial dress rehearsal prior to event, pack accordingly. If your costume needs washing, wash ahead of time, and IRON BEFORE you BRING to event. Scotch Guard your costume to reduce stains
      4. Helmeted/masked characters- for every bucket character to be “wrangled” by a non-helmeted NR person.
      5. Changing room etiquette: be courteous. Allow space for those who need it. Stack up gun cases in hallway.
      6. HAVE FUN!!!
      7. Changing room is for costumed participants at ALL TIMES!!! No family, friends, No unapproved guests. This goes with the after party.
      8. No ONE SHOULD LEAVE until everything is packed and loaded. INCLUDES R2!! and TABLES from upstairs! If everyone pitches in, we will be cleaned up and packed quickly and everyone to proceed to the after events together.
      9. Get plenty of sleep before the event.
      10. If you go down to break room- be sure there is someone to replace you at your station.
      11. Bring sharpies if you intend to sign things. PRE-SIGN cards due to drying concerns.
      12. Costumed characters who cannot hand out cards, table personnel will help to distribute. Please provide them a stack of cards. They will monitor distribution carefully.
      13. Drop off items the night before:After practice downtown, can drop off items.
      14. BE IN COSTUME NLT 330pm-
      15. Parking passes to be emailed soon
      16. If you bring fans for the room - keep them small
      17. AJ will bring golf bag to hold sabers during event - bring portable clothing racks if you have them
    1. SWN Promotions
      1. Live link on website- how to get ready for SWN
      2. Created an app for the wookiee’s locations during the event.
      3. Bisons will be selling laser swords outside ball park prior to game. There will be assigned food kiosks for pre-sale tickets food.
      4. There is a schedule for appearances - we will get that at the game. Gil will be handler/wrangler for TUSKENS.
      5. Will get the scheduled for promos for the day
    2. Table staff- ELAINE, Biz, Norma & Kathleen at photos with Janice
      1. break down table bottom of 7th - non helmeted to assist
      2. Table give aways- lollipops, gummies, tattoos, mazes, word search, coloring pages, new appearance request forms, Mindy to finish binders, FAQ sheets.
      3. Mindy will create a sheet with description of baskets to fill in blanks for winners to give to Bisons.
      4. Table staff to leave Meet and Greet
    3. After party- you will have to pay to park $5. 3rd floor Richardson Room.
    4. Check presentation - working on date-
    5. Summer picnic - consider 2 dates - July 13 or Aug 17 - see THREAD and vote please
      1. For the safety of our members, we will arrive TOGETHER at events. Never, under any circumstances, enter an event, or a person’s home, alone.
      2. No cell phone calls or texting at the table, or while in costume and in view of the public.
      3. No eating at the table. No exceptions.
      4. Table & non-costumed personnel to help costumed members as needed. Assist helmeted characters, their vision is very limited.
      5. Must not use foul language, obscene gestures, and the use of alcohol or tobacco is prohibited while at the table or in costume and in view of the public, especially children.
      6. Remain in character and in costume (Helmets remain on unless character appropriate - Example: Rebel Pilot) while in view of the public.
      7. Never pick up or hold children for photos.
      8. Stay hydrated and be sure to take plenty of breaks.
      9. Be polite.
    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
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  9. Mother_of_the_Twins Force Ghost

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    Apr 8, 2005
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  10. 72Princess Force Ghost

