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San Joaquin, CA Message to Master Kenobi from Brenda Palpatine

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by MotherPalpatine, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. MotherPalpatine

    MotherPalpatine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2004
    Dear Master Kenobi,
    I am writing to you using my mother's screen name so as not to attract attention. I know this may see bold on my part but since your meeting with my mother the end of last month in San Jose she has done nothing but talk to me about you.

    My mother says that you are quite taken with the idea of the two of us getting togather and have shown an interest in a possible marriage.

    Master Kenobi, I know my mother and either she is greatly embellishing or you are very desparte. Don't misunderstand, I'm not trying to be rude but my mother is constantly trying to get me or my brother married off to someone. I don't think she cares who as long as they can produce grandchildren.

    I have tried to explain to my mother that I want to find the right person and am not going to settle for anyone that happens along. My parents beleived in arranged marriages. My brother,Sid, was supposed to have married a very nice girl from the neighborhood that would have been a good connection for the family business. Yet she somehow died in a speeder accident even though no one had ever seen her in the speeder or to have known that she had ever driven one before. Sid was there and said that she decided to take it "for a spin." even though he tried to stop her knowing that this speeder had bad brakes but she went anyway.

    I have to admit that the accident was not really that bad but she still somehow choked to death. My parents decided after that that Sid should find his own wife. She was really the third girl that had been set to marry Sid but they all died, although this one did live until adulthood. I know what you must be thinking, but trust me don't go there. I know my brother and he is a lot like our mother. She went through four arranged marriage prospects until her parnets finally let her marry our father. I think bad luck may run in the family.

    As to myself, my parents had arranged for me to marry mother's best friend, Edith's son Hymie but...well lets just say that early on mother changed her mind and the contract was cancelled. Between the deaths of Sid's future wives and mother spiritual duties I kind of slipped by the whole arranged marriage thing but now all I hear is her lamet about not having grandchildren and Sid bringing home nothing but young men.

    Sorry I didn't mean to go on but I wanted you to understand where I was coming from and one other important reason it wouldn't work between us. You are a Jedi and I am a Sith. I know that others have tried but it just never seems to work because one always seems to end up killing the other. I guess you could convert. It is really not that hard, in fact several of ourbest warriors and Sith Lords were once Jedi. In fact, my brother is currently working on finishing turning a young Jedi. He says it will not be hard because this Jedi's master has not been paying enough attention to the boys natural anger and putting up boundries that will only bring him to our side. I will admit my brother is good at finding a persons weakness and playing on that to get the desired affect. I think he learned that from our mother. I really don't know how Dad survived her for so long.

    I'm sorry I have written more then I had intended but I did want you to know that no matter what my mother may have said I am not husband hunting. Of course that does not mean that I would not be interested if the right guy came along. And I'm sure even if there were differences like his being Jedi we could find a way to work around that and maybe have a good life. Who knows. Not that I am suggesting that my mother might be right in trying to pair us up but sometimes she can be very perceptive.

    Well, I'll stop talking now. I hope that maybe I will hear back from you to let me know that you got this and you agree or disagree, whichever.

    So bye for now.


    Brenda Palpatine
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