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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Vulnus, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Vulnus

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Welcome to Metropolis a city thats buildings and roading are hundreds of feet off the ground and undercity lurks with gangs and violence. In the city of above there is peace and harmony but in the cities below rage gang wars. You are bionically or naturally enhanced Human who dwells in the Undercity or as a hero in the city above.

    Your character can have bionic limbs or just is physically enhanced. You may use any type of weapon from knifes to guns. The city of metropolis is fuyll with new technology but their firearms have only slightly increased. Your story is endless along with a endless enviroment to play in.


    For Victor Hawk it was morning but their was no light in the undercity so it still seemed like night. His apartment was small and not well furnished, he quickly got on his clothes as he took a pill to get rid of a headache- all he heard each night was gunshots and shouting. As he left his apartment room and headed to the market, he heard voices down the stairs in the base floor. There stood 2 Scorpion Gang members with sub machine in their hands aiming them at a mother with her child. Victor rolled down the stairs. He landed kneeing with his hand on the ground and the Scorpions turned their attention to him."Looks like we got Monarch on our hands." One of the Scorpions said.

    Like a bullet Victor jumped forward and took out the clip of one of the gang members gun and took the gun and slammed it into his chin knocking him out. Just as quick as he took out the first one he elbowed the second in the stomach and broke his arm. The gang member fell to the in pain as he cradled his crippled arm. Victor was about to hit him again when Sigdor the Monarch gang leader came in and shot the scorpion. "Nice to see you again Victor."Sigdor remarked with a smirk.

    The two walked down the market street watching as people bought and sold food and other objects. "So is there a reason you want to see me Sig?"Victor asked.

    "Yes, it seems the Scorpions have made a deal with the Sun-Dwellers."Sigdor stated.

    "Do you know what it is about?"Victor questioned.

    "No and thas why we need you to break into the Scorpion base and find out. Ill give you 2 men to take with you." Sigdor said and then stopped walking and blended into the crowd.

    Victor looked around and couldnt see Sigdor anywhere.


    I will need atleast two players to join the Monarchs to gow tih Victor on his mission. Anyone else you can be in the Scorpions, Monarchs or your own made gang. We will also need some Sun-Dwellers(people from city above) to be in the story.

    Character Sheet:
    Alias(if one):
    Physical Description:
    Mental Description:


    1. GM are law

    2. Obey the TOS

    3. No godmoding

    4. Send CS to me

    5. Respect all players

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