Idaho Minutes for Meeting of 8-28-04

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    The meeting began at 7:36 pm
    Vice President Kasey conducted the meeting.

    Those in attendence: Cody, Marc, Dan, and Eric

    Items of discussion

    1. Cody reststed the previous nights meetings events
    2. On campus club, voted 8-27-04 not to pursue this option at this time (voting was all affirmative)
    3. Dues start next month, you must pay to be considered offical
    4. OT release party at Russell's house on the 21st.
    Appointed Marc to set up Midnight release party at Hastings at midnight of release.
    5. Discussed making the showing of Resident Evil 2 a club activity. Eric assigned to check on possible midnight showing of this movie.
    6. Marc announced his farwell gathering will occur on September 24th at The Vineyard. More details to follow.
    7. James was asked to begin planning a "Batman night" for a club activity in October.
    8. Cody and Dan reported on Comic-Con.
    9. Kasey reported on his trip to Skywalker Ranch.
    10. Disscussed our meeting last night and new officer appointments. They are as follows:
    President/CR/Treasurer - Russell
    Vice President - Kasey
    Secretary - Eric
    Co- PR Officers - James and Cody
    11. Kasey read email sent to new member prospects
    12. Fandemonium Report
    13. Eric asked to have membership think about design of new membership cards.
    14. Next meeting was scheduled for September 11th at 7pm here at BSU.

    Meeting ended at 8:55pm

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    I'd just like to emphasize that the dues will be collected next month, and we need to start collecting!
    If our account falls under $100 for a month, they take five bucks from us! So it's imperative to get that money in. If you can do a yearly payment, great! If you can't, $4 isn't much to ask! Thanks!
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