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    JAN 23 MTG
    Location: Chris & Mindy’s Home
    Attended: Chris, Mindy, Dan, Larry, Janice, Anna, Jon, Elaine, Peter M, Kathleen, Caren, Biz, Gil,, Bill B, Peter Jr, William M, David Barone, Sean (Slee the Sloth), Bill R, Chris B, Nick, Dan (Eradicator), Dan (Rock Nightshifter) and Beckie (Lee Solara), Chris M (new member)
    Excused: Victor, Jonathan, Norma, Jim, Marty, Steve Losey Sr, Michelle, AJ
    1. Open Meeting
      1. VP Report
      2. Secretary Report- reviewed action items: Schedule 2nd Conflict Resolution Workshop, Orders for NR coins
      3. Treasurer Report- discussed club balance, no current outgoing payments
      4. Introductions
    2. Buffalo Museum of Science Workshop and Maker’s Faire
      1. Sunday Worshops- The science Museum has offered an opportunity to use their workshop and equipment on scheduled Sundays. see THREAD The door to the workshop remains open as we work, museum guests are invited in to see what projects are being worked on. We are encouraged to interact with the museum guests.
      2. The Maker’s Fair is scheduled MARCH 1st 10am-4pm. See THREAD for details. We will be stationed in the Main atrium of the museum with several tables. We have been asked to provide atmosphere to the event with costumed characters and demonstrations. Tables include North Ridge Promotions and Craft tables. Non costuming members are invited to participate to assist helmeted characters, answer questions at the table, and assist with craft activites.
    3. North Ridge Padawan Academy - Interest remains, in need of a rehearsal location and dates. Watch the Boards for more information. Please contact Bill R, Steve Lu., and Jon D if you have any ideas or suggestions for locations.
    4. Conflict Resolution Workshop
      1. The first workshop was very successful. Interest has been indicated for a second workshop.
      2. ACTION ITEM: Chris has volunteered a location for the next workshop. Date to be determined. Please watch THREAD:
    5. Star Wars Night at the BISONS - JUNE 7th, 2014
      1. Bill R., Director, has been overseeing and assisting with production with the team of writers: Kathleen, Jon, Setve Lu., Bill B., Chris S.. Currently in Pre-production phase
      2. Bill R presented a storyline and ideas for video clips. Story line was accepted by those in attendance.
      3. Goal: to have a complete script by the MARCH mtg,
      4. ACTION ITEM: Check out and fill in the CASTING CALL THREAD.
      5. Planning ahead, expect the week of to include 3-4 rehearsals including Friday night prior to event. The day of the event, we will arrive early ( 9 or 10am) for rehearsals, set up, and introductions of out of town participants.
        1. Members must attend 3 meetings INCLUDING the last one prior to SW Night
        2. Members must participate in at least 2 events prior to SW Night
        3. Non costumed members are always needed in the roles of : Wranglers for costumed/helmeted characters, photographers, Table staffing.

    Upcoming EVENTS: as listed on the NORTH RIDGE CALENDAR THREAD

    2 - Builder's Workshop
    15 - Builder's Workshop
    16 - Builder's Workshop

    1- Maker's Fair at the Buffalo Museum of Science 10-4 - arrival TBD THREAD
    18 - TENTATIVE - Bday party
    24 - Joe D Toy and Comic Show THREAD

    FYI : (This has been posted before, posting again for our new members: )
      1. For the safety of our members, we will arrive TOGETHER at events. Never, under any circumstances, enter an event, or a person’s home, alone.
      2. No cell phone calls or texting at the table, or while in costume and in view of the public.
      3. No eating at the table. No exceptions.
      4. Table & non-costumed personnel to help costumed members as needed. Assist helmeted characters, their vision is very limited.
      5. Must not use foul language, obscene gestures, and the use of alcohol or tobacco is prohibited while at the table or in costume and in view of the public, especially children.
      6. Remain in character and in costume (Helmets remain on unless character appropriate - Example: Rebel Pilot) while in view of the public.
      7. Never pick up or hold children for photos.
      8. Stay hydrated and be sure to take plenty of breaks.
      9. Be polite.
    minutes by 72Princess, North Ridge Secretary
  11. 72Princess Force Ghost

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    North Ridge Meeting
    Saturday March 15, 2014
    Chris & Mindy’s House

    Attending: Chris S., Victor, Bill R, Anna, Marty, Steve Lo Sr, Gil, Dan M., Biz, Eradicator Dan , Dan R, Becky, Elaine, Larry, Janice, Norma, Jim, Dave Baro, Jon, Kyle, Bryan, Dave Bark, Victoria, Mindy, Bill Br, Dave Blackwell, Mike Hanes, Jon X Jones, Peter M, Peter Jr, William, Ken (new member- WELCOME!) , Steve Lu

