Beyond - Legends Memoirs of a Rouge-most of the x-wing charactors, maybe some OT charactors

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    This story takes place during the 1940's it is a film noir/x-wing crossover type of a story, it is also my first story ever, heh. enjoy!

    Wedge is a private detective, and his assistant, Tycho Chelchu, gets kidnapped by the infamous mob group, The Imps, meanwhile while wedge tries to get Tycho back, A mysterious client, comes to him with an important job, filled, with danger, intrigue, and romance.


    Wedge Antilles
    Wes Janson
    Hobbie Klivian
    Tycho Chelchu
    Mirax Terik
    Corran Horn
    Iella Wessiri
    I cant think of any names for bad guys. I am not entirely sure I am going to write this story, I want to see if anyone is interested in it. Also if anyone has any suggestions that would be much appreciated, thanx:)
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Thread Status:
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