Saga Memories in a Cave, Christmass Challenge response. vignette with Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon

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    Title: Memories in a cave
    Author: Earlybird-Obi-Wan
    Timeframe: intertrillogy
    Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon
    Genre: vignette
    Summary: Obi-Wan visits a cave on Tatooine and that brings memories. And more is shared when Qui-Gon visits him.
    Notes: for the Christmass roulette and I got: These are but shadows of the things that have been.

    Memories in a cave

    The old speeder whipped up dust and sand as it was travelling through the desolate land of the Jundland waste. In it was an old man and he was headed for home. Or was he old?

    No, if you got a more closely look you could see he wasn?t old. Some terrible event must have aged him. Some ginger hairs remained in his otherwise white longish hair, now dusty from the sand. The man stopped near a rocky outcropping, his curiosity peeked when he saw a large bone protruding from the sand.

    He exited his speeder and coming to the bone he grinned ?a Krayt-dragon and it must have been a huge one. Hmm, this creature didn?t meet its end naturally, hunters must have killed it but that must have been a long time ago. Real good hunters judging from the size of this single bone.?

    His twinkling cerulean blue eyes surveyed the surroundings of the bone and saw a dark and gloomy place, metres behind the bone. He walked towards it and saw that it was a cave.
    ?It must have been that Kraytdragon?s home and that figures; large Kraytdragons need a large home.'
    He entered the cave, opened his cloak and took a gleaming cylinder from his belt. It was also a relic from the past, but not that long ago. Almost 19 years had passed when he had used it and memories of that fight still brought tears to his eyes.

    ?I couldn?t kill my friend, my brother. I told him the fight was over because I had the high ground. I disabled him and couldn?t save him. Sidious was on his way and I had to save Padmé and her children. Now I am the guardian for Luke. Yes soon, very soon it will be time. Luke will come to me and I will teach him the ways of the Force. He will be the one to free that trapped light, still residing in my friend?s dark armour. There is still good in him. Padmé said that. No, I cannot turn him back to the light. I am only his enemy.?

    He wiped with his sleeve the tears away and ignited the lightsaber. The blade was displaying its unique colour, blue but tinged with an actinic white glow and it had been in his possession since the day he had completed it in a cave deep in the heart of the Jeditemple. He had lost it on Geonosis but one of the Jedi ? a master at that and telling him that a lightsaber was a Jedi?s most valuable possession and bringing a smile on his face ? had returned it to him after the battle.

    ?That was the time when Anakin should have come to me, telling me about his great love. I could have counselled him, telling him that he could love her in the same way I loved Siri Tachi. I followed the Jedi code and yes the love of me for Siri has given me fond memories of that love.?

    A smile appeared on his face and he wandered deeper into the cave stumbling over some remains. It was an utilitybelt and when he opened a pouch on it a datapad became visible. He marvelled at the condition the datapad was in when he touched a button.

    A hologram appeared ?I am the famous bountyhunter Tiny Tim. I am hired by Calo Nord and have a job to do, killing Re.?

    The hologram disappeared and Obi-Wan shrugged when he saw what was near the utilitybelt. ?Remains of boots and bones, Tiny Tim must have met his end here fighting against the persons they were hired to kill.?
    Looking up he saw more in the gloomy distance and he headed to the end of the cave where a structure piqued his interest.

    It was pointed and he examined it and the smile on his face got bigger. ?Rakatan, it?s one of the Rakatan maps. And Tiny Tim must have been one of the bounty hunters killed by Revan and his friends.?

    He had seen the old Rakatan artifacts in the archives of the Jeditemple and had read the articles about them. He had read about the quest of Revan and the exile. And in his mind he picture
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    Sweet - and a great response to the challenge. How do you keep coming up with all these stories? <scratches head>
  3. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    That was lovely

    Though I did feel bad for Tiny a way. He should have been more careful in accepting assignments.

    ?I am sure Darth Vader ? no Anakin Skywalker ? will be redeemed.?

    I'm glad Qui was able to see the little bit of Anakin that remained in Vader.

    Great response to the challenge

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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