    Excused: Tom, Chris B, Karen, Michelle, Nick, Antoine, AJ,

    • Open Meeting - 7pm
      • Introduce Members - welcome Ken who recently relocated from Kentucky-
      • President’s Report
      • VP Report
      • Treasurer’s Report - bills are paid in full
      • Secretary’s Report - EVENT CALENDAR THREAD IS UPDATED
      • Social Media Update- activity is picking up, pleases post on NorthRidge Twitter and FB page
      • Sergeant at Arms - BIZ
    • Upcoming Events
      • Superheroes Save Skateland – Saturday April 12 10 to noon arrive 9am - water and changing room available
        • Lockport Skateland- facing financial difficulty for taxes due MAY
        • lockers available - no bladed/weapon metal, guns okay as long as do not look real
        • if able to help but do not costume, please contact Bryan via the BOARDS. There will not be table setup but possible costume support may be needed. Just ask!
      • Summit Autism Walk – Saturday April 26 starts at 10- 1130/12
        • Summit Resources - in AMHERST
        • Thread coming soon
        • Many pictures, many kids, great event
      • Swag- arranged by Steve Lu (THANK YOU!!), contact him if you would like any but did not order- supplies are very limited.
        • Coin Order
        • Patches
    • Member Expectation Review
      • 10 minute rule- meeting starts within posted time. Same for events, contact someone if running late or early- do not show up exceptionally early for events/meetings- be courteous to host
      • attending meetings prior to events is a requirement
      • please post weekly - communicate to the group if you cannot
    • Star Wars Night – Saturday June 7, 2014 (possible next year JUNE 10th)
      • Information Needed - Form passed out for information- once completed, that’s it. - ACTION ITEM: please contact BOBACHRIS12 with your information ASAP
        • Costume(s)
        • Shirt & Jersey Size
        • Tickets Needed
      • What to expect
        • arrive in am (10am ish)- tour ball park, walk through performance
        • meet n greet - 330 - 5 - appear 4-430- patrons attending will get a photo, trading cards, etc.
        • Post game event-
      • Event Updates - possible two photo backdrops/
    • SWN –Performance
      • Casting Criteria
        • have opened up to extras
        • roles are open for auditions if not casted
      • Rehearsals
        • if you have lines, please rehearse!!
        • duels are quite open- a few signature duels
        • Locations -
          • Bisons corridor by batting area on days no game or event is in session- dates TBA
          • Jon’s school is available dates TBA
        • Dates & Times - once established, will be on the BOARDS, email with details will be sent
      • Filming – Saturday April 5 - FULL DAY - 3 cameras available- 2 filming units - 2nd unit director in play
      • Alfred State Filming Dept is excited to help with post production!
      • JXJ will set up call sheets - ACTION ITEM: CONTACT (Jonathan Xavier Jones) if conflict for date or times ASAP - filming mostly at COCA COLA FIELD , possible additional sites
      • Script Review
        • contact BILL B. - for HOW you would EXACTLY like your name to appear in the credits
        • Suggestions & Comments
          • read through done-
          • comments and discussion
        • Roles
          • reviewed roles and casting CHARACTER by CHARACTER, the group discussed and VOTED on each casted role - with majority of activemembership in attendance
          • auditions for a few roles pending, Bill B. is organizing. ACTION ITEM: If you were not in attendance and would like to audition for a role, please contact Bill B (GrandAmDraco) for more information ASAP. TIme is of the essence.
    • Trading Cards
      • contact JON DUFFIE or BOB HUBBARD for photos
      • contact Jon for development of the card itself
    • We need a meeting location for APRIL and MAY -
      • ACTION ITEM: Mike H. will check with his church hall and notify group of available dates.
      • ACTION ITEM: Please contact BobaChris12 or 72Princess if you have an available meeting space.
    • Close Meeting - 11pm
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  12. BobaChris12 NE RSA & Buffalo, NY CR

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    Aug 30, 2002
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    North Ridge Meeting
    November 1, 2014
    Chris & Mindy's House

    Attended by: Chris, Mindy, Larry, Janice, Norma, Jim, Dave Barone, Karen, Gil, Bill B, Marty, Elaine, Peter, Peter Jr, Bill R, Dan R, Jon, Victoria, Dave Barkewitz, Lisa

    Excused: Steve Lu, Michelle, Gunny, Dan M, Chris B, Beckie, Anna, AJ, Victor, Bryan, Biz

    Sargeant at Arms: Norma

    1. Meeting was opened with a reminder to RSVP for the Halloween Party as we will be ordering pizza. A raffle was held for two Star Wars standees with all money raised being used to replenish the group account.

