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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MCPO_John_117, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    [blockquote]Doctor Thomas Light finished the last of the work needed on his newest creation, the prototype robot he had designated X. Unlike his other robots, X was not merely a mechanical person capable of heuristic thought. X possessed a bio mechanical Neural Net that allowed him truly independent thought. Dr. Light had created true AI.
    Dr. Light realized that with this great achievement there was a risk. When he had started this project, Light had seen his creation as a way of bringing humanity together so that humans and robots could live in peace, but if X chose to turn against humanity it could begin a conflict that could crush the world.
    Light reached a decision. He decided to perform a class seven diagnostic on X's Neural net. This diagnostic would help Light predict the chances of X turning against humanity. The diagnostic would take three years to complete. Light sealed X away in a diagnostic capsule for three years of testing to make sure he would not choose an evil path in life.

    It is unknown what happened to Dr. Light during those three years. X's capsule was eventually uncovered by an archaeologist named Dr. Cain almost three hundred years after X's creation. With X's help, Cain and X created a legion of new robots replicated from X's neural net - these robots were called "Reploids" - and for a time, everything seemed calm and peaceful.

    However, with the free will given to a Reploid came the possibility of criminal activity previously unknown to robots; such rogue Reploids were said to have "gone maverick" and were later referred to as Mavericks. As the public outcry against the few Maverick incidents became too great to deny, the government stepped in, and under the advice of Dr. Cain, formed an elite military police organization called the Maverick Hunters. The Hunters would capture or disable any Reploids that posed a danger to Humans and Reploids, provide damage control at Maverick uprisings, help with disaster recovery, and perform other tasks as needed.
    After three years, Sigma, the leader of the Maverick Hunters went Maverick and seized control of a small island and drove all human occupants out. Claiming that the humans were "inferior" and that they were limiting the growth and potential of Reploids, he called for his followers to begin a massive extinction effort. It seemed, with only one remaining Hunter able to fight (the mysterious Zero of Unit 17), that all would be lost and human extinction would become inevitable. But X, guilt-ridden at having helped design such a ruthless and warlike race, decided to join forces with Zero and attempt to stop Sigma at any cost.
    After a pitched battle, X was able to destroy Sigma and end the cleansing effort that Sigma had started, and with the destruction of Zero, X became the last of the Hunters and the default leader. He is currently rebuilding the Maverick Hunters, and continues to put down Maverick Reploids that threaten the peace between Reploids and Humans.[/blockquote]

    Welcome to Megaman X : Maverick Chaos

    This game is based on the SNES game Megaman X, although I am taking some creative liberties with it.

    The story will pick up about six years after Dr. Cain's discovery of X, and six months after the destruction of Sigma. Humans and Reploids live in peace with each other as equals. Most of the world's industry is now run by lesser robots, the most notable being the MR Series.


    3: This is a game of Pure Role Playing and as such you can Godmode to your little hearts content. When playing against another player please refrain from controlling them and work out in advance through PM how the fight should end up. Please keep the godmoding with in the realm of things that could actually happen within the game. Please refrain from using any Deus Ex Machina. Godmode w
  2. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    My Character

    Reploids Sheet
    Name: X
    Type: Human-Form
    Occupation: Hunter
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and collected, considerate, but determined
    Secondary systems: Speed system upgrade (Air Dash), Variable Tool System, Armor Upgrade, Helmet Upgrade, Transporter system.
    Main Weapon: (see the weapons list)
    Armor: Advanced Duel Charge X-Buster (Upgraded from the X-Buster can duel charge up to Level 4 blast, second charge can be kept in reserve until needed.)
    Affiliation: Maverick Hunters
    Biography: The original Reploid, X was created by Dr. Light, but was sealed away in a diagnostic chamber for three hundred years. He was found and reactivated by Dr. Cain and with X's help they created the Reploid race. X, guilt-ridden at having helped design such a ruthless and warlike race, decided to join the Maverick Hunters in an attempt to stop Sigma at any cost. This lead to his friendship with Zero, and together X and Zero destroyed Sigma at the cost of Zero's life when he sacrificed himself to save X. X has been rebuilding the Hunters and combating Mavericks ever since.
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