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Midwest Newsletter: August/ September Edition

Discussion in 'FanForce Activities' started by DarthJurist, Jul 31, 2002.

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  1. DarthJurist

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    Dec 10, 2000
    Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Midwest Newsletter!!! *throws confetti*

    The goal of this newsletter is let everyone in the region what?s up with their SW brothers and sisters and to encourage interaction between clubs. This first edition is a little bare-boned, but hopefully future editions will be more entertaining. 8-}

    The newsletter will be published monthly, and will generally include events for a two-month period. I?m open to adding features or articles if there is interest, but I?m not much of a writer, so I?ll need contributions from other posters.

    If I have missed an event or you would like to add something, feel free to email/PM me or post here. Also let me know if any corrections need to be made. If you would like to help out with the newsletter or notify me of upcoming events, please feel free to post in the [link=]Midwest Newsletter Workshop.[/link]

    [b]News and Events from your local clubs: [/b]

    [link=]Chicago, IL [/link]- FanForce Chapter: "Chicago Force"
    Aug 17/18: [link=] Picnic at the Air and Water Show [/link]
    September 22: [link=]Paintball [/link]. We?re looking for targets, please join us!

    During the months leading up to the release of "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones", the Chicago Force fan club participated in a fund raising effort to help [link=]Jane Addam's Hull House [/link]. Hull House operates many programs including child development & welfare programs, seniors programs, and low-income family housing programs. With a variety of activities including t-shirt sales and raffles, Chicago Force was able to raise over $2,000 to benefit Hull House. Last Thursday, [link=] members of Chicago Force [/link] went to the Hull House offices and presented them with a check. Hull House was very grateful for the donation, and we plan to work together in the coming months and years to provide even more help for the less fortunate and needy in the Chicagoland area. T-shirts are still available. For information on that or any other Chicago Force event, please visit our forum. Thanks to all our members that made this fundraiser such a success.

    [link=] Quad City [/link]
    August 10 ?[link=] Jedi Cookout [/link] (tentative).

    [link=]Evansville, IN [/link]- FanForce Chapter: "E'ville Jedi"
    August 20 ? [link=] General Meeting [/link]

    [link=]Indianapolis, IN [/link]- FanForce Chapter: "Indy Knights: Hoosier Daddy, Luke?"
    August 7 - General Meeting and [link=]Election [/link]
    August 2 ? [link=] Costume Event [/link]

    [link=] Louisville, KY [/link]
    August 10 ? [link=] General Meeting[/link]
    August 17 ? [link=] Room party [/link] at [link=] Conglomeration [/link]

    [link=]Detroit, MI [/link]- FanForce Chapter: "R2-Detroit"
    August 9-11 ? [link=]CampOut & General Meeting [/link]

    [link=]Minneapolis, MN [/link]- FanForce Chapter: "The Minnesota Force"
    August 3 ? [link=] Toy Collector party [/link]
    August 10 ? [link=http:>
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