    2. Elaine requested we donate a birthday party request to the Heart Animal Rescue fundraiser in February 2015. It was unanimously agreed to donate the party. Larry is working on creating a certificate to use.

    3. Anyone who has moved recently is asked to update their address so the group contact list can be sent. Please reply to Chris via email asap.

    4. Everyone was reminded to read the Event Planning/Attendance/Appearance guidelines that were posted to the forums last week.

    5. We discussed the 2015 elections. Those in attendance asked Larry and Mindy if they would serve again and supported retaining the current slate of diplomats, pending discussing with Michelle as to her intentions. The secretary will remain, as long as Anna is interested in retaining her position.

    6. The annual holiday party was discussed with pot luck providing the food. Please keep watch for a thread and post what you will be bringing. Larry suggested to everyone to make a little less than you normally do as there is always a lot of food left over. We will be holding a gift exchange again. Please post in the thread and email Mindy by November 12 if you wish to participate.

    7. SWN is July 18 next year as opposed to the usual June date. A discussion began that highlighted some areas that we can refine, such as an open dialogue with the membership as the story progresses, scheduling of rehearsals, time/day of rehearsals, and the number of writers utilized. A call for volunteers will be made shortly seeking those who wish to participate with the responsibilities needed to bring the live action portion of SWN to fruition. It was agreed to establish deadlines for not only the volunteers to step forward, but also to determine how to fill the positions based on those who volunteer. The director will be the first role filled, followed by the rest of the necessary positions. The director and president were suggested to partner and work together with the volunteers to fill the duties by December 1.

    A brainstorming meeting with those who wish to attend was discussed. We are targeting December 6 or 7 (with a thread to be started) as the date to meet. Anyone wishing to submit ideas for the 2015 story will be asked to bring a one sentence synopsis. It was reminded that everyone should understand and be prepared that not all ideas can be used, but could tickle someone else's imagination to identify the story.

    8. The raffle was held with winners taking home 2 standees and a light saber-esque flashlight.

    9. The meeting was adjourned.
  13. 72Princess1 NR Secretary - Diplomat

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    Feb 27, 2015
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  14. 72Princess1 NR Secretary - Diplomat

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    Feb 27, 2015
    star 1
    Meeting Minutes
    MARCH 22, 2015
    Chris and Mindy’s Home

    Meeting called to order 5pm.

    Sergeant At Arms: GIL

    Attendance: Chris, Larry, Janice, Anna, AJ, Steve, Bill R, Chris B, David Bark, David Barone, Victoria, Karen, Will, Gil, Dan R, Becky, Norma, Jim, Marty, Elaine,

    Excused: Dan, Peter, Peter Jr, Nick, Jessica, Victor

    1. Officer Reports
      1. President: Chris is back at the helm
      2. VP
      3. Treasurer: Update on account status provided, stamps were purchased for mailings, website payment was made.
      4. Secretary Report:
        1. Secretary’s Forum ID is no longer 72Princess, it is now 72Princess1.
        2. Group agreed to try GOOGLE Calendar as an up to date event calendar
        3. Anna will be updating the roster. Awaiting most current file from Chris S, will then update accordingly.
    ACTION ITEM: All members are asked to send updated information to NRSECRETARY@GMAIL.COM to include:
      1. Name
      2. Forum ID/Screen Name
      3. email address
      4. Address
      5. Home Ph:
      6. Cell No:
      7. Okay to text? Y/N
      8. Birthday MONTH and DAY

