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Tidewater, VA Minutes from December 8, 2012 Meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Tidewater Alliance

    Dec 8, 2012

    Chesapeake Library

    Ø Event Posting (Accepting/Declining Events): Please if you decide you can’t attend an event you accepted on Facebook, decline the event so no one is expecting you – if last minute, call someone at the event.

    Ø Costuming – See Chris for costuming help, but be aware she is VERY busy in December. Hobbit Event: Costuming not required, but highly recommended

    Ø Galacticon Programming and Volunteering – We will have an online chat and/or an extra meeting for this, but if you are interested in doing a panel or helping, let Chris know. We will ask the Klingons about their jail.

    o Info Session Panel – 501, Rebel Legion & TA

    o Shoot a Trooper for Donations (we will set the $ per shoot and advertise on the flyer)

    o Other ideas mentioned: Sci Fi panel, Writer’s panel, Armor panel

    o Va Beach Central Library Mar 30

    Ø After Action Reports (Recent Events): John

    o Asked if we were liking these on FB – consensus was they are AWESOME and please continue J

    Ø Future Events

    o New Hobbit event at the Hampton Air & Space Museum; Fri Dec 14 at 12:01am (be there at 10pm), then 3:15-9:45pm; Saturday & Sun (Dec 15 & 16) 3:15-9:45pm

    o Toys for Tots

    § Dec 9, 10-3 – Portsmouth, Harley Davidson Car Show ($20 entry fee – cash or $20 toy donation, not required for participants, but give if you are able/would like): They will go to the Walmart at noon all dressed up and purchase gifts for the kids with the donations obtained

    § Dec 15 10am – Books A Million, Landstown Commons

    o Others:

    § Marscon January

    § Shevacon February

    Ø Open Forum

    o Holiday Party (LOTS of yummy food!!!)

    o Star Wars Raffle – we raised $54!!! Thanks!!

    Ø Next Meeting: Sun. Jan 13 @ Chesapeake Central library, 2-4pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.