    M. Social Media : FB Page has three moderators: Chris S, Dan, and Bryan. Feel free to share FB page and post updates accordingly
    1. Upcoming events:
      1. March 28 - Buffalo Motorama - LINK - Steve is taking lead. Event runs all day, shifts available. Water provided, okay to bring snacks (PLEASE REMEMBER APPEARANCE RULES OF NO EATING AT THE TABLE) Please update availability
      2. April 24 - SUMMIT Autism Walk - LINK - Charity of choice is the SUMMIT Autistic Services. This is a costumed appearance for photo ops and mingling with the students. Members are welcome to walk in costume if desired. Please update availability
      3. MAY 9 - INVITE: Lilac parade Rochester - LINK - The North Ridge has been invited to join the Rebel legion, 501st, and Mandalorian Mercs. Please update availability
      4. May 16 & 17 - ONCE UPON A CON: LINK - An all weekend CON to benefit the Central Terminal Restoration Organization. Members are welcome to provide a workshop Saturday and/or Sunday. Please let Anna know of workshop availability and details ASAP. Anna and Larry will be previewing the Central Terminal soon for location scouting. This opportunity may present opportunities to use the Terminal as a rehearsal location. Shifts available. Please update availability. ACTION ITEM: Notify Anna ASAP if you are interested in leading a workshop
      5. May 30 - Relay for Life - LINK - Please update availability
      6. June 6 - Buffalo Museum of Science Makers Faire - LINK - 9am setup, 10-4 event, 4-6 Dinner, 6-9p Vendor only Adult event (optional) - ACTION ITEM: Update the thread to include what you will be displaying and if you will be attending the dinner, and if willing/able to stay for the after hours event.
      7. July 18 - Star Wars Night at the BIsons -
        1. LINK Video Duelists -
        2. LINK Character Volunteers
        3. LINK On Field Duelists
      1. Read through the script - comments were received, thank you to the writers for all of their hard work
      2. Discussed updates re: EVENT:
        1. still awaiting details from Bisons re: before game appearance times. Eagles concert is the same day, downtown parking is a concern, Bisons’ organization is working to address these concerns.
        2. ACTION ITEM: Janice and Larry are looking into items to sell including character masks
        3. Filming Dates: Dates provided by the BISONS’ are May 9 & 10, May 23 & 24 - NOT confirmed, these are tentative at this time
        4. Scouting filming locations: considering Central Terminal (Anna and Larry to follow up), Connecticut Armory (Chris B. to follow up), Town Ballroom (Chris S. to follow up), Conference Room (Jon D to inquire), Coca Cola Field
        5. Discussed need more volunteers to work the table before and during the event. Table needs to be staffed PRIOR to gates opening, possibly during the Meet and Greet private event. To be addressed with future planning
    3. Open Forum
      1. T Shirts - LINK - Larry presented details for the TSHIRT order: T shirts costs start at $13.50 for SM - XL, additional cost for larger sizes. Add $5 to the price for a long sleeve. Sweatshirts available, prices start at $22.05. ACTION ITEM: Update thread with Shirt order: identify Tshirt, long sleeve, or sweatshirt, size, NORTHRIDGE or EVENT SUPPORT logo. ORDER ONLY AVAILABLE TO ACTIVE MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING
      2. TRADING CARDS: LINK to thread Discussed numerous options for new trading cards.
        1. Chris will distribute current collections to members who have turned in cards for the set.
        2. New cards will be added to the current set and the group will keep the same format. Discussed with JON D, he has volunteered to put the cards together once again. ACTION ITEM: Jon to update thread with what he needs members to submit. Discussed QR codes for the back of cards to reduce the need for excessive text. The QR code will link to the member’s profile on the North Ridge WEBSITE. LINK TO PROFILES ACTION ITEMS: Contact WEBMASTER KEN S to update your Profile as well as to generate the OPTIONAL QR code for your card(s). LINK TO KEN’s EMAIL
      3. Prop Build - LINK The build for this cockpit prop is going well. Please check the ongoing thread for the next workshop date and items needed wishlist.
      4. Discussed possibility of a group appearance to the Buffalo Comedy Sportz show, Bragging Rights”. It is a trivia show which allows members to participate, bring an audience, and plug events. ACTION ITEM: Anna will investigate further, details to follow

    Meeting Adjourned at 645pm.
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  15. 72Princess1 NR Secretary - Diplomat

    Member Since:
    Feb 27, 2015
    star 1
    May 17, 2015 Start 416pm- 6pm
    Home of 72Princes1

    Sargeant of Arms: Dan Reynolds
    Attending: Chris S, Mindy S, Anna, Biz, Norma, Jim, Dan R, Beckie R, Gil, Bill R, Bryan, Will L, Peter Jr, Peter, Michelle, Elaine, Karen, Larry, Janice, Jon D, Dave Knox (new member)

    Excused: AJ, Jess, Marty, Chris B, Dan M, Bill B, Victor, Mike H, Mike S
    Last Minute Cancel: Dave B, Amanda B, Dave B, Lisa B

    1. Officer Reports
      1. Treasurer Report: Discussed balance, payment due for T-Shirts ASAP
      2. Secretary Report: Unable to follow up with “Bragging Rights” show, will follow up after July Events
      3. President’s Report: Updates to be in meeting agenda.
    2. T-Shirts: Order has been placed, emails have been sent with amount owed by members. ACTION ITEM: Please submit payment ASAP, Payable to Janice or Larry.
    3. Social Media: Facebook messenger group: Not everyone is on Facebook. Primary communication is to be through the Forums. FB Messenger Group is to be used for last minute correspondence.
    4. ROSTER: Reviewed and updated. To be sen tout soon to Active Members who provided their contact information.
    5. EVENTS:
      1. MAY 30 Relay for Life: Chris will finalize details : LINK TO THREAD
      2. JUNE 6 Maker’s Faire: LINK TO THREAD Parking Permits to be distributed: be sure to RSVP ASAP. Be specific as to your times of appearance and availability as the event includes an after hours event. ACTION ITEM: UPDATE THREAD
      3. Tentative EVENT: Joe D SHow: ACTION ITEM: Larry working on details
    6. New Appearance Rules: Discussed appearance guidelines for 2015. Please contact Chris S. for details.
    7. EVENT: July 18 - Bison’s Event:
      1. Filming: ACTION ITEM: Larry finalizing locations, details to follow. Monitor for Communications on the Boards.
      2. Filming: May 22: Adams Mark Hotel: 6p arrival: need SITH, LINK TO THREAD
      3. Voice Recordings: Not scheduled at this time
      4. Rehearsal Schedule: ACTION ITEM: Anna will put a calendar together: LINK TO THREAD: Adam’s Mark: available for last minute need for indoor rehearsal space: Larry is Primary contact
      6. MUSIC: Steve L. is currently working on music for the Event Videos
      7. Discussed agreement for Extras: ACTION ITEM: Anna to draft
        1. Clarify expectations: Liability Release, Mandatory number of rehearsals, Event Day details as well as clarify Thank you gifts
        2. From Chris: A discussion was held yesterday regarding the delivery of SWN merchandise that is given as a thank you from the team. Those tokens are reserved for the membership for their hard work in planning the event, participating the in event, rehearsing, and continuing to support meetings and events throughout the year. As a group, it was decided that any extras who help will be thanked with lunch prior to the event. Any extras who would like to join our group and attain the level necessary to receive the thank you tokens are encouraged to increase their participation after SWN and maintain that level throughout the year. Any extras will be asked to provide pictures in costume prior to rehearsals beginning as well as attend a specified number of rehearsals in order to participate .A draft outlining this to any extras is currently in the works and will be distributed shortly.
    8. NEW MEMBERS: Discussed developing a ‘New Member Kit”- information clarifying the expectations of membership to the North Ridge ACTION ITEM: Anna to compile
    9. EVENT APPEARANCES: Discussed the presence of NON-North Ridge Members during events.
      1. Family members and/or guests are NOT to be behind, or in front of, the table/photo op area unless they are actively assisting the group with the event.
      2. Family members and/or guests are NOT to be in the dressing/staging areas unless ACTIVELY participating in the event or as siting.with wrangling
      3. From Chris: Please do not use the table area as a rest stop for family members, or a place to store belongings during the game. Additional people at the table will hinder collection of donations and could slow down the photo process, making patrons stand in a line longer than needed. Should this occur, they will be asked to vacate the table area and enjoy the game from their seats.
    10. Trading Cards: Jon D. has volunteered to compile. Please contact Jon ASAP for interest. (see roster for email)
    NEXT MEETING JUNE 14th 3pm with Rehearsal to follow at JediProf's home.
    Meeting adjourned: 6pm (Thank you)
    Notes by: 72Princess1, North Ridge Secretary